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Dictator #2020

Dictator ImperiumConspiratad now the long awaited final volume of the author s best selling Cicero trilogy With Dictator Robert Harris brings the saga of Cicero s life to a time when some of the most epic ev

  • Title: Dictator
  • Author: Robert Harris
  • ISBN: 9780307957948
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dictator By Robert Harris, ImperiumConspiratad now, the long awaited final volume of the author s best selling Cicero trilogy.With Dictator, Robert Harris brings the saga of Cicero s life to a time when some of the most epic events in human history occurred the collapse of the Roman republic, the subsequent civil war, the murder of Pompey and the assassination of Julius Caesar Yet the quesImperiumConspiratad now, the long awaited final volume of the author s best selling Cicero trilogy.With Dictator, Robert Harris brings the saga of Cicero s life to a time when some of the most epic events in human history occurred the collapse of the Roman republic, the subsequent civil war, the murder of Pompey and the assassination of Julius Caesar Yet the question it asks is a timeless one how is political freedom to be safeguarded against the triple threat of unscrupulous personal ambition, of an electoral system dominated by vested financial interests, and of the corrupting impact of waging ceaseless foreign wars And in the very human figure of Cicero brilliant, flawed, frequently fearful, and yet ultimately brave Harris gives us a hero for both his own time, and for ours.

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      278 Robert Harris
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    1. How unreal it felt to watch the approach of this titan who had so dominated everyone s thoughts for so many years who had conquered countries and upended lives and sent thousands of soldiers marching hither and thither and had smashed the ancient republic to fragments as if it were nothing substantial than a chipped antique vase that had gone out of fashion to watch him, and to find him, in the end just an ordinary breathing mortal The very mortal, immortal Julius Caesar.On the Ides of March in [...]

    2. Um Her i IntemporalQuem era Marcus Tullius C cero Fil sofo, pol tico, advogado, escritorUm S bio da Roma Antiga, que segundo Thomas Jefferson, foi o primeiro mestre da humanidade.Brilhante orador e eminente pensador, socorreu se do poder das palavras na luta pela justi a e liberdade foi o grande defensor da Rep blica, do poder repartido em oposi o tirania absolutista Dictator encerra uma trilogia dedicada Roma Antiga de C cero, ocupando se dos ltimos 15 anos da vida deste Uma poca conturbada, on [...]

    3. A solid yet largely subdued conclusion to the Cicero trilogy, Dictator is consistently interesting, but never really turns into the thrilling crescendo I was hoping for There s just so much of Cicero s life and career to fit into this final volume, meaning the pace is fast, disconcertingly so at times, and there s less room for development of the characters particularly Cicero s secretary, Tiro, who serves as narrator But this is a book based on real people and real events in history, and that s [...]

    4. This is a well written novel about the last 15 years of Cicero s life told by his scribe, Tiro It is the third book of the trilogy and the first one I ve read It s really well researched and full of tidbits of things I have never heard about before this book Tiro, in fact, was the father of the shorthand we still use It s amazing the long ranging impact of Rome had I was amazed at how violent it was in the streets of Rome at the time When the book opens three leaders are leading the Empire Caesa [...]

    5. If only you will look on high, the old statesman tells Scipio, and contemplate this eternal home and resting place, you will no longer bother with the gossip of the common herd or put your trust in human reward for your exploits Nor will any man s reputation endure very long, for what men say dies with them and is blotted out with the forgetfulness of posterity All that will remain of us is what is written down.I have not read Imperium Book 1 or Lustrum Book 2 , yet, but if this last book in the [...]

    6. Great to be back with this series as its been a while since I read Lustrum Lustrum I enjoyed immensely although at times I found the text a little heavy going found it hard to follow the many layers of all the politicking Yes it went over my head many a time and I marvelled at the convolution of it all, how oft opponents wrong footed in the senate, Cicero too, although he oft played the long game won out survived in the end.Maybe Im getting wiser lols as I loved Dictator even so finding it a muc [...]

    7. Fascinating window into the last 15 years of the life of Cicero, as narrated by his confidential secretary, Tiro Tiro tells us he has recreated the story from Cicero s notes, correspondence, speeches, and of course Tiro s own eyewitness account of events The eponymous Dictator of the title, who overshadows the whole story is, of course, Julius Caesar the man also propels much of the action and Cicero s decisions We see Cicero s exile, return to Rome, regaining his fame and the destruction of the [...]

