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Naruto, Vol. 31: Final Battle #2020

Naruto Vol Final Battle Naruto and his fellow ninja engage in deadly conflict with the enemy If any of them makes the wrong decision it could be one of Naruto s closest friends who pays the ultimate price

  • Title: Naruto, Vol. 31: Final Battle
  • Author: Masashi Kishimoto
  • ISBN: 9781421519432
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Naruto, Vol. 31: Final Battle By Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto and his fellow ninja engage in deadly conflict with the enemy If any of them makes the wrong decision, it could be one of Naruto s closest friends who pays the ultimate price.

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      Masashi Kishimoto

    1 thought on “Naruto, Vol. 31: Final Battle

    1. Couldn t stop reading it, since I started reading it 14 years ago I tried to watch the anime but the fillers just kept killing the mood for me A great ending for a great manga, and I am glad to see how the story ended.

    2. It s really great to see how the characters have changed over their two years of training Sakura s finally upheld her promise to become great and she s really turned into someone amazing, and even Kakashi learned some new tricks It would be nice to see a little development from Naruto since he seems to be using the same attacks and strategies as he did before, but there is a hint that he s learning to control his power Similarly, it s also nice to get a better look at the Akatsuki and some of [...]

    3. Sasori versus Sakura and Granny Chiyo, continued What the hell have they gotten themselves into Sasori has got to be one of the strangest and creepiest of the Akatsuki, or at least one of the most fantastical His weird transformation also makes me sad and pity him, too It s pretty horrible.Great fight scene.

    4. This is Naruto at its best The story has a fitting ending It is not final battle though There are much battles to come But, somehow this was a final battle for a person who left a legacy which would change the way of future ninja generation and also the village hidden in the sand I have no idea what will happen next but we have got a hint here in this volume A new development in Akatsuki Who is that masked guy

    5. And yet again I m stuck reading Naruto instead of Firstlife or sleeping xD3 Love it and Gaara and Naruto is my absolute favorites 33

    6. I decided to read this book because i love reading manga, especially action packed one s like Naruto Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga series about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all Through the adventure, he gains friends and enemies but still works very hrad to persue his dreams of becoming the Hokage.Naruto Vol.31 completes [...]

    7. This volume starts off with Chapter 272 Chiyo vs Sasori We continue with the battle between grandmother and grandson Both have legendary puppetry skills, and has now come to a deadly violent showdown Sakura also continues to assist Chiyo with her physical prowess Don t miss out on this amazing battle.Cheers and Happy Reading

    8. No matter how many times I re read this volume or watch the full fight of Sasori and Sakura and Chiyo in the anime, it s always really cool and suspenseful, watching everything unravel from the beginning to the end Even though I knew that the enemy was bound to die, the backstory of him is really sad, and how he died was also really sad.

    9. This volume seems to conclude the let s save Gaara storyline, and I thought it did so quite well As usual I really enjoyed the ladies fight, the Puppet Master being a very good opponent and the resolution quite suiting.

    10. this books show wean sakura fights Sasori from the Akatsuki and sasori grand mother fights her grandson and she is good at puppet Jutsu and she kills Sasori with the puppets he made wean he was little.

    11. Some parts I didn t like but overall this was a beautiful volume I would have cried but my family are around me so.

    12. This book was really good and the detail and time put in to making this must ve took a while and it was worth it because this book

    13. Naruto vol 31 book reviewI have finished reading Naruto volume 31 by Masashi Kishimoto Kishimoto currently lives in Okayama Prefecture, Japan with his wife and children Kishimoto is best known for the manga series Naruto, but he has done one feature length anime movie, Naruto the movie Road to Ninja The main character in the book, who is what the series is named after, is Naruto Uzumaki a teenager who is also one of many ninja that lives the hidden leaf village The story in Naruto volume 31 is t [...]

    14. Naruto vol 31 Summary Naruto is a ninja in training with an incorrigible knack for mischief He s got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world s greatest ninja FINAL BATTLENaruto and his fellow ninja engage in deadly conflict with the enemy if any of them makes the wrong decision, it could be one of Naruto s closest friends who pays the ultimate price OPINIONSakura and Granny Chiyo s battle with Sasori continues as it boils down to Puppet Master vs [...]

