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The Rogue #2020

The Rogue Lady Constance Read is independent beautiful and in need of a husband now The last man on earth she wants is the rogue who broke her heart six years ago never mind that his kisses are scorching hot

  • Title: The Rogue
  • Author: Katharine Ashe
  • ISBN: 9780062412737
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Rogue By Katharine Ashe, Lady Constance Read is independent, beautiful, and in need of a husband now The last man on earth she wants is the rogue who broke her heart six years ago, never mind that his kisses are scorching hot Evan Saint Andr Sterling is rich, scarred, and finished with women forever He s not about to lose his head over the bewitching beauty who once turned his life upside down.Lady Constance Read is independent, beautiful, and in need of a husband now The last man on earth she wants is the rogue who broke her heart six years ago, never mind that his kisses are scorching hot Evan Saint Andr Sterling is rich, scarred, and finished with women forever He s not about to lose his head over the bewitching beauty who once turned his life upside down But Constance needs a warrior, and Saint is the perfect man for the job Only as a married woman can she penetrate Scotland s most notorious secret society and bring a diabolical duke to justice When Constance and Saint become allies and passionate lovers he ll risk everything to protect the only woman he has ever loved.

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    1. I read this for the Key to my Heart square for Romance Bingo Now, pray show me how to use this instrument to wound a man He could not move You speak of wounding a man like it means nothing to you On the contrary It means everything There it was again in her voice the sharp edge of fear coated in determination Have you he said Wounded a man Wounded the man that you wish to wound Her throat constricted in a movement so jarring that it swept the air from Saint s lungs He hated that she had been hur [...]

    2. I originally gave a 4 star rating, but sadly, the I thought about it, the less I liked the book at least to the degree that I originally had 3 stars Review posted on The Eater of Books blog The Rogue by Katharine AsheBook One of the Devil s Duke seriesPublisher AvonPublication Date February 23, 2016Rating 3 starsSource eARC from Edelweiss Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from Lady Constance Read is independent, beautiful, and in need of a husband now The [...]

    3. I ve given this an A at AAR, so that s 4.5 stars rounded up.Although The Rogue is the first in a new series by Katharine Ashe, it is also a continuation of her earlier Falcon Club series, which featured a group of former spies as they attempted to adjust to new, normal lives Three of the five members of the Club are happily settled, and now it s the turn of the single female member of the group Lady Constance Read to step into the limelight as she works to unmask a devious killer Six years earli [...]

    4. First of all, my thanks to Daniella who saved me from my postThe Raven Prince depression by encouraging me to participate in a buddy read D Thanks hon The Rogue, is my 2nd book from Katherine Ashe My impression of Ashe was that I really liked the way she played with words, the writing, so to speak She had an imaginative and creative way with words which I appreciate in writers It helps me to visualize the scenes and makes the scenes come to life for me That particular observation of her writing, [...]

    5. The Rogue is the opening novel in Katharine Ashe s newest series, The Devil s Duke However, bear in mind that this isalsobook number four in Ashe s Falcon Club series In fact, the heroine of this tale, Lady Constance Read, is the club s only female member code name Sparrow I have been highly anticipating this novel and while there are other books of Ashe s that I have liked better I love her Prince Catchers series and Twist series , this was still a satisfying ride, written in a luscious, comple [...]

    6. 2.5 rounded down to 2 Buddy read with the fabulous Zoe Yeah I just don t get it why some writers feel the need to put sex scenes between the hero and other women in romance novels I guess other readers are okay with that, but I m not Sorry.Aside from that MAJOR problem, there was the whole wishy washy relationship between the H and the h, and the whole confusing Falcon Club business The plot was really convoluted and hard to get into.It s a pity I can t give this a higher rating Ashe s writing w [...]

    7. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceThe Rogue is the first installment in a exciting new series by Katharine Ashe This was a quite enjoyable read, We are taken first to when the pair first meet six years previous There is some question as to what really drives them apart however that I felt wasn t ever truly revealed So I would have preferred to have seen that instead of references to it But then we see them meet up again six years later Tension is a bit high between them, co [...]

