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A Touch of Chardonnay #2020

A Touch of Chardonnay This bad boy just got an eight year old surprise Cultural archeologist Lindsay Reynoso is in a small seaside town in California to evaluate an old mansion When the home s owner shows up to help the ev

  • Title: A Touch of Chardonnay
  • Author: Pamela Gibson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Touch of Chardonnay By Pamela Gibson, This bad boy just got an eight year old surprise Cultural archeologist Lindsay Reynoso is in a small seaside town in California to evaluate an old mansion When the home s owner shows up to help the evaluation along, Lindsay is furious Especially as the owner is former bad boy tennis star Christopher Brandther one time fling and the father of Lindsay s son OnlyThis bad boy just got an eight year old surpriseCultural archeologist Lindsay Reynoso is in a small seaside town in California to evaluate an old mansion When the home s owner shows up to help the evaluation along, Lindsay is furious Especially as the owner is former bad boy tennis star Christopher Brandther one time fling and the father of Lindsay s son Only he doesn t know it.As far as Chris is concerned, the old mansion is tied to a past he s better off leaving behind He d rather bulldoze the thing and move on If only his gorgeous consultant would let him Even while fighting over the demolition, the chemistry that once brought them together is smoldering stronger than ever But honesty is very important to Chris, and Lindsay has an eight year old secret

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      239 Pamela Gibson
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    1 thought on “A Touch of Chardonnay

    1. Enjoyed the story line on this one Characters were likable and story moved along at a good pace Not squeaky clean but not overly crude or graphic Sex fades to black and has some innuendo and mild language Premise of the book involves a one night stand Content fade to black sex, mention of a one night stand, innuendo, mild language.

    2. A Touch of Chardonnay was downright interesting and intriguing to me I ve never read a book by Pamela Gibson before and this one will likely have me reading The characters are well thought out, well planned and can support themselves The writing itself is extremely well done.I flat out loved Lindsay Yup, you read that I loved her strength and determination I thought for sure going into this book that it d be typical I didn t tell my baby s daddy that he was a daddy trope but no, not even close [...]

    3. As someone who appreciates a good Chardonnay and thoroughly enjoyed the first book in Pamela Gibson s Love In Wine Country series, I was looking forward to seeing where she took the Reynoso family s story next And whilst the first book had the edge for me, A Touch of Chardonnay is another sweet read with a family orientated storyline Lyndsey Reynoso is an intelligent strong lady and I loved her determination and love for her family And when her job as a cultural archaeologist leads her to Chris [...]

    4. 3.5 starsA Touch of Chardonnay was a sweet and entertaining read.I liked the chemistry between Chris and Lindsey, it was heartwarming seeing them come together and fall in love Overall a lovely afternoon read.Thank you Entangled Bliss via Netgalley for the advance copy.

    5. The story started out slow The first few chapters seemed to drag However once I got past chapter two the pace seemed to find it s footing A Touch of Chardonnay is a reunion story full of secrets, misunderstandings and mixed emotions Chris and Lindsay have a history that lead to pain and heartbreak Coming face to face for the first time in years neither expects the pull that still exists Can they overcome the heartbreak, bitterness, anger Or will an even bigger secret lead them to the point of no [...]

    6. Originally posted on my blog Tangled Up In BooksI received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review In no way did this sway either my review or my rating Ahh there anything better than a second chance at love Well there is when you throw a surprise child into the mix When I read that blurb I knew this book was brimming with bittersweet possibilities While I didn t fall deeply in love with it, I did fall into a pretty deep liking.As I basically said in the opening [...]

    7. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfThe history of buildings has always been a fascination of mine I look at old estates, mansions, cliffside homes or huge monstrosities and wish that their walls could talk, telling an interesting tale of the building s life So it was with particular interest and delight to discover that this is actually Lindsay s life work to seek out secrets and listen to the walls talk in evaluating older properties for their historical values It is during a consultation over a [...]

