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Magic Can Be Murder #2020

Magic Can Be Murder Nola isn t much of a witch She can work only a few useless spells like the one that lets her spy on people by enchanting a bucket of water But there s no spell for keeping her mother who hears voices

  • Title: Magic Can Be Murder
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • ISBN: 9780142302101
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Magic Can Be Murder By Vivian Vande Velde, Nola isn t much of a witch She can work only a few useless spells, like the one that lets her spy on people by enchanting a bucket of water But there s no spell for keeping her mother who hears voices and is a magnet for witch hunters out of trouble The two of them evade the authorities by traveling from town to town, taking odd jobs and moving on until the day Nola magNola isn t much of a witch She can work only a few useless spells, like the one that lets her spy on people by enchanting a bucket of water But there s no spell for keeping her mother who hears voices and is a magnet for witch hunters out of trouble The two of them evade the authorities by traveling from town to town, taking odd jobs and moving on until the day Nola magically witnesses a murder

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    1 thought on “Magic Can Be Murder

    1. And my streak of horrible books continues Basically my main problem with this book is this Nola is literally too stupid to live There is a difference between characters making misinformed choices and having to deal with the consequences And the author MAKING the character make such STUPID decisions that NO ONE would be so dumb as to make, just to progress the story the way they want it to go It s weak and amateurish writing Every single plot turn or advancement was made because Nola made one st [...]

    2. I love Vivian Vande Velde, but I would not consider this book to be on the same level as her other works It fell a little flat for me The main character brings all of her troubles on herself instead of enjoying the story, I just kept thinking that Nola was being silly and that none of it was necessary The characters and relationships were not fleshed out enough to make up for this It was a fine idea, and it could have been interesting, but it needed substance.

    3. This was a cute book I recommend it to anyone who is going on a trip who wants to read a book of magic and a little romance This book is kind of small and for a younger audience but its funny and enjoyable for the short time it takes to read it

    4. Nola must be one of the most hapless and inept heroines out there Her mother told her to be careful about using their magical abilities where others might see them This is a time intolerant of witches and the threats of imprisonment and death are very real.But Nola can t help herself She constantly collects and uses human hairs essential in her magic to spy on others, to be privy to their speech and actions This causes her to make a dangerous mistake leaving an enchanted bucket where it might be [...]

    5. This book was my first witch book inars I can t say it was super memorable or special, or that it will stay with me for long But it was a fun, fast, fluffy read Things wrapped up a little too quickly and tidily at the end Otherwise, I enjoyed reading it and seeing how Nola got out of each fix Overall, a fast and enjoyable read.

    6. It was good, but again a pretty quick read, and nothing that makes you really latch on to the characters I did cheer when Nola kicked that farmer in the knee, though Especially given that her mother tells her her dead father has just told her to.

    7. I love Velde s books, and how the romance in them is subtle and not always exactly there This story was great as well Nora kept making mistakes, but they were mistakes anyone in her shoes might have made, and that made it even realistic She did try her best to clear up her mistakes though, despite everything going against her to do so.

    8. Magic Can Be Murder Review When thinking of magic and witches the stereotypical mean, warted, big nosed, long haired, ugly, heartless witch comes to mind This witch usually has a broom, spell book, and a big spell pot However, in the book Magic Can Be Murder, by Vivian Vande Velde, I liked how the two witches are nothing like that Nola, the teen witch, and her mother are both witches They aren t the most beautiful people on earth, but they are nothing like the stereotypical gross and mean witche [...]

    9. Nola is a young witch 17 who, when she was younger, didn t understand that magic is to be kept secret, away from others otherwise, a person can be accused of being an witch and end up dead Her mother is also a witch and they have to keep moving from town to town to avoid anyone finding out about their abilities.One day Nola has a friend over and performs a magic ritual in front of a friend and that causes her mother and her to leave for other parts immediately As the years go on, her mother s be [...]

    10. My first love, as a kid, were fantasy novels set in other worlds or in a world suspiciously like medieval Europe As I grew older, I moved and broadened my horizons, but I still have a weak spot for medieval based literature This book sounded like something I d likeGIC CAN BE MURDER is a fast, cute read that fits the bill I will be the first to admit, I read this while at home sick, so parts were probably lost on me That being said, the book was well written and the murder portion was also well d [...]

    11. A cute and fun book about magic The time and place are not mentioned but you get the feel of a ti me long ago Nola the main character is a young witch who can see shadow forms in water with a persons hair She travels with her mother seeking work and food They are always on the move, and on the run from someone discovering they are witches Nola is just seventeen and on her own with her mom who is a bit quirky to say the least They ve had hard times and Nola doesn t see herself as a beautiful youn [...]

    12. Magic Can Be Murder, by Vivian Vande Velde is about this girl named Nola who knows a few spells What is interesting about this story is we are talking about witches Nola and her mother has traveled to places avoiding witch hunters In the beginning of this book, Nola has invited a friend over to her home, so that Nola can perform her magic Nola does not understand how dangerous it is to reveal that you can do magic, considering you are a witch This is what caused both the mother witch and daughte [...]

    13. I liked the characters, particularly that of Nola The story showed the fear and prejudice against witches It pointed out a bit that often, eccentric behavior would be accused of witchcraft, of course Nola and her mother are witches.I did not like that part of the plot where Nola so poorly treated Brinna Brinna was nothing but kind and helpful It bothered me that she was taken advantage of by Nola, I would have liked to have Nola tell the ivestigators that she needed Mary Brinna in a magical disg [...]

