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Taken By The Alpha #2020

Taken By The Alpha One minute wolf shifter Katrina Hagan is shoe shopping with her packmate Joy the next minute she s being carried off by the Alpha of the Killingworth pack Now she s a hostage a pawn in the negotiati

  • Title: Taken By The Alpha
  • Author: Georgette St. Clair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Taken By The Alpha By Georgette St. Clair, One minute wolf shifter Katrina Hagan is shoe shopping with her packmate Joy, the next minute she s being carried off by the Alpha of the Killingworth pack Now she s a hostage, a pawn in the negotiations between two rival packs so why can t she act like it Her kidnapper, Maddox Mad Dog Killingworth, has a reputation as a ruthless killer she should be petrified InsOne minute wolf shifter Katrina Hagan is shoe shopping with her packmate Joy, the next minute she s being carried off by the Alpha of the Killingworth pack Now she s a hostage, a pawn in the negotiations between two rival packs so why can t she act like it Her kidnapper, Maddox Mad Dog Killingworth, has a reputation as a ruthless killer she should be petrified Instead, within days of being taken prisoner, the sassy she wolf has Maddox s pack eating out of her hand and she s making Maddox s inner wolf howl with need every time she saunters by Too bad their packs have been mortal enemies for generations, and she s fighting tooth and claw to resist her burning desire for Maddox Just when it seems like Maddox might finally be breaking down her barriers, it turns out that Katrina s pack hasn t been playing fair, and a shocking betrayal threatens to wipe out Maddox s entire pack How can Maddox choose between the love of his life and the life of his pack

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    1 thought on “Taken By The Alpha

    1. another hot shifter romance enjoyable from beginning to end This was a quick but fulfilling read Well worth its.99 price listing I look forward to of this series.

    2. 4.5 5 I didn t enjoy this as much as the others, but it was still really good and a quick read.

    3. Taken By the Alpha was a fun read Katrina is taken hostage by a neighbouring pack and sparks fly between her and the alpha, Maddox There is simmering chemistry between them right from the start and I loved their banter together I laughed aloud several times and I enjoyed seeing these two characters begrudgingly figure out they are mates and accept it There is a little action thrown into this one and a pretty nasty stepfather I wanted to punch than once A must read for shifter fans and fans of G [...]

    4. 5.0 boom stars wow, this book was amazing I love how Georgette St Clair can make a romantic novel full of action scenes I was like Run, shewolf,run it was that awesome this book is for you, if you love kickass heroine, sexy strong alpha, psycho killer, awesome packmates and an idiot mother who cares only for her looks rather than her own daughter.I was this excited, when I finished this bookwhat I don t like in Georgette St Clair books is that a lot of times it s telling rather than showing kin [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThis was cute, sweet, fast and similar to the others.For some reason I kept visualizing them as almost teenagers Hard to think of a baby as an Alpha Once you really start to get into it the story ends

    6. Excellent story I really enjoyed this well written book The storyline was fast paced and really had quite a bit of intriguing happenings The characters were likeable and interesting I loved the audio option

    7. Great ReadingThis book is very well written with the storyline being easy to visualize Maddox is an Alpha that any pack would be proud to have He is true to his pack and those he loves 100%.

    8. Awesome Loved it Read it before Actually read the whole series but it s been awhile Great re read Loved the characters the story.

    9. coolthis book was so much fun to read we watch as ab alpha tries to avoid his mate because she is from a rival pack what will happpen next

    10. 3.5 Yummy Alpha StarsWord around town is that Roman, Katrina s new step father, is apparently causing problems with other packs and not following all of the laws Although she doesn t want to believe the rumors, Katrina starts to realize she may be wrong when she s kidnapped by Maddox Throughout school, she has always thought Maddox was hot, but he s the Alpha of a rival pack so she has kept her distance However being close to him now that she s his hostage is messing with her mind.Maddox has wan [...]

    11. Full review here Bears Read Too Taken By The Alpha is the 5th book in the Timber Valley Pack series by Georgette St Clair.I really like this series The books are novellas rather than full length novels, which have their up and downs I love them because you can knock them out pretty quickly but I also dislike them sometimes because right when you get invested in a story and it starts to get really good it s suddenly over.That s what happened to me with this one I was just starting to get right i [...]

    12. This one is probably my favorite in the series I loved her and him together and thought they were great Her escape attempts were great and I loved that the people of her pack seemed to accept her really well rather than be super bitter and stuff to her Heather was adorable and hilarious, but her poor life I m so happy she had a good ending, she deserved it I loved them together and overall it was a great, light read I did like the characters and the banter between the two main characters, I love [...]

