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Beta #2020

Beta Deirdre Tombs has lived most her life as the weakest of shapeshifters an Omega who can t turn into any animal Now the terrorist known as Everton Stark has made her his Beta He wants her by his side wh

  • Title: Beta
  • Author: S.M. Reine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beta By S.M. Reine, Deirdre Tombs has lived most her life as the weakest of shapeshifters an Omega who can t turn into any animal Now the terrorist known as Everton Stark has made her his Beta He wants her by his side when he defeats the Office of Preternatural Affairs, kills Rylie Gresham, and becomes Alpha of all shifters The faeries from the Winter Court have an offer to make Stark sDeirdre Tombs has lived most her life as the weakest of shapeshifters an Omega who can t turn into any animal Now the terrorist known as Everton Stark has made her his Beta He wants her by his side when he defeats the Office of Preternatural Affairs, kills Rylie Gresham, and becomes Alpha of all shifters The faeries from the Winter Court have an offer to make Stark s domination easier They know where to find a cursed sword that can kill anything, and they ll give it to him for a price Deirdre s the only one who can keep Stark from getting this powerful weapon if she wants to But as brutal as Stark may be, he s also the only one who can give Deirdre what she wants Vengeance And Deirdre doesn t know where her loyalties lie any.

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      278 S.M. Reine
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    1 thought on “Beta

    1. Wow That was unexpected I didn t care for this one.I really enjoyed the first book, Omega, and was excited for this sequel which I happily didn t have to wait very long for Reine writes fast So it surprised me that I ended up not enjoying this much at all I ve read many of Reine s books and I ve always thought her writing was great, but in this book, I felt that right from chapter one there was a noticable decline in the writing quality And the dialogue in this entire book seemed really dumbed d [...]

    2. Wait What When did the abusive, murderous, psychotic villain in the novel become a love interest for the protagonist

    3. AAAARGH Please tell me if there is a Anti Cruelty League for Readers because I would like to hand SM REine over to them for inflicting emotional cruelty on me for the abusive use of cliffhangers.I cannot express my frustration levels with this book, is it possible to be in an abusive relationship with a book because this feels like it We continue the adventures of Deirdre Tombs the omega of the shifter world who has been promoted to Beta in the Rebellion but is still the traitor within,.or is sh [...]

    4. Beta maintains the fast paced action of the first volume, Omega Deidre continues to seek answer to her nature and to discover which of the warring supernatural factions are the good guys Everton Stark who showed such promise as a dark hero in volume 1, devolves into a brutal ass hat in book 2 His violent treatment of Diedre whom he has elevated to Beta is pretty much turns him from potential dark hero to villain Unfortunately, there are plenty of hints that Everton is the love interest for all h [...]

    5. I received Beta in exchange for a fair and honest review I don t think I ve ever read a book that made me hate, admire and sympathize with characters as much as the War of Alphas series has Let me clarify that for you I m not talking about different characters here, it s fairly common to love one character as much as you hate another I m talking about the SAME character Sure, an author has made me change my opinion about a character than once, but it usually takes at least a healthy portion of [...]

    6. WOW Talk about betrayal in the most shocking way WHY WHY WHY This book started out really lagging for me, I can normally devour one of S.M Reine s books in a few hours and this took me a few days.But whatever this book was lacking in the beginning, she made up for it 10 fold by the middle of the book Seeing parallels from her others series made this book highly enjoyable Knowing that the twin falcons from the Decent and Ascension series has a role in this book was very exciting But what I loved [...]

    7. It was okay.I don t know how I feel about this book and series I m still confused about Genesis and what happened to the world I generally know what occurred but there s still this underlying mystery of why it happened, the people involved in the change, and possibly how this affects our protagonist I also don t really know why Deirdre is still with Stark I really don t like him I feel that she can find some other way to create change Instead she s just constantly getting used by other people a [...]

    8. 1.5 stars I m rounding it up to a full 2 stars only because the writing itself was generally good that s the 0.5 and for the fact that even though I didn t like the overwhelming majority of this story I did at least finish it I grudgingly admit that the revelations at the end were somewhat interesting too, though I don t think they really made up for the first half So maybe it s like 1.75 stars, but that s getting way too finicky for my liking.80% of this book is nothing but Deirdre getting sla [...]

