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The Cheerleader #2020

The Cheerleader Cheerleaders are beautiful popular and exciting girls that Althea longs to be But Althea is nobody she gets no phone calls shares no laughter and has no friends Then one day she meets him a vampire

  • Title: The Cheerleader
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780590551298
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • The Cheerleader By Caroline B. Cooney, Cheerleaders are beautiful, popular and exciting girls that Althea longs to be But Althea is nobody she gets no phone calls, shares no laughter and has no friends Then one day she meets him, a vampire who offers to make her a cheerleader in exchange for a simple bargain.

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      270 Caroline B. Cooney
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    1. Rating 4 of 5The Cheerleader was among the many Point Horror books I read in the early 90s, between the ages of 12 to 15 In those days, when I wasn t buried in a Stephen King novel, nine times out of ten I was reading L.J Smith, R.L Stine, Christopher Pike, Caroline B Cooney, or Richie Tankersley Cusick Their novels always thrilled and entertained, and yes, there was a healthy dose of jumps and creepies.Nowadays, I d recommend the Point Horror books for younger 12 to 15 year olds, who want to di [...]

    2. I picked this up at a used book sale as part of a trilogy, all bound together I thought it sounded interesting but believe me, it wasn t Althea enjoyed popularity and success in middle school She is now a sopho in high school but all her friends have divided off into groups and she just can t seem to fit in with any of them She so wants to be popular and to be a cheerleader She moves into a huge house with a tower Upon opening the shutters in the tower, she frees a vampire He promises her that i [...]

    3. His skin, the colour of mushrooms, faded into the dawn His black drapery vanished among the hemlocks The air stayed thick and swampy where he stood The Cheerleader was the first ever book from the point horror series that I had ever read, which had been recommended to me by my Auntie who had read these books when she was my age I chose The Cheerleader as my first book as I liked the fact it was based around vampires But honestly I was kind of disappointed, I was expecting a lot Hence why I only [...]

    4. Althea craves popularity She wants to be a cheerleader swooned over by all the jocks and the envy of all the girls When, against custom, she opens the shuttered tower room in her house, she releases a vampire who makes a deal with her If she brings him victims, he will give her popularity Althea finds herself spiraling out of control as the vampire asks for and and she feels she has to give it to him or suffer public humiliation Looked at from a superficial point of view, there s really not mu [...]

    5. This was a surprisingly smart instalment in the Point Horror series Although the plot isn t scary in the same way that some of the other books in the series are, it is definitely creepy and disturbing.Althea longs to be popular, but is barely noticed at school She wishes she could be like Celeste, one of the most popular cheerleaders, who seems to have everything lots of cool friends including cute guys , the adoration of students and teachers, good grades, and lots of attention When Althea meet [...]

    6. For a throwaway YA vampire fiction, The Cheerleader is actually pretty immense It s so readable that I ve returned to it every few years and I ll probably be reading it into my thirties.I still remember vividly so many scenes from this book The party, when she sits on the stairs and can t make conversation because there are so many different types of music coming from the different rooms of her house Or how she dances in Pizzahut because she s popular, finally popular, and that s what popular ki [...]

    7. I understand wanting to try a new approach to vampire novels but this one was bad A vampire makes a girl popular in exchange for her choosing people who he can drain Can he not go and get his own victims The thing that really stood out is there are no mention of parents or family Does a high schooler really live alone in an old house and is the vampire her guardian So many questions and no answers.

    8. I love Caroline B Cooney I really do But she does not do the vampire story very well It was different But not nearly as interesting as other vampire stories It was way too tame Not once in the entire book did you get to read about the vampire doing what vampires do, sucking blood I wanted way action.

    9. I ve been re reading the books in the PH series that I loved so much as a tween My rating is in comparison to other books in the series, rather than in comparison to adult books.This was my favourite book of the PH series as a child As a pre teen of 11 or 12 and feeling a bit lost in the transition from junior to senior school, it was so easy to empathise with Cooney s protagonist, Althea As an adult, I was surprised at the quality of the writing For a PH book, it s pretty good I found that Alth [...]

    10. This was my favorite book as a pre teen Back then, I was heavily into the Point Horror books, and this one has stuck with me through the decades I decided to re read it this week, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it holds up for me, even at the advanced age of 37 Written with luscious, seductive language, The Cheerleader immediately transports you back to your teenage years, when feelings of loneliness and sadness can be so prevalent and all consuming Althea makes a deal with the devil [...]

    11. The book is definitely better than I thought it would be but it also had an essence of predictability.

    12. An okay read Good for eighth ninth graders I think it would be liked by girls of that age than boys.

    13. Author Caroline B Cooney Subject The Vampire s Promise 1 Deadly Offer Links exec obidos tg Summary Althea is a nobody who wants to be somebody She wants to be noticed, to have friends, to be part of the popular crowd Then she meets the vampire who lives in the circular tower in her new house The vampire says that he can make her popular popular than she ever imagined she could be All Althea has to do is agree to a simple deal So simple a promise, but so evil Forum chat 4kids forum archive ind [...]

    14. I ve decided to read Vampire novels for one month, The Cheerleader started the month This story revolves around Althea a loner high school girl with no friends, who just wants to be popular Go figure she lives with, you guessed it a vampire, oddly enough you never hear of parents or siblings The vampire offers to give Althea the chance to be popular in exchange for her to sacrifice people to him The people will only be tired a little bit or so he says, with this in mind she agrees and so the sto [...]

