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Marcus' Mortal Embrace #2020

Marcus Mortal Embrace Marcus LaGrange was bone weary He had been in the beautiful city of New Orleans much longer than he had wanted But he was trying to track down a rogue Vampire that was a threat to those he loved yet

  • Title: Marcus' Mortal Embrace
  • Author: Darlene Kuncytes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marcus' Mortal Embrace By Darlene Kuncytes, Marcus LaGrange was bone weary He had been in the beautiful city of New Orleans much longer than he had wanted But, he was trying to track down a rogue Vampire that was a threat to those he loved, yet wanted nothing than to go home He never expected to be knocked to his knees by the lovely Elizabeth Chase And, if it wasn t bad enough that she made his body ache wMarcus LaGrange was bone weary He had been in the beautiful city of New Orleans much longer than he had wanted But, he was trying to track down a rogue Vampire that was a threat to those he loved, yet wanted nothing than to go home He never expected to be knocked to his knees by the lovely Elizabeth Chase And, if it wasn t bad enough that she made his body ache with a need that he hadn t felt in centuries she was a mortal He had absolutely no time for distractions and this lovely human was just that And, in the most tempting way bringing back his past with a vengeance and making him question everything that he had ever believed Elizabeth Chase was in New Orleans to do a job She hadn t planned on running into the gorgeous Marcus LaGrange at the Inn where she was staying Men were permanently off of her menu She only wanted to get done what she had been sent to do, and to go back home to her solitary existence So why then, when the man touched her did her skin tremble and burn with a fire that seared her to her very soul Why did he cause every damn thing that she had programmed herself to believe and feel to go straight out of the window She had baggage and she definitely wasn t looking to pick up Can these two fight the attraction that pops and sizzles around them Or, will they give in to a desire that cannot be ignored They both have secrets and it could spell disaster for everyone that they care about including each other Join the journey to discover if they can find forgiveness and redemption before the evil out there destroys them all Will love be enough Marcus Mortal Embrace Book 3 of The Supernatural Desire Series.

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    1 thought on “Marcus' Mortal Embrace

    1. I have sooooooooo been waiting for this book, and it did not disappoint Marcus is in New Orleans to catch a rogue vampire Elizabeth is there to help an abused woman run away When their paths cross, the attraction is instant and scorching hot, but both are carrying secrets, deadly secrets that could kill them both OH, Marcus is my new book boyfriend, and since mine is the first live review, I CLAIM HIM He is such a tortured soul, and still feels guilty for the deadth of his fiancee 200 years befo [...]

    2. I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.If Desmond is the cold and calculating brother, and Luke is the hot headed impetuous one, then Marcus is surely the brooding and guilt ridden hero that we all love In his defense, he does have reason After all, his mother killed his fiancee on the night of their engagement party so don t be too hard on him He is a very caring person through all that and once you are his friend, then you have a friend for life or even lon [...]

    3. OMGThis book is fantastic It made me cry and not because it was a sad sappy book, no but because of Marcus and Elizabeth I m not going to tell you the book plot because you can read the blurb I just want anyone who reads this to know that this book will choke you up Marcus carries around so much guilt and loves and protects those he cares about Feeling his hurt and his happiness will just send you on an emotional roller coaster So much to say about Marcus that I don t know what to say sigh He is [...]

    4. I absolutely love this author and this book is amazing continuation of the Supernatural Desires series Marcus I felt for from the beginning he puts the weight of the world and especially of his family on his shoulders, he s sweet, gentle and always worrying I loved the moment he met Liz His feelings were hard for him to ignore and he felt changed in many ways when she was around Liz had a hard as hell life, she has never had a real family or moments of happiness, she just exists and pushes peopl [...]

    5. MARVELOUSLY MAGICAL AND DIVINELY ENTERTAINING Title Marcus Mortal EmbraceSeries Supernatural DesireAuthor Darlene KuncytesDesignation Book Three of Series, Standalone, NO CliffhangerMy Rating FIVE DELICIOUSLY SEXY STARS Wow and Wow Darlene Kuncytes continues her Supernatural Desire Series with the third book of this series, Marcus Mortal Embrace and she has totally rocked my world again Kuncytes is a gifted storyteller with an incredible imagination, and her talent and unique style have never sh [...]

    6. Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review Marcus has lived a life of sadness, regret, and guilt He blames himself for his past Liz has lived a sad life full of unhappiness and hurt They couldn t be perfect for each other There are hurdles, turns, and twists in the road that each must get over, but can they do it together Can they be each other s support team when they need it the most This b [...]

    7. Well you went and did it again Darlene Only this time it got even better There s nothing like the Lagrange brothers to bring paranormal romance alive The love these guys have for their mates is just the most awesome love in the world It s a love it ladies like myself only dream of this was a wonderful story I absolutely loved how it ended I was very shocked by the ending it was definitely one of those who was all in on it and then when it came right down to finding out who was all in on it it wa [...]

    8. Marcus and Elizabeth Rocked the house I have to admit, Elizabeth was hard for me to get attached to at first I thought she was a big sissy that spent entirely too much time shaking in her shoes Then I found out why she is the way she is and I had to admire all that she was doing My favorite thing about this book was the way they got to know each other Even though he is immortal and the whole mate thing was going on, it wasn t forced They fell in love because they were perfect for each other One [...]

    9. Amazing Series with Vampires,Witch s,Fae,and even Werewolves This incredible has something for everyone It has sexy Vampires,Witch s,Fae and Werewolves Marcus is a sexy Vampire that is visiting his Witch friend Brianna who owns a BB in New Orleans Brianna informs Marcus that she is having another guest staying with her Elizabeth that is a human Brianna feels this human is going to end up meaning a lot to Marcus lol When Marcus meets Elizabeth he has an instant attraction to her only he is confus [...]

