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War Reporting for Cowards #2020

War Reporting for Cowards Chris Ayres is a small town boy a hypochondriac and a neat freak with an anxiety disorder Not exactly the picture of a war correspondent But when his boss asks him if he would like to go to Iraq he

  • Title: War Reporting for Cowards
  • Author: Chris Ayres
  • ISBN: 9780802142566
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • War Reporting for Cowards By Chris Ayres, Chris Ayres is a small town boy, a hypochondriac, and a neat freak with an anxiety disorder Not exactly the picture of a war correspondent But when his boss asks him if he would like to go to Iraq, he doesn t have the guts to say no After signing a 1 million dollar life insurance policy, studying a tutorial on repairing severed limbs, and spending 20 thousand dollars inChris Ayres is a small town boy, a hypochondriac, and a neat freak with an anxiety disorder Not exactly the picture of a war correspondent But when his boss asks him if he would like to go to Iraq, he doesn t have the guts to say no After signing a 1 million dollar life insurance policy, studying a tutorial on repairing severed limbs, and spending 20 thousand dollars in camping gear only to find out that his bright yellow tent makes him a sitting duck , Ayres is embedded with a battalion of gung ho Marines who either shun him or threaten him when he files an unfavorable story As time goes on, though, he begins to understand them and his inexplicably enthusiastic fellow war reporters and Each night of terrifying combat brings, in the morning, something visceral than he has ever experienced the thrill of having won a fight for survival.In the tradition of MASH, Catch 22, and other classics in which irreverence springs from life in extremis, War Reporting for Cowards tells the story of Iraq in a way that is extraordinarily honest, heartfelt, and bitterly hilarious.

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    1 thought on “War Reporting for Cowards

    1. I heard about this book on a list of best unread books of the decade , and saw that it had good reviews on A funny story told from the frontlines of the Iraq war sounds great, right Unfortunately, the guy doesn t actually get to Iraq until page 192, and he only spends about 12 days there Those few days he does spend with troops are actually really exciting, and the people he meets sound like they would have great stories to tell only, he doesn t ever talk to them The author would much rather jus [...]

    2. CONTAINS SPOILERSDon t read this book if you have a passion for journalism Don t read this book if you believe war correspondents do a meaningful job.It s the first book which managed to make me feel personally insulted.There is this guy who accidentally ends up as a war correspondent and spends the first week in Kuwait in a luxury hotel enjoying room service and spa Instead of going out digging for stories as any good journalist would do.The same guy witnessed 9 11, calls his boss to write a st [...]

    3. It s hard to imagine less than two weeks of actual war reporting being stretched into a whole book, but Ayres does it quite well, and I only rarely begrudged him my 12 in exchange for a memoir so light on the experience actually, you know, billed in the title I found myself laughing out loud on the Metro, which is always a good sign for a book What s , I never felt like Ayres was dogmatic in any way This isn t an anti war book It s an anti Ayres being at the war book And it s not a dry political [...]

    4. I do NOT know why this was worthy of a book There wasn t much of a story to be told and what little there was was badly told I kept trying to give this author a chance I did make it all the way through the book but he irritated me every time I picked it up I m kind of mad that it didn t live up to the hype in the title, inside front cover, back of the book, and reviews The two or three funny lines in the book were placed there just like in a movie trailer for a bad movie He s not funny at all an [...]

    5. I got really frustrated with this book It was breezy reading, but even for a memoir, it was grossly and overtly self centered There were so many aspects of the public s opinion on the homefront that he generalized in a pro Bush view that I got sick of it It seemed like the kind of book that I would get into, hence why I picked it up, but instead it is a messy, and quite frankly, uncompelling retelling of Ayres experience of embedded journalism So much that it really doesn t merit a long review f [...]

    6. Hmmm, interesting Good memoir but in the end, I didn t like the author He was an interesting character but not one I felt any sympathy for His experiences were hard yes, but they were also ones that hundreds if not thousands of hard working young journalists would kill to have He was breezy about being given great opportunities, if he even knew they were opportunities.Hard to like a book too much when you can t stand the writer.

    7. Although at times humorous and entertaining, I was in the end somewhat disappointed in the result All build up and little delivery, so to speak He was embedded in the same division as the author of Generation Kill a superior effort , though Ayres was in an artillery unit instead of with a recon unit There are interesting insights into the world of journalism.