    8. The Rogue by Katharine Ashe is a 2016 Avon publication I was provided a copy of this book by the author publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This is the first book in the Devil s Duke series, but you will recognize the main characters from some of the author s previous novels Constance was raised unconventionally by her father and destined for great things within his club However, six years ago, Constance encountered the dashing Evan Sterling and was spoiled to any other man [...]

    9. Mmmmm what to say I liked it Didn t loved it.I was slightly annoyed by the heroine and her high and mightly opinion of herself I was almost pitying her when was discovered how much her father has groomed her for his own goal and how he used her, even presenting it as giving her very much unusual independence for that period She grow up being treated like a male heair then like a weak and meak female She is very good with a bow, she knows how to fight, how to scheme and how to spy very, very unu [...]

    10. I ve given this a B for narration and an A for content at AudioGals.I was so pleased when I saw that The Rogue was coming out in audio format I read and loved the book earlier this year it s a beautifully written, sensual and tender romance combined with a dash of mystery and boasts one of the most wonderful romantic heroes I ve read in quite some time While it s a continuation of the author s Falcon Club series, the book also marks the beginning of the Devil s Duke trilogy so while some of the [...]

    11. Superb The Rogue by Katharine Ashe will be hailed in 2016 What an incredible book to kick off the New Year Provocative, witty, and sexy characters bring this extraordinary historical romance to life This duel of wits is sure to please the connoisseur of historical romance Constance and Saint come alive as readers are taken on an imaginative journey of mystery and love Saint is the sexiest of beast and Constance gives historical romance its new it girl.The Rogue will leave readers with a lasting [...]

    12. This is the 4th book in the Falcon Club series and also the start of it s own series, The Devil s Duke As the beginning book in a series, it is an exciting start and I m eager to read the next one As the 4th book in the Falcon Club series, it is confusing and frustrating as it does not offer the reader any opportunity for recall but jumps right in as if the last book in that series was published months ago instead of over three years ago Due to this fact, I not only found myself completely lost [...]

    13. I received a copy of this title to read review for Wicked Reads3 Stars After the body of the review is a rant warning rolled into one Please read it if you are new to this author, or have not read the Falcon Club series I just hope you are reading this review prior to purchasing The Rogue if that is the case.I will admit, The Rogue would have most definitely been rated higher if I hadn t been so confused explanation below I enjoyed Katharine Ashe s writing style and voice, and would read by thi [...]

    14. I enjoyed the first two books in Katharine Ashe s Twist series, which are unique, funny and clever, but The Rogue takes her work to a new level In this novel she shows her immense talent, not only for penning a sensual and satisfying romance but also a darkly plausible and dangerous mystery with a twist My only real complaint would be that although this is the first in a new series, it refers to events, letters and characters from another series, the Falcon Clubwhich I have not read and therefor [...]

    15. I think this book was too long and would have benefited from hacking the prologue off It was unnecessary, and it made the constant secret keeping frustrating, especially because the characters constantly swore they couldn t lie to each other The beginning could have lost several scenes, and I found that Dylan in particular didn t add much Some plot threads clearly seem to be setting up a mystery arc for this whole series, but they also needed to be tied in to this book maybe better than they wer [...]

    16. This book is simultaneously the first book in Katharine Ashe s new series, A Devil s Duke, and the 4th book in her Falcon Club series It features the dashing, delicious Evan Saint Andre Sterling and the lovely agent Sparrow, aka Lady Constance Read Saint is one of my favorite heroes of all time He is a very good man Also handsome and sexy He loves Constance and has since he met her several years ago Constance loved Saint when they met, but she was engaged to a now deceased lord She is in Scotlan [...]

    17. Ms Ashe s is an excellent storyteller Her deeply romantic writing style and attention to historical detail lend itself to this story as the reader becomes immediately immersed in the novel I could visualize Haiknayes Castle and the six pointed star carved over it s front door I felt the couple s desire for each other as each scene unfolded And, I believed that I was watching Saint teaching Constance how to fence in Lord Read s ballroom.The author does an excellent job crafting the novel s heroin [...]

