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Daddy Depot #2020

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  • Title: Daddy Depot
  • Author: Chana Stiefel Andy Snair
  • ISBN: 9781250058898
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Daddy Depot By Chana Stiefel Andy Snair, None

    • [AZW] Ä Daddy Depot | BY ✓ Chana Stiefel Andy Snair
      Chana Stiefel Andy Snair

    1 thought on “Daddy Depot

    1. A perfect Father s Day read about a dad who is just right in spite of his funky dance moves, snoring, and goofy ties

    2. I read an early copy of this book via work, with no obligation to leave a personal review.I love books about dads, and this one certainly has a fresh and fun hook, with a sweet message The illustration style is not my personal favorite, but it s also fun and adds a lot to the story namely, that your own dad is the best of all Hooray

    3. This is such a great take on what could happen when you get sick of Dad Jokes I loved all the different types of dad s Stiefel includes in the Daddy Depot, and the frustrations a child can feel for her his father are so authentic This had me literally laughing out loud and saying awwwwwwww by the end.

    4. I think that this is the most incredible picture book ever and I would highly recommend it for kids 3 6.

    5. I have a feeling any kid can understand Lizzie s desire to exchange a parent for one fun like rocker dad, or exciting like astro dad But in the end, there s no dad like your own, especially when he breaks into a crazy dance Chana Stiefel s original and sweet story matched with Andy Snair s funny and bright illustrations make for a wonderful book to be read by any father with their kids.

    6. Kids will laugh out loud and completely relate to this fun book When her dad proves to be less than perfect, a young girl tries to exchange him at the Daddy Depot, but discovers that while different dads may seem better at first, her dad really is perfect for her.

    7. Lizzie s dad watches too much football, tells the same lame jokes over and over, and falls asleep while she s talking Then Lizzie finds out about the Daddy Depot where she can find the perfect dad She takes her sleeping father to the Daddy Depot in her wagon and leaves him at the door while she shops for the perfect father None seem just right for her, but she does find one that is perfect her own dad

    8. Daddy Depot is laugh out loud funny and sure to be a hot title in grade school libraries When Lizzie tries to trade her not so perfect dad in for a better model at the Daddy Depot, she finds out he may just be the perfect dad for her after all I imagine grade school friends huddling together, giggling while sharing this book and stories about their not so perfect perfect dads.

    9. What child hasn t wanted to exchange a family member for a new and improved version When Lizzie discovers Daddy Depot, the dad megastore, she finds out what s in store for her with Rocker Dad, Astro Dad, and Chef Dad Ultimately, she discovers the perfect fit in the clearance section, creating a satisfying ending that comes with its own lifetime guarantee.

    10. Hysterical and enjoyable read for all ages Stiefel is an amazing author with brilliant ideas that truly show in this fun filled story A must buy for Father s Day

    11. Cute story about a girl who has the opportunity to exchange her dad but learns that her dad is the perfect dad for her Kid s will really appreciate the humor in this story.

    12. Ink and digital illustrations work well in this wryly humorous but telling story about a father who doesn t always live up to his daughter s expectations It might be a good choice to share on Father s Day if a daddy has the right kind of attitude and doesn t mind being gently teased Sadly, there are probably many youngsters out there who would give anything just to have some sort of father figure in their lives In Lizzie s case, her dad tends to be preoccupied by watching football, telling the s [...]

    13. Wow, I guess I m in the minority of not loving this book A young girl is tired of her dad s lame jokes, not paying enough attention to her, etc and brings him to Daddy Depot to exchange him for the perfect dad As an adult reading this, the ending is completely predictable Other reviewers think this is laugh out loud funny, but it didn t even make me chuckle However, maybe children will laugh out loud I am willing to test it on children in storytime to see their reaction and possibly change my mi [...]

    14. Lizzie doesn t really want to trade in dad for a newer model, but what can she do He spends an inordinate amount of time in front of the television watching sports programs My dad was glued to sports on T.V he would fall asleep, start snoring, and know when you try to change the channel.When he is not doing that, her dad says embarrassing things whenever Lizzie s friends are over For example, after a sleepover, dad makes the girls pancakes for breakfast and says embarrassing things about Lizzie [...]

    15. My daughter is at the lovely age where she sometimes gets very mad at her dad and I When she does, she ll stomp her foot and shout I WANT A NEW DAD or mom, I am not immune So obviously this book is perfect for us Lizzie s dad sometimes does things she doesn t like, like falling asleep when they cuddle, or watching football when she s trying to show him something So she head to the dad depot to look for the perfect dad will she find one I think this would make a lovely addition to a Father s Day [...]

    16. A very cute and funny story about finding out what you already have is exactly what you want My 7 year old son was immediately hooked by the concept, and the funny dream dads in the book kept him laughing This would make a great Father s Day Christmas birthday new dad gift, but it would fun any time of the year.

    17. The silly premise is sure to get kids even the grumpy ones giggling Who wouldn t relate to wanting to trade in your dad for a spiffier model But the sweet ending hits home and reminds us all how great our very own dads are You can probably guess its a wonderful Father s Day gift, but its a fun everyday read too

    18. This is a really funny book, celebrating fathers The kids laughed at the different kinds of dads she found in the mega store, and also had fun poring over the illustrations because Daddy was searching for his daughter throughout the store.

    19. As a dad I really appreciated this book It s about a girl who is fed up with her dad because she s just not getting enough attention from him So what does she do Goes shopping at Daddy Depot, a giant warehouse full of dads How funny is that It s a great premise that is played out perfectly with some great jokes a clearance area What kid doesn t want to trade in for new parents once in awhile There s also a nice message for dads in there Be present and don t check out.

    20. A funny and smart picture book highlighting the not always easy, but loving relationship between dads and daughters A fun read aloud and I m partial to the big illustration with ALL the depot dads It s a great page to linger with your little readers, picking out all the types of dads.

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