    8. War Reporting for Cowards by Chris Ayres is a book which tells of the time the author was embedded with the Marines in the second Gulf War Mr Ayres still writes to British magazines and screen.If there is one word to describe War Reporting for Cowards by Chris Ayres it s honest and probably also funny So funny and honest it is.The book follows Mr Ayres as he becomes a war reporter , a short autobiography of growing up, going to school and getting a job From there Mr Ayres tells us about being a [...]

    9. I read this on the recommendation of my boyfriend I m not sure what I was expecting, this wasn t quite it I think I was expecting of the actual war but of the book is taken up on how the author ended up in Iraq.I don t think I d agree with much of the author s politics, or his views and feelings on the invasion of Iraq specifically, but that hardly matters in the reading of this book It s not a journalistic account of the Iraq war, 9 11, or anything in any way related to that, it s a memoir It [...]

    10. I ended up enjoying this book, but I really didn t like it for the first 3 4 I guess this might be the first time an English writer s self deprecating style took a while to gel To me, Ayres spends so much time explaining why he s useless that when the book gets interesting , in the Kuwait and Iraq parts, it takes a bit to respect his narrative But stay with it it gets better I think this is best for mature readers but fine for kids over about 10 or 12 who want to plumb deeper shoals A good look [...]

    11. I picked up this book because of the funny title Also having started writing articles myself, I thought it might give me insight into what the life of a writer looks like I have never had the desire to do hard news like war reporting, but neither did Ayres from the title This book gave a genuine look as to what war reporting would be like for most of us those who aren t crazy adrenaline junkies that is He showed the terror, the boredom, the divided emotions, even how one goes to the bathroom out [...]

    12. War Reporting for Cowards is an illustration of how humor can be found anywhere, even in the midst of blood, sweat and tears Chris Ayres spent time embedded with the Marines at the beginning of the Second Gulf war and the book starts off with him smack bang in the middle of this experience, grimly digging trenches in a chemical suit in 100 degree heat while shelling is heard in the distance, wondering how the hell he got there As the title makes clear, he was not perhaps the best person for the [...]

    13. An honest account of a total pansy s foray into war reporting in Iraq Ayers had been a foreign correspondent before stationed in Los Angeles, California and reporting for a London paper And before London, he covered the New York financial scene aka watched CNN and wrote news briefs based on that reporting all day and had reluctantly covered 9 11, which he stumbled across on his way to his office, where the cubicle next to him was eventually exposed to anthrax Unlucky guy It s easy to laugh at Ay [...]

    14. I first heard about Chris Ayres War Reporting for Cowards when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year to promote a recent book that he had written Ayres was a funny guy on TV as well as in this book, which details his short and unlikely stint as a Hollywood correspondent turned war reporter who covered the opening days of the American military s advance into Iraq in 2003.I enjoyed the book and all of its tales of preparing for war as well as tagging along for war as a reporter embed [...]

    15. I like books about war and I am coward so I really thought I would enjoy this book, but I gave up half way through I m still counting it toward my 2016 book challenge though There were a few laughs, but not enough for a book meant to be witty The fact that I did not find it funny kept drawing my attention to the fact that the author said little about the Bush administration and the reasons for the invasion of Iraq This seemed to me to be the only real act of cowardice Ayres committed I m not ask [...]

    16. Chris Ayres teases the reader a lot It seemed that nearly every chapter ended with a teasing line that never materialized, which caused a big let down when the final climactic moment happened I appreciate how Chris Ayres keeps his readers in suspense and turning the page, but his approach also created an expectation that the ending was going to be the greatest I d ever read Naturally, when that didn t happen I was disappointed His transformation from a high maintenance primped and preened L.A su [...]

    17. Bookended by his experiences as an embedded journo in 2003, there s a certain degree of fluff in the middle of this account all be it fluff that includes his proximity to 9 11 The kudos chasing side of his rise through the journalistic ranks to Los Angeles glamour reporter doesn t exactly paint him in a favourable light, even if it is all honestly and wittily portrayed The real meat is in the pink mist and adrenalin fuelled perspectives of the invasion The banter of his Humvee bound protectors m [...]

    18. This book made me laugh my ass off Tells of his adventures being plucked from a cushy entertainment reporters round in LA to being embedded with the US Army during the invasion of Iraq He lasts about seven days before complete terror makes him grab the next flight out of there Truly hilarious bits on buying his Iraq gear from a camping store, to his utter confusion about what the hell he s doing in Iraq and hatred for the superior journalist from a rival paper he s up against I ve lent this to a [...]

