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O árabe do futuro: Uma juventude no Oriente Médio #2020

O rabe do futuro Uma juventude no Oriente M dio Nascido na Fran a em filho de pai s rio e m e bret Riad Sattouf viveu uma inf ncia peculiar Ele tinha apenas tr s anos quando o pai recebeu um convite para lecionar em uma universidade da L bi

  • Title: O árabe do futuro: Uma juventude no Oriente Médio
  • Author: Riad Sattouf
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • O árabe do futuro: Uma juventude no Oriente Médio By Riad Sattouf, Nascido na Fran a em 1978, filho de pai s rio e m e bret , Riad Sattouf viveu uma inf ncia peculiar Ele tinha apenas tr s anos quando o pai recebeu um convite para lecionar em uma universidade da L bia Em Tr poli, o menino entrou em contato com uma cultura completamente distinta e precisou superar o estranhamento diante de novos costumes experi ncia que se repetiria poNascido na Fran a em 1978, filho de pai s rio e m e bret , Riad Sattouf viveu uma inf ncia peculiar Ele tinha apenas tr s anos quando o pai recebeu um convite para lecionar em uma universidade da L bia Em Tr poli, o menino entrou em contato com uma cultura completamente distinta e precisou superar o estranhamento diante de novos costumes experi ncia que se repetiria pouco depois na S ria, quando o pai foi trabalhar l.Com o olhar inocente de uma crian a, Riad oferece um importante relato sobre os contrastes entre a vida pl cida na Fran a socialista de Mitterrand e os regimes autorit rios na L bia de Kadafi e na S ria de Hafez al Assad A partir de suas pr prias lembran as e sensa es, o autor descreve como foi adaptar se a realidades t o d spares e mostra detalhes de sua vida em fam lia e da rela o com outras crian as.O rabe do futuro um relato liter rio pleno em forma de graphic novel com tra o simples e narrativa fluida e descontra da, Riad fornece ao mesmo tempo uma an lise antropol gica do embate entre o Ocidente e o mundo rabe e um autorretrato de sua pr pria inf ncia plural Com seu tra o e olhar de hoje avivados pelos suvenires de outrora, Sattouf retrata uma mir ade de curiosos personagens, por meio de um relato ntimo repleto de anedotas em meio a singulares contextos pol ticos, sociais e religiosos O Globo

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      Riad Sattouf

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    1. DNF d because the font is so tiny that all my concentration was on reading the text and not the meaning and so I could never get into it view spoiler The text on bookshelves and profiles of now is like that, it just plain takes the enjoyment away when you have to concentrate on the font Edit I now have Stylebot and Font Changer so GR is in nice colours with good fonts and not one single thing, ad or feature I don t want to see hide spoiler The author was a cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo and is an a [...]

    2. Like Art Spiegelman s Maus and Alison Bechdel s Fun Home, Riad Sattouf s The Arab of the Future yep, weird title is as much a memoir as it is an attempt to come to terms with a father of the um uh challenging variety Sattouf s cartooning is fluid, relaxed, and humorous than that of his American colleagues, though, almost jazzy It communicates openness, flexibility, and empathy qualities we could use of in Muslim Western relations these days And these Muslim Western relations are at the very co [...]

    3. This memoir in the form of a graphic novel by Riad Sattouf is positively terrifying It only takes an evening to read, and I can guarantee you will not want to put it down A cartoonist and former contributor to Charlie Hebdo, Sattouf now has a weekly column in France s L Obs This graphic memoir is translated from the French by Sam Taylor and published in 2015 by Metropolitan Books, and tells of Sattouf s early childhood in France, Libya, and Syria The memoir is terrifying for what it tells us of [...]

    4. Very funny, when it isn t totally terrifying.I will never understand why the author s mom went along with all her husband s crazy ideas though.

    5. The first volume of a memoir by filmmaker and former Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Sattouf, about growing up in France where his Sunni father met his French mother and Libya and Syria The artwork is terrific Cartoony, it took me a little bit to get into the style, but it is highly accomplished work The story features cute big nosed blonde young Sattouf, his mother, and principally his crazy racist academic father We get glimpses into the poverty and chaos of Syria and Libya and the contrasts between [...]

    6. As a young boy Riad leaves rural France and is relocated in Libya and Syria as his father tries to connect with Pan Arabist undercurrents in the region Observant and filled with the type of shock of culture that so often is not considered relevant when trying to understand national identification This book gives us a micro view of complex and continuing barriers when identifying normative behavior from differing cultural perspectives.

    7. This is the first part of Riad Sattouf s childhood memoirs, The Arab of the Future, and it is superb With a Syrian father and French mother, the small family travels across Europe as his father gets work as an associate professor in Tripoli, Libya, during Gaddafi s reign, before briefly jumping to Brittany, France, and ending up in nightmarish Syria under Hafez al Assad.Sattouf doesn t do anything particularly special with his style of storytelling, either literally or visually, he just tells it [...]

