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Loving the Lion #2020

Loving the Lion Curvy Erin Numm is over dating At the tender age of twenty eight she s seen it all A string of bad dates and heartbreak has left her ready to put herself on the sideline Her plans are changed when sh

  • Title: Loving the Lion
  • Author: Lola Kidd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Loving the Lion By Lola Kidd, Curvy Erin Numm is over dating At the tender age of twenty eight, she s seen it all A string of bad dates and heartbreak has left her ready to put herself on the sideline Her plans are changed when she meets an agent from Lovely and Kind Brides The mysterious woman tells Erin she has the PERFECT match for her Curious, Erin decides to give love one last try and join thCurvy Erin Numm is over dating At the tender age of twenty eight, she s seen it all A string of bad dates and heartbreak has left her ready to put herself on the sideline Her plans are changed when she meets an agent from Lovely and Kind Brides The mysterious woman tells Erin she has the PERFECT match for her Curious, Erin decides to give love one last try and join the mail order bride agency Shifter Owen Brooks is a lion on a mission He s working on big plans but he s having trouble crossing one special item off his to do list Find A Mate A shifter isn t complete until they find their mate and Owen s had no luck in that department After months of no matches, an LK Brides agent emails to let him know she has found his mate The agent s optimism is enough to give Owen hope that maybe his long search is over Follow two strangers as they embark on a journey to find their one true love This is the first book in the Mail Order Mates series It is a standalone novella with a HEA No cliffhanger

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    1 thought on “Loving the Lion

    1. A 2.5 story for me.Interesting concept, not the first time that I came across so I knew or less what to expect from the book Were bear Owen wants a wife but in a town that has mostly men it s hard to find one Top that with the fact that the wife must be a mate and he is in trouble.Enter LK mail order brides site who matches him with Erin There was a fast match and even a faster mating I liked the characters but I had issues with the way the book was paced It didn t flow that easily For such a s [...]

    2. I came upon this book whilst browsing and I liked the overview so I decided to read it I loved the concept and the storyline and the characters, but it definitely needs editing badly It s a short read but it s rushed which is a pity as I think if it was longer and detailed it could have been much better A lot of grammatical errors as well

    3. It would be much better if it wasn t so short, too short all was in such rush I liked idea about town and shifters looking to settle, but I needed

    4. Quick, simple, semi heated escape2.5 starsWorthwhile for me when I wanted a quick, simplistic time waster with a little escapist heat and a basic BBW shifter tale.

    5. Cute quick readThis was a cute quick read First time reading this author I might read the others not sure yet Overview Erin is approached by a mail order bride representatives They want Erin to meet one of their most eligible bachelors named Owen Erin has not done well in the dating scene and decided to contact the lady from LK Brides to set up an online conversation with Owen Owen is extremely excited that Erin was what he wanted When they meet, Both are shocked at how much they like each other [...]

    6. I like the setup for the series small town filled with mostly men looking to bring some women in and revive the town s fortunes but there wasn t much conflict One of the reasons I read genre fiction is because I like stories that get to the point, but the writing in this story was too simplistic A bit description of life on the ranch and about how Owen and Erin s single life before searching for mates would have been welcome Still, I am going to try the next few books in the series to see if t [...]

    7. A ROARING GREAT READ Title Loving the LionSeries Mail Order MatesAuthor Lola KiddMy Rating FIVE ROARING RED HOT STARS I absolutely love it It s just so darn good Loving the Lion is the first book in the amazing new Mail Order Mates series by Lola Kidd and it is awesome Kidd has once again exhibited her exceptional talent and extraordinary imagination by delivering yet another masterpiece of paranormal romance She never fails to entertain her readers Every time I read one of her books, I always f [...]

    8. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Erin is over dating She has had so many bad dates that she doesn t see the point in trying any When someone from Lovely and Kind Brides approaches her and says she will be the perfect bride for someone in their system She is intrigued as she knows that LK Brides caters to shifters She agrees to meet with the woman and starts to get in contact with Owen Owen has had his profile in with LK Brides for a wh [...]

    9. Ok this is the first book in the series and I can t help and wait to write this on the last one since I m reviewing these books months after I finished them so I can t keep my comment in order ANY AWAY I want to say I love those short books they were nice and adorable and I found them quite soothing XD I loved this book, it s basically about a shifter town full of dudes and they want to upgrade their town to attract new people, cause it s either full of guys or old people And here where this mai [...]

    10. It s ok, not great but not bad,a decent way to spend.99 centsIt s an ok story,not great but not bad A good interesting concept , just need soo much , story, depth character development Felt like some ideas never really got finished,half baked even Like the Ranch, it had been left to rot for years and years and Owen was Dead set against being the one to change it,he supposedly didn t have enough time,then suddenly he goes,he fights and now everything is ok And he still had time for a life Then [...]

    11. Liked the story line and the concept The idea of the mail order bride cute spin instead of dating agency themes I have seen pop up as of late And the main characters were great and really cute I loved were bear cowboy Owen he just seems so cuddly, but I love bear shifters and Cowboys they are both swoon worthy Erin was also really cute, she just seemed like a really nice person.Where I had the problem was the pace of the book and that is why I could only give it 3 stars As written, the book seem [...]

    12. Great Novella, first story in what looks like a delightful series Erin has given up on dating, men and the whole scene Until she is approached by LK Brides Mail Order Mates These men are serious and want to settle down What could be wrong with at least one email Did I mention all the men are shifters Owen, is in his thirties and has not found his mate He wants to settle down and have a family One email The two have an active email life and then a visit to the small town he lives in Will they mak [...]

