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Vodka and Chocolate Drops #2020

Vodka and Chocolate Drops One woman One cheating ex One life do over Amber Thompson always thought she wanted a superstar boyfriend until he kicked her to the curb on the eve of his big break When her best friend Scott Malone

  • Title: Vodka and Chocolate Drops
  • Author: Jean Oram
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vodka and Chocolate Drops By Jean Oram, One woman One cheating ex One life do over Amber Thompson always thought she wanted a superstar boyfriend until he kicked her to the curb on the eve of his big break When her best friend Scott Malone helps her pick up the pieces, she realizes he s the man she truly wants But even though Scott has always carried a flame for her, he s not willing to move from friends toOne woman One cheating ex One life do over Amber Thompson always thought she wanted a superstar boyfriend until he kicked her to the curb on the eve of his big break When her best friend Scott Malone helps her pick up the pieces, she realizes he s the man she truly wants But even though Scott has always carried a flame for her, he s not willing to move from friends to lovers when she s on the rebound Determined to prove she s ready to commit, Amber comes up with a plan to woo Scott only to have it derailed by explosive family secrets that dismantle her assumptions about everything, including herself Torn between her need for answers and protecting her mother s past, Amber realizes that if she has any hope of a meaningful relationship with Scott, she needs to figure out who she is and that means unearthing secrets Will Amber find what she s looking for And if she does, will she find it in time to help her win over the man of her dreams

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    1. Amber Thompson always dreamed of leaving the small town of Blueberry Springs where everyboy knows your name and business and living an anonymous life in a big city Fate had other plans for Amber After her newscaster boyfriend dumps her just as he is releasing a book about her, she begins to see small town life differently She also starts seeing Scott Malone, her BFF since grade school, in a new light.Amber has so much upheaval going on in her life So many secrets have been kept from her for her [...]

    2. 3 great effort stars This was a really lovely read The characters felt real and were relatable The main obstacles the MC had to face didn t seem far fetched and it was a relatively quick and easy read It wasn t so intriguing that I couldn t put the book down, but it filled my time nicely.Scott was a dream come true book boyfriend He was incredibly supportive, sensitive and most importantly, completely sensible His decision view spoiler to wait for them until Amber was truly ready for them to be [...]

    3. Secrets galore This book is full of secrets It starts with Amber s boyfriend, Russell breaking up with her the day before he hit it big in the literary world She feels betrayed by what she learns about him and their relationship She has a best friend, Scott who has always been there for her Right at the beginning Amber discovers that who she thought was her father might not have been She is bombarded with secrets regarding her mums life which causes her to question her existence.The book explore [...]

    4. I won this book in a drawing on the author s website In no way did that influence my opinions I am voluntarily reviewing it Deciding who to fall in love with is like deciding where and when lightening is going to strike You don t get to choose things.Amber Thompson of Blueberry Springs is the stuff of gossips everywhere Dumped by her wanna be writer boyfriend who used her to get his story written, she finds herself at loose ends all the while hoping the news finishes its cycle and she can get ba [...]

    5. Amber Thompson moves back to Blueberry Springs awhile ago with her author boyfriend He finished the book and told Amber they were over He was being interviewed and was asked if the book was about Amber He was also asked if his beautiful editor was his new girlfriend Amber was furious with how he had treated her Scott Malone was there to help her Scott moved to Blueberry Springs when they were in elementary school and have been best friends since The whole town knows he is in love with Amber, exc [...]

    6. Amber felt like nothing after the break up and now Russell was on his way up He had used her, right up to the last minute, and secretly moving out.Scott helps her pick up the pieces,and his love, shows her that this is the man she wants Till her mother s past is known and that could destroy everything Amber has some hard lessons to learn as she matures Good plot , good characters, as you feel what Amber is going thru.Readers can always look for Jean s books to be good reading.