    19. My feelings about this book fluctuated as I read First I thought he was a funny dork, then I got a little annoyed by how he seemed to be overly anxious about everything and was starting to sound a little whiny At times his white middle class privilege really showed, like when he gets into a taxi in Kuwait and wonders if he ll be kidnapped because the driver s name is Hussein But at the end of it all I really appreciate this book because it strips away the glamour and heroism of conflict journali [...]

    20. For those expecting an action packed account of the conflict in Iraq, this isn t the book for you Chris Ayres reaction to dangerous situations, is exactly that of the average human being, not those of a soldier or heroic figure The cover would have you believe it s laugh a minute, and whilst there are some rather funny parts, there are also very moving stories, such as his account of 9 11 which brought a tear to my eye.I think the fact that you know he made it out alive to write the book, means [...]

    21. Pretty funny memoir of Ayres s stint as an embed in Iraq Remember Iraq Ayres s time there is comically brief, taking up only the last couple of chapters of the book but the build up is entertaining Then when he finally heads to the battlefront it s quite engaging Did we really have 150,000 troops in the gulf during the first war Ominous to see how hopeful the soldiers were going into Bush Jr s fantasy land The flowers thrown at feet, they did not come Ayres maybe goes a little overboard with the [...]

    22. Ayres is a pretty funny writer with a good story It s just not much of a war story Most of the book is about Ayres getting into journalism, being a hilarious, effete coward, and getting roped into embedding with the Marine artillery during the 2003 invasion of Iraq I learned a fair amount about journalism and had a few laughs The problem is that he was only with the Marines for 9 or 10 days, so he can t really create a sense of the invasion as a whole or the personalities of the soldiers he was [...]

    23. This is not a book about Iraq or even war reporting it s a book about what it s like to be a war reporter Reporters are people who work for media who may or may not have had any formal training, may or may have not have just fallen into the job, and may or may not be interested in current affairs, wars or politics Remember the US agreed to send people from every type of magazine and paper that existedI give the guy credit for doing something he wasn t ready for and was scared shitless of doing T [...]

    24. This book is not only very funny but offers a intimate picture of the Iraq war than almost anything else I ve read That is partly because Ayres is so good at describing his own abject terror Even though I thought I had paid close attention during the early days of the invasion, I was oblivious to the fact that good information was limited because many news outlets chose inexperienced journalists like Ayres to be embeds while their seasoned war correspondents helplessly sat in Baghdad hotels or [...]

    25. I thought it was a somewhat brilliant and definitely honest account of Chris Ayres experience as an unlikely war correspondent Having attempted to be embedded once upon a time myself, I couldn t help but wonder if I d react the same way if I were in his shoes Goodness, I hope not He didn t seem to hold anything back, and his honesty and storytelling kept me reading The book gives some good insight into what it might be like to cover a war I thought the story was well told and the book was worth [...]

    26. The chapter where the author gives his account of the day twin towers fell is a sublime piece of writing Unfortunately, I think this book does not work as a coherent body of work its part comedy, part historical reporting, part memoir The inconsistencies in tone and content are a shame because if each topic was addressed as say, a collection of short stories, each of the strands would have succeeded much effectively on their own terms.

    27. HahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahahahaaThat s what I sounded like as I read this book Funny, dangerous, and engrossing My wyfe kept telling me to shut up as I read passage after passage aloud to her I guess no one really likes to be interrupted from their reading to hear what you are reading I just kept thinking that s what I would do except for the part where he actually accepted the job to go to Iraq Yow

    28. I thought this was going to be a sort of forgotten version of Generation Kill of war reporting but if you read it as a sort of foreword to GK, it is outstanding 3 5 as a military novel for brevity, 5 5 as a comedic exploration in the modern man s search for reconciliation with his inadequacies, perceived and true As soon as you realize the war is a limited final act, the book gets way better.

    29. This hilarious memoir takes us on a reporter s journey from ground zero on 9 11 to a week of combat reporting in Iraq The title might be a little misleading he doesn t get to the war reporting til the very end of the book It seems overall to be a take of one self admittedly spoiled young man s journey into earning his own self respect Ayre s wit and honesty will keep you reading and laughing til the last pages.

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