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The Adventures of Robin Hood #2020

The Adventures of Robin Hood Puffin Pixels is a new collection of classics featuring pixelated bit cover artwork For older readers nostalgic for video and computer games of the past to kids looking for something a bit edgier

  • Title: The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Author: Roger Lancelyn Green
  • ISBN: 9780147517173
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood By Roger Lancelyn Green, Puffin Pixels is a new collection of classics featuring pixelated, 8 bit cover artwork For older readers nostalgic for video and computer games of the past, to kids looking for something a bit edgier on their bookshelf, Puffin Pixels will add a sophisticated, yet fresh, flair to the canon Including tales of such classic heroes as Robin Hood and King Arthur, to swashbucklPuffin Pixels is a new collection of classics featuring pixelated, 8 bit cover artwork For older readers nostalgic for video and computer games of the past, to kids looking for something a bit edgier on their bookshelf, Puffin Pixels will add a sophisticated, yet fresh, flair to the canon Including tales of such classic heroes as Robin Hood and King Arthur, to swashbuckling adventures like Treasure Island, this is a grouping of literature that packs a punch Robin Hood, champion of the poor and opponent of the Sheriff of Nottingham, takes refuge in the Sherwood Forest and outwits his enemies with daring and panache.
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      282 Roger Lancelyn Green
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    1 thought on “The Adventures of Robin Hood

    1. A cute and entertaining version of the Robin Hood stories I think I still kind of like the Disney movie the best, though, haha.

    2. This is part of the Everyman Children s Classics series which I have been slowly collecting for a number of years Its a case of picking one up when I see the price is right.Well I will admit that the Adventures of Robin Hood is one of those tales everyone including me seems to know Or at least so I thought Well this book had a few surprises for me To start with this book was originally written in 1956 and this is a faithful reproduction on that edition What surprised me was how faith so many ver [...]

    3. Pure adventure and a wonderful read with the boys Green knows how to weave together action scenes and each tale causes the reader to lean in and be a part of the story There is a reason this is a classic tale I highly recommend this book as well as Green s King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Here s one of my favorite quotes from this book as Robin first calls forth his merry men in Sherwood Forest Now, my friends, we do not take from these and their kind to enrich ourselves We take fo [...]

    4. I ve always wanted to read Robin Hood Yes, it is absolutely from my obsession with the Disney fox movie and yes, that is still the greatest cartoon of all time according to me I grew up obsessed with it and wore the VHS tape out and I could probably quote the entire movie from memory.So, does the real thing measure up Yes I think they complimented each other well This book is absolutely suitable for a younger reader there is death in it, but not gruesome if anything negative its too short, each [...]

    5. First of all, the Folio Society edition of this book is absolutely gorgeous to see and touch Secondly, I m surprised I never read this when I was younger Somehow, this book escaped my attention Who knows why.Essentially, this book is quite similar to Howard Pyle s, with two main differences The language is accessible, and Marian is present and has a role rather than being mentioned in passing only once There were a few chapters with stories I d never heard before Namely, Robin being hired as a [...]

    6. The author, Roger Green, had a distinct purpose for writing The Adventures of Robin Hood While he did not state the purpose in the story, it is very clear In the case of most myths, legends, and tall tales the adventures and actions of the heroes are almost never told in one large volume Green s purpose was to unite the stories of Robin Hood into an attractive narrative format without completely removing the ballads pieces of which remain at the start of every chapter In unifying the stories tog [...]

    7. Another retelling of the Robin Hood Legend Roger Lancelyn Green s retelling, a bit modern having been published in 1956, draws heavily upon the old ballads and plays as well as the works of Alfred Noyes, Tenneyson and Scott.I found this Robin Hood to closely resemble the Robin Hood that modern pop culture has given us or I guess this might be the Robin Hood the the modern retellings have gained some inspiration Green s Robin started out as the Earl of Huntingdon who was selling his lands to he [...]

    8. Robin Hood war schon als Kind eine meiner liebsten Figuren in der Literatur und auch heute noch finde ich die Vorstellung von einem Rebellen, der die Reichen beraubt, ohne sich selbst bereichern zu wollen, faszinierend Nur Roger Lancelyn Greens Robin Hoods Abenteuer ist nicht wirklich gelungen Green war wie seine Freunde C.S Lewis und Tolkien von Mythen begeistert und wollte die berlieferten Mythen um Robin Hood zu einer Sammlung verschmelzen Tats chlich hat er auch die einzelnen Geschichten in [...]

    9. 4.0 Stars.I have always been fascinated with Robin Hood and wanted to read some of the stories written about him for quite some time now, though finding a book and author who portrayed the whole saga as reliably as possible overwhelmed me I found this edition of Green in a secondhand store in New Zealand for 50 cents and couldn t resist, because at a price like that you can t really go wrong.Though I liked the book, it obviously is aimed at younger readers or people only interested in an overvie [...]

    10. In a time of oppression, where the rich grows richer and the poor grows poorer, one man will challenge the corrupted prince and rebel in the name of God and justice.The tale of Robin Hood is well known and there have been many variations However this book ties together a lot of the old fashion tales of Robin Hood and does one hell of a job at it The book takes us through the life of Robin Hood, from his birth to his death Meanwhile, we are thrown into his merry adventures and introduced to his l [...]

