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The Airport Book #2020

The Airport Book Follow a family and the youngest member s favorite sock monkey through all the inner and outer workings of an airport In a book that is as intriguing as it is useful and entertaining we follow a fami

  • Title: The Airport Book
  • Author: Lisa Brown
  • ISBN: 9781626720916
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Airport Book By Lisa Brown, Follow a family and the youngest member s favorite sock monkey through all the inner and outer workings of an airport.In a book that is as intriguing as it is useful and entertaining, we follow a family on its way through the complexities of a modern day airport From checking bags and watching them disappear on the mysterious conveyor belt, to security clearance and a seeFollow a family and the youngest member s favorite sock monkey through all the inner and outer workings of an airport.In a book that is as intriguing as it is useful and entertaining, we follow a family on its way through the complexities of a modern day airport From checking bags and watching them disappear on the mysterious conveyor belt, to security clearance and a seemingly endless wait at the gate to finally being airborne.But wait There s The youngest family member s sock monkey has gone missing Follow it at the bottom of the page as it makes a journey as memorable as that of the humans above.

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      Lisa Brown

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    1. Look, I don t wanna brag but I m what you might call a going to the airport picture book connoisseur I ve seen them all From out of date fare like Byron Barton s Airport to the uniquely cleverFlight 1 2 3 by Maria Van Lieshout to the odd but helpfulEverything Goes In the Air by Brian Biggs Heck, I ve even examined at length books about the vehicles that drive on the airport tarmac see Brian Floca sFive Trucks If it helps to give kids a better sense of what flying is like, I ve seen it, baby And [...]

    2. I have been going to airports for about 50 years now and I am fairly familiar with what goes on there And, actually, I LIKE airports In fact, my wife and I once went to an airport for our anniversary We stayed at the hotel inside the airport, went out to eat in the airport, went shopping in the airport, and had a great time I was reminded of that event in this book when I read that an airport is like a city.One of the many creative aspects of The Airport Book is the presence of three layers of t [...]

    3. Read for librarian book groupGood information about how the whole airport thing goes Includes some fun side stories via picture.

    4. This is a great book The text is matter of fact a young boy explaining what it is like to go to the airport and travel on a plane But the illustrations are what make this book stand out First, the main family is mixed race a light skinned mom and a dark skinned dad, with 2 children Second, the airport is filled with people of all ages, skin colors, abilities, types of dress exactly what you would see at any modern airport Third, there are lots of fun details to look for, following several little [...]

    5. A book that manages to capture the frenetic energy of going to the airport in a way that makes it interesting, not stressful.

    6. With intricate details, THE AIRPORT BOOK gives little ones a picture of what airports are like without stepping foot in one Every child at story time was entranced This is the type of book that children will read and look at over and over to find new details the didn t notice before.

    7. Super illustrations detail the airline trip a family takes to visit grandparents Baby Sister s stuffed monkey is on an adventure of his own running parallel to the family s journey.

    8. Realistic depiction of a modern airport Excellent resource to prepare children for their first airport experience.

    9. A very informational and entertaining picturebook that accurately captures the chaos and excitement of a modern day airport.Lisa Brown s succinct, matter of fact text works extremely well when paired with her busy, detailed, and diverse illustrations What is , Brown s visual narrative which starts with the endpapers and title page contains many fun side stories and Easter eggs that reward attentive readers and encourage multiple readings

    10. LOVED IT SO MUCH This is perfect for any child flying the first time My daughter will definitely be giving it a read before she flies for the first time Thank you Lisa Brown for making it a fun and instructional story for our kiddos about airports flying Plus I love the part about the Monkey thrown in Nice

    11. Wow The Airport Book conveys what a busy and hectic experience travel is, but doing so in a manner that is ultimately calming The narrative voice speaks in second person to the young reader, instructing them on what they will do and see during their ride to the terminal, the security line, waiting at the gate, the plane, departure, and arrival The artwork is insanely detailed Even though the book focuses on one family, I love how you can follow each passenger on their trip and see what happens w [...]

    12. I wish this book had been around 10 years ago It s a perfect book to read to children before their first flight It s not just about airplanes but the entire flying experience Lisa has captured so many of the details that a child might notice but parents eyes might miss I wasn t sure why take off wasn t mentioned, I m guessing it was a page count issue There s so much to see in the art, children will definitely want to pour over this book again and again

    13. A family of four is headed to their grandparents house and are travelling by plane The little boy explains what to expect when you go to the airport and travel by plane.I live overseas, so I travel a LOT And when I do, I spend than 24 hours in planes and airports As a well experienced air traveller, I have to say this is so well done It is a fantastic book to get little ones ready for air travel It does a great job in explaining all the steps, from standing in line for tickets to security witho [...]

