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A New Dream #2020

A New Dream After his wife Suzanne passed away in a car accident David slowly retreated into depression Three years later he decides to leave France for Boston for a complete life makeover He hangs up his lawye

  • Title: A New Dream
  • Author: Alex C. Clarke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A New Dream By Alex C. Clarke, After his wife Suzanne passed away in a car accident, David slowly retreated into depression Three years later, he decides to leave France for Boston for a complete life makeover He hangs up his lawyer three piece suit to become a bar manager On the plane, he meets James, co owner of the bar James is a former Marine, a very gay one tattooed, muscled, and yummy The pAfter his wife Suzanne passed away in a car accident, David slowly retreated into depression Three years later, he decides to leave France for Boston for a complete life makeover He hangs up his lawyer three piece suit to become a bar manager On the plane, he meets James, co owner of the bar James is a former Marine, a very gay one tattooed, muscled, and yummy The problem is, David would like to explore the feelings he has for his boss, but James doesn t do feelings At all Like, never Well, never say never

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      493 Alex C. Clarke
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    1 thought on “A New Dream

    1. 2.5 stars If James called his dick Lil Jimmy one time and other dumbass nicknames for a penis throughout the book

    2. A big fat DNF at 31% I just can t keep going This is too terrible All you people who gave it two and three stars the hell, yo The hell.I m still laughing It s so bad it s making me giggle even though I m no longer reading it Check my updates for some wonderful lines, but I ve got Enjoy Nearby, a small silver bell Yup, that s sentence Or it s trying to be Going through the double doors, it was like stepping foot in Ireland Bo had swiftly picked up on James attraction to David and he warned him t [...]

    3. Je tiens signaler que j ai lu ce livre il y a 1 mois sur internet gratuitement avant qu il ne soit publi Ce qui ne m a pas emp cher de l achet d s sa sortie et de le relire de suite je dis a, je ne dis rien C est l histoire de deux hommes qui se rencontrent dans un avion en partance pour Boston aux Etats Unis David un fran ais de 39 ans, veuf depuis trois ans, papa de deux jumeaux de 18 ans Il ne se remet pas de la mort de sa femme dont il se croit responsable et d cide de tout plaquer maison,pa [...]

    4. J avais commencer a lire l histoire sur une plateforme de lecture en ligne et j ai t tr s heureuse de le retrouver ici.Les personnages sont attachants, ils ont tous un pass douloureux mais gr ce l amour qu ils se portent font face et d bute une nouvelle vie plein de tendresse et de passion.Je vous recommande ce livre si vous voulez un moment de d tente passionn e.J ai h te de lire la suite de ce beau roman.De plus le fait qu il soit en Kindle Unlimited m a ravis car cela me force a lire mes livr [...]

    5. 3,5 Ce n est pas que je n ai pas appr ci cette romance contemporaine, c est simplement que je suis un peu d ue par un ou deux points que je retrouve malheureusement de plus en plus chez les auteurs fran ais qui sortent des romances MM ces temps ci Avec cependant un super bon point dans celui ci, il n y a pas d exc s de sc nes de sexe, non c est une sensualit tr s douce, la part belle tant faite aux sentiments, et a j aime beaucoup Non pas que le sexe et moi sommes f ch s il suffit de regarder me [...]

    6. Jahre nach dem Tod seiner Frau wagt der Franzose David in den USA einen Neuanfang Nach dem Gewinn einer Greencard beschlie t er auszuwandern um endlich ber den Tod von Suzanne hinwegzukommen und wieder zu leben Das Leben als Anwalt gibt er auf und zur ck l sst er zwei erwachsene Kinder, die den Vater nur ungern ziehen lassen Doch Jules und Jen wissen selbst gut genug, dass ihr Vater am Ende ist Auf dem Flug nach Boston lernt er James kennen Einen Amerikaner, der ihn vom ersten Anblick in Verwirr [...]

    7. DNF the basics were there and the chemistry was there, but some of the relationship matters were too far fetched for me to continue on with 1 David is a straight man who was married with children and had no attraction to men suddenly is checking out a guy on the plane and is so into him he s willing to kiss him moment broken and it doesn t happen I realize the author gave a thin backstory about him being afraid because a gay man disappeared while he was young, but that s just the author scrambli [...]

    8. J adore quand un roman bien crit m lange le tendre au sexy, avec une bonne dose de drame Deux hommes sont mutuellement attir s mais ont chacun leur raison de ne plus croire en l Amour Au cours de leur aventure, on ne demande qu une chose, c est qu ils osent enfin ouvrir leur coeur l autre Leurs doutes et d sirs sont r els, profond ment ancr s, et touchants, et leurs d veloppements fascinants Un grand merci Alex pour cette lecture hautement inspirante I always enjoy a well written contemporary ro [...]

    9. Since the beginning of this book you start loving David His story is full of despair and the only thing keeping him alive are his twins They adored David but he still needs to find his way back from his sadness and guilty feelings While He decides to move to Boston, the encounter with James on the plane opens up his mind to what could have been James a former Marine is going back home to help his friend James also feels like he needs to move forward from his tragic upbringing The connection betw [...]

    10. It was okay.Not great I really wanted to like this book than I did, but I found it very hard to get in to, when it seemed like the author was trying too hard to make one character an American, one French and another cajun I was a little annoyed also with all of the weird words, genitor, I can honestly say I have never heard that word before, yet that was about the only way the author referred to James s father The scene with the feather was about the most ridiculous thing I ve read I read the a [...]