    9. Disclosure I was given this 4 in 1 book of this series free for review What I have to add to what is written below is that reading it this way I can hardly tell where one book ends and the next begins That may be because I am reading rather listening by text to speech I use the British female sounds like Julie Andrews reading to me The books are seamlessly woven together I do not like the main character as much as I do Rylie, the first one we meet in Ms Reine s worlds and the Alpha that remains [...]

    10. A strong female turns into a codependant drug addictI really don t get this book or who it s trying to appeal to.The main character is just so damn WEAK Sure, she can physically kick ass, but in every other way she is an angry, codependent child She rages at everyone while still doing EVERYTHING they tell her to She kills on command, she does drugs on command, she beats her only friend to a pulp on command, she dresses like a white on command If you re fantasy is to be a codependent robot who li [...]

    11. Lost its magicWhile this is still a good book, it just seems to lack the edge that the first book had Deirdree just seems to be confused all the time and he reason for staying with stark, who keeps beating and abusing her, is never explained She is supposed to be strong and independent, yet stays with an abusive man to whom she should show no loyalty It just doesn t really make sense Only at the very end do you learn what her animal is, but again, that to is a bit of a let down.

    12. Beta Praise The growth of the characters from her first book in the series Omega was fantastic and it was great to see how things continue to unfold You won t be disappointed with Beta It was absolutely amazing.

    13. Attention, contains spoilers for Omega and possible spoilers for Beta After his failed attack on President Rylie Gresham, Everton Stark in a change of plans invades an OPA prison to free the preternatural convicts incarcerated there Especially one prisoner, a former team mate, held in solitary confinement This opening gives us a reminder of who really are the bad guys In spite of working now as a part of the executive arm of Rylie s new government over the preternatural population these guys are [...]

    14. I gave myself a day between reading this book and writing the review and I m totally, totally, TOTALLY still all tangled up about it I mean, I m in NO WAY a Stark fangirl, but I kinda get why he s doing what he s doing I don t agree with his methods, but he has his reasons and I kinda hate S.M Reine for making me feel sympathy for this guy who exhibits classic signs of an abuser AND is than a little psychotic to boot side eyes S.M Reine for a moment Soooo Deirdre is still caught in a rough plac [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Looking for gritty urban fantasy in an addictive world Look no further than this series It is filled with oodles of messy violence, dirty betrayal, and enough mystery to keep everyone guessing throughout the book We meet back up with Deirdre who is the unlucky member for Stark s rebellion At first she wanted to infiltrate the group, but as the killings pile up and her world gets turned upside down, it is no longer clear where her a [...]

    16. Beta is my favorite novel of the War of the Alphas series There s a lot of interesting things going on here, and I really had a lot of hopes for certain characters The darkness isn t quite as unrelenting as it was in Omega, and Deirdre makes some interesting choices.The abuse themes were really strong throughout and only get worse through the series but all in all, my favorite scenes and events in the series are in this book.Once again, the romance in this series threw me for a loop It felt so o [...]

    17. Throughout this whole book I had to wonder when not so much if Deidre would get herself killed That being said I definitely knew what she was going to be before the end but everything that happened before was interestingly unexpected Though Stark s confused feelings for her was definitely obvious even with their abusive relationship It amazes me though that he hasn t figured out that he can t compel her yet In the beginning of this one though they were both annoying and really Deidre does the st [...]

    18. This is definitely a sequel At first, reading some if the other reviews, I was concerned this may not be a great follow up to the first book, so I started it without much enthusiasm Then, as I read, I thought, no it s going to get pretty good I grew concerned a little than halfway through when the storyline seemed to stray a bit, but it worked out in the end.Most definitely, there are plot twists in this book If I had to give any advice, do not read the reviews first There is a lot betrayal in [...]

    19. Just when you think that this author has fully explored the world of angels and demons and witches and mages oh my , she produces a story like this.We are introduced to of those who were changed after the genesis And a varied bunch they seem to be too.And yet again, Ms Reine succeeds in driving the narrative of ambition and revenge forwards, through the actions of Stark And Deirdre.Again too, we have nods to the past And it is these which make me, as a reader of all the previous books in the se [...]