    15. Back to Naruto after my hiatus I didn t know how much I missed it This installment covers Granny Chiyo and Sakura fighting Sasori Chiyo heals Sakura with a transfer jutsu and Sasori is defeated I loved his backstory and how he constructed puppet parents Meanwhile, Kakashi and Naruto fight Deidara and it is revealed that Kakashi has unlocked the mangekyo sharingan Kakashi uses it to cut off Deidara s arm and Naruto s nine tails appears Kakashi teleports Deidara before he unleashes an explosion Ch [...]

    16. Uma das vantagens de j ter lido volumes mais avan ados desculpem, mas perdia a paci ncia com os fillers da anime ter uma perspectiva muito mais alargada que permite apreciar verdadeiramente o peso deste volume.SPOILER ALERT A empatia entre Gaara e Naruto, cimentada pelo sacrif cio de Chiyo Baa Sama s o cruciais para a s rie Sem ela os eventos da 4th Great Ninja War n o faria sentido Al m disso, a primeira apari o de Tobi n o teria qualquer significado, se n o soubesse o que ir acontecer nos volu [...]

    17. I must say it is and it will forever be fingers crossed my favorite Manga novel reade way Masashi Kishimoto described the characters is just awesome, you get to see them growing up, becoming responsible powerful and it is not just characters,The plot itself is so much bigger u simply can t get enough of it and add to that,u get than just entertainment, you learnwhat isresponsibility,respect,kindness,friendship it is not just a manga it is a way of living The sprite of never giving up NARUTO

    18. In this book i learned about how kakashi had developed a new sharingan when he used it he took diedara s right arm off and his ring beforehand, granny chiyo and sakura were fighting sasori chiyo has used a forbidden transference technique in exchange for her life sakura was healed, but she didn t die because that granny chiyo is still alive later gaara has died because the biju was removed from him so granny chiyo stepped forward and used the technique in exchange for that she died.

    19. I have to confess, I quite like the story, but the characters are a bit grating, and I can t really follow the drawing Naruto has stopped shouting so much which is a joy So in this volume, Sukura and Granny Chiyo continue to battle Sasori it is called the final battle but there have been over 60 volumes so far, so the chances of it being the final battle seems a bit far fetched , but what about Gaara

    20. In this manga there was a lot of action Garra that had died earlier in the series comes back to life, and how he did was so saddened Lady Chiyo, on the other hand, dies by bringing Garra back When Garra came back to life, everyone from the Hidden Sand was their to greet him they was so happy to have him back I thought this manga was amazing

    21. This is one of the better Shippuden volumes That s probably because view spoiler Gaara is alive again I love him so much hide spoiler I ve also gained respect for Sakura In the first arc of Naruto, I thought she was a whiny brat, but here in Shippuden she s starting to prove her worth I hope this is a sign that the future volumes will be just as pleasing as this one.

    22. I thought this volume was really interesting because they finnaly killed sasori the puppet master I was happy because they saved garra Bur it was also sad because 1 of the group had to die in order for garra to live Deidera survived a explosion caused by sasori I for one recommend this book to anyone who likes thrillers

    23. La conclusione della prima storyline di Shippuden soddisfacente nella sua ovvia conclusione.I fallimenti del passato, uniti alla responsabilit del presente, conducono ad un esaltazione strepitosa di pi personaggi, ove a beneficiarne pi di tutti la vecchia Chiyo.

    24. Well this was just great Whole konoha and sand village coming together That was beautiful view spoiler Sasori actually died I mean no offense but a member of AKATSUKI died by the hands of an Old hag and a little girl Woah Who is the new akatsuki member looks dangerous hide spoiler

    25. La de tropos copados y bien utilizados que hay en este tomo Y aunque roza el de la muerte es barata , de alg n modo el talento de Kishimoto se encarga de que aun eso quede bien en el contexto de la historia Adem s, me hab a olvidado de que ya aparec a Tobi Cu nto misterio, cu nto misterio

    26. Naruto, Sakura, Granny Chiyo and Kakashi engage in deadly conflict with Sasori and Deidara Ultimately, someone is not going to survive, and if any of them makes the wrong decision, it could be one of Naruto s closest friends who fights their final battle close

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