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Sunstone, Vol. 2 #2020

Sunstone Vol Two women Ally and Lisa find they re the perfect domme and sub for each other Everything seems perfect And yet remember it s all fun and games till someone falls in love The hotly anticipated second

  • Title: Sunstone, Vol. 2
  • Author: Stjepan Šejić
  • ISBN: 9781632152299
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sunstone, Vol. 2 By Stjepan Šejić, Two women Ally and Lisa find they re the perfect domme and sub for each other Everything seems perfect And yet remember, it s all fun and games till someone falls in love The hotly anticipated second volume of the BDSM romance graphic novel that consensualy took the world by storm Originally a webcomic sensation, Sunstone is an erotic romantic comedy about fTwo women Ally and Lisa find they re the perfect domme and sub for each other Everything seems perfect And yet remember, it s all fun and games till someone falls in love The hotly anticipated second volume of the BDSM romance graphic novel that consensualy took the world by storm Originally a webcomic sensation, Sunstone is an erotic romantic comedy about fetishism, sexuality and relationships.

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      386 Stjepan Šejić
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    1 thought on “Sunstone, Vol. 2

    1. Vol 1 Sunstone is a lesbian BDSM love story If that s not your cup of tea, nothing I can say in this review will sway you to pick this amazing graphic novel series up Luckily for me, this is very much my cup of tea and Sunstone will always have a very special place in my heart, even though this volume wasn t my favorite This volume heavily talks about the importance of communication with your partner Some people view BDSM as a getaway or a fantasy from their real life, but others want to make BD [...]

    2. Oh, Sunstone My love of loves Crown of my comic book graphic novel collection Truly, you deserve all my praise and adorationLet me start by saying I love reading comics that make me feel good, but I love comics that make me feel an entire range of emotion even Sunstone does both, and this volume in particular pulls the heartstrings in every direction, in the best possible way I can t say enough about Stjepan Sejic for the work he s done with this story and these characters It s pure genius and [...]

    3. This series is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine I read the first one very recently and really wanted to get the second so as soon as I visited a comic shop it was my first purchase I truly think that this storyline is one of the best representations of BDSM relationships I have ever read and one of the most genuine and true This is an erotic and explicit series, but it s also beautifully illustrated and comes across as quirky, loveable and fun Trust and safety are things that people who do [...]

    4. Bullet Review This book is about Ally and Lisa s developing relationship and Ally s background with Alan and Marion.Perhaps not quite as good as volume 1, but honestly, these characters are so cute

    5. Don t let the cover fool you Behind that domme is the sweetest geek ever What a cute couple Lisa and Ally.ty as hell Love this series.

    6. Sunstone Vol 2 had mostly the same problems as it s predecessor.Weird panels, too much exposition, forced drama, fluctuating quality of art etc.I enjoyed this volume far than the previous one though So what changed for the better this time round 1 A freaking great and effective opening spread Even the borders of the panels allude to the building of trust between the couple The motion is almost visible, like that of an animatic, the art is solid, even the text is placed perfectly and doesn t ove [...]

    7. I m so glad I bought the 1st volume of this without even bothering to see what the subject was, since it would likely have put me off Why Because on the surface it s a graphic novel about a lesbian BDSM love affair so it sounds like pure porn, right Nothing could be further from the truth Yes, there s occasional toplessness, or even near nudity, and certainly the occasional outfit is provocative and, sure, alluring But that s not what this story is about It s about love, and trust, and courage, [...]

    8. It was just as good as the first volume, I love how sexuality is portrait in this graphic novel This one focused on meeting new characters, showing Ally s past and relationship development between our two main characters It was such a great continuation I m already excited to read the third volume

    9. I enjoy how much time we spend getting to know our protagonists backstories and yet there are still great sexy times and relationship growth.

    10. I m totally smitten with Ally and Lisa The story and characters are beautiful and I love seeing their relationship develop So beautiful And so sexy Talk about goals.

    11. Almost as good as part 1Another absolutely stunning graphic novel by Stjepan eji Just like Sunstone vol 1 this was full of sexy and funny banter However where vol 1 focused on how Lisa and Ally met, this volume focuses on communication and sheds light on Ally s past and how she became a domme We get to see a fragile side of her including the start of her relationship with Alan.The only thing I wanted of is the interaction between Ally and Lisa, because I just can t get enough of them Honestly [...]

    12. 4.5 5, half a star off because some of the exposition y dialogue seemed a tiny bit awkward and not like something someone would actually say, and it pulled me out of the story.

    13. The second volume in the Sunstone series picks up a few days after the first one ends While many things are similar such as the gorgeous artwork and the captivating characters other aspects have changed significantly The cute, happy, and fluffy scenes were largely replaced with downright creepy ones about the risks of unsafe BDSM Rather than a positive story, you re left with one with a darker tone It seems to me like the author wanted to add in some drama to perhaps draw in those people who don [...]

