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Gold Shimmer #2020

Gold Shimmer Want of your favorite characters from the The New York Times USA Today bestselling IN THE SHADOWS series GOLD SHIMMER is Cass and Calder s story You don t have to read books to enjoy GOLD SHIMMER

  • Title: Gold Shimmer
  • Author: P.T. Michelle
  • ISBN: 9781939672254
  • Page: 339
  • Format: None
  • Gold Shimmer By P.T. Michelle, Want of your favorite characters from the The New York Times USA Today bestselling IN THE SHADOWS series GOLD SHIMMER is Cass and Calder s story You don t have to read books 1 3 to enjoy GOLD SHIMMER.I never thought that my plan to crash a masked party to exact a bit of revenge would fall apart so easily It was a foolproof plan The absolute best scenario MoWant of your favorite characters from the The New York Times USA Today bestselling IN THE SHADOWS series GOLD SHIMMER is Cass and Calder s story You don t have to read books 1 3 to enjoy GOLD SHIMMER.I never thought that my plan to crash a masked party to exact a bit of revenge would fall apart so easily It was a foolproof plan The absolute best scenario Moon and stars aligned worthy No one would suspect I was anyone other than the wealthy, self absorbed girl I pretended to be The one who would wreak havoc that night Then again, I also didn t plan on running into a wall of sharp wit and steely determination named Calder The captivating Navy SEAL might ve called me by Celeste s name, but he refused to let me hide my true self from him His special brand of honest, seductive charm was impossible to resist He was confident and demanding and everything I wanted But the deeper I fell, the higher the stakes rose while playing a role So I held onto our intense connection for as long as I could, knowing that he would never know me as Cass.When an unexpected turn of events gives me a second chance to see Calder again, of course the opportunity comes with strings attached I had no idea how dangerously tangled and deeply knotted those strings would become, but for the one man who gave me the courage to live my life for me again, I d do just about anything.Even become someone else.Note GOLD SHIMMER is meant for readers 18 due to mature content This is the first book in the BLACK SHADOWS duet, Cass and Calder s story The duet falls within the main IN THE SHADOWS series You can read the duet as a stand alone or as part of the IN THE SHADOWS series.

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      P.T. Michelle

    1 thought on “Gold Shimmer

    1. Cass and Calder hit me in the feels Cass has gone through so much and she needs someone like Calder to show her what love is They hit it off at the same masquerade party that Sebastian and Talia meet at, only Cass is pretending to be someone else and was originally there with vengeance on her mind Years later, Cass is asked for a favor and circumstances bring her right into Calder s path once Their past is catching up with them and as things begin to unravel, the pieces start to fall together I [...]

    2. DNF at 30% Too unbelievable for my taste.I struggled with all the coincidences and overthetop unrealistic parts of Talia Bash s story in the previous books but somehow I was drawn into their world and I enjoyed reading their story.Calder and Cass s story didn t convince me one bit mainly because I couldn t buy Cass Celeste interchangeable status.I could ve bought a resemblance in features and coloring but what the author portrays is unbelievable.The ONLY way it could be plausible is if they were [...]

    3. Review Scheduled to go live on blog on August 7th Naomi s Reading PalaceAfter finishing Talia and Sebastian s books in the In the Shadows series, I was so excited to see from this world, with Cass and Calder getting their own story I devoured the first book in only a few hours and was left gasping, wanting It was sexy, intense and I was left in suspense The first chapter takes us back to the masquerade party where Talia crossed paths with Sebastian, but now we see what happened to Cass while T [...]

    4. Every puzzle has a solution I m yours Gold Shimmer is the first book in the Black Shadows duet, and is a follow up to the In the Shadows series, which is how I first became acquainted with P T Michelle and her unique and enthralling writing style I m going to enjoy fitting myself against every one of your curves until we lock perfectly into place Some stories take us to heights and depths of extreme possibilities and leave a burning impression in our mind Gold Shimmer was that kind of book A smo [...]

    5. It s goldenI am so happy to see that P.T Michelle has allowed the readers to have an opportunity to get an insightful gaze at Cass and Calder story These two unique and emotionally guarded individuals now once again four years later get a chance to come together under some very interesting circumstances I love the hidden vulnerability of these two characters,both of which have secrets and past they would prefer to hide from the world , they live in on a daily basis by portraying a sense of brava [...]

    6. Overall Stars 5 STARS Gold Shimmer was a page turner I loved this book and the instant attraction between Calder and Cass This story is a perfect combination of scorching hot scenes tastefully written , passion, undeniable chemistry between the two main characters great plot with mystery and suspense It ends with a cliffhanger and I can t wait to read the next one in the series Steel Rush In The Shadows 5 PT Michelle is a wonderful storyteller and I absolutely enjoyed In The Shadows series.

    7. I love PT S writing style, combined sensuality, smoldering sex, great story with intrigue and suspense Kept me up half the night but it was worth it, Yes there s a cliffy but what a ride Can t wait for the next book Calder is such a hottie Sigh

    8. Cass Rockwell could be the twin of a wealthy high society girl she has gone to school with Well, a twin from the other side of the tracks Cass has always seemed to be in Celeste s shadow, so when in college, Cass decides to turn the tables and become Celeste at a party During that party, Cass meets, and is attracted to, one of the family members For once in his arms, Cass wishes that she could come clean and tell him just who she really was Yet, when the night is over, Cass leaves knowing that i [...]

