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Iron Man #2020

Iron Man Iron Man

  • Title: Iron Man
  • Author: Peter David
  • ISBN: 9780345506092
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Iron Man By Peter David, Iron Man

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      377 Peter David
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    1 thought on “Iron Man

    1. Being the ridiculous Marvel fan that I am, and especially with Iron Man, I loved this book to pieces It didn t really offer anything revolutionary with the writing style, but that s something I m willing to look over simply because of how wonderful the story plot is.Since this was based on the written screenplay there are some scene and dialogue changes when compared to the finished film I actually loved some of the extra scenes that weren t in the film that added some depth and insight into th [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed his book There are quite a few scenes in this book that are not in the film Firstly, I greatly appreciated having a lot background and insight on Pepper, Rhodey and Happy You get a lot of their feelings about Tony before the kid napping, during it and after as Rhodey and Pepper figure out what Tony s been working on There s a lot foreshadowing of the Pepper Tony relationship that comes later A lot background on how they met and how Tony feels about her before and after h [...]

    3. It follows the movie plot very closely Since I read this as research, it didn t matter to me that I knew what was going to happen I did learn some things from the book that you don t learn in the movie, most of them concerning names How Pepper got her nickname, Jarvis is an acronym, You and Dummy are the robots actual names This would likely be a 5 star book if I hadn t seen the movie first.

    4. Original review hill kleerup blog 2008 06 Book adaptations of movies usually are fairly mediocre Generally based on an earlier version of the script than what shows up on the screen, authors aren t encouraged to do anything new or interesting beyond what s provided The result usually feels rewarmed, missing some of the last moment elements tossed in by the director and actors, and unable to take advantage of the strengths of the written medium vs the video medium.Peter David s adaptation of Iron [...]

    5. I m not quite sure how to rate this Because Iron Man is one of my favourite movies and one of my favourite superheroes and characters And it was a fun experience getting to read it and getting to see of what happened inside Tony s mind during his time in Afghanistan And I have to give it props for staying fairly close to the movie s events, and for providing insights into events and characters the movie couldn t give us.But this novelization just didn t feel right Most of the characters felt of [...]

    6. 4 StarsHave liked reading novelizations of movies since the Eighties, starting with, of course, the Star Wars novelizations Most have been good worth reading Some have been duds I feel like I wasted a part of my lifeThis one is one of the really good ones The movie was extremely good started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the book allows the reader insight into the characters thoughts, as a good novelization should.The fact that Peter David wrote this one told me it should be good.If you li [...]

    7. I adore the first Iron Man film, it s one of my favourite Marvel films And this book really allowed you into people s heads to see the motives behind the characters actions.It also follows the version of the story that the deleted scenes for the movie shows I think the story the film followed worked best for it, but they make sense having read the book as you really need to understand what s going through Tony s mind.

    8. Inhalt Tony Stark Genie, Milliard r, Playboy, Philanthrop Das sagt er zumindest von sich selbst Nach dem pl tzlichen Tod seines Vaters hat er schon in jungen Jahren das Firmenimperium bernommen, welches Howard Stark damals aufgebaut hatte Schon lange z hlt Stark Industries den Weltweit gr ten Waffenherstellern und ist der offizielle Lieferant der USA.Als Tony Stark nach Afghanistan reist, um dort die Jericho Bombe vorzustellen, kommt es auf dem R ckweg zu einem Zwischenfall, bei dem Stark und se [...]

    9. The book i read was Iron Man by peter david I can not compare this too other novels becasue no other books i read have superhero in it One challenge of the book is the length of th book This book is very unique because the book is about Iron Man The plot of the book is that Tony Starks is captured and he has to find a way to escape and remake himself as Iron Man The Pros of this book is that Iron Man is saving the world from evil and meeting this women that his good friends with.The Main charact [...]

    10. I was crazy about the movie, I watched it at cinemas like 7 8 times before I finally satisfied and settled It s not just because the perfect comic adaptation or superb acting of Robert Downey Jr, the lack of other summer movies until over one month after Iron Man at Indonesian cinemas might be a good reason too When I went to cinemas that time, I just have no choice unless to watch Iron Man again and again the other movies were suck , until The Indredible Hulk and The Dark Knight finally showed. [...]

    11. Let me start by saying that I am a Marvel girl, and Iron Man is my favourite superhero I can t count the number of times I ve watched the movie, and feel Peter David did it great justice in this novel adaptation.The prose is solid and precise, bold on details I would have otherwise missed if I had only seen the film Characters and their back stories are fleshed out, and the minor changes between the book and the script notably the deleted scenes give the book a unique flare Word choice, particu [...]

    12. If you ve seen the film and the DVD extras, you already know most of this book Written by Peter David it could have been Being an adaptation from a movie, it could have been a lot less Three and a half stars.Written from an earlier version of the script than ended up being used in the movie The DVD deleted scenes of the Dubai house party are in this telling No DUM E to add levity and help Stark get to the Mark 1 arc reactor unit From the portrayal of Happy Hogan here, I would have made a differ [...]