    8. IT may perhaps be censured as an impertinent criticism, in a discourse of this nature, to find fault with words and names, that have obtained in the world and yet possibly it may not be amiss to offer new ones, when the old are apt to lead men into mistakes, as this of paternal power probably has done, which seems so to place the power of parents over their children wholly in the father, as if the mother had no share in it whereas, if we consult reason or revelation, we shall find, she hath an e [...]

    9. L arabe du futur est un roman graphique dessin par Riad Sattouf, un auteur de p re syrien et de m re fran aise, dans lequel il raconte son enfance pendant les ann es 1980 Il a fait parti de l Association, avec entre autres Marjane Satrapi, Johan Sfar ou Trondheim On pense imm diatement Pers polis Son p re d cide d emmener la famille en Libye, puis en Syrie C est l occasion de faire un portrait la fois tendre et mais sans concession de son p re, fervent partisan du nationalisme arabe, rempli d es [...]

    10. I ve been itching for a good comic book and this one delivered Part of a trilogy originally in French, the book is a graphic memoir of Riad s life The son of a Syrian father and a French mother, he spends his early years between Libya, Syria and France as he encounters the absurdities of life in the Middle East Gorgeously illustrated Kareem Shaheenfrom The Best Books We Read In January 2017 bookriot 2017 02 01 riot r

    11. L Arabe du Futur is an excellent recounting of the first 6 years of Riad Sattouf s life We follow his family from France to Libya and to Syria We are introduced to the difficulties of life in Libya and Syria and all of the cultural differences and the challenges for Riad to fit in and to speak Arabic The absurdities and horrors of life living in these countries will make you laugh, outraged, and sorrowful Sattouf tells the story with blatant honesty There are many times when you won t believe it [...]

    12. The Arab of the Future is bound to draw comparisons to its predecessors in the field of graphic novels It is an expansive memoir of Riad Sattouf s childhood spent bouncing between Libya, Syria and France, following his expatriate father Comparisons have already been drawn between this graphic novel and Persepolis, another comic about a childhood in the middle east, but I found that The Arab of the Future packs a potent punch The story here is told from Sattouf s perspective as he begins to deve [...]

    13. Something you might not know about me, is that as a kid born and raised in Kenya, I was a huge fan of Muammar Gaddafi Huge He was one of the African leaders who created the hope that we would end Imperialism and all its vices in Africa Well, things did not quite go as planned, but, I think it is important to not gloss over the things we believed in our childhood, as they affect how we develop our world views as adults.This graphic memoir is set in France, Libya and Syria, and we learn about the [...]

    14. My first graphic novel of 2017 Riad Sattouf takes us on a magic carpet toward his childhood in France, Libya, and Syria He draws his childhood in a cartoonish way under the shadow of Gaddafi, Hafez Assad, and his father We see the world through his eyes The eyes of a blonde boy struggling with the Middle East and have no idea what is going on around him I enjoyed the drawings, the political interpretations and the way media is used in this memoir The way he draws the news reels and the radio new [...]

    15. Surprised by how much I loved this one funny, sharp, and thought provoking The author s father is Syrian and his mother is French, and he spent different parts of his childhood in Libya, France, and Syria There s so much to mull over in here the way Sattouf depicts childhood and how children perceive different cultures , the nutso but fascinating portrait of his father, and the way that the political and the personal intersect And, as a bonus, my sense of humor meshed perfectly with Sattouf s, s [...]

    16. The title is serious as is the book.If we didn t know the future of little Riad it would be hard to guess, but the future of his cousins is clear.This doesn t have the punch of Persepolis The Story of a Childhood, Barefoot Gen, Volume One A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima or Maus I A Survivor s Tale My Father Bleeds History, which portray everyday people in big moments of history Sattouf describes the day to day drone of life under dictatorship He shows his father s cognitive dissonance as he tries t [...]

    17. I have to admit I have some sort of weird aversion to cartoons animation of any kind One of my worst memories from childhood was being incessantly forced to watch them My older and younger brothers adored them and anytime we had some kind of family night and got to go to the video rental store they d ALWAYS pick out some cartoon movie while I was desperately wanting to watch Working Girl or The Fabulous Baker Boys.However, I did always like the sunday cartoon strips in newspapers especially Cath [...]

    18. I really can t decide how I feel about this book I can t put my feelings into words I gave it 4 stars because the graphics are great, and the sarcasm humor is on point No one can say otherwise However, being an Arab and a Muslim myself, I feel torn about where I stand Yes, this is a satiric account of a boy s life moving around between Libya, Syria and France A boy who was born to a Syrian father and a French mother It bothered me how acquiescent the mother seemed to be, it was actually quite an [...]

