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Judge Dredd: Democracy Now #2020

Judge Dredd Democracy Now None

  • Title: Judge Dredd: Democracy Now
  • Author: John Wagner Alan Grant John Higgins John Burns Jeff Anderson Cam Kennedy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Judge Dredd: Democracy Now By John Wagner Alan Grant John Higgins John Burns Jeff Anderson Cam Kennedy, None

    • [✓ Judge Dredd: Democracy Now || ä PDF Read by à John Wagner Alan Grant John Higgins John Burns Jeff Anderson Cam Kennedy]
      John Wagner Alan Grant John Higgins John Burns Jeff Anderson Cam Kennedy

    1 thought on “Judge Dredd: Democracy Now

    1. The humour becomes a bit darker in this one Wagner addresses the dark side of democracy in a future were security and order have suppressed and removed any freedoms and human rights of the citizens In this future there has never been any recourse to the law as dictated by the Judges Now the Judges seek to legitimize their rule by any means necessary Obvious parallels can be drawn between the referendum in this story, written twenty years ago, and the recent presidential elections in the US.

    2. Typical Judge Dredd this anthology pits the Orwellian Boot of totalitarian law enforcement against notions of democracy and personal liberty in a largely uncaring society where Plato s the price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men is all too evident.I particularly liked the Fahrenheit 451 inspired John Cassavetes is dead in which judges bust an old man for possession of banned literature and Dredd asks the question why such trivial material is banned Also loved Direct Act [...]

    3. Wow, let s make the Judges in want of a better word BAD What happens when the people of Mega City 1 have had enough of being bullied, controlled and to live in fear of the Judges and its harsh system they push for democracy, Judges out bring back the old way, Police, Judge and Jury.A vote, Dredd himself actually decides to push for the referendum believing the citizens will choose right by the Judges, without them anarchy and chaos upon the streets But that s not to say Dredd and the system don [...]

    4. The best parts of this collection show how horrible the Judges and the system they hold up are Letter from a Democrat, Revolution, Better the Devil You Know and Politics feel complementary and show both the brutal squashing of dissent at any cost and the mostly apathetic citizens.Raider was an uninteresting story with lovely art, particular the final page I found SABs totally uninspired and dull, similar deal with Direct Action maybe I just don t like sky surfing John Cassvetes is Dead is a good [...]

    5. Not all the stories gel seamlessly but this is a well put together selection of the political themes that often emerge in the long running Judge Dredd series Grand.

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