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The Blast #2020

The Blast After a series of blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse Fighting against rogue groups and c

  • Title: The Blast
  • Author: Sarah Perlmutter
  • ISBN: 9781312421882
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blast By Sarah Perlmutter, After a series of blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse Fighting against rogue groups and coping with deaths are just some of the adjustments Beatrice must make to survive, but how will she maintain her humanity after the blast Praise for THE BLAST This is the mosAfter a series of blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse Fighting against rogue groups and coping with deaths are just some of the adjustments Beatrice must make to survive, but how will she maintain her humanity after the blast Praise for THE BLAST This is the most impressive and heartfelt apocalypse story I ve ever read in my life A real tour de force It s refreshing to have a YA book which focuses on the important things in a person s life family, love and death What a beautiful story A wonderful look at the human ability to survive, rebuild, and grow through survival One of the best post apocalypse stories I have read This book easily stacks up against my favourites and has an originality that many books seem to lack these days The writing style is impeccable and this book is utterly breathtaking

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      215 Sarah Perlmutter
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    1 thought on “The Blast

    1. Four stars of five My brain is spinning from past few hours over this question Anyway I ve decided to go with the mid way So 4.5 brilliant stars for this brilliant book I m still a clutter of emotions this book left me in The most amazing thing about it was that it is beautiful in every possible way Whether it is the plot, the narration, the characters, the theme, the beautiful woods, field where the story revolves around, name it When I started I thought things are moving too fast for me to cat [...]

    2. 4.5 THE BLAST tells us a story of a girl who made herself hard as steel and brave as a soldier Going into this book, I didn t know what to expect I already know that I considered Hunger Games as the best dystopian book However, hunger game was all about the nitty gritty things, while this one is all about the good things to look forward to I m not saying that it didn t have bad things in it I m just saying that the point of this book is all about the end result which is to have a brighter future [...]

    3. Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours and author Sarah Perlmutter for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review Find this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten The Blast by Sarah Perlmutter is a post apocalyptic tale of family and survival that sees one girl grow up in a world destroyed and is a story of learning to live despite the chaotic state of the new world.Beatrice Hicks is only ten years old when a series of blasts see Beatrice, her family and their closes [...]

    4. SPOILER FREE REVIEW The Blast is a science fiction post apocalyptic novel written by first time novelist Sarah Perlmutter Here is a synopsis from After a series of blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse Fighting against rogue groups and coping with deaths are just some of the adjustments Beatrice must make to survive, but how will she maintain her humanity after the blast Doesn t that soun [...]

    5. I received a review copy for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl The Blast is a fast paced, post apocalyptic young adult novel with a very young heroine, Beatrice, at the core of the story After the blasts force Beatrice, her younger brother Henry, and their parents into their bunker, things are never going to be the same for them again Lucky for Beatrice, her parents prepared for an emergency such as this and had made and stocked the bunker with all kinds of supplies The Blast had som [...]

    6. This was a great read The summary above pretty much says it all so I ll get right to the review Beatrice was an amazing heroine She was strong and brave but also quite vulnerable When her world ends, she does all she has to to save her family but sometimes it s not enough My heart broke for her a lot because she is forced to grow up really quick The author isn t afraid to kill of characters I cried a few times over the deaths but one in particular really got to me You know which one when you rea [...]

    7. I really liked this book.This is actually how i think that the post apocalipse world would be, you know the whole tiyng to survive, finding other survivors to stay with us, but obviouslly in others we can t trust, some people that we care about go, others come and all the other stuff.And i really liked all the characters, exept for Drew, at the begining i thought He was nice and All, but as the story went on i started to not like him AT ALL from here it ll be spoillers if you don t want to be sp [...]

    8. This book is brilliant, very well written and has a great plot The author has done an amazing job with this book It s exciting, and had me hooked at the first page itself A must read for dystopian and YA lovers.

    9. I m into dystopia than I am post apocalyptic, but despite that, I absolutely lovedThe Blast Quick Notes The Blastis written in first person past tense The main character is a girl named Beatrice, whose age changes throughout the book, so the reader gets to watch her grow up I don t remember if there s cursing, but I don t think there really is There s a bit of romance but nothing R rated It s an appropriate read, if that s a concern The genre is post apocalyptic science fictionThe Premise Beatr [...]

    10. READ MY REVIEW ON MY BLOGthebookishangel.wordpressCopy provided by for the blog tour.I think this is the first time I actually read a post apocalyptic book and I was not let down The Blast is a promising first book for a series and I can t wait to read I promise you that in this big world of hurt, you will find love.I liked how the story started when the main character, Beatrice, is only a kid It showed how she has grown up in the world learned through hardships She was such a badass character [...]

    11. The characters in this were okay, but I didn t love them.This wasn t a bad read, but there was quite a few times where I felt bored, as the action didn t always interest me.

    12. With no warning, the world as ten year old Beatrice knows it ends After weeks spent in a bunker her parents fortunately had the foresight to build into their home, it s clear that everything has changed Now they must make their own way, grow their own food, and defend themselves against roving nomadic scavengers who would take what little they have left to survive.The Verdict I m not sure what I was expecting when I picked this one up I think I just wanted something different And The Blast is di [...]

    13. I picked up this book because I like science fiction I like post apocalyptic stories I like stories that involves survival I expected The Blast to be something like the usual novels the world breaks, people unite, a government is establish then start oppressing people and blah blah blah But it exceeded my expectations.The Blast stared off well Beatrice Hicks saw an oncoming bomb Her family along with a couple of neighbors took shelter in Beatrice s family basement From there, it was literally a [...]