    8. Seeds from the PastOh boy, I do love Ancient Rome Whenever I think of it, gorgeous domus come to my mind fresh fountains in gardens, luminous atriums, fresco wall paintings, marble busts, bronze statuesI picture romans wearing large long vests, gathering in forums, circus, theaters, bathing in thermaeI see arches, monoliths, obelysks, domes, among other architectonic beauties However, that s not the Rome Dictator invites us to tour Instead, we ll visit a murderous, vicious Rome, colapsing under [...]

    9. And so farewell, Marcus Tullius Cicero The twelve year adventure of Robert Harris s three part fictionalized biography, narrated by his secretary Tiro, comes to an end Dictator covers the last fifteen years of Cicero s life, from the period of exile Clodius engineered for him in 58 to his death in 43 As such it narrates the final, prolonged death agonies of the Roman republic one of the most weirdly compelling episodes in the whole of political history at least for me I agree entirely with anoth [...]

    10. Dictator covers Cicero s last 15 years and finally shows how the Roman Republic comes crashing down An event that the two previous books have been building up to I wish I had the ability to convey the brilliance of these books but I know I can t.History comes to life in Robert Harris s Cicero series, and it is engrossing and gorgeous As a side effect, I learned about little things Things that are not necessarily important Cicero s secretary, Tiro, invented shorthand for example, and although it [...]

    11. Robert Harris is a master of historical fiction and this book is no exception to that The final part in a trilogy , my only complaint is that it took so long to come out.Told through the eyes of Tiro, possibly one of the most influential slaves in history Spartacus has nothing on this guys legacy it follows one of the biggest players in one of the most famous and unstable periods of history The portrayal of Cicero is warts and all , showing all his strengths alongside all his weaknesses The dept [...]

    12. Magnificent detailing of the last decades of an incredible life.After 2 which was dense beyond complexity in numbers of characters, nuance of alliances, and progressions to philosophy courts law of Cicero s written and vocal works 3 was clearer to read, for me, in connotation for the causes to the fall outs.There are so many quotes worth recording or considering that the entire book holds at least one per page Not only the commonly heard or notorious for their author as the source but others th [...]

    13. Achtung, Spoiler f r diejenigen m glich, die Ciceros Geschichte nicht kennen und sich die Spannung erhalten wollen Rom, 58 v Chr Nachdem Cicero auf Betreiben von Clodius zum Staatsfeind erkl rt wurde, muss er aus Rom, sogar aus Italien fliehen Sein treuer Sekret r Tiro begleitet ihn nat rlich, aber seine Familie muss er zur cklassen Das Exil belastet Cicero schwer und eine Zeit lang sieht es gar nicht so aus, als ob es eine Chance auf R ckkehr g be.Der letzte Teil der gro artigen Cicero Trilogie [...]

    14. A brilliant conclusion to a brilliant series I love the characterisation, and the writing and pacing is just perfect throughout.

    15. Zavr io trilogiju o Ciceru i mogu da ka em da Imperium A Novel of Ancient Rome, Lustrum i sad Dictator predstavljaju jedan od najboljih serijala istorijske fikcije koje sam itao A mogu da tvrdim i da je Cicero, koliko god ovo bila fikcija i verovatno ne potpuno verna istoriji, postao jedan od mojih omiljenih istorijskih likova Koliko me je lako kupitiPrvi deo ovako sam ga komentarisao je bio uvod u ne to to je Harris pisao 12 godina, i u centar postavlja uspon Cicera, tada mladog advokata, na ri [...]

    16. While there is life there is hope Cicero These words were spoken by a man who had seen it all and continued to believe in the hope, the promise of a free society in which people could speak their mind This defender of democracy is relevant today and will remain so because wherever there is democracy there are those with money and a willingness to use violence who will threaten liberty for their own power and glory Democracy is an equilibrium Its balance is maintained by people who are brave enou [...]

    17. A great end to an even greater trilogy From the start of his exile to his unfortunate end, Dictator concludes this amazing tale of possibly the world s greatest lawyer s life It also briefly covers the events of the civil war, and then Ceaser s as the title says dictatorship, but mainly focuses on Cicero s involvement in the events.

    18. Neko voli Mocart kugle, neko Rafaelo ili Ferero Po to ja volim sve tri vrste, to bi najpribli nije bilo kakvog je okusa ova knjiga Kakva velika ivotna istina, govori je Tiron Kad god se ne to ini da je na vrhuncu, mo ete biti sigurni da se ve po elo uru avati.