    14. v2 continues to dazzle eji has amazing expressive control of his characters, wonderfully nuanced facial expressions and body language And he even makes the dead space between panels interesting and relevant.Here he delves deeply into the culture, visiting a tony SM club and introducing a number of new characters who span a range of immersion in BDSM, from hardcore practitioners and artists to moderately curious to vanilla people We get Ally s backstory, her introduction to domming and her histo [...]

    15. Als een eerste deel in een reeks ZO geweldig is, dan hou ik altijd een beetje mijn hart vast voor het tweede deel Maar het bleef even geweldig In dit deel krijg je wat meer achtergrondinformatie over Ally Het is de eerste keer eigenlijk dat ik een graphic novel reeks lees waarin de personages belangrijker zijn in plaats van actie actie actie en het gaat mij zeer goed af, moet ik zeggen Binnenkort eens langs de plaatselijke stripboer voor nog wat delen in deze reeks.

    16. Whatever else may be wrong with comics at present, I m sure this must be the first decade where lesbian BDSM could be played as a charming romance story, rather than for raunch or transgression Even the didactic scenes manage to be touching when they could so easily have come across as clumsy.

    17. Really really good love story Beautiful art too I recommend it even if these aren t your interests D

    18. Book reviewTitle Sunstone Volume 2Author Stjepan SejicGenre Graphic novelRating Review After the perfect first volume of Sunstone I couldn t wait to read the second instalment Seeing the beginning of Lisa and Ally s relationship and friendship which was so realistic and slightly awkward I couldn t wait to see where Sejic would take the story Re joining Lisa and Ally in their second meeting, which is disrupted by Lisa s period, I was surprised by how frank and realistic Sejic s work was I also en [...]

    19. I basically, embarrassingly loved the first volume of this series for all the right and wrong reasons and I m sticking with it but while I raced through the first volume I dragged a bit through this one The character development is still shockingly good and the juxtaposition between the isolated and scarred domm and the sub with her act together make for good story telling but this volume was of a chance to catch your breath after the first volume and table setter for what s to come and as such [...]

    20. Waaaah I just binged read all the volumes so I can t really give any specific about each volume today I will do it next time I read them and there will be one I can tell To sum up The art is awesome The main characters are so sweet There is no porn vibes thank you sweet god It s sensual, tender and beautiful and I m so in love with all of it.

    21. No es tan bueno como el primero, pero el dibujo sigue siendo muy bonito, los personajes me siguen importando, y todo sigue siendo cuqui Arrasssssssssssstra un poco la conclusi n de la historia, pero se lo perdono mucho, quiz s porque acabo de terminar el primero.

    22. Brilliant this time again one of the best albeit controversial graphic novel series I have read for ages.

    23. Continuing on from the stellar first volume of Sunstone, the aptly named Volume 2 is a lot of the same endearing romantic comedy, light hearted and totally romanticized, and heavy SM and bondage sex That s our Sunstone I think this volume does a way better job at evening out some of the realistic dangers of diving straight into complex BDSM scenarios it even addresses the inherent ridiculousness of our protagonists meeting on a complete whim but it also introduces a whole lot problems in doing [...]

    24. Slow chapter is slow.The next step in Ally and Lisa s relationship is an oddly large one for two characters who only met a week or two ago sex club In any case, SUNSTONE trudges forward with a pair of meaningful flashbacks that cleverly disguise the reality that nothing is actually happening in the story s greater narrative Sejic does an admirable job of fitting the right cogs into the right place insisting readers care about these fragile saplings than we should but it only works if one can su [...]

    25. Sunstone volume 1 was such an amazing read I HAD to continue with volume 2, I was too invested The story captured me and teased me left and right with all sorts of feelings Volume 2 did the samejust not with the same feelings Not that volume 2 was bad It was still really good Just not as good as it s predecessor in my opinion In this volume we meet a few new people Harper The owner of the BDSM club you learn about in this volume Crimson.Tanya Harper s girlfriend, assistant, and accountant.Tom a [...]

    26. El segundo volumen de Sunstone nos trae el lado m s oscuro del BDSM Aprendemos de relaciones fallidas y de un particular accidente Es un buen lugar para aprender m s sobre el contexto del BDSM No lo pintan con colores rosas y unicornios, se requiere cierto nivel m nimo de responsabilidad y madurez, y creo que este es el volumen que mejor ilustra esto.Una de las ventajas que tiene este comic es que primero fue publicado en formato webcomic shiniezviantart As que est es una versi n mejorada de un [...]

    27. A sexy romp in the BDSM world that it both healthy and accurate Sexy representation is sexy After the Fifty Shades of Grey debacle i.e the fact that it was created and celebrated when it spread misinformation far and wide , I wanted to find a series that was erotic, accurate, and story driven Enter the Sunstone series Bonus points for lesbian bisexual representation This comic is not only wonderfully illustrated Stjepan is my absolute favorite , but the story is so well written that you can t he [...]

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