    14. I really liked this book because it has the perfect combination of mysterary and funny bits.Also that it has to do with true love For example,Even tho Gavin noticed she was a witch and not that atractive he still loved her for her and for how she looked like.Anthor example is when Noala mother had smacked noala in the back of her head so she can say something.Somebody that would like this book is someone that likes mysterary,romance,and funny bits.For example in the book they try to find out who [...]

    15. the book was great I feel like if you like mystrey and some romance, this is the book for you Nola, the main charactor, is a witch, and she and her insane mother travle all over the place and try not to get caught then they get to the little town of Hay Market everything changes Nola witnesses a murder Son, Kirwin, Kills Master Inneus, his father He did it for the wealth his father had He was greedy He asked to maid to help by hiding the money, but she disides to stael it from him He findes out [...]

    16. Clever mystery, with humor, in an interesting medieval time period, where people really can do magic Nola and her mother move from town to town trying to stay ahead of the authorities who want to burn them or ban them when they learn that Nola can bespell water via witchcraft It s really just a simple spell, toss a hair into water and she sees what that person is doing at the moment But when she witnesses a murder and tries to extricate herself from being involved, things just get worse Okay, so [...]

    17. Pre teen fantasy book Nola is a witch and can do small spells like watch people using water with a hair placed in it She is constantly worried her mother hears voices and argues out loud with them Nola knows what people do to witches so she and her mother wander from town to town doing odd jobs, never staying in one place long enough to be accused One day Nola witnesses a murder during her scrying spell and things start to change She realises that the murderer may try to frame them for the crime [...]

    18. 2.5 stars, because despite not being the best YA book, I read it super fast and it was the perfect length for my flight from Detroit to Philly over the weekend And it kept me entertained and sane during a hellish flight filled with unhappy children It gets the extra half star just for that.I liked most of the characters, and though there were no unexpected twists , the plot was interesting and kept me engaged I liked that because the heroine had no idea what she was doing half the time, the read [...]

    19. This book felt very much like a YA, perfect ending fairy tale novel.The main character Nola did spend most of the book making poor choices and having to make even desperate choices to try and cover for what she had already done The basic idea of the story, of a young witch having to come to grips with her powers and learn how to manage them and accept the consequences, sounded interesting to me But by about halfway into the book, I spent the whole time I was reading waiting for something to hap [...]

    20. Magic Can Be Murder is a wonderful book and could definitely be used as a read aloud The plot moves very fast and I never found myself being bored with what was happening Nola and her mother are witches They move from place to place but are able to survive by doing housework, farming, and chores for different employers When Nola casts a spell in a bucket of water at her last job, she must return and dump out the bucket before it is discovered Unfortunately a murder occurs and Nola must stop the [...]

    21. This is the story of a witch and the problems she encounters just trying to get by unnoticed in the regular world It was a pretty fun quick read A little scary for my 5th grade students one of them asked me to read it because it was so scary she couldn t make it through the book I m not sure it is really a story for 5th graders anyway The themes are adult, but it is romantic at the end.

    22. This book was reminiscent of some of her earlier novels such as Dragon s Bait and The Conjurer Princess The main character Nola is well meaning but gets her self deeper and deeper into trouble through lies and mistakes which is similar to Alys in Dragon s Bait and Lylene in The Conjurer Princess I liked the book but I did feel that it was short and a rushed, it would have done better with a bit space to describe everything .

    23. Charming novel and a fun read, this book involves a girl and her mother, both witches, trying to escape the persecution and death that comes if their magic becomes evident In the course of trying to repair a bit of carelessness, the girl magically witnesses a murder Her efforts to see justice done, escape being burned as a witch, and help the investigator whom she comes to love are comical and suspenseful.

    24. Nola is a witch She tries not to do magic to keep her and her mother safe but as her mother starts loosing her mind Nola uses spells to keep them out of trouble despite the fact that it just seems to get them in trouble as involved in a murder Nola leaves a spell running and goes back to fix it so that no one will blame her or mother for the murder The problem is she gets stuck in the middle of the murder investigation This book is short, a fast read and a whole lot of fun.

    25. This book is a bit of fun One I read a nunber of times as a kid really liked It s pretty basic plot though the romance in particular is sounfleshed out likeHonestly But some of the characters mainly Nola s mum tbh are enjoyable it s a fine little read for younger readers.However the ebook edition i was reading from kobo was absolutely riddled w typos which made it really quite excruciating to read I don t think that was spelled correctly once in the entire thing

    26. Nola isn t much of a witch She can work only a few useless spells, like the one that lets her spy on people by enchanting a bucket of water But there s no spell for keeping her mother who hears voices and is a magnet for witch hunters out of trouble The two of them evade the authorities by traveling from town to town, taking odd jobs and moving on until the day Nola magically witnesses a murder

    27. The premise of this book was interesting I enjoyed the mystery, the magic, and that there was a slight twist to it The reason I only gave the book 2 stars was because in the end, the romance fell a little flat to me I didn t think the relationship was developed enough for there to be much of a relationship there.

    28. Nola and her mother are witches, traveling the country looking for work, never staying in one place for fear of their powers being discovered When Nola accidentally leaves magic out to be seen by the last family she worked for, she frantically searches for a way to return get rid of it Nola magically witness a murder and gets caught in a web of conspiracy, murder, lies an love.

    29. Throughout the entire book I kept thinking to myself, If you tell a lie, you have to tell another to cover that one, then another, and another That is exactly what happened to Nola in this book Luckily for her and thanks to the author s ability to affect changes , it all works out happily ever after I wasn t impressed.

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