    13. I ve been a sucker for movie novelizations since I was a kid, back before the advent of home video With a movie novelization and my pretty good memory, I could see a movie again whenever I wanted So far this one is a great example of the genre is it a genre I m about a third of the way through and it s very well done I m glad I gave in to the impulse and got itA Finished it a few nights ago It s pretty much just what it says on the tin You re not getting great literature here, you re getting a m [...]

    14. I find it interesting that the Tony Stark of this book is not nearly as overconfident and pigheaded as he is on the silver screen In a lot of scenes, especially in front of reporters, he has an inner dialog filled with self doubt and hesitation that seems downright un Stark like.I have a feeling this means a lot of the character s complete over the top personality comes from RDJ himself, as this novel would have been written early on, with just the script to go by But it is still a well written [...]

    15. So sue me I love media tie in novels, especially any one written by Peter David The man knows his comic books, he knows exactly how to play in someone else s universe and he knows how to adapt a script to the printed page In short he s the man Added bonus when allowed to play in his own universes, David is equally brilliant Being excited to see Iron Man and loving Peter David, this one was a no brainer to go on my reading list And once again, David delivers the good Will this win awards Probably [...]

    16. A great read for fans of the movie, Iron Man sticks closely its cinematic counterpart The novelization goes into greater emotional depth than the movie does, providing additional details about Pepper and Happy Hogan It also offers a in depth look into Tony s thoughts, a delightful way to enhance this movie novel combo.Though the characters and plot are interesting and developed, the writing style itself isn t very exciting Translating action scenes to prose isn t easy.

    17. For those of you who may have followed the begining comic to this story line, you know that it has come very far The tatly, and owfully sucked The book was pretty good for nothing then a beginning to the deleopement of the armor There is a lot that could and should have been done before revealing who Ironman is was in the end but, too late now.

    18. The novel of the first Iron Man movie.Peter David does a good job of taking it from the screenplay to the book It s been a while since I saw the film, but think there may be a few differences from what ended up in the cinema.Even if you haven t seen the film, this is a good yarn in the Marvel universe as Tony Stark becomes Iron Man for the first time.

    19. Disappointing, given that Peter David way back in the day used to be the king of giving oompf to the gray areas of canon Sadly this added nothing to the movie, despite a couple of extra included scenes Looks like I m going to have to fall back on fanfic for deep character exploration And if that isn t a sad commentary on the state of affairs, I don t know what is.

    20. This book is about a man named Tony Stark who is a billionaire Stark gets captured by middle eastern men who try to take Stark mechanics After hard work and determination Stark creates an all powerful suit where he becomes the ALmighty Iron Man This book is about hero who overcomes the enemy this is a great story about one of the many great heroes.

    21. Slightly different from the movie Robert Downey Jr ad libbed A LOT Just as good though I preferred the movie of course Peter David is one of those authors who does great movie novelizations It helps that he is very familiar with the comic industry and their characters as he has written several comics and series.

    22. I absolutely love the movie, and I can honestly say I love the book as much as, if not than, the movie There are subtle differences as well as deleted scenes between the two, but that s just yet another reason to read the book One of my favorite parts in the book is the small flashback scene of when Tony met Pepper Love it and will be purchasing a copy of my own.

    23. Not the best book in the world, but you shouldn t expect it to be It is what it is a novelization of an action movie Being a book, it fails to convey the plethora of action and sound effects that made the movie so popular On the other hand, you get internal dialogue The characters were better defined and there s even a backstory to Pepper.

    24. Gives pretty good insight into what s going on in the characters heads especially Tony s that you really couldn t glean as easily from the movie There s a few differences between the book and the movie naturally , but nothing extreme and, if you re like me and saw the movie first, the differences don t really detract from your enjoyment of the book.

    25. I really enjoyed this book You were able to see right into Tony Stark s head with it Descriptions were brilliant I thought it took a while to get into the story If the suit appeared sooner I think I d have given it 5 stars I suppose it gives us a great insight into Tony Stark s life before he became Iron Man Anyway brilliant read Next up the film or the sequel to the Iron Man book

    26. I was so excited about watching the movie again by reading it I loved the way Peter David wrote Iron Man, and I guess that s why I love this book so much cause he really brought out the story and the characters in this book Since the sequel s coming up, I hope he writes the next one too

    27. Peter David writing another comic book movie adaptation it was a fun one Better than his Spidey 2 and 3 but that might just be because of the awfulness of the original scripts.good story especially for those not too familiar with the characters world.

    28. An excellent job of a novelized screenplay A very interesting read on the way it differed from the film There were inclusions of deleted scenes, a great deal of internal monologue and even better, subtle differences of scenes that were included.

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