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Reclaimed #2020

Reclaimed When the woman you love is lost how hard will you fight to get her back Following the birth of her daughter Kadence Knight finds herself in a battle she never prepared for With desperation and unhap

  • Title: Reclaimed
  • Author: River Savage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook
  • Reclaimed By River Savage, When the woman you love is lost, how hard will you fight to get her back Following the birth of her daughter, Kadence Knight finds herself in a battle she never prepared for With desperation and unhappiness threatening to overwhelm her, a sense of hopelessness pulls her away from the one thing she has always longed for a family As Nix watches his wife struggle with somWhen the woman you love is lost, how hard will you fight to get her back Following the birth of her daughter, Kadence Knight finds herself in a battle she never prepared for With desperation and unhappiness threatening to overwhelm her, a sense of hopelessness pulls her away from the one thing she has always longed for a family As Nix watches his wife struggle with something he doesn t understand, he can t help but feel disconnected to his woman The Kadence he once knew has drifted into the darkness In her place is a shadow of the woman she once was, one who is fearful of the impossible their daughter This Valentine s Day, Nix has one goal to reclaim the woman who gave him everything Please note this is a novella and features the characters from the previous storyline The events of Reclaimed take place after Incandescent and Affliction Book one and two in the Knights Rebels MC To get the full advantage of the story, and character development, I strongly suggest you read in order.

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    1. 4 trouble in paradise STARS You fuckin give me light, baby, give, me so much fuckin light I don t know what to do with it Can I just say, I was over the moon when I saw this novella on my timeline What a pleasant surprise and then I found out Reclaimed is about Nix and Kadence They are one of my favourite couples from 2014 I just completely lost it and went right in to read Incandescent, the first book in the Knights Rebels MC series was my biggest biker book surprise last year and I was dying t [...]

    2. A Letter to River SavageDearest River,Simply put thank you Thank you for taking such a sensitive topic and making it okay Okay to admit Hey that was me As I sit here and type this letter I m honestly in tears, crying for a past I over came, crying at this amazing novella that has resonated so deeply into my soul and being I m solo hehe in awe how your ability to take our discussions and turn certain tid bits from them into something beautiful Something I m not ashamed to admit I went thought I c [...]

    3. 4.5 Crowns Book 2.5 in the Knights Rebels series This Novella should be read after books 1 and 2.Nix and Kadence had there HEA in Incandescent but how is life treating them Is the honeymoon finally at an end This Novella discovers how the President of the Knights Rebels and his wife are adapting to family life and thing have got tough for this loved up pair.After giving birth and delivering a beautiful daughter called Harlow, Kadence has found herself in the depths of despair Tired, emotional an [...]

    4. ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review image error I absolutely adore and love River Savage When River writes a book, she gives it her all 110% In her newest novella, Reclaimed, River once again wrote a book full of emotions, steam, and passion In this novella, it follows up on my favorite couple Nix and Kadence as they adjust to married life and a newborn baby Life for this happy couple is not what they expected when their baby was born Kadence was hit with postpartum depression a [...]

    5. This was an intresting book I liked NixKandence from the first book and they didn t disappoint me I liked Nix even in this book because he wanted to help his wifeand their marriage to get through their problems that he didn t even care about his needs which is big deal for a man when he isn t the center of our world LUCKY BITCH I liked that they were a team on how to find themselves and become afamily like they supposed to be There were some funny scenesAND some HOT scenes like is it warm in he [...]

    6. I received an RC from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you re claimr kl m verbpast tense reclaimed past participle reclaimed1trieve or recover something previously lost, given, or paid obtain the return of Nix and Kadence are back Along with some Knights Rebels babies in the mix Reclaimed takes place post Incandescent and Affliction.It was satisfying as it was heartbreaking, as both Nix and Kadence find themselves in a funk.Suffering from post partum depression, Kadence is feeli [...]

    7. FIVE LET ME HELP YOU STARS Somewhere along the way, I woke up completely lost and overwhelmed And every day, it gets harder and harder to deal This is novella in River Savage s Knights Rebels MC series is about Phoenix Nix Knight, his wife, Kadence, and their experience following the birth of their daughter, Harlow.Nix and Kadence were THAT couple, they deeply loved each other, they were clearly in lust with each other and they were totally in sync with one another, two halves of one soul It was [...]

    8. In this little addition to the series, we are back with Nix and Kadence from book 1.They are married, happy and have a new baby.It is short, but managed to pack quite an emotional punch.Now I am not a person who likes my HEA messed with after a book is done.But here, it is so much messed with, like serving to portray the love that Nix feels toward Kadence, and his determination to get them back to where they should be It is hard reading at times especially as a person who suffered from PND afte [...]

    9. 3 Mildly Meh StarsThis was short and focused on postpartum depression So take that for what it s worth It was nice to get Kadence and Nix Especially Nix Especially NixIn a nutshell, a decent read if you ve read the series and you feel like a little book nugget before bedtime.

    10. Complimentary Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review TITLE ReclaimedSERIES Knights Rebels MC 2.5 AUTHOR River SavageGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE February 16th 2015MY RATING Heartbreakingly real This will grab you like never before such a beautiful raw emotionally intense telling, this story will touch you on so many levelsA short story that packs a hell of a punch POST PARTUM DEPRESSIONMy wife is so fucking lost lost in her own world of hopelessness We re not okTh [...]