    13. Interesting book This is about a male order bride Erin was lonely and felt she would never get married She so longed to be truly loved and find happiness She was this beautiful plus size woman She had to be shocked when Olivia Grey approached her about a Lovely and Kind Brides Owen longed to find his true mate He was this handsome lion shifter He decided to try Lovely and Kind Brides Seemed like ever girl that was sent his way he was not interesting in He lived in a town called Sunset Falls that [...]

    14. Short and sweet The first book of the LK Brides was very good The couple meet first through a dating site and chat for a month and finally meet A few problems, solved and then the marriage Very sweet and sexy too Just a few editing errors but still very enjoyable.

    15. This is a quick read with a cute story and some steamy sex The Mail Order Mates series starts off with the story of Erin and Owen and Owen s idea to make the town great again Little did he know that Erin would be such a huge help with the project I thought it was a fun change from most shifter books for humans to be fully aware and even accepting of the existence of shifters While this book is HEA and with no cliffhanger, it definitely includes a teaser for book 2, Wolf Seeks Wife which I procee [...]

    16. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Lola Kidd This is book 1 of the Mail Order Mates series by the author.Erin is totally fed up with the whole dating game She wants to get married and have children but with the dates she has had it is almost no chance of happening Owen is a rancher and a lion shifter looking for a mate 2 people looking for love and a happy ending.I loved how the author wrote this story line with a very smooth flow The characters were great and I can [...]

    17. Okay, so this was of a short story than a novel It was still well written, easy to get into and the characters were great fun This almost read like a teaser for a much longer series, but I believe that all of the installments will be equally as brief For a story about shifters and mail order brides the amount of smut was minimal It was there, but easily looked over I enjoyed the characters and the plot moved at a wonderfully quick pace None of those awkward lulls where you wonder why you re bot [...]

    18. Sweet,Sexy ReadingWhat s not to love about a well rounded shifter romance Olivia is on a mission to bring mates together for love,family and a happy future as they wanted,knowing she will enjoy doing everything in her power to find their personal matchup so they can get their wishes answered But this also brings you into the journey of her wonderful match making with each new client that steps forward as the previous pairings happiness spurs them into taking their own chance for finding their ow [...]

    19. I was giving this for a honest review I have never read any of Lola Kidd s book and want to thank her this story It is a short story but honest you can t tell This is a story about Owen who lives in a town that is slowly turning into a retirement town and not only is he looking to save the town, but also find a mate He joins LK Brides dating agency They find him a mate, and she is just sweet, but will she like life in a small but almost forgot town Then throw in a lazy family members This story [...]

    20. This is the first book in the Mail Order mate series The characters are both feed up with not meeting that special someone Erin doesn t want to do the dating scene any just wants to find Mr right When she is told of a dating service that looking for people Owen is a lion shifter and has not meet his mate yet Can two lonely soul find there way together for a happy ending Recommenced this book

    21. Well written love storyThis is a very enjoyable HEA story, self contained yet part of a series Curvy Erin is just about to give up ion dating till a stranger hands her a card and say she might be a perfect match for a client Owen has been on the mail order bride for awhile now but when Erin e mails him he thinks he s found the one But will she want to join him in his very small town where even the young leave and never come back Very entertaining and well written story to read.

    22. This was just a novella, but it was cute I loved the premise behind this a bunch of single, male, business owners want to revitalize their town and get recognized as being one of the best shifter towns around, so they join a mail order bride company This is a really quick read, but it s cute Almost reminds me of the old Harlequin books my mom used to read when I was younger I enjoyed this.

    23. Shifters needing mail order brides, what a great concept for the series Erin is curvy but it doesn t define her She s confident enough to put herself out there to meet Owen She really shines once she finally gets to town Owen really steps up and addresses some issues with his family once he has Erin s encouragement and backing The story isn t long or the plot deep but it s a nice intro into the series.Adult read

    24. I read this book in one sitting a perfect lunchtime read In that lunchtime read you get a good story romance and passion what can you ask for A good start to a new series which I shall be following avidly Don t pass this book by because it s a short You get an interim HEA but there is to come A well written story which left me wanting What can you expect well except book 2 like now lol Go for it its a beautiful story.

    25. Extremely fast read Owen was an okay alpha male who did not have the time or energy to be the Alpha He gets mated and they fall instantly in love He suddenly has time to be alpha and is going to turn the town around The concept was good but everything happen to fast and disjointed I will admit is was a enjoyable hour or so.

    26. This story was great I was hooked on it immediately Owen and Erin are so cute trying to find love fore the right reasons but life keeps throwing them curve balls The fact that there is a parallel situation going on in their world is good I was happy that the whole story is not centered on their togetherness and that will bring other characters into the story I can t wait for the next one

    27. Excellent short readI love a well put together short read, and this was perfect The relationship was fast, but not totally ludicrous if you keep in mind today s matchmaking sites and shows like Married at first sight I also like the ground work for building the series around a small town.

    28. The was a fun, sweet, sexy short read I am so glad that Erin met Owen the way she did What curvy woman doesn t have issues with herself Owen and all the people of the town made her feel small and that was a boost to her ego, but it was also the compliments given at random that helped her too The only reason I gave it four stars was because of the errors in the story.

    29. Wow just wowThere isnt one bad thing I can say about this book well maybe one that it ended.It a super sweet sexy quick read and I cant wait to hear about Kellen,Gewn,and everyone else Believe me this is a great book and an awesome new series im in love thnx lola u rocked it

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