    7. A good storyThis was a story of discovering who you are Amber lives in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone She finds out there are secrets her mom is keeping and when she gets what she wants she is no longer sure she can handle it I wanted to go to the end to find out the secrets but stayed strong and waited Can you read it and wait for the ending

    8. I really enjoyed this even though I ve not read any of the others in the series it can be read as a standalone as other people s circumstances are briefly explained so you know what s happened previously etc A sweet, funny story that was just what I needed in this dreary January Would read from this series author

    9. Amber had been troubled by secrets all her life so she started digging for answers First on her list was to find out who her father was While doing this, Amber only focused on finding the information she wanted and not how that information would affect others Amber was VERY immature I didn t like her at all She made it hard to enjoy the story since it was all about her anyway.

    10. Blueberry Springs is one of my favourite book towns so the story got a star bump for that I enjoyed reading about Amber and Scott, their short story from the Valentine event needed to carry on.

    11. CuteI ve read most of the Blueberry Springs novels, and they are all lighthearted, fun, and adorable The stories are predictable, but I actually really like the people in Blueberry Springs, and look forward to catching up in each novel.

    12. This book 5 in the Blueberry Springs series.It was Officer Scott Malone and Amber s story It was a story of love and reuniting a family.Next book is Tequila and Candy Drops Nichola and Todd.

    13. No Don t read this A woman who doesn t love secrets and who wants to move out of the small town she is living in And yes There are secrets and she is blurting , and there is this best friend love interest All s well that ends well.Boring.

    14. Forever loveThat s what the entire story is about First Amber s mother has to admit her forever love and the name of her father Then Amber has to admit she is forever in love as well Worth reading

    15. Brain CandyGreat love story and life lessons Feel like I really know the characters and Blueberry Springs Would read from Oram.

    16. Great readWas a lot of twists and turns to keep up with bit still a nice story and an anenjoyable book

    17. I would ve given this book 3 stars were it not for multiple grammatical errors and the sickly sweet ending I like fluff every now and then, but this one got too fluffy.

    18. Amber a small town girl just trying to get by had dreams of leaving her little toe behind for a bigger and better life in the big city Her life starts to crumble when secrets and lies start being revealed On top of that, she is dealing with an ex who just proved not only is he an ass but he wrote a book about her Scott, handsome and all around best friend a girl could have swoops in to save Amber once again Amber comes to realize life in a small town might not be as bad as she thought and her li [...]

    19. I love this series and have been wondering what happens to Amber and Scott after Valentines Day I wasn t a fan of Russell In the previous book and he proved to me in this one that he was a snake I won t spoil all the good parts but there is some pretty funny ones as there always is in Blubbery Springs Amber is searching for answers and trying to figure out who she is Scott is always her go to person and best friend She feels that everyone is keeping secrets from her including him when she learns [...]

    20. Vodka and chocolate drops What could one want Jean Oram delivers a forever love story that shows strength and love within a small town Love and forgiveness within families, even when they don t really know for sure they are family Scott and Amber s journey to their forever love is sweet and compelling This is a feel good story I just spent the entire night reading it because once I started, I could not put it down It is as though I am basking in the forever love os Scott and Amber I highly reco [...]

    21. Amber Thompson always seems to pick loser boyfriends She is in her hometown of Blueberry Springs when she finds out her boyfriend of a year has dumped her now that his novel is finished Russell was a jerk and he announced on TV that he no longer was dating Amber and he kissed his publisher Amber was not only dumped but he was cheating on her also Her best friend Scott Malone was checking on her to see if she was okay She loved Scott as a friend but can friend become lovers Read this book it is g [...]

    22. Vodka and Chocolate Drops Blueberry Springs book by Jean Oram is a great read This is Amber and Scott s story I loved this book It was great to check in with the fun, entertaining characters in Blueberry Springs This story is packed full of fun, drama, twists and turns, and happily ever afters Another great addition to this series I can t wait to see what could possibly happen next Highly recommend to all fans of romance.

    23. A fabulous addition to the Blueberry Springs series Amber is such a great character someone you d love to meet in real life Scott is another swoon worthy hero loved his steadiness and sexiness A GREAT read

    24. I love Blueberry Springs stories, the characters are so real I want to visit there I think is my favourite one so far.

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