    11. 5 My heart hurt for Nix and Kadence StarsWords cannot even describe the emotion in this novella My heart ached for Kadence as she suffered with one of the most intense pains a mother can face postpartum depression Kadence has dreamed of being a mom for so long and yet the anxiety and unease she feels towards little Low is just heartbreaking River s description of what Kadence was feeling was so incredibly raw I never suffered from postpartum depression but as I was reading this I could feel the [...]

    12. 5 stars I just love River Savage s writing She never ceases to amaze me with her books Reclaimed was fantastic Full review to come I am a huge fan of River Savage I fell in love with Kadence and Nix in Incandescent, and was excited to get this novella about them.This book is intense, you want to jump inside and help these characters through this rough patch they seem to be stuck in After the birth of their daughter, Kadence falls in the depths of depression and this makes Nix feel helpless and d [...]

    13. WoW River Savage just amazes me everytimeThis story was so touching, I m sure a lot of us mothers first time mothers can relate to how Kadence felt That overwhelming feeling like you don t know how to do this, like your not a good mother And nobody tells you that this is normal so you just feel like a failure.But Nix never gave up on her and just kept on pushing until she just had to give in.Awesome Awesome story River Savage.Can t wait to read Beau s story

    14. Everything is glowing and happy in the Knight family But then things turn for the worse Kadence and Nix s journey is definitely not an easy one Having a baby means happiness and loving moments However, no one tells you how truly hard it can sometimes be All is not well in the land of bottles, babies and bikers.

    15. This book was tough to read because you want Nix and Kadence to live happily after ever and sometimes life isn t that easy.After having a baby, Kadence suffers from postpartum depression and nothing Nix does seems to help While it s difficult to watch them go through this struggle, Nix stays by her side and refuses to lose the woman he loves.

    16. This was a seriously deep read dealing with harsh realities some of us have dealt with after childbirth And the approach taken in the story was PERFECT For a Novella length book You know it was an awesome read when you can smile at the end given the circumstances and topic

    17. One of the best thing about being an avid reader is that once in awhile a book comes along that truly touches your heart Reclaimed is a novella in the Knights Rebels MC series, focusing on the relationship between Nix and Kadence and how they are coping with a new addition to their family River is an author that pushes the envelope, explores the hard topics she takes the harsh realities that we face everyday and applies it to her characters Skilled writing like this is a rare find I fell headlon [...]

    18. This novella was beautiful and intense Considering that it is only a short chapter in Kadence and Nix s full on, and sometimes crazy life It did not feel lacking in any way So many important moments were covered in this novella, and they were done incredibly well.This novella takes us to when Kadence and Nix have had their baby girl, Harlow Low It is approximately 7 weeks since she was born, and things are not easy for them all Kadence is suffering with Post Natal Depression UK term , and really [...]

    19. Reclaimed is a sexy, romantic, gritty and very real love story from River Savage As a fan of her earlier books, I couldn t wait to see what she had in store for Nix and Kadence The story starts off with a beautiful and H O T scene between the two characters and then, when their lives should have been fulfilling and beautiful, events take a turn into some very dark territory I applaud Ms Savage for tackling a very serious topic with great sensitivity, imagination and yes even a little humor.There [...]

    20. I ve read all of the books in this series so I felt like I knew Nix and Kadence well I really enjoyed their love story in the previous books Well, my heart was breaking before I got to 20% of the book Kadence tells Nix she is pregnant and he s ecstatic Fast forward 10 months and Kadence has turned into a totally different person due to postpartum depression It broke my heart to read of her struggles Nix turned out to be man any woman would want to be her support during such an awful time But thi [...]

    21. 5 Reclaimed StarsI love Nix and Kadence After having a baby, Kadence have been withdrawn and she thinks that she is failing her kids Nix at first didn t know what to do but that did not stop him from helping his wife Such a sweet story Claim me all you like, baby I m yours Damn straight you are He rolls over, resting his bent leg over my stomach And I m yours, Kadence Don t ever fuckin forget it You re never gettin away from me, and if you did try, I ll be here, reclaimin you all over again I do [...]

    22. I just fell a little in love with Nix If you thought him hot on incandescent you are going to completely go over hills for him in this book.even though this is a short novella is was packed, with true marriage struggles,how you deal with them and how important your support system is on times like this.It was also hot and funny all the ingredients for a great book.I can t wait to see what Ms River has next for us in store.TeamNix

    23. Nix Kadence are my No 1 MC coupleLoved this novella While it touched on a series subject, we still got all the things we loved in the Knights series Loved catching up with everyone Cannot wait for Jesse s book Beau s Awesome job River

    24. JODIE S REVIEW No one tells you that having a baby could make you feel so out of control, or lonely That small, everyday tasks would become insurmountable hurdles No one tells you, you will spend your days worrying if you re doing everything right, and your nights crying when you fail But the most heartbreaking thing of all the numbness No one told me about the numb feeling, or that it would be the most excruciating pain I would ever experience even if some days I didn t care This book is a hard [...]

    25. This review may contain spoilers I received an ARC for an honest review Don t worry, babe I got you He pulls me closer to his front You always have me, I whisper, feeling myself fall into the dark bliss Never not gonna have you, Kadence Would fuckin die before I didn t have you Now go back to sleep, he orders again, and that small flutter of lust stirs in me Yes, that trust, it s coming back.Absolutely AMAZING River Savage knows how to write a damn good book I was extremely excited when she anno [...]

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