    11. its was alright as far as repeative rescues go every attack was the same basic thing Robin wears a custom, tricks the bad guys, then jumps out and says HAHA i am robin hood Its cute for a kids but i suppose, but not for someone looking for a stimulating read i really only finished so i could finally put it on its place of honor on my Robin Hood shelf in my room Yes, i have a whole shelf solely for Robin Hood novels Sue me Anyway, i decided to give The Adventures of Robin Hood Three stars mostly [...]

    12. It seems incredible to me that this book, first published in 1956, represents the first time that someone tried to collect all of the various Robin Hood stories and develop them into a coherent whole As the author noted in his introduction, this is in somewhat extreme contrast with the legends of King Arthur The result is a collection of short stories which very occasionally seem a little contradictory but which overall do give the sense of a coherent narrative from the origins of the hero to hi [...]

    13. It s mostly a just a collection of standalone short stories, which I wasn t too fond of as I would have preferred a single cohesive story However, the stories are pretty entertaining, if a little repetitive The following is a list consisting of plot points and the probability that they appear in a chapter each chapter is essentially a short story.60% An archery contest that Robin Hood wins.60% A friendly fight with quarterstaves that Robin Hood wins One or both participants will finish with a cr [...]

    14. Roger Lancelyn Green makes an interesting attempt at turning the disparate Robin Hood legends and traditions into one long narrative, threading in stories and sources as diverse as Anthony Munday and Sir Walter Scott, the medieval ballads and pageant plays, and the various other sources Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn t, with seeming contradictions popping up here and there with little to justify them, but on the whole it does tie you a greater sense of time passage and character developm [...]

    15. Another book that has just been sitting around collecting dust, kind of my reading goal this summer I m noticing Anyways, this is something I really should have read when I first got it because I really like Robin Hood Robin Hood is still my all time favorite literary hero Reading this though with some knowledge on history you have to realize that there are some real people in this story King Richard and Prince John were actually kings of England I wonder if this story was political propaganda t [...]

    16. The Adventures of Robin Hood is Green s attempt to gather and organize all the legends and myths of Robin Hood in one complete storyline Of course the chapters are very episodic and fragmental as a consequence of the original material, but Green manages fairly good There s a great sense of continuity present in this book.The story itself is very repetitive, but the characters are fairly agreeable and well represented Especially Lady Marian who turned out to be a lot than the average damsel in d [...]

    17. I honestly went into this book expecting not to like it You see, I m obsessed with BBC s TV series Robin Hood, so I expected that I wouldn t like the real or as close to it as one can get version But I was pleasantly surprised I could actually merge the two versions in my mind quite well.It was quite well written, taken, as much as possible, from old ballads and plays about Robin Hood, I really liked it Green truly picked the best versions of all the different stories, and I loved how they all w [...]

    18. Okay, yes this was for kiddies, but it was highly entertaining and an easy read for the poor busy senior who had to finish a book in 24 hours Each chapter was like a mini story, the first few set up how robin was born and how he got his outlaw band set up The next few were introducing new characters such as friar tuck and little John and allin a dale The next few chapters were individual adventures such as when Robin goes to an archery contest to win a silver arrow This was a well written book, [...]

    19. An extremely enjoyable classic that had me laughing out loud, so much so that turning pages was a pleasure This somehow managed to hold my attention just long enough to pull me into its realm of enchantment It s been forever since a book did that to me In fact, I m kind of starting to miss it now Really, Robin Oh, thank you Thank you I ll just wait for it like this, then

    20. This was a very fun, entertaining book, at the beginning, Robin s pride almost drove me mad with annoyance Seriously But as the book went on, I started to attach myself to him Not Little John I hate Little John I only wish Robin Hood didn t die like that It would have been cooler if he had been hung or something No Okay then Why didn t he kill the lady at the convent Or let Little John do it for him Was that some kind of stupid honor code Cause if someone had detached my band aid

    21. For the first time I prefer the movie then the book I felt like this could have easily been cut down as every chapter tells the same story about Robin Hood s adventures which pretty much ended the same way In a way this was like a short story collection about Robin Hood and his merry men then a complete story with a beginning and end.

    22. classic Robinall the charactersloved n knownnice to readeach chapter it s own little storybuilt together to work

    23. Great book to read to sons and daughters Very exciting and adventurous Each chapter stands on its own, so it s a super book for night time reads

    24. Dad bought this from the Folio Society I stole it off him a few years ago and never gave it back I am such a sucker for Robin stories.

    25. Who haven t heard the name of Robin Hood The myths and the characters were the bane of my childhood The story will always be with me it s what made my imagination run wild as they say Now into this book , it s a Retelling on the ballads and what has been collected however few about the honourable theives.Written back in the 1950s , the writing was easy to get into Mr Green has done a marvellous job of adding his bits into the story but keeping it faithful to the source material.I loved how the c [...]

    26. I really liked that this story is so much bigger then I ever knew Robin Hood has forty or fifty men in the beginning and the story spans ten years of his life He also has a lot men then just the usual gang of merry men that could ve been in adaptations I really didn t like the ending though I feel like the last chapter took a very hard turn from the comedic adventures that were happening during the rest of the book It was like the ending was an entire different genre.I think anyone who grew up [...]

    27. I finally got around to reading this, after seeing it mentioned so many other places I can see why it s still a favorite Lots of action and adventure and bad guys brought to justice Apparently, the author had to cull these tales from a variety of sources, since there wasn t a definitive collection yet The pixel art cover is sure to attract a whole new generation of readers

    28. I really enjoyed reading about Robin and The Marry men, so much adventures and so much fighting xD There were a few moments in the last 3 4 stories that were really hilarious I even enjoyed Marian, given the fact that I dislike her from OUAT.

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