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Rival Seduction #2020

Rival Seduction Strong willed independent and competitive as hell Heather Phillips isn t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons A wealthy cat

  • Title: Rival Seduction
  • Author: Alexandrea Weis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rival Seduction By Alexandrea Weis, Strong willed, independent, and competitive as hell, Heather Phillips isn t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons A wealthy cattle rancher with an attitude and taste for beautiful women, Grant is the only person who ever made Heather feel second best Yet she is determined to beat him, no matter thStrong willed, independent, and competitive as hell, Heather Phillips isn t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons A wealthy cattle rancher with an attitude and taste for beautiful women, Grant is the only person who ever made Heather feel second best Yet she is determined to beat him, no matter the cost When an accident brings the two rivals together, their heated dislike has to be put on hold Outside of the show ring, they slowly get to know each other But what happens when these passionate competitors discover a different kind of spark Will Heather use what she learns about Grant to take advantage of him in the ring, so she can be number one Winning can mean everything until something sexier comes along.

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      124 Alexandrea Weis
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    1. Wasn t sure what to think at first but after I began couldn t stop It wasn t the erotic moments that captured me though It was the story itself and the characters.We have two people who have fears and don t let anyone in One because of feeling left behind and replaced another because of the actions of her parents One becomes like stone and the other runs when someone wishes to get close They live their emotions in horse showing and jumping this is where they feel safe I liked Grant than Heather [...]

    2. The Cover to Covers series by Alexandrea Weis is one of my very favorite series The books are stand alone with a few characters popping in from other books I was first introduced to Ms Weis s writing by reading The Riding Master, which I loved Her newest book, Rival Seduction, revisits characters from that book Readers get an update on Rayne and Trent, two of my favorite characters in the series However, this book focuses on Heather Phillips, who was not in the original book, but is very much li [...]

    3. I was hired to proofread this novel The only aspects of the story I influenced were the spelling and grammar The author was not aware that I would be reviewing the book for the blog I made that decision because I review every book I read now If you feel my connection with the book renders my review untrustworthy, so be it, but this is my honest review.This is the first Alexandrea Weis book I ve read that isn t set in New Orleans I think, there might have been one other one, but I can t remember [...]

    4. 4 Cranky Stars Heather Phillips is a tough as nails show jumper that will not let anyone stand in her way Not even her biggest competition Grant Crowley When an unfortunate events lands Grant in the ER where Heather works as a nurse, these two rivals are forced together in a way neither of them are looking forward to That is until the forces that be decide otherwiseThis is the first time I have read something by this author The plot was very unique and I enjoyed all of the characters It did star [...]

    5. I must say I really enjoyed this book Heather is a tough and determined woman who pushes everyone away emotionally She has no problems of thinking Grant, her rival on the circuit, is arrogant But when pushed to spend time together she sees to him I must say to read how they interact throughout the whole book was a blast to read The growth of the characters, the oh so hot sex scenes, and well written story, make for an amazing story.

    6. ABOUT THE BOOK 4.5 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release date September 14, 2015Strong willed, independent, and competitive as hell, Heather Phillips isn t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons A wealthy cattle rancher with an attitude and taste for beautiful women, Grant is the only person who ever made Heather feel second best Yet she is determined to beat him, no matter the cost When an accident brings the two rivals together, th [...]

    7. Love is worth the effort Heather Phillips was tired of coming in second behind Grant Crowley in the show jumping competitions they both enjoyed Yes, he was rich and handsome and talented That didn t stop him from being arrogant and totally unappealing My kind He closed his eyes I know you think me a heartless bastard, Heather, but for the sake of argument, can we try to have a conversation that doesn t descent into name calling I make no promises Well, perhaps not entirely unappealing Thrown tog [...]