    19. Helaas komen er nog meer delen over en van Riad, helaas voor m n portemonnee dan Want oh, wat hou ik hier toch van Een aanrader voor de liefhebbers van Persepolis en de boeken van Guy Deslisle.Riad heeft een Franse moeder en een Syrische vader en met elkaar vertrekken ze rond 1980 naar Libi Ze wonen daar in een huis zonder slot, halen hun eten met bonnen bij een co peratie waar dan weer vooral eieren, dan weer voornamelijk bananen uitgedeeld worden De ene dag halen mannen het eten ,de andere dag [...]

    20. I read graphic books so rarely, but every time I do pick one up I wonder why I don t read Maybe it s because usually only the most acclaimed and, presumably, high quality ones reach me Whatever the case, this first volume of Riad Sattouf s graphic memoir about his childhood growing up in Libya, Syria and France is absolutely mesmerising It depicts his experiences under the parentage of his academic Syrian father Abdul Razak and his French mother Clementine His father s ideals and pride about hi [...]

    21. J ai bien aim Le style de l auteur est vraiment tr s sympa, que ce soit dans le dessin, les dialogues et tous les petits commentaires annot s directement sur les dessins J ai trouv que l auteur avait vraiment trouv le ton juste pour parler de l enfance et qu il rendait tr s bien le m lange de na vet et de violence li s cet ge Il y a aussi beaucoup de second degr et c est tant mieux car sous son aspect tr s na f, l arri re plan se r v le parfois assez dur et ou d rangeant J ai eu du mal notamment [...]

    22. Tr s instructif, le regard innocent d un enfant m tisse sur l Orient J ai beaucoup ri mais une sc ne dure vers la fin, j en ai encore mal au coeur Le tome 2 j appr hende, je sens que ce ne sera pas dr le pour un sou

    23. Volume 1 of Riad Sattouf s cartoon memoir tells the story of the French cartoonist s early years, which sees him and his family move from France to Lybia, back to France, then to Syria As best as I can tell it covers the first five years of his life.Sattouf s father, a kind of naive idealist, looms large in this volume he may even be the protagonist to some degree , in contrast to the young, largely speechless Sattouf, and his mother, a French woman who leaves her homeland for the Middle East Du [...]

    24. Everything is awful and everyone is horrible This is not a light read, and it has heapings of both bullying and animal abuse This is not necessarily a problem for me, I was severely bullied as a child but in general I am OK reading about it Just stating because your mileage might seriously vary It also has the annoying French Franco Belgian also somewhat Nordic comics tendency of showing a lot of politically incorrect things and while presented as bad, still kind of reveling in showing them Here [...]

    25. Edit i would like to point out to people who will read this graphic novel that this man lived in rural places which are usually way too different than the cities in both countries so just because he had to live that kind of experience doesn t mean that everyone in those countries are living like that.Wowowowowow I totally didn t expect I would read another graphic novel before the end of this year but when I found this one on the library I couldn t just not pick it up to read it, the cover and t [...]

    26. I am not sure about the accuracy of this book as a work of reportage it gives powerful first person recollections from a very young child s viewpoint but as a graphic memoir it is stunning Clear, fluent cartooning, in a goofy at first glance yet flexible and potent style, delivers memories by turns hilarious and harrowing This is the story of the author s young boyhood in Libya, Syria, and France from the late 70s through mid 80s, and I have to say that the depiction of life in Libya and Syria i [...]

    27. Un excellent premier tome que j ai pris beaucoup de plaisir lire J ai aim l histoire tr s personnelle que nous livre l auteur sur sa jeunesse et j ai trouv int ressant de vivre cela avec ses yeux d enfants On apprend pas mal de choses sur la culture Libyenne et Syrienne notamment et le tout est racont la fois avec humour Dieu sous les traits de Georges Brassens m a beaucoup fait rire mais aussi avec beaucoup de justesse J ai h te de lire le deuxi me tome

    28. Difficile de savoir comment noter ce livre 2 toiles a para t vraiment peu et en m me temps je ne peux pas mettre 3 toiles pour dire je l ai aim car je sais que je ne lirai pas la suiteJe conseille tout de m me fortement ceux qui veulent approcher certaines cultures du Moyen Orient J ai trouv dommage que la m re soit trop souvent effac e Plut t perplexe pour celui ci

    29. Dr lequand c est pas effrayant J ai ador les dessins, les anecdotes, l humour noir, la sinc rit qui transpara t de cette histoire, l innocence de la perspective de Riad, son personnage adorable, na f mais non sans malice Le hic, c est que j ai cordialement d test le p re, qui est quand m me un personnage tr s cons quent et omnipr sent dans la BD, toutes ses r pliques me mettaient en col re ou m agacait infiniment, et m me si je sais que ce doit tre expr s a m a un peu g ch mon plaisir de lecture [...]

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