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Adept #2020

Adept Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth mankind seeks to regain its former glory in a new world where magic and technology collide Laney Herder a commoner in the realm

  • Title: Adept
  • Author: Erik Schubach
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Adept By Erik Schubach, Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory, in a new world where magic and technology collide Laney Herder, a commoner in the realm of Wexbury, finds herself thrust into the world of nobles and knights At the side of her Lady Celeste, Knight of the Realm, she goes on an epic journey from being a simple cAlmost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory, in a new world where magic and technology collide Laney Herder, a commoner in the realm of Wexbury, finds herself thrust into the world of nobles and knights At the side of her Lady Celeste, Knight of the Realm, she goes on an epic journey from being a simple chicken farmer to one of the greatest heroes of the realm, while helping the Lands of Sparo avoid a second Great Mage War Can kindness and innocence, defeat the oncoming storm

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ↠ Adept - by Erik Schubach
      349 Erik Schubach
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    1 thought on “Adept

    1. Oh, Erik You ve written lots of lesbian themed books OK.we trust you by nowyou re not lecherous Pleaseease learn to let women who love each other to love each other earlier in your bookd, for god s sake.write something steamy for the great characters you create Oh, CelesteI really really want you loaned out to Meghan O Brien, or Julie Blair, for a weekend novella Ok rant over This is a really terrifically fleshed out sci fi book Very descriptive, and Hollie Jackson s narration really works well [...]

    2. The setting and world presented in this book really grabbed my imagination and got it working I loved the whole concept of the story and plot and the characters grew on me quickly Celeste and her flirty charm kept a smile on my face whenever she was in a scene while Laney captured my heart with her adorable shyness Wonderful character development and beautifully executed interactions kept me turning pages.My only complaints on this one were some editing issues that occasionally brought me up sho [...]

    3. EngagingI am truly pleased with this new series from Erik, the story was well paced and the characters are easy to fall in love with Laney and Celeste are good for one another and their friends and comrades are a delightful bunch Looking forward to the next installment.

    4. I swear, if hear ONE smile, blush or nod I m going to need a straitjacket The start had me really invested, the world is interesting and the main protagonists are like able I had it pinned in my mind as a 4star audiobook Then it went rapidly downhill This book is likely great for teenagers anywhere from 13 to 18 Past 18 I doubt anyone would have the patience or restraint to deal with this kind of literacy It had a lot of potential, it just needed tons of editing For me it was good until the boo [...]

    5. Bumping hips Winking Smirking Chuckling Giggling Blushing Playfulness ad nauseam My Lady, my lady, my lady Every interaction is overflowing in unrealistic, anachronistic behavior Weird pseudo archaic speech one second, modern F bombs the next Everybody s forward thinking and conscientious The heroine can do everything, token flaws only to make her cute I m worried that this thing that s actually laudable about myself is wrong No, you are indeed adorable The author has interesting ideas, but the [...]

    6. I really wanted to love this book I so really did The lead characters are so likeable However there isn t much of a story, and it s just too predictable in parts view spoiler surely it s not that easy to adapt from living in the slums to living in a castle hide spoiler The characters are little bit too perfect for my liking they haven t been developed fully there could have been a lot depth There is a lot of telling instead of showing view spoiler and my pet peeve the phrase she bumped my hips [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book I ve read several by this author and have loved every single one of them but this book was excellent If I could rate it higher than a 5, I would Laney is one of my new favorite characters, I love her personality and strength I also love how the author writes about relationships, they are always about emotions than sex, which is the case here also Very little relationship in this book, but the emotions are definitely there.The only downside to this book, is that it e [...]

    8. Good world buildingThis book kept me intrigued and reading until the end The action kept me invested in the book, as did the characters the romantic connection left something wanting, but I enjoyed the heroic episodes and how the characters worked together to overcome There are a handful of spelling and grammar errors in this book that drew me out of the story from time to time, but all in all, I enjoyed this story and the way the author built the world and heightened the challenges the characte [...]