    19. Dictator, the last in a trilogy of books on the great Roman, Cicero, stands alone as a novel any information referring back to the earlier books is handled succinctly as and when necessary Harris intertwines dramatised real events with fictional ones you d have to know your Roman history pretty thoroughly to separate the two The narrator is Tiro, Cicero s slave and secretary, a man who apparently invented a system of shorthand that made the taking down of Cicero s speeches and dictations much ea [...]

    20. Una excelente novela para terminar con la trilog a sobre Cicer n y el final de la Rep blica romana Nos vamos a encontrar con grandes personajes como Julio Cesar, Pompeyo, Cicer n, Octavio Augusto, etcUna ambientaci n y documentaci n de sobresaliente Y una narraci n que en ning n momento se hace pesada.Si os gusta la novela hist rica es una novela muy recomendable.

    21. Such a wonderful conclusion to an outstanding series A convincing and intimate portrait of Cicero s and the Republic s final years.

    22. The final Cicero trilogy as told by his devoted secretary Tiro inventor of shorthand, who outlived his master and later employer as Tiro was freed around his 50th birthday when he was really sick and Cicero who always postponed freeing him, was afraid it would be too late otherwise some 40 years, dying peacefully on his Italian estate almost at the century mark in 4 BCcovers the years 58 43, starting with the high drama moment that ended Conspirata, when Cicero is hounded from Rome by his bitter [...]

    23. The last 15 years of Cicero as told by his slave Tito.As in the previous books, these are interesting and eventful years Cicero s exileHis return only to find Rome ruled by the first triumvirate of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus.The civil war and the dictatorship of Caesar.Caesar s death and the second triumvirate of Octavianus , Mark Antony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus which lead to Cicero s death.The writing is good and the presentation of the historical events from Cicero s point of view i [...]

    24. The third book in Harris s series covering the life of Cicero I have to admit that I haven t read book two in the series, something that I will now have to get to, so I may well not be in the best position to judge this one However, although there were some references that obviously linked back to the second book, and that went over my head, I really enjoyed this The depiction of the collapse of the Roman Republic is really well done From what I know of the period and the characters involved thi [...]

    25. Roman RealpolitikDictator is apparently the third volume with Imperium and Conspirata of Harris ancient Roman trilogy, covering the life of the great orator and statesman Cicero, as told by his secretary Tiro I have not read the other two books, but can t see that it matters there was nothing in this volume that made me even aware that I had missed out on anything earlier, and none of those tiresome bring you up to date passages that can make sequels so tedious.On the other hand, it might have b [...]

    26. Story 6 Simplistic first half offset by a spectacular finale Characters 7 Cicero is great as ever, but Caesar is a parody Accuracy 7 Generally good but makes some careless mistakes Like the previous two books, this one is divided into two clear parts Cicero s recovery from exile and Caesar s civil war, and Cicero s efforts to restore the Republic after Caesar s death The first part or at least the civil war section I found an unholy mess This is largely due to the nature of the topic The series [...]

    27. I read Wolf Hall Bring Up the Bodies very recently, yet it s been 4 years or so since I devoured the first 2 books of this trilogy So I find myself fighting against the natural instinct to compare these two complex statesmen trilogies because they just shouldn t be compared The subjects in question are very different people yet, naturally, Mantel s Cromwell was in awe of Cicero , the books are written in vastly different styles, and finally, history views and judges these two quite differently a [...]

    28. Dictator was about the fall of the Roman Republic told from the standpoint of Tiro The slave, later freedman of Marcus Cicero Tiro was the developer of the shorthand system and recorded many of Cicero s memoirs He was uniquely placed to tell the story of the amazing events of his lifetime Obviously, the story is slanted towards a pro Ciceronian outlook While I think Cicero to be one of the great legal minds and orators of his age, I do not think he is a greater figure than Julius Caesar or Octav [...]

    29. Dictator is the third volume in a consistently excellent series not a favored form for this reader, btw Before anyone attempts to write HF, it should be required that he she read an excellent work from R Harris, or G Brooks, or M Renault, or from a handful of other authors, living and deceased, who can write HF this well A very obvious factor for success is the research going to primary sources, going deep and broad, and not just a matter of getting incidentals correctbut getting the entire zeit [...]

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