    18. Another amazing addition to her repertoire The reason I love her writing so much is that she puts so much into the process Her research is astoundingly accurate, her plots are complex and exciting, her characters have such depth and her writing is so poetic ie Not removing his eyes from her, the stranger unfolded himself from the chair with predatorial grace He moved like a hunter, lean and powerful and aware I just have to go back and read it again Her writing sings to me I have been waiting fo [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars If you haven t read the Falcon series, then I wouldn t start with this book, because it is extremely related to that series and hard to follow, IMO, without having read that series first I did get through this book and in the end it was a good book, but I struggled over halfway through the book piecing Constance s history together with Evan s I still don t know think that I got all the nuances of it I am debating on picking up the prior series, something for the future maybe This book [...]

    20. 2.5 5 Muddled all around Inconsistent characters especially that of the heroine The blurb is wrong He did not break her heart, it was the other way around She was already betrothed to a good man and dear friend albeit one she did not have romantic feelings for She engaged the hero in a prolonged flirtation and possibly , and they were discovered He left because she was not his to stay for He came back for her after her betrothed s death but she inexplicably refused to see him, and yet she claime [...]

    21. I have to preface by stating that I ve never met a book from Katharine Ashe that I didn t like, and while some took longer for me to lose myself in her world, I ve also never found it difficult to grasp the basics in the backstory that gives depth to her characters As this is the first in a new, yet contains characters from another series, this ability to use the information Ashe provides to sort everyone on their shelves was useful I enjoyed both Saint and Constance, for very different reasons [...]

    22. I received this book as an ARC for my honest opinion on this book in a review I ve always loved Katharine Ashe s books, but this particular book was among one of my favorite books by her.If I could title my Review it would be called A Duel Between Two Swordsman.Lady Constance Read is not your typical heiress She s an excellent rider of horses, a marksman with a Bow Arrow, is a crack shot with a pistol Being a daughter, of a Duke brings certain privileges It also can bring many lonely days nights [...]

    23. Ashe s The Rogue is my introduction to her work It s a rich narrative, with tormented protagonists Saint and Lady Constance are re united lovers, whose class status tore them apart six years ago Saint is hurt, angry, but goes along with Constance s father s desire that he teach her to defend herself with sword and dagger The yearning and love Constance and Saint feel for the each is most poignant and affecting The scenes where he teaches her to fence are as full of verbal sparring as fencing man [...]

    24. I m sure everyone has heard about those opening scenes that grab you and suck you into the story Well, hold onto your hats because the opening of this book will certainly keep you reading far into the night Constance is an innocent18, peeking through a door at a rather scandalous party when she is spotted by the one man she has been staring at all night He crosses the room to her hiding spot and she runs, he follows, this is Saint There are many layers to this story that unfolds throughout the b [...]

    25. I am sorry I truly wanted to like reading this book It isn t that I didn t like the story I just didn t like reading it I ll admit I m a lazy reader I read to escape I don t like having to think too much about the characters and what they are hiding I never quite felt like I knew Constance and had a hard time empathizing with her I just couldn t quite make the connection For me, I escape to another world when I can visualize it and feel the emotions It just didn t quite happen for me with this [...]

    26. Evan Saint Andr Sterling Saint made me want to fall in love with him over and over There was just something about him He was not overly chatty He put his thoughts to action Lady Constance was full of so many issues I was having a hard time connecting with her but there were points where I could understand her Katharine Ashe has just got herself a new reader I will be heading back to other book from other series by her I love to be immersed in the world of mystery and intrigue and this first book [...]

    27. Stopped reading at 20% I thought this book was 1st in a new series, but its actually 4th in The Falcon Club series which I have not read It appears the earlier books are necessary as I was totally lost as I was reading I felt like the story was keeping me at arm s length and I wasn t privy to what everyone else knew Turns out I wasn t So I will have to come back to this one after I find time to read The Falcon Club.

    28. I had a hard time putting this book down The suspense was maintained throughout as Constance and Saint were trying to solve the mystery The chemistry between the couple was great I loved Saint, the hero of the story He was so understanding of Constance and patient with her He also did what he had to do to protect her.I recommend this book The suspense will keep you reading and Saint as the hero might make you swoon.I received an eArc in exchange for a review.

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