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A Crabby Killer #2020

A Crabby Killer How far will the Islanders go protect one of their own When the body of an outsider is found stuffed in the crab boil pot right before the opening of Mooseamuck Island s annual Crab Festival the isla

  • Title: A Crabby Killer
  • Author: Leighann Dobbs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Crabby Killer By Leighann Dobbs, How far will the Islanders go protect one of their own When the body of an outsider is found stuffed in the crab boil pot right before the opening of Mooseamuck Island s annual Crab Festival, the islanders aren t too worried After all, outsider business is none of their concern They just don t want something as inconvenient as a murder to put a damper on their festivaHow far will the Islanders go protect one of their own When the body of an outsider is found stuffed in the crab boil pot right before the opening of Mooseamuck Island s annual Crab Festival, the islanders aren t too worried After all, outsider business is none of their concern They just don t want something as inconvenient as a murder to put a damper on their festival But when the victim s real reasons for being on the island are revealed, suspicions fall on several of the long time island residents Claire and Dom find themselves in the unenviable position of having to team up to prove the innocence of their friends too bad each of them have a different idea of who is innocent Will Dom and Claire be able to put their differences aside long enough to nail the real killer even when the investigation threatens to expose a deeply hidden secret of one of Mooseamuck Island s most beloved residents

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      439 Leighann Dobbs
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    1. Kindle Unlimited, Leighann Dobbs writes under Leighann Dobbs, Annie Dobbs and soon L.A Dobbs but her real name not sure if she writes under that one is Lee Dobbins, Hazel Martin Mysteries only one I found for this type with her, she has not made sure that terms used match the British terms as well as in other areas for that period of architecture and assorted styles The Notch Cozy Mystery Series 5 out as of this writing and the Blackbore Sisters Cozy Mysteries are not on Kindle Unlimited which a [...]

    2. A Crabby Killer by Leighann Dobbs is the second book in the Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery series The story follows the antics of Claire and Dom as they try to figure out who murdered an outsider who was on the island during the annual Crab Festival They are forced to put aside their differences to solve the murder, and they expose a hidden secret of one of Mooseamuck Island s beloved residents.I enjoyed this pleasant read Although cozy mysteries aren t usually my type of story, I found myself d [...]

    3. Its my second time of reading this cozy mystery series and am absolutely loving it , finding them just as much of a page turner as my first time of reading them they are a delight to read It s a gentle read but I still find myself speed reading , to get to the conclusion when the clues are starting to click into place for Dom and Claire and they realise who the murderer is The character development is great Don and Claire complement each other perfectly the other islanders are also fun to get to [...]

    4. Claire and Dom team up together again when the body of Milton Blunt is found in the large crab boil pot for the crab festival.Several of their friends were suspects, as Blunt was doing his best to put them out of business so he could buy their properties on the cheap.This is another fun story from Leighann Dobb s It has many suspects, several motives, and plots and subplots to keep you guessing.

    5. A crabby murderWhat a great 2nd book in the series Claire and Dom must team upon once again to find out who killed the land developer They will have to put their differences aside to prove their friends are innocent or guilty Will they find the killer in time all while running the crab festival committee

    6. And a dynamic duo is born.Claire and Dom do miss the odd clue here and there but they are subtle ones While trying to protect the ones they care for from being charged with murder again , they end up investigating again and once prove they know their friends better than the police Mostly.

    7. Fun read This book is a fun read A dead body is found at the crab festival and Dom and Clsire jump in to help their neighbors and solve the case There are some funny parts, involving Nirma and a golf cart, and the mystery is fun to try to solve This is the second book in the series, so make sure you read the first one or you will be a little confused.

    8. I enjoy the characters and the setting on an island off the coast of Maine The two retired, now amateur, detectives complement one another This mystery had a limited number of suspects and an adequate sprinkling of clues Looking forward to the next in the series.

    9. A very enjoyable read, the characters are nicely developed and the writer makes Mooseamuck Island seem very real and a great place to visit

    10. I like Leighann Dobbs and this is just another one of her series that I enjoy I love the setting and the history of the island They are a fun quick read.

    11. This is the second in Leighann Dobbs Moosemuck Island series and the first one I ve read Although some mention of the first book, A Zen For Murder, occurs in this book, it in no way detracted from the current story I loved the main characters in this cozy mystery Claire is a retired psychologist and consultant to the Boston Police Dominick Dom is a retired Boston homicide detective who has teamed up with Claire in the past He is the logical partner while Claire relies on her gut instincts and ex [...]

    12. This is the second in the series for Dom and Claire team up to figures out who the murderer is They worked together at times before they retired and respected each other by didn t enjoy working together Now on the island of Mooseamuck, they team up to save their neighbor and they are enjoying teaming up I enjoy the different way they look at things and solve the mystery.

    13. There s nothing funny about murder unless it happens to have been committed on Mooseamuck Island off the coast of Maine, and Claire Watkins and Dominic Dom Benedetti happen to be investigating it The islanders aren t too worried about the body of an outsider being found stuffed inside a large crab pot on the eve of the island s big crab festival, provided it doesn t interfere with the festivities Claire and Dom, though, are like old firehouse dogs, when a crime has been committed, despite their [...]