    8. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review The fire in his eyes scared the cr p out of her She knew he was capable of real rage, she had seen it in the show ring, but never had she expected to be in the line of fire His hands gripped her arms, pulling her against him His fingers were squeezing into her robe, crushing her flesh 4 stars This book was good, different but good The story was overall a good read The characters were fun to read about as well.Strong willed, independent, and compet [...]

    9. If you love characters who are very head strong, sassy, sexy and even a little sweet then this is the book for you Heather, has had a lot of things that happened to her and she s still healing from it She is against relationships and would rather have fun than commit I know normally it s the guys who have that problem but in this both have commitment issues Heather and Grant are competitors in horse racing Grant is always coming in first because Heather refuses to relax and have fun Even though [...]

    10. ARC provided via Net Galley This was my first read by this author I enjoyed it Heather Determined, feisty, sassy and very independent ER Nurse She rides horses and enjoys having relationships without strings and all the feelings.Grant Egotistical, cocky, jerk He s runs his families cattle ranch and investments He also rides horses and is ok with living life to do what he has to make his dad happy Until they share a kiss Everything kinda changes I will admit for me it started kinda slow and I sta [...]

    11. Heather Phillips is tired of coming in second place to an arrogant ass Grant Crowley may be sexy and gorgeous but he is a total jerk in Heather s mind.Heather and Grant have been rivals for a while now on the Show Jumping circuit Grant is a wealthy rancher just trying to make his father happy He is supposed to take over the family ranch and marry the woman his father has picked out for him.Grant however has his sights set on someone else, his beautiful rival with the big attitude She is everythi [...]

    12. 4 stars Rival Seduction gave us a book with a strong female lead Heather that I absolutely loved I LOVED having a strong, determined woman, someone who has fears that hold her back but she stands up for herself Being an ER nurse and a competitive horse jumper at events, Heather is a strong independent woman who won t let men rule her After a family past has left her scared to open up, she is not opposed to sex only with certain men but no relationships, they are lucky to even get a friendship fr [...]

    13. This book had me hooked I read it in a day Alexandrea did an amazing job of writing a book many can relate to Whether it be the reader is afraid to fall in love or show people who they really are.Heather is a nurse who also show jumps She has had a difficult life that has caused her to build a fortress around her heart to keep from being hurt Any time someone gets to close she pushes them away or she runs She does not believe she can find love That soon changes when a VIP comes into the emergenc [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book I could not put this book down, it took my less than two days to read it Heather is a strong, competitive woman in and out of the show ring She is a competitive horse jumper and she has always been number one until Grant shows up He beats her in every competition and she is determined to beat him Great is a hot, sexy man who is used to getting what he wants Heather s day job is a nurse in the emergency room One day Grant is brought into the ER and Heather is his nurse [...]

    15. Stubborn and arrogant was her first impression of Grant Crowley Then she looked into his eyes and saw fire and ice Yep Heather could fight the attraction all she wanted but this man with just one look, could turn her insides into knots I love this kind of stories where the alpha male appears to be cold and controlled but is keeping his true soul hidden behind the mask of coldness Like Heather, it does something to me.They are both stubborn, holding to their control in fear of being hurt Although [...]

    16. I am not a big fan of sappy romance but what Alexandrea Weis gave me changed how I look at eroticas In short, I loved it It was neither sappy nor clich And that facet of the story was what captivated me The erotic part of it was refreshing since I got to see forms of sex that the characters indulged in.My disappointment rose when I didn t see Grant Crowley like Weis, according to my perception, wanted to exhibit him At first, I had that notorious picture of him, but then, it kind of dissipated [...]

    17. Well this is the first book i have read of Alexandrea Weis but I am now a fan This book was just one that drew you in to the point that you were in the story with them Heather is a nurse , also a show rider with the love of horses , had been competing all her life Now at her age the one thing she wanted was the blue ribbon only problem is she can never seem to beat the one person she needed to Grant always out done her and she couldn t stand it but she also didn t like the way she felt every tim [...]

