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Ruthless #2020

Ruthless Two years out of college Angelica Bondesan spends her time working as a barista keeping in touch with her prodigal brother and trying to figure out how to bridge the gap with her father a wealthy

  • Title: Ruthless
  • Author: Michelle St. James
  • ISBN: 9780996605601
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ruthless By Michelle St. James, Two years out of college, Angelica Bondesan spends her time working as a barista, keeping in touch with her prodigal brother, and trying to figure out how to bridge the gap with her father, a wealthy real estate developer.But all of that changes the night she s kidnapped Thrown into a windowless room, Angelica is positive there s been some kind of mistake until she meetTwo years out of college, Angelica Bondesan spends her time working as a barista, keeping in touch with her prodigal brother, and trying to figure out how to bridge the gap with her father, a wealthy real estate developer.But all of that changes the night she s kidnapped Thrown into a windowless room, Angelica is positive there s been some kind of mistake until she meets Nico Vitale.Gorgeous and frightening, Nico became the boss of New York City s Vitale crime family after the execution style murder of his parents two years earlier Since then he s turned the old school mob into a sleek, modern army of ruthless men who understand that physical violence while always an option isn t the only way to get what you want.Now Angel is forced to face the truth Her father is not the man she believed him to be.Nico Vitale is dangerous, possibly lethal.She is falling in love with Nico Vitale.

    • BEST AZW "✓ Ruthless" || READ (PDF) ☆
      429 Michelle St. James
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    1 thought on “Ruthless

    1. I got to just under the half way mark before I returned this for a refund on.Please don t be fooled by the blurb and the whole mob boss theme Nico is nothing than a boy pretending he s in a charge of a big operation I was expecting a dark, gritty book Instead I got a fluffy piece about how he doesn t like certain crimes or guns blah blah blah What a load of bullshit.Ruthlessft More like dickless.

    2. 5 STARSWell I love mafia books and this one was just one of my favorite Nico Vitale is the head of the Vitale family in NYC.His parents were killed by another faction of the mob and he wants revenge,so Nico abducts Angelica.Angelica is girl who lives her boring live in big city until the day she was kidnapped and her eyes were opened to many things about herself and her family.If you are looking for a really dark read this isn t it,but is very good read and has kept me hooked from page one

    3. I was in the mood for some mob sh t Ruthless didn t quite hit that spot for me but its was a GREAT improvement from the disaster that was Raze which I read earlier this year But be frank, it doesn t take much to be better than that book to begin with.Ruthless is about a girl named Angelica who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with herself now that she s graduated college She works in a coffee shop and is just going through the motions of life The only family she has is her brother wh [...]

    4. Oooh I am intrigued The only crappy part about this series is I m anxious to see what happens and book 3 isn t out until Oct 22 Boo commence tears As always full review will come after I read the series.

    5. 4.5 NICO starsGod only knows, why I have forgotten to write a review for thisForgive me, I actually loved it No matter how lame it sounds nowI am stunned by my own action LOLThis was actually a very good written story about revenge amongst mafia ranksvolving the innocent kidnapping, reluctance and denail, hate and fear mixed with undeniable passion and chemistryat can only go wrongBUT thenhow can wrong feel so damn right and to follow the wise wordsI ll say wink

    6. 3 stars.Ordinary mafia storylost interest after 55% ever alpha hero has impressive personality in the book

    7. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksI was sold on RUTHLESS by the blurb I love a good mafia story and this seemed like something I d really enjoy Angelica Bondesan lives a fairly quiet life She has few friends and her younger brother is the person she s closest too So when she finds herself kidnapped one night after work, she confused as to why they took her and what these people want, especially when they keep trying to implicate her father in wrong doings It s not until she [...]

    8. I really enjoy mob romances This one was no exceptions Nico was a great hero while Angelica was a slighting annoying heroine This is not dark gritty mob romance like many expect and want but I enjoyed the read anyway.

    9. What an HONOR and privilege to read a Michelle St James book The romance is just as sweeping as all the glamorous international destinations I love this series SO MUCH.

    10. To read this review and others like it check out my site at homelovebooks I love mob books Which is so weird, since I m not generally a fan of mob movies, but in books they just work for me I have to admit though I was a little worried about this one because I knew it started off with basically a kidnapping by our hero on this story, for me sometimes I really hate kidnappings, unless they are written extremely well or there isn t a lot of violence associated with it Thankfully, the kidnapping as [...]

    11. Stars 4Overall Angelica is a normal college girl, when one day she is taken from her job when closing it down and forced into a basement room with no clue why she is there Slowly information is fed to her about her father and the type of man that he really is Of course Angel doesn t believe Nico and Luca at first, but once the pieces start to come together and her love grows for Nico she starts to see the situation for what it is Nico is a man on a mission and he will not rest until justice is s [...]