    10. This is book 3 this is the story of Marcus and Liz This story came with a lot of emotions, love, betrayal, but my favorite of all falling in love Marcus has to be one of my favorite characters he s strong handsome dark and brooding like most vampires we know I m just head over heels in love Liz is sweet yet strong and doing a wonderful thing as her job Liz is one of those characters that you route for, she has had a horrible life and but does not let that get to her, she still fights for what sh [...]

    11. Great addition to the Supernatural Desire series Quite possibly my favorite of the series.I don t think there could be a man perfect for someone like Liz Marcus is kind, compassionate, HOT Not that Liz is looking, but she can t really help but notice Liz has been through so much in her life she has completely written men out of her future But Marcus quickly shows her he is unlike any man she has ever known maybe so than she is prepared for Will she be able to see past her own past to find ever [...]

    12. Marcus is the brother to Desmond and is guilt ridden with the memory of his fiance Josephine dying because of him Now Marcus is in New Orleans to find out who is threatening his brother and best friends mates and their unborn children He meets Liz who considers herself damaged She was almost killed by someone in her past and now helps others trying to get out of hurtful relationships There is something about Liz that has Marcus turned inside out and wanting to protect her Can Marcus save her fro [...]

    13. I absolutely loved reading the story of Liz and Marcus Ups and downs and everything I in the middle, written with heat, humour and depth Darlene writes with wit, emotion and passion and it shows through all the characters in the story Just some incredibly talented story telling written incredibly well Been looking forward to reading this for ages Truly did not disappoint From the sneak preview of the next, I m waiting eagerly again x

    14. I love this book This book takes you back into the supernatural series where Marcus and Liz are the stars of their story Marcus is a tortured soul and Liz has gone threw terrible things When they meet will they trust each other enough to share each others secrets and love each other for all eternity before time runs out I can not tell you that You can not miss out on this book by the amazing Darlene Kuncytes I can not wait for the next book in this series by this talented Author.

    15. Wow, just wow This story was amazing, the characters and the location are described so well that you are able to envision the story in your head as if you were living it yourself So well written, the love story was heartwarming and the sex scenes were intimate and sexy It made me wish I could be Liz and find my Marcus Each book in the series just gets better I hope that there are future books that explore Brianna and Sebastian s story as well as Harper and Caleb s.

    16. Darlene did it again with each book I read she gets better an betterMarcus book is an intense read full of mystery an suspense an Hot steamy sex If your looking for a book that once you pick up you can not put downis is the book for you

    17. Holy Hell HotThis book is amazing I love the way Darlene brought all the characters together You will feel the heartache an the love Liz goes thru The bond these people have is so strong you will fall in love with them Waiting for the next book is going to kill me

    18. Love itThis series is amazing I love the way the characters from the first book stay in it all the way through but yet each book is focused on a new main character You will fall in love with all of them But mostly I m so glad it s not over

    19. I am in love with this series This book grips you from the very first page So full of intrigue and suspense And lots of steamy romance The characters are flawless This book is absolute perfection This author just gets better and better with each book This is a must read

    20. Marcus and Liz do not disappoint in this amazingly awesome paranormal romance It is hot and action packed Darlene has written yet another amazing book I recommend the Supernatural Desire Series to all.

    21. Oh my goodness, I was on the edge of my seat threw out the book I even had a WTF moment I love the characters and watching them grow I m so hooked on this series Please keep them coming

    22. MARCUS MORTAL EMBRACE DARLENE KUNCYTESMarcus LeGrange has been in the big easy for a month tracking down a rogue vampire He is bone weary and homesick but that changes when he meets a beautiful mortal who stokes his lusty fires and makes him want to protect her This is a paranormal romance you won t want to miss You will love the characters of Marcus and Elizabeth Ms Kuncytes has done a fantastic job of weaving a tale of love and getting the bad asses 5 loving vamp bites for this scorcher

    23. Book Reviewed Marcus Mortal Embrace Supernatural Desire 3 Author Darlene Kuncytes Publication Date 1 30 2015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook NutsMy Rating 5 StarsREVIEWMarcus is stuck down in New Orleans still trying to track down that rogue vampire Now Bri is telling him they will have a guest at the BB they are staying at.And to top it off she is HUMAN Brianna wants nothing than for her friend and life saver to find happiness Elizabeth is so much than just a human and Marcus is going to fin [...]

    24. Uncaged Book Reviews This story revolves around Marcus, who is Desmond s younger brother This story is the darkest of the three books, and learning about the guilt and hurt that Marcus carries around, will pull at your heartstrings Marcus is in New Orleans, staying at his friend, Briana s Bed and Breakfast trying to track down a rogue Vampire that is a threat to his family But he didn t expect someone like Elizabeth to walk into his life, and into Briana s BB But Elizabeth has her own past to de [...]

    25. This was an excellent third book in the series The plot was just thrilling, action packed, and suspense filled Marcus and Liz make a wonderful couple I just can t wait to read of this series and other books by this amazing author

    26. Fan Frigentastic I ve read and loved all the books in this series Marcus Mortal Embrace is book 3 and brought everything together Marcus and Liz s story is all about love, trust, and destiny beautiful and powerful story I hope that there will be coming soon

    27. Elizabeth and Marcus Wow These two are amazing And I love New Orleans Marcus there to catch a rogue vampire and Elizabeth to help an abused woman get away Was drawn in from page one to the end Loved it

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