    9. Gifted for an honest review 4 starsI absolutely love PT Michelle s In The Shadows books, Sebastian and Talia s story was pretty epic and I think this author had big boots to fill on the back of the last book As great as this book is it didn t have the same intensity as Sebastian and Talia s story did, hence my 4 star rating Calder has that same dark simmering way about him that Sebastian has, yet manages to be totally different, I liked that Although to be perfectly honest Calder at this point i [...]

    10. Gold ShimmerOMG, Calder is one hot Seal team member, and one Alpha guy, thought Sebastian and Talia from previous books were tops, but This book is right there, is a must read Sensual, lust, mystery, intriguing, drama, excitement, Cass and Her rival Celeste from previous story, Celeste is either up to no good, or truly in trouble, and in need of Cass s help, then there is Calder who met Cass while disguised as Celeste 4 years earlier She has held feelings for him, and him as well, but he has no [...]

    11. Calder and Cass are electric together Their story begins with an interweaving of their initial heart stopping meeting at a party four years ago when Cass is impersonating Celeste Cass s need for some revenge is rooted in an incident that happened in her high school years Humiliating Celeste in front of her friends is a by product of Cass s revenge But meeting Calder at the party is a memory that just won t go away Fast forward four years and Cass is once again impersonating Celeste This tome at [...]

    12. I loved this book couldn t put it down The story begins when Cass and Talia go to the costume party but its now what Cass went through that night After the party Cass hoped that she would hear from Calder and be able explain to him why she was pretending to be someone else but she didn t see or hear from him for 4 years To help her dad with his business Cass agreed to impersonate Celeste by the real Celest and to her surprise she also ask her to talk to her dad and convince him to hire Calder as [...]

    13. So flipping goodOh my word, this book was so flipping good She writes such heart stopping romantic suspense I love this series and could not wait to start this book I started out being antsy for one thing to happen and bam she threw in a crazy plot twist that had me staying up way into the night to finish this book It does end in a cliff hanger so go ahead and buy steel rush so you can keep reading as soon as you finish gold shimmer The chemistry between cas and Calder was ah amazing and the sto [...]

    14. Wow, that was intense Cass and Calder are smokin hot together and I love that it takes us back to the first book in the series to see how much of a connection they truly did have back then I love these two together and the whole Cass Celeste interchangeable thing has me thinking about dopplegangers I had to believe that P.T wanted their likeliness that close in order to have the story flow Yep, doppleganger It leaves you hanging at the end in such a great way So I guess it s on to the 5.

    15. I came back to this book after a long time reading the first 3 books of the series.A nice read, characters are OK but it did not catch my breath like other books.Its OK Nothing too special.Its been like a month since i finished it and still did not purchase the next one I will probably buy it just to have closure.

    16. Living Cass storyI started this series not realizing I would get a bonus story, Cass and Calder Her hate for a classmates and casual encounter while helping Dalia leads her to Calder Now she is taking again while Celeste is truly in trouble read series

    17. Interesting coupleThe series is very appealing I really like this couple so far but need to read the next installment before I know how much I like the book I recommend it this series overall.

    18. Read the seriesIf you like books with a great story line, great characters and sex this series is for you This is well written and hard to put down Cannot wait for next book.

    19. Great readGreat next book in the series I m really enjoying this series alot Lots of suspense and mystery in this one Cass n Caldwell are a awesome together.

    20. OOh, I like this one too, nice to get C and C s story This series has been so addictive, I dont want to put it down and hang on every word

    21. So much So much is going on I need to know who Observer is I thought I knew and I was totally blindsided I have to get book 5.

    22. Gotta love Calder, pretty easy to fall in love with so far I ll stay with Bash but Cald s intensity drives me nuts the best way for sure on book 5 already, no waste of time

    23. 4.5 stars book received in exchange for a fair and honest review My ReviewGold Shimmer was a wonderful, sexy, steamy, intense, suspenseful, and great read I really loved it I loved to finally see Calder, get inside his head, and get a glimpse of his story I really enjoyed Cass She s another deep character I am very much happy to see of, and to learn about.Both characters I just instantly fall for Calder, such a deep dominating character, and Cass, who is such a strong and resilient person I cou [...]

    24. I love, LOVE the cover I was so very excited when I heard that there would be of the In the Shadows series I utterly adored Talia and Sebastian I didn t think P.T could top Bash but she did Shh don t tell Sebastian Calder is hot, hot hot And Cass Love her feisty nature Now you don t have to read the first three books to love this one but I highly recommend you do You will love the story even .Now Cass has had a difficult past and it has held her back She also wants to get back at the person she [...]

    25. REALLY I knew this story was not going to be finished but damn couldn t I have just a few pages I was a big fan of theIn The Shadows series so when I saw that Cass s story was going to be told I was all over it As Talia s best friend, you know she is hiding some secrets and I wanted to find out about her and what happened at the masked party.I was not disappointed but I didn t realize how deeply Cass s story would affect me She grew up on the outside of her surroundings and she has some pretty [...]

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