    12. The blurb hooked me straight away, I quickly scanned a few of the reviews and they were good so I couldn t wait to start.Now I ll skip my usual summary since there s already a lot of reviews summarising it better than I could, I ll just give my opinion, which is mixed, very mixed.As I ve said I loved the blurb and the idea behind this book and even though I read this in one sitting I always felt something was missing.Nico, I liked Nico as a man but he wasn t the character I pictured as the boss [...]

    13. My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review This is the first book that i have read by this author and it certainly won t be the last as I automatically downloaded the next two books in the series as I JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT The chemistry between the two when they finally meat for the first time is hot and it continues to be hot all through the book.We get kidnapping, murder, deception and angst all thrown together and mixed up to keep you guessing [...]

    14. Kindle freebie Ends in a cliffhanger and because of my absolute hatred for cliffhanger books, I won t be reading the rest of this series.

    15. Review will be up soon on For The Love of Fictional Worlds as part of the blog tour hosted by InkSlinger PR

    16. I don t read mob mafia romances very often, it s not usually a genre that I m drawn to or seek out When the opportunity to read and review Ruthless came up and I read the synopsis, I decided to take a chance since it sounded pretty interestingd I m really glad I did.The story grabs you right from the start, and the suspense and tension as well as the action keeps you totally drawn in until the very cliffhanger end Yeah, it s a cliffy, but you can bet I ll be lining up for the next one.There are [...]

    17. Rated a 4.5 due to the cliffhanger Which drove me crazy.This was my first mob mafia romance and I loved it even thought there was a cliffhanger and my reaction was NOOOO So I need to get to the next book so I can find out what is going to happen next.This book grabbed my interest right from the start The tension I felt every time something happened kept me from putting it down, except when someone interrupted me There was action every time you turned the page and I don t just me steamy parts Ang [...]

    18. I am a huge fan ofmob romance so when I saw this book, I immediately bought it I loved this book, Nico is in charge of criminal empire and he is young who grew up with loving parents who meant the world to him His parents were gunned down by another faction of the mob from another city and he has made it his life ambition to avenge their deaths Now enter Angel nico s pet name for her who happens to be the daughter of the man who Nico believes is behind his parents murder So Nico abducts her in h [...]

    19. I liked this book and the idea of ite only thing I didn t really care for is that it s told in a 3rdrson.

    20. LOVE IT, but I wanted a better ending and I do know it is part of a series so it won t end for a little while Parts were a little drugged out but overall it was a great read Nico was a great male character, but I want of him We need of what he is thinking.Angel was smart and yet still vulnerable I liked them together and look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

    21. The hero seemed a little too good to be true and the heroine was a little too naive After reading this, I was just like meh.

    22. Really enjoyed Loved this story was a surprisingly heartfelt read Nico had a protectiveness And sense of morality to him that compelled him to keep his Angel safe despite the circumstances of her stay with him, Angel herself was a naive and trusting soul really hope they can work it all out, I did think Angel should have been angry towards her Father and Forgiving of Nico actions in the end, also was some great secondary characters, looking forward to the next installment.

    23. Read original review at chantolaspinall reader Stockholm syndrome is defined when hostages experience a powerful, primitive positive feeling towards their captor They are in denial that this is the person who put them in that situation In their mind, they think this is the person who is going to let them live Thanks bbc for that informative little segment Ruthless served me this syndrome wrapped in a pretty bow, dripping wet with passion and romance.Angelica and Nico are from two different world [...]

    24. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review She d never been claimed so completely, never lost control of herself like she did in Nico s arms He did than take her he occupied her, took up residence under her skin When his hands were on her, there was nothing but the two of them 5 hugs stars I love mafia books and I love this one even What a great book It keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole time And well like I said the mafia doesn t hurt either I love mobsters Two years out of co [...]

    25. ARC given in exchange for an honest review I m usually not a big fan of mafia books, especially if they involve kidnapping But something about the synopsis has drawn me in and from page one I was fascinated by this novel.Nico Vitale is the head of the syndicate in NYC after his parents murder two years prior During his time as mob boss, he has brought the mob into the twenty first century by modernizing the business He is powerful, ruthless, modern, but yet at the same time, he can be gentle and [...]

    26. This wasn t the worst mob book I ve ever read, but sadly it was still pretty bad Nothing really did it for me Sure Nico had his moments and that s the only reason this book got two stars, but other than that i didn t like anything else Most of all Angelica was annoying as hell I mean just how naive can one human being be Does she never look at a newspaper of look at the news or anything And the whole time she was with Nico i wanted to slap her Her back and forth really annoyed me Ugh This one wa [...]

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