    13. I m giving this one five stars although there were some small typo and continuity issues For example, the sun came up and then she was brought dinner and shortly thereafter, it rose again.And, who in the heck in this day and age doesn t have a cell phone in their purse or jacket pocket Seriously Katrina could have called from the back of the van But what I did like about this story was the mystery element and her father s character, and the way she tied in the jealous wanna be mate and the femal [...]

    14. This is a great book I enjoyed it, I got lost in the book And before I knew it the sun was rising and I had gone all night without sleep I love books by Georgette, for just that alone she draws you in and it is like your living in the book with these amazing creatures And hot sexy alpha men, wishing you could find one for yourself This book although is not in the timber valley pack is still set in their world Oh there is this little side story in the book, with a feisty shifter who is mad as hel [...]

    15. Katrina and Maddox great characters and a great plotI love the characters in this book Katrina is from a rival pack She thinks Maddox of the rival pack is an abusive Alpha Katrina s pack has been banned from going into town by Maddox She went into town anyways and Maddox took her into custody Katrina is strong willed, foul mouthed, and feisty She also has a heart of gold Maddox has been attracted to Katrina since he was in high school But he could never act on it because Katrina was the daughter [...]

    16. Fast paced and entertainingThis was a very fast, entertaining read for me I enjoyed the characters, and thought it had a good combination of romance and suspense Both the H and h were strong, and I liked the fact they did not immediately decide they were instant mates, but actually seemed to struggle with that fact a bit I really enjoy this author, but this is another one that I felt really could have benefited from being longer There seemed to be interesting things that happened off screen that [...]

    17. Another great book by St ClairI don t often spend the time to write reviews I would rather read but she I find a author who is just worth my time to review, I feel it s not justice until I do so This author has brought me hours of enjoyment reading her shifter series I have never been disappointed by any books I have read from St Clair yes, I feel the books could be longer but that is only because I enjoy the characters and the plots so much you just don t want the reading to end These books are [...]

    18. I love a book with a story lineThere are gopher hostages , viscous wolves,damsel in distress,Oh wait she s not in distress She s pissed.Kidnapped by an enemy pack Katrina is pissed Maddox has wanted her for a long time,But she s the stepdaughter to is arch enemy What s a guy to do Take her to his home This was a good story, action and intrigue than sex, for sex sake A few editing issuesExtra word misplaced words But overall a good readImpatiently awaiting Virginia and Carvers story

    19. Great storyI love Georgette s writing style The story of Maddox and Katrina was beautiful I didn t want it to end I brought and finished this book the same day The story is well written and showcased the growth between their relationship I m guessing there will be another part to the story considering how Virginia was thrown into the mix.I will say it felt a bit rushed, as if I was missing something But it is still a must read.

    20. I enjoyed this book, the characters were strong, amusing and what can I say her males were hot I usually prefer books with pages but I felt the author achieved a believable storyline within the limits of her pages My only complaint is that I felt like the ending was too rushed, as if she had chapters to fill in but was confined to page count Still all in all it was a good read, fast and I would definitely consider purchasing of her work.

    21. Quick readThis was a very fast read The characters were clever with dialogue, but I wasn t emotionally connected at all Everything happened so fast and almost superficially No true build up with depth of emotion I m not sure of another way to describe it just some quick entertainment I actually skipped through a few parts The writing was very straightforward I didn t notice any errors and it read very smooth.

    22. Great new beginningsLoved the back romance between the two packs Things were g once then a new pack Alpha things went downhill fast From the towns people s to her friends what s with them Sure her step father is a jerk what s that got to do with her Great Ending suspenseful, an caring.

    23. Taken By The Alpha Timber Valley Pack Katrina and Maddock were thrown together not by fate but by Maddock kidnapping her,all a part of her stepfather plan to kill Maddock and take over his pack.While staying with Maddocks pack Katrina found out that he was a good alpha.Her stepfather had been abusing her pack.Now there would be a death match.Guess who won.

    24. Fun sexy storyAs usual enjoyed this new book from Georgette Good story, little surprises throughout and a tough alpha fighting his need for a feisty female wolf It s good to make the male work for the goodies

    25. You truly never know just how screwed up your family is sometimes Being left in the dark while the others think you are in on the plans Now add in a hot alpha who has lusted after you as you have him and damn, there goes the fireworks

    26. Boring and triteOverpriced even at 0.99 Shallow characters, terrible plot and I kept losing my place after a few pages andwoyld haveto go back Its books like this that make epublishing look so bad.

    27. Finding the truthHaving your father And your mother is a back stabberd getting your mate all in a month is rough What month to find out how much you really really hate your step father and your mother.

    28. Great ReadBeing a fan of the any shifters books makes it easy for me to choose a great read This was fantastic and didn t disappoint me Thanks to the author for such a good imagination.

    29. Another good one I have read all of the timber valley pack books and this was one of the best Katrina was a hoot and Maddox was delicious lyrics hot and oh so alpha Love it

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