    8. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.A Touch of Chardonnay is the second novel in the Love in Wine Country series from Pamela Gibson and turns the spotlight on Lindsay Reynoso, a cultural archaeologist and single mother, and Chris Brandt, a property developer and former tennis star The story has a bit of a second chance romance feel to it, though the only real interaction between Chris and Lindsay [...]

    9. What was that ending This is not how I usually start my reviews, but really, what was that ending After a lovely steady build up through everything with the house, the exploration of a relationship between Chris and Lindsay, the revelation of Nicky, that ending was a complete letdown Not because it was bad or didn t work, but because it was too rushed It just jumped.Which is a shame, because this is a sweet little romance that mixed a bit of archeology detective work with a bit of soul searching [...]

    10. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimLindsay Reynoso has been crushing on Chris Brandt since they were in high school In college, they got the chance to share one magical night together, with Chris saying he would call her That night resulted in Lindsay becoming pregnant and never hearing from Chris again Fast forward nine years and fate has brought these two together again.When it comes to A Touch of Chardonnay, I must admit I m a little conflicted On one hand, I can understand where [...]

    11. Lindsay Reynoso is determined to finish her last job before she settles down near her family once and for all With her job as a cultural archeologist it doesn t give her much time to spend with her family or her son, so she had decided that she needed to make some chances to be closer to him and finally put down some roots so she can tuck him in at night and attend all of his game and be the mother he needs.Lindsay s last project should be an easy open and closed project but when the owner of th [...]

    12. It has been way to long since I read a Bliss book and I think it was overdue Sometimes it s nice to read a romantic story with minimal drama and angst, despite it not being all that realistic Once in awhile I like to read the fairy tale without any expectations Here you ve got two characters who spent one night together eight years ago which resulted in a son, unbeknownst to him Now, they re brought together again because of their jobs and it was fun watching them fall in love.On Lindsey s side, [...]

    13. This is a great second chance romance with well defined characters, a great setting, very well written and is an enjoyable family orientated story.Set in a seaside Californian town, the female lead is single Mum, Lindsay Rynoso, who is an independent, feisty and determined lady She met Christopher Brandt nine years ago when he was a real playboy, an off the rails pro tennis player with people around him encouraging his misspent life until he realised he needed to change and made a responsible l [...]

    14. Lindsay Reynoso is a single mother who loves both her work and her son She s a cultural archeologist and her latest job is to evaluate a California mansion Unfortunately she has to work with its owner, Chris Brandt The former tennis star had been her lover as well as the father of her child The problem is that he doesn t know that he has a son How can she work with him Lindsay is a strong, caring woman Her son s happiness and security are the most important thing in her life Can she fight her at [...]

    15. This was an entertaining, read, though I didn t love it as much as I expected.We have Lindsay and Chris Two people who met years ago and then went their separate ways I honestly wanted to punch Chris for the way he treated Lindsay, however as the story goes we learn that even though the guy WAS an ass, things were not as they appeared.We also have Lindsay, a woman working to provide her family, but doing so with something she loved which I found to be very interesting, I wanted to live in that h [...]

    16. A Touch of Chardonnay by Pamela Gibson is a sweet romance that will make you believe that people actually do change and grow as a person Former tennis star Christopher Brandt has a few skeletons in his closet, so to speak He used to party hard and not really care about anything Back then one night stands were the norm Well, one of those one night stands, resulted in a child A child he knows nothing about When Chris and Lindsay meet again, he has no recognition of her, so she pretends everything [...]

    17. Lindsay had a crush on Chris for years One night at a frat party they hook up Weeks later she finds out she s pregnant and tries to tell Chris His tennis agent tells her that Chris wants nothing to do with her or a child She tries again later on but this time, his wife tells her to get lost Now her son is 8 yrs old, she is a cultural archaeogist with her own business and ends up meeting him on her final job.Chris is not the playboy jerk she remembers who thought only money an liqure would solve [...]

