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Blueberry Boys #2020

Blueberry Boys Connor Graham is a city boy a celebrated fashion photographer in New York When his uncle s death drags him back to the family blueberry farm all he wants to do is sell it as quickly as he can Until h

  • Title: Blueberry Boys
  • Author: Vanessa North
  • ISBN: 9781626493414
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • Blueberry Boys By Vanessa North, Connor Graham is a city boy a celebrated fashion photographer in New York When his uncle s death drags him back to the family blueberry farm, all he wants to do is sell it as quickly as he can Until he meets his uncle s tenant farmer.Jed Jones, shy and stammering, devout and dedicated, has always yearned for land of his own and a man to share it with Kept in the closetConnor Graham is a city boy a celebrated fashion photographer in New York When his uncle s death drags him back to the family blueberry farm, all he wants to do is sell it as quickly as he can Until he meets his uncle s tenant farmer.Jed Jones, shy and stammering, devout and dedicated, has always yearned for land of his own and a man to share it with Kept in the closet by his church, family, and disastrous first love, he longs to be accepted for who he is But now, with his farm and his future in Connor s careless hands, he stands to lose even the little he has.Neither man expects the connection between them Jed sees Connor appreciates his art and passion like no one else in this godforsaken town ever has Connor hears Jed looks past his stutter to listen to the man inside The time they share is idyllic, but with the farm sale pending, even their sanctuary is a source of tension As work, family, and their town s old fashioned attitudes pull them apart, they must find a way to reconcile commitments to their careers and to each other.

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    1. See my review at Sinfully.3.5 Stars Blueberry Boys is a stand alone, contemporary M M romance by author Vanessa North This is a sweet, tender hearted romance about two very endearing protagonists who slowly fall in a quiet kind of love It takes place mostly in the small town of Blanford with a mixed population of conservative and progressive inhabitants where the traditional and religious roots run deep It s the type of town where love can certainly blossom, particularly amidst the blueberry fie [...]

    2. so sweet people must ask the author to dabble her fingers in their tea gently uplifting, with wonderfully thoughtful touches that made me smile fit to split my face.a real sweetheart of a story, deceptively simple as it is i ve read it twice already since i saw pieces of it in draft, and both times i found gorgeously tender little touches i hadn t noticed beforeautiful.

    3. Jed s grown things as long as he remembers Once the owner of the land Jed leases passes away, Jed expects his blueberry farm to be sold, but he doesn t expect the attraction he feels toward Connor who, along with his older brother Scott, inherits the land Connor is a New York City fashion photographer He looks through a lens at beautiful men, but he s never seen anything as beautiful as Jed with his striking jaw, stutter, quiet ways, and Christian faith.Connor is stocky and has a bit of a belly [...]

    4. 4 Stars What a lovely story this one turned out to be I think Blueberry Boys was my favorite read by this author It was a sweet and tender love story about two men who despite they are different and live in two different worlds they find love and understanding in each other arms Low in angst and drama, Blueberry Boys tells the story of Connor Graham who s a successful New York City fashion photographer Connor has returned to Blandford to deal with his family blueberry farm after his uncle death [...]

    5. I m a huge, HUGE Vanessa North fan but this one wasn t a home run for me It wasn t that her writing wasn t great, because Vanessa North is a meticulously great wordsmith, but the couple just never gelled for me I think my problem with this story is mainly that I wasn t feeling the chemistry when Connor and Jed first got together I like a lot of sexual tension and buildup, and I felt like Connor and Jed were strangers and then all of the sudden they were hooking up Now, I m all for a random encou [...]

    6. Oh, how I loved this book It s a perfect read I m happy, happy, happy.The story is easy and sweet The author uses simple, often elegant prose to tell the story of Connor s return to his hometown and his romance with Jed I loved these two guys because neither of them is perfect They felt, for once in m m, like just ordinary guys with wounded hearts Watching them fall in love was a treat I had a big smile on my face the whole time I read this It s really lovely and perfect Everyone will enjoy it, [...]