    20. Have I mentioned before how much I hate cliffhangers Well I do I really really do Luckily this book wasn t as good as the previous I spent most of the time wavering between hate and pity regarding the main character and Stark really pisses me off The worst part of it all is how his abusive behavior actually makes Deirdre feel safe and like him I simultaneously want her to fuck him and kill him It s unnerving and depressing How little time was needed to transform a clearly mental shifter into an [...]

    21. And the plot thickens, twists, gets all kinds of screw with your head ish Props to SM Reine for the way she can turn the world upside down on it s head.Beta, even better than Omega, is another in depth mess of moral bases and standards that usually define the differences between right and wrong, good and bad Where, once, the lines were merely blurred between the two, Beta leads with the possibility of redefining the differences and finishes with the doubt there ever was such as thing as good or [...]

    22. 3.5 3.75 Stars This is the 2nd installment in this series and correlates to several other of the author s series and the reader should start with Omega book 1 The good we learn about Stark, we are introduced to a new species, and the ending is terrific, I mean utterly fabulous There s also a few twists that will keep even the most veteran Reine fans guessing The not quite as good the beginning is a bit slow and takes much longer than usual for the plot to develop However, the last few chapters [...]

    23. With one exception, I ve loved every series that SM Reine has written One series The Descent Series is one of my favorite set of books OF ALL TIME Which basically means I ll read anything she writes The Omega series, with Deirdre Tombs at its center, is a strong urban fantasy series It s anti hero is easy to hate and hard to like, and the books never pretend otherwise This second book in the series sees Deirdre rising in power in this anti hero s pack, claiming her fate She is GREAT Reine can de [...]

    24. Wonderful unique world Beware, only two books in this series so far Interesting world we step into with this is book, lots of one of a kind characters.With a little tiny bit of romance with mostly werewolves and vampires and nightmare demons taking over most of the show.The writing was fantastic for me as the world S M Reine created was very easy to visualise without feeling like I was being forced fed descriptive words.uniqueRecommend to anyone who loves sci fi I feel mature teens and adults wi [...]

    25. This book sure snuck up on me cliche, be gone Been a long time since I wasn t able to predict the characters and drama after reading the book description I was very disappointed to get to the end, and realize that 1, this was the end and 2 book three isn t out.I think I ll die I don t even see a release date Sure, I ll just add to pile October Daye, L.K Hamilton, Annette Marie, Faith Hunter, Jaymin Eve, A.A Aguirre Sure, I ll just read cereal boxes and play Sudoku, maybe even hold my breath Yes, [...]

    26. Beta was a book of betrayals and surprises that had me rethinking my opinions of some of the characters in Ms Reine s 2nd installment of her War of the Alphas series Deidre Tombs takes her place as Everton Starks the terrorist Beta in her continued covert mission to find out info for Rylie Grisham.or is she We are given glimpses of the main characters that just might change your opinion or at least make you go Hmmmm This book is riddled with hints that I know are going to knock our socks off in [...]

    27. Slammed it Mother of God This was amazing I didn t think I d get as excited as I did with Elise, from the Descent Series but Reine SLAMMED IT This second on series for the Alpha Wars is perfect Makes you wonder about how you feel about revolutions, society and how easy it must be to be a monster yet still claw to yourself and wake up every day and still try to do the right thing Much excited for the next Do yourself a favour, buy the next in series Alpha so you can just keep going, you will than [...]

    28. This book was amazing and rather disheartening This felt like a middle book in a trilogy now 4 book series This universe and all of it s evolution seems to be and depressing Deidre is trapped in a role she never wanted but living with the enemy has changed her perspective on her role in society She is now a drug addict that is living in a world that isn t supporting her, so she reaches and for comfort in any form it comes to her It definitely draws you into the society and the sadness of the [...]

    29. it started ok, but it just idk it fucked itself up i hate when people just take and take shit and stupid people so i hated everyone in this book and i did something i have done only once or twice in my entire life, i skipped to the final chapters in all but the first one cause i just wanted to know what happened without having to blubber through grr, i hate that english isn t my first language, i can t explain things very well.

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