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When I Knew You #2020

When I Knew You When Ash Wells and Nat Braithwaite are thrown together after seventeen years apart old resentments and passions are rekindled The days of their heady teenage relationship are long gone or are they As

  • Title: When I Knew You
  • Author: K.E. Payne
  • ISBN: 9781626395626
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • When I Knew You By K.E. Payne, When Ash Wells and Nat Braithwaite are thrown together after seventeen years apart, old resentments and passions are rekindled The days of their heady teenage relationship are long gone or are they As they put aside their differences to honor the memory of a friend, Ash and Nat learn that sometimes, to build a future, you have to be willing to let go of the past.

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    1 thought on “When I Knew You

    1. It is well known that angsty romances are not for everyone, but personally I like these stories where the protagonists really have to work hard through the pain and earn their happily ever after.When I Knew You is a very angsty story one big lovely angst fest so beware For angst lovers this is a must read, because the quality of angst and heartfelt emotion in this book is among the most powerful I have read.On top of that, the writing is very good, the plot interesting and unique the eight wishe [...]

    2. Ok writing but i was a little confuse at times with the way this storyline was heading Way too long in the details and even long dialogues.y on their chemistry and the storytelling Puzzling storyline where someone breaks up back when they were 18 years old,then try to get back together now that they are older like 30 years i got so lost in this story

    3. It s very easy to decide whether this book is for you or not If you love angst intense, overpowering and maddeningly drawn out angst then you are in for one of the most heart squeezing, chest aching rides of your life Of course, you ll also need the patience of Job to enjoy it I was piqued by the book s rather unusual premise Two former and long estranged lovers Ash and Nat, meet up once again after not seeing each other for 16 years the funeral of their mutual best friend Livvy Livvy left each [...]

    4. I enjoyed listening to this book on my commute It is well written, the characters were likable and the adventures around London and Cornwall were entertaining As the other reviews have mentioned, it is notably angsty.

    5. WOW When I Knew You would have to take the gold medal for most angst in a novel that I ve ever read I m usually not a fan of angst filled novels my usual preference is fluffy romances where I can float away and immerse myself into the sappy storyline for a few feel good hours Don t get me wrong, I completely immersed myself into When I Knew You, just in a different way Who knew I d actually love such an angst filled book I certainly didn t.Ash Wells and Nat Braithwaite dated in high school, howe [...]

    6. When I Knew You by KE Payne is angst filled roller coaster When I say angst, let me clarify, this is the ultimate angst fest and it was so good Ashley Ash Wells runs a tourist boat tour in Cornwall yup in the UK She never intended to come back to her hometown of London, but the death of her childhood best friend forces her hand Ash has not returned to London since she fled the city when she was eighteen Why did she run Her girlfriend, Natalie Braithwaite broke her heart, and Ash has never recove [...]

    7. Ashley and Natalie haven t spoken to each other for seventeen years, not since their relationship fell apart Now their mutual best friend Livvy has died leaving a final request that will force Nat and Ash to work together to honour Livvy s wishes Both have moved on with their lives with varying success Forcing them together is going to open old wounds but Ash and Nat agree to set aside the past and accept Livvy s request Warning There may be spoiler ish comments in the following review Read at y [...]

    8. Ash Wells and Nat Braithwaite were lovers at high school, their intense friendship rounded out by a third, Livvy The trio were known as the Untouchables, because nothing ever got in the way of their friendship In the last week of school however, Nat, pushed by her parents, ended her grand passion with Ash, determined to focus on her studies to become a surgeon Destroyed by the love of her life, Ash tanked her finals and bolted overseas.Seventeen years later, and Ash and Nat meet at Livvy s funer [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this read despite the fact that it is 90% angst K.E.Payne did a fantastic job to create two likable characters with realistic self doubt What I really liked about this book was that we were shown the point of view from both characters who are strong and successful women but have a huge amount self doubt when it comes to their relationship This was displayed so well by having one character see how beautiful the other was whilst the other is thinking how plain they are I think tha [...]

    10. You should not expect a fair review from me this time, because I m highly partial to angsty love stories Anyway, I ll do my best in giving you an honest review.I don t understand romance without angst Most of the times, stories that have no angst seem fluffy to me, and hardly credible, because we all know how rare love is and much it hurts However writting an angsty love story is neither an easy task, because angst needs also to be credible and justified While this book was no masterpiece, I fou [...]

    11. When I read the other reviews about this book being angst filled I had my doubts about reading it I thought I didn t like angst filled books but I think they ve grown on me 17 years after a not so nice break up Nat and Ash are thrown together after a close friends death In order to follow this friends last wishes they are going to have to spend a lot of time together This is angst filled, there s no doubt about it Watching both of these women attempting to work through past issues in order to mo [...]

    12. First, let me start by saying that I d like to give this book 4.5 stars, but I can t I love any book that speaks of a past together, one that tells of characters sweet and sour memories So of course When I Knew You hit a very soft spot in my heart What a sweet story of old friendships, broken hearts, and misconceptions of people you truly thought you knew This book delved into issues I believe many people deal with unrealistic expectations, anxieties, feeling as if you ll never be good enough th [...]