    18. I will try to avoid spoilers.A Touch of Chardonnay by Pamela GibsonLindsay Reynoso had a one night stand with a guy who took her breath away, stole her heart, and left a piece of himself behind, changing everything.After a severe injury forced Christopher Brandt to hang up his tennis racket, he traded it in for a tool belt.After years of non communication the two crossed paths again.Chris had inherited a property, encased with dark memories and wanted it demolished As fate would have it, Lindsay [...]

    19. 3.5 This was a very sweet and family oriented story It was great to read about Chris s maturing over the years and seeing him a little vulnerable That vulnerability made his character appear real It created sympathy for him, wanting to reach through the book to hold him He just seemed all alone.Lindsay was a great character She was a single mom doing what she needed and loved doing to support her son Her work was very interesting And I loved how she took the time to get to know Chris.I enjoyed [...]

    20. Another amazing novel, I really liked it Although it was little predictable but otherwise very well written with a good story line Lindsay is an archeologist and she is working on a project She is passionate about her work and like preserving the history Chris is in a developing business, he builds new things He is looking forword to demolish this old mansion he inherited but a lot will depend on Lindsay s report whe they both finally meet things get interesting Their is somethings Chris doesn t [...]

    21. This is book 2, in the Love In The Wine Country series This book can be read as a standalone novel For enjoying the series, I recommend reading them in order.Lindsay Chris have a bit of a past When it catches up to them, Chris finds out he has a surprise waiting Who knew if it would be a good surprise Chris has a past that comes back to haunt him He also has secrets that may cause trouble Lindsay is shocked he does not remember.This book is full of surprises Written well, and goes at a normal p [...]

    22. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley Entangled Publishing for an honest review A Touch of Chardonnay is book two of Love in Wine Country series by Pamela Gibson but can be read as a standalone I really enjoyed this book so much that I may have to go back and the first book in the series Lindsay is an cultural archaeologists and is working on a job She finds out the owner of the house is Chris Brandt Chris is the guy she had a one night stand with about nine years ago The one night resul [...]

    23. Excellent read Slightly predictable but with enough twists to keep you interested Well written, good pace, and great characters Overall a very entertaining read that I would highly recommend.Lindsay Reynoso can t believe her bad luck When the owner of her current project turns out to be none other than Christopher Brandt Former tennis star and bad boy who also happens to be the father of her son after a one night fling six years ago Luckily her son is tucked miles away so battling with Chris ove [...]

    24. I received this from Netgalley Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review Okay, so you have had a one night stand a long time ago and what you would do if you ran until him years later Then what would you do if that one nighter also ended up being the father of your son Well, I would probably lose it This was a great story and I enjoyed it I did not know how the title fits in but other than that it was good.

    25. A sweet reunion romance of Lindsay and Chris A one night of carelessness fun, resulted in a son Chris never knew Now they are together again to evaluate the future of Chris s mansion Chris has matured quite a bit from their one night, but do secrets destroy them.I really enjoyed their discovery of their renewed love for each other This is sweet read, that sure will delight you I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

    26. This ARC was received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review A good touching love story that makes sense Yeah people omit things because they want to get to know the person better first but I like that they fought about it and then made up She had every right to be cautious since she had been denied access to him not once but twice already.

    27. this is a typical entangled bliss story with strong characters and a good story line i did think lindsey drew things out a little bit too long and at first i wasn t a huge fan of chris but as always we have an HEA with a decent story to get there.

    28. This was an interesting story and something that I haven t read before I always love feeling chemistry between two characters and I definitely felt it between Lindsey and Chris.

    29. I received this book in exchange for a Honest Review I am not good with words, but this book is so so so Good This is a must read, get it today You will love it

    30. A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review Lindsay Reynoso had this incredible one night stand with a guy who took a piece of her heart and left her without a backward glance Besides him leaving, he left behind a special piece of himself his baby.Fast forward several years Cultural archeologist Lindsay Reynoso goes to a small California town to look over an old mansion When she gets there , the owner of the home shows up to help her along with the project But the owner happ [...]

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