    11. WTH was this shit The sad part is that the premise if this book had the potential to be a very good book I don t DNF a book no matter how bad it is, I don t know why I m like that but I just cant, but this book was testing my resolve I mean the characters had pet names for their dicks for crying out loud At some point one of the characters back story seem to completely contradict itself I mean the book just felt all over the place for me It has some sexy bits and their is a HEA but that s all I [...]

    12. I m so glad that I finally decided to read this one David and James are both trying to rebuild their lives Yje meet by chance on their flight from France to Boston and ironically end up working with each other James tries to avoid David who is coming to discover that he is gay They have several trial and errors along their way but finally realize that they can not avoid the inevitableeir love for each other.

    13. Put down the thesaurusriouslyThis book started out ok but went downhill quickly.The writing is terrible The accents especially Bo are atrocious.This is purple prose at it s worst And the author chooses to replace regular words with fancy, longer words that are obviously chosen from a thesaurus without deference to whether they fit the sentence or mood.I can t even recommend the storyetely formulaic and not even in a good way.Don t bother

    14. The anticipation of waiting for A New Dream to be published in English was well worth the wait The love story of David and James was an epic one, not only did Alex take you on journey of two people falling in love but also took you through the ups and down s that led David and James to truly understand how loving someone feels so right and that dreams do really come true.

    15. Awwwwww what a beautiful heartwarming story of finding love when you least expect it I really loved this as there s not too much sex in it and even though the sex scenes don t go into graphic details like some the feels were still there Now i can t wait for Chris s book

    16. I wanted to like this, I really did I liked the general idea of it, but the writing was a tad too purple and the overwhelming abuse of epithets ruined it for me Sorry.

    17. Reviewed by Jennifer Marcum for QUEERcentric BooksA New Dream by Alex C Clark is the first book in the Dreams series It had the potential to be an extraordinary tale However, it falls woefully short.Its lead characters, James and David, showed great promise to be memorable with their striking back stories, but I was left needing connection I m sad to say they are easily forgettable.David is a widowed straight Frenchman who is only a shell of his former self after the death of his wife Yet he is [...]

    18. This is a tough one I think the story itself was actually quite beautiful There isn t much build up or anticipation so their main conflict was learning to fit in their own skin again after each dealing with a huge change to their lives A few growing pains, but mainly a very sweet romance for those looking for that.Technically however, I believe too many things got lost in the translation from French to English It read very old fashioned, with phrases only the most formally romantic souls would u [...]

    19. I started this book with a bit higher expectations than usual but, unfortunately, they have not been fully met The plot sounded quite interesting David, a widower, separated from his children, abroad, and having to deal with unfamiliar feelings towards his boss James This seemed to be a nice mix, promising lots of drama, conflicts and shed tears or at least this was what I expected Instead I faced a rather ordinary story, where David in no time recognized his newly emerged feeling towards his co [...]

    20. A New Dreamanslated versionWonderful M M romance James, the muscled, tattooed, hunky ex Marine meets David on the plane from France to Boston David, widowed 3 years earlier and floundering through life, leaves his grown kids and tries for a new adventure, a new start The immediate attraction to James surprises David, but through thought filled inner dialogue finds that it isn t that surprising He and James are destined, they will be working together The relationship begins like a wild fire, and [...]

    21. I tried so hard to like this I skipped skimmed A LOT of it I just wasn t interested I wasn t pulled in I simply just couldn t get into it Did I mention I hate writing these types of reviews At 87% I quit it For a quite a while Then I attempted to go back it To finish it To see it to the end I skimmed some of it I couldn t bring myself to finish it I m sorry It was just so hard for me I really wanted to like it It had a great set up I should have wanted it to happen The summary sounded awesome Bu [...]

    22. Delightfully modern fairy tail adventure that twists many strands of life s diverse stories of struggle and emotional moments into a strong rope of family and love.Flashbacks to high school French, travels thru France, romantic and lustful dreams and encounters, and risking all for a chance for true love in my life entwined my dreams with this story with a happy ending Unfortunately, none of us ever win the happy ever after tag, but we live each day striving for the hope of such a life.The autho [...]

    23. A new Author for me but a no brainier for me as love a M M romance and the synopsis sucked me right inDavid is heartbroken and on his way to a new life to escape the memories leaving his family behind.James openly gay and living his life just the way he wants.They both meetfairly instant attraction which doesn t surprise James but David can t really understand this connection.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I loved the getting to know you e build upe sexual tension and when they did get together [...]

    24. Sweet and cute romance, with some OTT cheesy lines thrown in.David needs a change in his life after three years of mourning the loss of his wife He decides to get a job bar tending in the states and moves their from France On the plane over he meets James, who he is instantly attracted to, and turns out to be his boss James is retired military with a screwed up family past He over indulges in one night stands, but he might make an exception for David.

    25. Writing is very simplistic and the story is just not very engaging There s not deep or gritty writing or depth to the story The author spends a lot of time making the sex scenes almost pretty with all her words and her choice of wording when she should have spend that talent weaving a gripping story The few road bumps the MC s encounter are quickly resolved with simple ideas and too easy fixes I wasn t impressed with anything here.

    26. Story was good butI really liked the characters and the basic story line It was a little farfetched but still sweet I think the main thing that bothered me was that the language, wording, and dialogue was sometimes stilted and a little awkward To me it did stop or break up the flow of the story.

    27. 2.5 I can t actually put my finger on what was wrong with this book, it was just ok The characters were all likeable and it was a good story line but it didn t draw me in and make me desperate to find out whether or not there was an HEA Despite everything that happened, it still managed to feel a bit lifeless.

    28. It was a short but sweet book about a former straight man finally being able to live again After his wife died David became a shell of his former self Finally he decides it s time for a change Going to the states he meets James who he is immediately attracted to and that confuses him I loved their journey and their stories Great read if not a bit short.

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