    15. Overall I thought this was a pretty good book Maybe as far as vampire novels go this one didn t have quite the intensity of some others, but I thought the story was well written and was able to get a pretty good sense of the main character and her struggle between doing what was right and becoming who she wanted to be The dialogue was interesting and believable For a book that was written with the young adult in mind, I would say 12 15 I actually enjoyed reading it even as an adult The main char [...]

    16. I found this book to be a bit shallow which made me not want to continue reading but the I kept reading the I found I couldn t stop reading it I think the reason why I found it so addicting was that it was different to the other vampire books that I have read before I didn t find anything believable as everything that Althea was experiencing was from what the vampire did which made me not trust anything that happened but there was times when I wanted to believe it I would say there was a bit o [...]

    17. Althea s strive for popularity is just beyond the plausible She s just an unsympathetic character She s shallow, even when Cooney tries to make her have a little depth, and it was a struggle to read this, both when I was a teen and now two decades later.Along with a main character I would have liked to see drown, we have a vampire who isn t really much of a vampire at all I get that we re presented with a non traditional vampire, something that downplays the sensuality and mysticism of vampires, [...]

    18. Caroline B Cooney bares her fangs DEADLY OFFER, but it will be a hit or miss whether the reader will be hypnotized into this YA horror Like her Fog, Snow, and Fire series DEADLY OFFER sets up a gloomy and helpless atmosphere and chokes the reader with it from the first to last page It s a docile version of a psychological horror, though YA and MG readers shouldn t have any problem relating to Althea s situation For readers removed from high school woes, Althea s willingness to be puppeted by a [...]

    19. I read this book over and over again when I was a teen I m 31 now and got a little bit of a squee of delight when I saw it available on Netgalley Even though I went out and got it and the second in the series on Kindle then got approved on Netgalley, oh well, now I ve got it on my bluefire app as well New cover and new title, it was called The Cheerleader when I read it And I was delighted to see that I loved it reading it again now as much as I did when I was a teen.It was one of my favourite P [...]

    20. Althea is a normal girl Even if she had friends in the elementary she has no friends in high school None literally Being popular and have friends that loves her and she loves them is all that she wants A vampire answers to her wish but wants something for return How far will lthea go to get what she needs and wants well read it and see yourselves I really liked the book It describes exactly my life when I was in high school and during the college The 3 years out of 4 that college lasted I was ex [...]

    21. Deadly offer, the Vampires Promise by Caroline CooneyHaving read Caroline Cooney s popular, Face on the Milk Carton series, I find this new series exciting and thrilling The idea of a different darker version of a vampire is intriguing How he is vaguely described makes him sinister The idea of him seducing his victim into giving him what he wants is frightening in its simplicity Unlike Dracula, and Twilight he is unearthly and frightening The ideas contained within the book are extraordinary Ho [...]

    22. I was a huge Caroline B Cooney fan as a child my favorite book growing up was The Terrorist and I read it multiple times a year But I was not a fan of The Vampire s Promise Deadly Offer It was written a while back, before vampires were popular.In Deadly Offer, Althea wants so badly to be popular and she meets a vampire who promises her all the popularity in the world if she brings him victims Althea does get the popularity she dreams of I don t really know why the vampire doesn t drink her blood [...]

    23. I read this once quite a while ago and recently found it again, so I decided to give it a whirl.While it was actually a pretty fun, short read, I have issues with the ending It s extremely rushed and feels like a cop out The vampire spends a lot of the book reeking of rot and being mushroom colored and overall feeling like, well, something of an evil adversary, but Althea is suddenly able to make short work of him in a couple of very quick pages at the very end, making his whole role feel unsati [...]

    24. This book brought me back in time, the nostalgia factor is high here.The author smooth in style, very good reading doesn t fool around and drop you rightin medias reswith our protagonist sealing a deal with a vampire in order to get popularity Gothic setting old house with tower room , nice visuals his skin is like mushrooms , and a nice expected chunk of teen accoutrements For being a YA horror little novel is actually pretty good I wouldn t have minded a bit of a characterization as halfway t [...]

    25. More like 2.5.Nothing is free and never trust a vampire The story is about a lonely girl who lost all ties to her friends when she enters high school She makes a bargan with a vampire to become popular All she has to do is choose which victim to hand over to the vampire Nothing bad will happen, they ll just be a little tired the next day Of course, the vampire gets greedy and the price of popularity becomes just too high In the end, Althea decides it s not worth it and needs to make friends the [...]

    26. Popularity How do you become popular Through sports Being beautiful or handsome Having lots of money What if you could become popular through some power or through some supernaturual creature, say, a vampire That s what Althea decides to do when she mistakenly releases a vampire from a shuttered tower.The only problem Althea has to give one of her friends to the vampire or in plain language betray a friend.And what are the consequences of betraying of her friends to she can become popular Would [...]

    27. Althea is lonely, friendless and unpopular She finds a vampire in her attic that grants wishes If she brings him sacrifices he will make her popular Althea feels bad about being the vampires supplier but she enjoys the perks of being popular The writing was a bit too flowery for me, it thought it was misplaced in a horror novel Althea is easily manipulated by the vampire, I would have liked to see her get stronger sooner In the last 3 pages she suddenly become strong enough to defeat him Was the [...]

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