    7. In love.with this book, with the story, with the characters, with the writing Love Simple, easy, genuine love I couldn t stop smiling.except for that one time I teared up Book perfection ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    8. What a lovely story Have you ever read a book and felt an author s love through her words Well, I felt it here This book moved me This is not a crazy story with wild twists and turns instead it is a quiet love story between two men who fall in love Which to be honest I think are some of the hardest stories to write What I loved Jed He had this quiet intensity and strength to his character Loved that he wouldn t settle for anything less than what he wanted what he deserved Connor Loved his gentle [...]

    9. What an incredible book I could not have loved Jed and Connor any Both were sweet and kind and decent people who fit together perfectly I am thrilled with their HEA, but I must admit view spoiler I had secretly hoped they would remain on the farm instead of moving to New York I wanted Connor to fall in love with the farm all over again so he would stay and run things with Jed by his side hide spoiler That is not to say I didn t love where they ended up It really didn t matter where they were be [...]

    10. So, Blueberry Boys released everywhere yesterday, and I m still all O.O about what to say and how to talk about this book, because it is a little different, but then I figure probably I shouldn t say anything and just let you all decide for yourselves Blueberry Boys is a standalone contemporary romance, and it s a story about home, family, loss, faith, and of course, love I hope you enjoy it xoxo,V

    11. Vanessa North s latest novel, Blueberry Boys, was an entertaining and easy read for me I hate when reading a book feels like a chore, which this one definitely did not.As the story begins, NYC male model photographer, Connor, has returned to his old hometown in rural Massachusetts to settle his deceased uncle s affairs.Connor and his asshole brother, Scott, have inherited their uncle s farm and decide to sell the property, after which point Connor planned to never set foot in the place again.Con [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author because she is nice, and I wanted to read it No special consideration was given to this book because of that, or because we are friendly on assorted social media platforms Any stars the author got from me she earned the hard way I respect her time, and effort too much to bullshit her with false praise.It was a beautiful Sunday, and I was spending the day at the pond looking for something to hold my interest when I remembered this book I st [...]

    13. Aww, this book was very sweet, I will admit I even got a little sappy toward the end.This was my first book by Vanessa North, and I was impressed I loved the characters, even the side characters had depth I especially liked Hannah Something I appreciated about the story was that the two guys were just normal, imperfect guysd that made their characters and the story feel real I know authors in romance tend to write characters with perfect buff bodies ect, but that actually gets old after awhile [...]

    14. I want to grow things, with a man at my side I want to hold my head high in church and live my life without lying or hurting people And I want to see of the world than the little corner of it willing to wait patiently for me to talk I want you I want you so much, I shake with it I dare you, I double dog dare you to read this story and not fall in love with it This woman s prose turns me inside out each and every time Because it s effortless and elegant at the same time and because it evokes all [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars What an absolutely beautiful love story This is my first Vanessa North book and it certainly won t be my last The emotive effortlessness of her writing hooked me by the second paragraph After years of being away, Connor, now a successful photographer, is back in his hometown Back to deal with his deceased uncle s blueberry farm A place that holds a lifetime of memories Some good, some bittersweet and some he d love to forget The town was a stranger now, though it had shaped him like no [...]

    16. A blueberry farmer and a city fashion photographer It sounds like an odd pair, but this was so good I absolutely loved that the MCs were physically realistic These two weren t muscle gods with twelve pack abs, 12 inch schlongs, and jawlines you could cut glass with They were two regular men, with the common body image issues that come with being human Connor has a bit of a belly and has dealt with weight and body issues since he was child Jed has a stammer that hampers his ability to communicate [...]

    17. 4.5 stars on the reread.Original review This was such a great story One of those books I plan to reread for comfort in the future This author has yet to fail to deliver a story that has sucked me right in, regardless if there is an MC that I wasn t crazy about.I dare you not to be crazy about Connor and Jed Jed, the quiet, Christian man who stammers Connor, the brave, so so brave man who I want to be when I grow up I want to have his perseverance His strength His loyalty His affection I cried I [...]