    14. Actual Rating 4.5 starsReview also posted in href paperboulevard 2015 04What would you do when the world is ending Of course, the first thing we think of is our family We will get them safe Hide for our lives Get everyone in the basement And, hope that tomorrow you and your family will get rescued But to Beatrice Hicks, it s different.Beatrice ran on their farm s field noticing a big firework on the horizon, as a ten year old girl would describe, but it was a nuclear bomb that changed everyone s [...]

    15. The first thing that caught my attention about this book was the cover Gray, so much gray, and that s what the world would look like for many years after a nuclear apocalypse.The next thing that caught my attention when I turned the first pages was Beatrice s age, 10 Nearly all young adult fiction begins when the protagonist is already a teen but, in The Blast, we get to go along with Beatrice as she grows up in this world of gray That is an interesting way for Ms Perlmutter to tell the story, a [...]

    16. I do love a good dystopian but the one thing that I find missing a lot of the time is the immediate aftermath, when the bombs drop.The Blast satisfies this missing ingredient, starting off as a perfectly normal day with two young kids innocently playing, little do they know their lives are about to change dramatically and very much for the worst.Our POV for the book is young Beatrice who is ten when the book starts, thinking she sees fireworks in the distance her family which consists of her par [...]

    17. Imbued with that which makes us who we are, both that which inspires and that which calls into question the virtue, vice, and purpose of humanity here on earth, in terms not too abstruse nor too distilled, The Blast does not impugn its readers upon the nature of right or wrong, religion and relationships, nor upon self identity or doubt, but rather challenges them to discover for themselves these things The journey of the young protagonist Beatrice Hicks is wonderfully errant and ambiguous, frau [...]

    18. Books Sweet Epiphanybooksandsweetepiphany.wordpreShockingly good read.These are the three words that came into my head as my eyes trail the deliciously imaginative work of Sarah Perlmutter Shockingly good read Let me repeat that again because The Blast is unlike any apocalyptic book I ve ever read Amazingly descriptive and chronologically placed, The Blast tells the story of Beatrice, which kinda reminded me of Divergent s main character It s engaging, suspenseful from the start and amazingly fr [...]

    19. Full review to come with blog tour this coming week I received this novel in exchange for an honest review The Blast by Sarah Perlmutter was an exhilarating read The author wastes no time in introducing us to the main character, a ten year old Beatrice Shortly thereafter, the author takes the reader on an unforgettable post apocalyptical ride I loved the way the author allowed the reader to follow Beatrice from girl to teenager, giving the reader a glimpse into how the perspective can change as [...]

    20. Most post apocalyptic books I have read are a bit gloomy and doomy Yes, I just said doomy I found this story incredibly refreshing due to the focus on familial relationships, hope after heartache and the struggle of survival after everything has been destroyed in the nuclear blast The growth that Beatrice experiences as her innocence is stolen due to the necessity of defending her family was moving I admired her strength and her fortitude as she learned to face death with unflinching determinat [...]

    21. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review when I signed up to host the book tour.I LOVED this story This was truly an emotional read for me because it is the way I can see such a post apostalistic event to occur and I also got attached to the characters It s a beautiful day with people doing everyday things and out of nowhere it happens the world as we know it suddenly changes Two families come together and bear witness to the end of our way of living I found myself becoming a part of t [...]

    22. I absolutely loved this book It is a definate must read if you like sci fi, apocalypse type things I thought the writing was excellent, the style was really nice to read and Beatrice s narration was strong and consistant There is a strong cast of characters, although it would have been nice to see a little development of the minor characters The main characters were well developed and had likable personalities It was great to see Beatrice change over the course of the book, she has a really goo [...]

    23. The Blast is one of my favorite books The way that it is written to paint a realistic picture of not only ways of survival, but also the way that a family came together to nurture, protect, and grow together All of the characters, major and minor, come to life through the pages of this book If you like a character, you will find yourself loving them by the end of the book There are parts of the book where you will find yourself welling up with tears of joy and sadness because of the author s elo [...]

    24. We never know what s awaiting in the future for us It could be great success or complete destruction The book amazingly describes the conditions we d have to face in case of a nuclear attack from the point of view of a little girl and how she grows up facing the consequences What I ve learnt from the story is life goes on no matter what There are some things which are inevitable but what we do is in our hands and we ve got to make the best out of it

    25. This story was a great book It had, action, adventure, friendship, Romance, Super natural, suspense and whateva you need So come on and try the book You may think this is just some typical review BUT here is what I say, I dare you NOT to read this book Why I thought you want others to read this book Yes, that s true, I just want to see if many are willing and are brave enough to read this book that they will DARE to read the book That s all

    26. The Blast is my top ten of 2014 This beautiful story exhibits a new and improved version of any other apocalypse story I ve read The way Beatrice reacts to some situations is interesting and made me want to read I love Sarah Perlmutter s style of writing and the way she uses realistic emotions in her amazing debut novel, The Blast.

    27. This book was inspired by the Hunger Games I was easily intruged by this book, the war atmosphere made you emphasise the characters and their circumstances Overall, this story was tense with the world ending and the survival of the fittest rivals To add the extra tension were the gruesome killings and the deaths of the protagonists cherished ones.

    28. Hey, You girls boys should really read this book It has some drama and also some romance and action When I first started reading this book just from the first chapter I wanted to already get to the next chapter and keep going.Read it I promise you will fall in love

    29. I really loved this book It told a story about how life isn t always easy, but in the end there is happiness That you cannot rely on everyone around you and that death isn t something to be afraid of This is a book I would re read and recommend to many apocalyptic romance readers It s amazing

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