    13. What happens when you substitute extreme teenage angst for a perfectly good story When I knew you happens TLDR 35year olds behaving like 14year olds, read this for the angst only Unless you are a major fan of angst you REALLY won t like this I love angst and my YA reads are usually riddled with this stuff, but I still found it somewhat boring due to lack of an interesting story With that said, I did like it It s just a huge angst y overkill, and if all of this sound enticing to you, this is your [...]

    14. Angst filled book, like every page of it.The two keeps on pushing and pulling It s seriously annoying They re like stuck at 18 I think they never grew up.I like angst once in a while but too much of it is frustrating The ONLY person i like in this book is Gabe, well aside from Liv the dead friend.I really tried to understand Ash here She s bitter, STUBBORN, immature and hard to understand Her thoughts are different from what she s doing Although she also manages to reach out towards the end of t [...]

    15. Still Waters Run DeepNat, Ash and Livvy were thick as thieves in school Nat and Ash has a secret from Livvy, they were lovers with a once in a lifetime sort of love They had their future all planned out together until Nat broke things off Sixteen years later and Livvy is dead Her final wishes are for Nat and Ash to take her daughter on eight adventures that they did not have the time to take Will Nat and Ash be able to put the pain of the past behind them to hounor their friend or is the past ju [...]

    16. You can get whiplash reading this book By the end I was really ready for the girl to get the girl Amazing how Ash and Nat could both change their minds mid paragraph I loved the story, and the use of their mutual friends death wishes A couple of times I wanted to shake Ash and tell her she was being a fool, then I remembered that their history fueled this back and forth Then I really wanted to shake Nat for making such poor decisions I enjoy stories where a history of the characters is told, whi [...]

    17. Loved it Angst from the first to the last chapter This one seems to go out of the traditional romance formula a bit, so that was refreshing.The characters seem real and honest which I appreciate in a romance There is no sexual content in this novel, which is unusual for a romance story but something I also appreciate I m interested in their story, not what they re doing behind closed doors.I really liked this novel I wish it had been longer, it would have been nice to see flashbacks of their r [...]

    18. 3.5 This is full of angstFrom start to almost finish It wont make you cry though But the way it was written was so sad full or hurt and sorrow And its not for me but it was still good Most of the part of the book was the deep thought of two main charaters And they were kind of Push and Pull one step forward then two step backward.

    19. A feel good romance under pretty tight premise The idea is to bring back protagonists together after years of separation However, there is too little about supporting characters, places, romantic encounters etc which makes it little dragged and boring Obviously, writer did not explore all the possibility that can make a book quite fascinating to read Having said that, the storyline seem to reflect writer s personnel choices and opinions rather than telling a story to entertain readers.

    20. Note I received an advanced readers copy of the book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review What follows is said honest review Once upon a time, Ash and Nat were best friends and lovers, but the two haven t exchanged so much as an email since Nat broke Ash s heart over fifteen years ago When their third musketeer, Livvy dies suddenly, however, the pair find themselves thrown together Livvy leaves behind a sort of posthumous bucket list for her daughter, Chloe, who never got to do these [...]

    21. Ash , Nat and Livvy were great friends as teenagers Ash and Nat were lovers but never told anyone and when Nat s parents insisted she make a clean break with her friends before going to University she broke Ash s heart Sixteen years later Ash and Nat attend Livvy s funeral and all the old hurt comes back Neither has ever gotten over their split and Ash is still hurt and bitter Nat is now a prominent cardiologist and Ash thinks she has everything she wants and is arrogant The truth is never that [...]

    22. When I Knew You by K.E PayneA sweet story about high school sweethearts who reconnect after a terrible tragedy that occurs sixteen years after their horrible break up I thought the story was well written, but not terrible creative It did have some unexpected elements in throughout the story, but was very predictable Also, the author seemed to shy away from mentioning any sort of intimate relationship between Ash and Nat, granted this story is not a steamy romance novel however, it is a romantic [...]

    23. Only thing I m going to say I m glad they finally got together just getting through the book was a love hate read Arc given by NetGalley for a honest review

    24. Ash Wells fled from London at eighteen because she had her heart broken by her then girlfriend, Nat Braithwaithe Currently running a tourist boat in Cornwall, she returns to her hometown in London due to the death of her best friend, Livvy Ash, still heartbroken over the breakup 17 years before, finds it hard to forget the past and let Nat in again Nat, a well respected doctor, appears to be confident and well put together on the outside but really, she regularly sees a therapist and suffers fro [...]

    25. This is an honest review thanks to NetGalley This book was extremely sweet and heartwarming, the heartbreak and missed opportunities between the two jumped off the page and pulled at my heartstrings The death of a friend bringing these two both together and how the letters finally made the two women spend time together, spill their hearts out and fall in love once again this was a great read and I can t wait to read by this author.

    26. Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread Reunion stories are a well used trope, but they need a good plot to pull the estranged pair back together and keep them moving towards a resolution, especially when the original separation was acrimonious Having said that, I do enjoy watching exes rediscover each other and find that the years apart have allowed them to grow as people possibly into people suited to each other than they were when they got together and split up first time ar [...]

    27. I was sent this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.A beautifully written at times heart wrenching love story I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightfully written and very passionate book.Two fascinating lead characters, both strong and emotionally charged women The authors describes their passionate affair from their first early childhood into their teens and then finally up to present day Ms Payne present the whole scenario and their reconnection in really novel and [...]

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