    14. Mooseamuck Island has a crab festival each year, and this year, it includes a dead body in the crab pot Dom and Claire are back I haven t read book 1, but I didn t feel I was missing too much to investigate Mainland police detective Frank Zambuco seems intent on pinning it on their friends, so Dom and Claire set out to prove him wrong, both looking out for a different friend s reputation The story switches perspective a bit, which helps the author show that they re keeping stuff from each other, [...]

    15. Before the Mooseamuck Islands annual Crab Festival a body of an outsider is found stuffed in the boil pit The Islanders aren t to concerned after all the outsider s business was none of their concern But when the real reason for the victim for being on the island are revealed, suspicions fall on several long time residents Now it s up to Clare and Dom to team up to prove their innocence too bad they each have a different idea of who is innocent and who is guilty Can they put aside their differen [...]

    16. Claire Watkins and everyone else in town is getting ready for the Crab Festival She has noticed a stranger walking around Crab Cove and wonders who he is He seems to be making the locals angry Mae, one of Claire s friends, got into an altercation with this stranger when he caused her to drop a grocery bag of homemade jam Imagine the shock and surprise when this stranger was found dead in the pot used for boiling the crabs Who killed him Who was he Claire decides she is going to find out Is one o [...]

    17. Unofficial Crime ConsultantsClaire and Dom were both crime consultants prior to retirement Last year, they were hired to help with the first murder on the island and they were instrumental in the arrest of the murderer This time, they were not hired as consultants but, they did investigate behind the scenes To find out what happens, you will need to read this wonderful book with a strong storyline, complex characters, and lots of twists and turns to keep your interest Enjoy.

    18. A Crabby Killer was a quick and fun read Claire and Dom are retired, Claire to the island she grew up on and Dom just picked it On the dock as the committee is checking everything for the crab festival, what do they find a murdered man in the giant crab pot They want to solve the case as they had when they worked for the police department Both want to be sure an islander is not accused by the off islander detective Leighann Dobbs wrote a good story.

    19. Second in series set on small island off coast of Maine Love the setting Cozy murder mystery with 2 retired police investigators trying to solve murder of real estate developer Enjoyable, although constant back and forth theories of who may have done it got a little weary, plus the plot ignored a very obvious person who should have been questioned But I will read another one by this author Copyright June 2015.

    20. Not so fishyI enjoyed this book The characters were fun and very likable The imagination in this story was just wonderful The twists and turns had me on the edge at many different paths I don t know if there was anything I didn t like If you are looking for a fun and exciting story this is it Being read I A long weekend by the water would be great or just in the house with the breeze blowing is just as imaginative Hope you enjoy this story as much as I have.

    21. This was really good I started this for a challenge, but then discovered I hadn t read the first book in the series, so stopped, read the first book and then came back to this one I really liked the way the two MCs played off each other to solve the case before the official police detective could bungle the case too badly by arresting the wrong person a new series I am going to be reading of

    22. It s nice to have a mystery series with older folks as the main characters Claire and Dom are both retired from law enforcement, he a retired detective and she a retired forensic psychologist They worked together in the past but now both are retired and living on the same island off Maine When an off islander is found murdered, it s up to Claire and Dom the keep the idiot detective from taking away the wrong culprit.

    23. A charming feel good mysteryClaire and Dom had worked as partners when they were in the working world years before At the time each were not always impressed with the handling of the cases To them this felt like old times.Working together doesn t always mean you tell each other everything, but maybe it makes you observant With time and help from all the mystery gets solved.Read and enjoy.

    24. The main characters are retired but I don t think that should require a story about them to move so slowly While the characters were likable their suspicion of each others methods of investigation became very boring With every clue we would spend pages reading about their suspicions of each other I eventually became so bored that I started skipping ahead to each clue Overall the story was OK but I m not sure I would read another book in this series.

    25. Claire and Dom join forcesLeighann does it again The islanders of Mooseamuck Island have another murder to deal with and the detective from the mainland is none other than Detective Zambuco himself He does Are for civilians investigating his cases, but that doesn t stop Claire and Dom.Another wonderful Cozy Mystery from one of my favorites

    26. A Crabby Killer Moosamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series Book2 by Leighann DobbsA must read for all you Mystery lovers Dom and Claire work well together even if they hate to admit it to themselves If you love a good whodoneit, this book is for you You won t be disappointed Thank you, Leighann Dobbs for a great mystery once again

    27. Another quick read A murder mystery set on an island off the coast of Maine A body shows up inside the giant pot used to boil crabs But who did it The man who was murdered made it a habit to accumulate enemies, so there were many people who had the motive to kill him.Quirky characters add to the fun of discovering the real killer in this tale.

    28. Good lead charactersI loved the interplay between the two main characters and the island setting The final solution gave a plausible, sound and satisfying ending There was a tiny bit to much introspection at the end, but I know most of that was in set up for the next mystery in the series so is understandable.

    29. Dobbs hits the spot This is not he first book I ve read by Leighann Dobbs, and it won t be the last This author knows how to grab my attention from beginning to end The characters are interesting and, by the time I ve finished the book, I feel like I know them well This was an excellent read

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