    14. Because air travel can be a little overwhelming for those unaccustomed to the frenzied routines of airports, Lisa Brown s The Airport Book is a welcome resource for the youngest travelers Its engaging pictures will help impose some understanding on and bring order to the seeming chaos of today s airports Those children who read this book before travelling will have a light hearted framework for understanding what they see and experience during an airport visit, from checking baggage, to waiting [...]

    15. The title is correct it is a book about the airport Each spread is worth a long look to see how Brown put together competing narratives in pictures and peritext not necessarily counterpoint, but definitely complementary storylines The main story is not super interesting of an informational book Instead it s the illustration that makes it an experience I ve always loved this kind of busy page, going back to the early Busytown books by Richard Scarry such as Best Word Book Ever , or many of the p [...]

    16. A young boy, his little sister, and his parents are off on a trip As readers we follow along as the suitcases get packed including monkey , the taxi is loaded, the airport is navigated, and the plane takes off and arrives Each aspect of the journey is documented in the detailed and adorable illustrations I think the part of the book I enjoyed the most was looking at all the details in the illustrations It s fun to follow sock monkey s journey, as well as a strange shaped fragile package, and sev [...]

    17. This would be a good book to share with a young child who s about to embark upon their first airplane ride It follows an interracial family making their way to the airport, going through security, watching the plane get prepared, boarding, flying, and arriving at their destination Sharp eyed viewers can also see the experiences of other passengers on the same flight.It s a shame that events of the past 15 years make airline flying a much arduous process than it was when I was a younger person, [...]

    18. I think I m really getting into this author and her illustrations like Mummy Cat Fun, informational book for kids about the airport experience So much to look at Certain pages are reminiscent of Richard Scarry with so many things happening and so many diverse characters.

    19. A deft blend of information about a complex subject portrayed through the multi layered narratives of a monkey, a dog, new and jaded travelers, and details that are both universal and specific Layer in humor and heart to achieve a books that will appeal to all readers.

    20. This is a wonderful book for children who like planes or who are going to be riding on a plane for the first time This book is a one on one parent child sit down and read book because there is so much to look at and follow I would recommend this, for sure

    21. A nice primer for someone taking their first airplane trip This book is very detailed about each step in the process of traveling by plane I did find the pictures a little busy at times so this would be a one on one read for me so the pictures could be talked about.

    22. I think this is a great book for introducing children to the whole airport airplane ride experience And the reader can try to find the little girl s toy monkey in every spread The colorful illustrations are very adept at depicting everything in the airport and on the airplane.

    23. The airport can be crazy and overwhelming even for adults This book would be a great way to introduce kids to what is going happen when they go on a flight and experience the airport for the first time.

    24. A fantastic social story to help young riders understand what to expect at an airport and on a plane I loved the illustrations and how they tell an entirely different set of stories.

    25. Really, an amazing picture book So much going on than just the story line It s a book you could spend hours looking at the illustrations.

    26. I am a big Lisa Brown fan This is a wonderful book about introducing a child to the flying experience There is a heck of a lot going on I think simpler would have worked better for me.

    27. This book serves both as an introduction to readers who have never traveled as well as a deeper look into the different processes that are involved in traveling for the experienced traveling reader Through the traveling experience of the narrator s family the reader is taken through the prepping bags for an airplane trip all the way through being picked up at the airport once the destination is reached Common feelings associated with traveling on a plane are reflected in the main character s na [...]

    28. SUCH great pictures The text is a straightforward child s POV explanation of what happens when you take a plane trip But the pictures tell about 5 other stories My ten year old and I really enjoyed flipping back and forth to follow what happens to some of the different characters Fun So if I were using this in a classroom, I would use it to talk about second draft reading term coined by Kelly Gallagher.

    29. Great picture book about what it s really like to visit an airport in 2016 Wonderfully diverse, with the main character family having a dark skinned father and light skinned mother Lots of side stories in the illustrations make it fun to peruse the pictures as you read Many details that will be noticeable the times you read the book Endpapers are fun, with the beginning destination at the start and the final destination at the back.

    30. The illustrations are wonderful This book is told from the big brother s point of view There is so much amusing detail that can stir up nice side conversations with your child on your lap as you plan your family flight or review your recent vacation Terms like baggage carousel can easily be defined using their context within the page.

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