    18. 4 STAR READ Heather is an ER nurse and loves her job, but she absolutely loves riding her horse and competing even The only problem that she has is with Grant Grant keeps beating her out of her blue ribbons and wins, and she wants to beat him so bad She cannot stand him and thinks that he is arrogant and cocky She doesn t like to get close to anyone and always pushes people away Grant is a wealthy cattle rancher and is the heir to his family s ranch who loves to show jump He has never fallen in [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book it was a great read from start too finish.Meet Heather she is a super tough lady with allot of grit and determination She has always pushed everyone away emotionally.Heather has no problems at all except with Grant, her rival on the circuit, he is such an arrogant man But when fate has other plans and pushes them together to spend time with each other Heather starts to see much to him than she could have ever thought or imagined.I Loved how they interact with one anot [...]

    20. Heather and Grant s story is so much than a competitive ride to see who s bestright from the start I could feel sparks flying.Heather is strong and determined, competitive and independentor is she There s another side to her, one she tries to keep hidden but never quite succeed in doing so.Grant the beginning I thought he was too cold and cocky for his own good, but after he ring his story, as well as Heather, I understand better why they are that way.They both need to protect themselves and at [...]

    21. Alex I absolutely love it It is amazing to have a book with my name as the main character Next to being called mom this is my greatest honor I love the story there are so many similarities to me even family members names And I will tell a man off in a minute lol I love that I m feisty, hot, smart, caring, a freak, and have a backbone thanks for that I just want to know how do I really get the doctor or the rich cattle rancher you are a great friend, person, and writer Thank you so much I will ch [...]

    22. Rival seduction is a lovely sport romance Story is well written, good plot development Who would thought that writing about show jumping will bring such good love story Both characters interesting and well develop It was nice for a change that heroine had had commitment issues.I loved the develop of the story their rivalry to explosive romance.It contains light elements of BDSM.Great short love story with HEA ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

    23. Grant and Heather are competitors in horse jumping and Heather is frustrated that he keeps beating her When Grant is injured Heather becomes his private nurse their attraction grows Both have ghosts in their closet, will they be able to overcome them and stay together Great Read, the characters have lots of depth and the story is wonderful and steamy I was hooked from beginning to end.

    24. Great story I had my nose between the pages every chance I got.The author always has great stories of passion Great characters, Great plot and Great sex

    25. Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock, I was gifted a copy of this book for my review.Heather keeps coming in second to Grant She WILL beat him, she just needs to work harder Grant has an accident and Heather is pulled in to nurse him, but something changes, happens, occurs, that makes Heather see Grant in a totally different light When things with Grant get serious, can Heather overcome her fears This is the first book I ve read of Weis and so the first in this serie [...]

    26. REVIEW FIR YOUR NEXT HOT READ BY Wendy Rated 4 stars I didn t know what to Expect when I started reading this book, yes I d read the synopsis but was totally surprised when I find out it was about show jumping, I d never read anything on this subject for quite a few year, The story started with 2 rivals Heather Phillips and Grant Crowley, both head strong smart and determined to beat each other in the show ring, the only thing the pair of them had in common was to win the Blue ribbon and come to [...]

    27. Heather is a strong ER nurse who is constantly running from her past Building walls around her heart, she has shut herself off from men and romance in general It s just easier that way Instead, she puts her focus into her horses and jumping them in competitions Nothing can take away the thrill of winning.Enter Grant CrowleyGrant is a sexy cattleman who has a habit of getting under Heather s skin His confidence is appealing to her, but his rud way with the ladies he dates keeps her from viewing h [...]

    28. When Lightning Strikes it s a young adult paranormal book Julie Marin is a 16 year old girl who has one goal in mind to be the best dancer she can be She has dedicated all her time and energy to to secure a spot at the Academy It s a prestigious school for dance in NYC She works tirelessly to achieve her goal foregoing dating and many other fun activities that most girls her age She is almost attacked leaving practice one day and then again 2 weeks later at a high school dance But was saved agai [...]

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