    18. Oh, Blueberry BoysWhy couldn t I love you like so many others did I don t know But this is my first book by this author and it might be my only The flow of the book just didn t work for me It felt rushed and not believable for me Sometimes the rush and unbelievable can work for me but I didn t feel the chemistry between the characters So it fell flat Not saying that the writing wasn t good, because it was I just couldn t get in rhythm with the characters or the flow of it It just didn t work for [...]

    19. Vanessa said I promise you Nothing out of your comfort zone Just a beautiful romance Man, did she deliver.This book contains one of those stories that could easily melt the coldest of hearts It surely warmed mine and has, almost a week later, kept it warm.Where the story could have gone full on angst it didn t It kept a level tone and made you believe and hope and for sure, want.The writing was as lovely as the author and I am so glad she shared this story with us.One of the highlights of my 201 [...]

    20. This was sweet and simple There were no fancy tricks here, no big bangs It was Romance and light but not fluff, that s an important distinction here And ye gods, her prose, her writing just made me FEEL and see in my mind s eye so clearly.In a word, this was beautiful PS Jed That is all.

    21. Great book and story overall with likable characters It s really nice to read about men that don t have perfect bodiesI just missed how they were attracted to each other in the beginning And there were some weird story jumps.4 STARS

    22. Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books.We found love on the blueberry fieldMy 2nd book High and Tight was the first by V North and what a heartfelt story A story with depth about family bonds, faith, self discovery and love along with endearing and reletable characters It was sweet, moving, emotional and inspiring and another thing that stood out for me is the lovely writing style.Connor Graham, the established photographer, returns to [...]

    23. Originally posted on The Book NymphoMen s fashion photographer Connor Graham returns to his hometown in Blandton, Massachusetts to attend his uncle s funeral He raised him and his brother, Scott, following their mother s death and owns property with a tenant blueberry farmer, Jed Jones It s Connor s first trip back to the place that holds nothing but bad memories Jed s intrigued by Connor, who s always been openly gay, even when he lived in Blandton Jed s also a sensitive man of faith who s deep [...]

    24. 4.5 Stars Oh guys, this book is so nice Just so, so nice And sometimes that s what you want to read That isn t to say this is easy or completely drama free the MCs have to do some work, and make some compromises, to get their happy ending but the obvious affection that North has for her characters really shines through, and it s great to see.Don t see a plot summary as necessary it s all in the blurb basic idea is guy who inherits a blueberry farm from his uncle goes back to small home town and [...]

    25. A beautiful and gently flowing romance set in rural America.Connor left his home town for New York and a career as a photographer The death of his uncle has forced him to return to his home town so that he can settle the estate and sell off the blueberry farm But the farm is leased to Jed, a gentle stammering man who loves his home town and his life there even though it means he has to live in the closet.But does he For Connor his return home ignites memories of life in his home town and reasons [...]

    26. You can never go home again or so the saying goes The place really doesn t change, but you do Connor left for the big city and never looked back Being an openly gay kid in a small town is hard, especially given the assumed time period.It s when Connor s uncle dies and he is forced to return for the funeral and deal with the farm that he faces his sour and unloving brother, who has decided that he needs the money, and that selling the whole farm is in his best interests.Jed is a beautiful soul af [...]

    27. This is such a sweet story about two not so perfect people that find each other The epilogue was beautiful ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    28. When I started this book, and saw just how religion was taking a center stage roll, I wasn t sure I was going to end up liking the story Small town religion was never kind to me, or anyone I knew that didn t tow the line and while I m not a fan of religion, in general, I m really not a fan of small town religion.But as Blueberry Boys progressed, I saw here I saw Jed, who is devout, come into his own I saw a man who has spent his entire life hiding and trying to be what others expected, but who [...]

    29. Vanessa North s books are always such quite wonders, studies of melancholy with superb characterization The honesty of her prose makes her books a rare find, and her rich style consistently leaves me in awe Her two book Lake Lovelace series is one of my genre favorites, and Blueberry Boys easily joined that list.On the surface, this seems like a fairly simple story about two men with deep hurts and a whole lot of love But once Vanessa North starts exploring those hurts, all kinds of things come [...]

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