    9. Awesome AdventureThis book is a good start to what looks to be, a great adventure fantasy series The story takes place a few hundred years in the future following a catastrophic impact to the earth, which wipes out much of the population and destroys most of technology The result is a place where most live medieval lives, augmented here and there by magic It is quite cleverly done It is interesting thinking how our modern conveniences would be perceived by someone with no real reference The char [...]

    10. Even the smallest thing can turn the fiercest battle when it is not expected Even the smallest thing can have a huge effect on the outcome of any event Let me start this by saying I really like the cover of this one I think this is my favorite book cover from Erik s titles The colors and image complement one another, but let s keep it simple, the shot and edit was amazing, pure eyegasm.At first I was hesitant if I would like this, as much as I love reading fantasy magic stories I have high expec [...]

    11. I am not sure what I just read.I gave this book 3 stars but I was being liberal Fantasy, science fiction, yes, plenty of both Romance NO Where was the romance Too many completely unnecessary characters I can t even remember their names Neither can the writer because David becomes Jace after the first chapter No chemistry between the main characters and that fault falls on the writer The two are never alone Never share a kiss much less anything else There was nothing We got one point of view only [...]

    12. I was already a fan of Mr Schubach s books but this was so very different than any of his other literary works This book grabbed me from the very beginning I loved the world he created and the explanations for what happened to Earth as we know it The details and fantastical story was fascinating The romance is sweet and understated The main focus is on their developing bond, adventures, and life changes Laney is selfless, sweet, smart, and courageous Celeste is brave, intelligent, empathetic, an [...]

    13. This is another amazing series It is set 2,000 years past post apocalypse The settlement is set very mid evil European style with our no seen things being rediscovered The world has discovered magic and can be used with metals and elements The story of the herder and Techno Knight coming together to save the herder is great and the adventures they have The love story takes a back seat as the adventure is the main plot It is a must read just to look at the wonders that we have For as long as I sh [...]

    14. A literary mastermind strikes again Here is yet another masterpiece from such a talented author Immerse yourself in a post apocalyptic world where technology and swords are used simultaneously and magic isn t just something from fairy tales The story was spectacular and the characters are easy to fall in love with I just wish they were real so I could befriend them all.Kudos on another fantastic book Mr Author sir Platypi everywhere are full of pride

    15. Fun ReadThis is an action filled beauty and it has a super cheesy epilogue I ve had trouble enjoying other books by Erik Schubach but this book had all the things I wanted in a sci fi fantasy Action, adventure, magic, futuristic science well in this version of the future , and lesbian romance

    16. PerfectThis has to be one of my favourite books I have read, especially with the development of the relationships between all the characters I would love a continuation of this story

    17. This book was an amazingly written lesbian fantasy romance novel with taste It focused on the characters and didn t fall into the usual stereotypes of other lesbian novels It perfectly sits in the Goldilocks zone of lesbian fiction It was simply amazing.

    18. Elemental magikGreat new storyline Fun characters Erik s books are always entertaining and heartfelt Great one for your collection Lots of adventure and magic.

    19. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books, I was gifted my copy of this book.Twenty seven and forty five years after the moon was stuck but an asteroid and split in two, live is thriving on Earth Magic powers most things Laney is a Herder, thrown into a race to stop the next great Mage war She acts as squire to Celeste, a Knight of the Realm Laney sparks late, and her power, while minimal, covers a broad spectrum not seen before.Can a simple chicken farmer really save a kingdom [...]

    20. I wanted to like this book, but the writing it just needed editing, I guess To the point where I was distracted from the plot by mentally counting all the times the main character blushes The lead character and her lady love interest were both entirely too perfect In fact, all the good guys are too nice, and the bad guys seem to have no motivation The romantic relationship build up was kind of sweet, but spent essentially the entire book saying my lady and making doe eyes and so many blushes , w [...]

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