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Nothing Ventured #2020

Nothing Ventured When Aiden agrees to run the Mad Mucker a twelve mile muddy slog over an obstacle course he s expecting it to be a bit of a laugh The training will be tough but Aiden could use the motivation to rega

  • Title: Nothing Ventured
  • Author: Jay Northcote
  • ISBN: 9781632164230
  • Page: 275
  • Format: ebook
  • Nothing Ventured By Jay Northcote, When Aiden agrees to run the Mad Mucker a twelve mile muddy slog over an obstacle course he s expecting it to be a bit of a laugh The training will be tough, but Aiden could use the motivation to regain some fitness.Matt is the sexy cousin of one of Aiden s coworkers and a last minute addition to the team When he agrees to train with Aiden, Aiden suddenly finds the prospWhen Aiden agrees to run the Mad Mucker a twelve mile muddy slog over an obstacle course he s expecting it to be a bit of a laugh The training will be tough, but Aiden could use the motivation to regain some fitness.Matt is the sexy cousin of one of Aiden s coworkers and a last minute addition to the team When he agrees to train with Aiden, Aiden suddenly finds the prospect of regular workouts a lot appealing.Soon attraction flares, and they embark on an intense physical relationship Matt doesn t want to fall in love with a man, and Aiden doesn t want to fall in love at all, but despite their insistence on no strings, they grow closer As the day of the race approaches, time is running out for them to work out how they feel about each other.

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    1 thought on “Nothing Ventured

    1. 4.5 stars Warning May cause immediate desire to get off one s arse and go for a run What That s a good thing, intit Includes Men gettin dirty And men gettin clean This book contains two of my favorite things sexy British blokes getting it on and fitness When the slightly out of shape Aiden is manipulated into doing the Mud Macker by his bestie Liv, the silver lining is her gorgeous cousin, Matt, back from Australia, who becomes Aiden s training partner Reluctant and whiny, Aiden nevertheless wan [...]

    2. 4 Running Stars I must say, I quite enjoyed this one I don t always like the whole I don t do relationships and let s keep it casual premise but this one worked for me A drunken night leads to Aiden agreeing to run the Mud Mucker Sounds pretty hot right Yes, yes it does Aiden s out of shape though so he starts training with Matt Matt is bi and not out But with all the running and getting hot and sweaty, Matt and Aiden start flirting and one thing leads to another Now their workouts have happy en [...]

    3. One night, Aiden drinks a little too much and he s manipulated by his co worker and friend, Liv, to run the Mud Mucker Matt is Liv s cousin He moved recently from Australia and works at a private health club To say that Matt is in an excellent shape will be an understatement, but Aiden is out of shape, hating running on anything other than a treadmill When Liv suggests that Aiden and Matt train together for the big event and both accept Aiden is gay, out and proud and he s attracted to Matt from [...]

    4. Reading with Eva and Isabel Monday 17 November 5 Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and all that Stars A training partner with benefits type of book, everything went fairly smoothly, light, sweet, easy to read that has some messy muddy fun that requires a lot of bathing A good dose of hot comfort read, which floats perfectly my boat

    5. Written June 1, 20153 1 2 Stars Pretty nice A M M audiobook novella 4 40 hrs written by Jay Northcote new for me and narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies new for me I enjoyed Bristol, U.K.Aiden agrees to run the Mad Mucker, a twelve mile muddy slog over an obstacle course The training will be very tough but when Matt, the sexy cousin of one of Aiden s coworkers agrees to train with him, Aiden suddenly finds the prospect of running and visit the gym a lot appealing.Matt isn t out of the closet and c [...]

    6. 4.5 running head over heels stars Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained MudRunAll sorts of funFor me it was a wonderful romance, totally hot and smutty too, and I just loved, loved, loved every single page The balance between story, plot, steam, tenderness and MC s development was spot on Aiden and Matt were so perfect together They were kind of stubborn and a little when they didn t realize they totally fall for each other Once Matt gave up the control, everything was different It stopped being a pow [...]

    7. I don t usually write anything here for my own books but I often get asked the question Are the Nothing books a series So here s the short answer No, they re not And here s the longer version.I see them as of a set than a series because they re a similar type of novella I d describe all of them as sweet, light, sexy reads I was never intending to link them at all, but the title Nothing Special was perfect for the second one, so my publisher and I decided to link them by cover design as well I a [...]

    8. Hell yeah, this one was by far my favorite Jay Northcote book so far.The setup is that Aiden, who is only a little out of shape despite the blurb making him sound a bit rotund , gets roped into participating in a 12 mile mud run during Tequila gate by his drunken co worker bestie Liv.Liv has also tagged her hot, muscley fitness trainer cousin, Matt, to be on their team for the race She then enlists Mat s help to whip Aiden s wee bit flabby ass back into shape And the race is in 12 short weeks.So [...]

    9. 2.5 StarsI ve read close to twenty of Northcote s stories over the past few years and I must admit this was my least favourite of my reading experiences Obviously we can t win them all nor should we but I ll admit I was kind of surprised and disappointed by my reactions to this one.Firstly, all the constant talk of fitness and health started to grate on my nerves and make me feel kind of shitty about myself, which obviously wasn t the intended outcome, but nonetheless was the reaction I had Matt [...]

    10. There are so many reviews for this one, so I m gonna skip writing one Lovely, steamy short storyI really enjoyed reading it

    11. Aiden and Matt are training partners for a mud race Who would say that that training would be so fun, so dirty so hot They are strongly attracted for each other but both of them don t want commitments, so they are friends with benefits They train together They shower together And they just couldn t help it they fall in love This is an excellent story, with an original plot, low angst and good characters Jay Northcote has a fabulous writing style and I will keep her books in my mind Read with Bar [...]

    12. 3.5 StarsAiden agrees to run a crazy, grueling obstacle course and his best friend s cousin is ready to whip him into shape What starts off as a grudging trainer trainee relationship morphs into an excellent friends with benefits scenario Aiden doesn t do emotions or relationships.Matt is firmly in the closet he s bi but why go through the lengthy process of explaining that to anyone Not surprisingly, feelings and attachments develop Since both stated they wanted sex only with no strings attache [...]

    13. Jay Northcote is an auto buy auto read author for me I love how I know what I am getting when I start one of her books great meet cutes, adorable sexy boys, low angst and hot physical scenes It s a comfort to me and this story was another fantastic read.There are times you read a book at exactly the right time where everything just fits and this was the perfect time for me Nothing Ventured centers around Aiden and Matt as they train for the Mad Mucker and while I am not training for the same eve [...]

    14. This book and I started off as besties and then ventured into lukewarm territory This is going to sound super weird but it was the lack of communication surrounding the kissing that annoyed me If someone is up for putting your dick in their mouth and vice versa I think you should be adult enough to talk about whether kissing is on the table or not There was miscommunication in this book primarily because there was NO communication When they did communicate it was through a so I know you re not i [...]

    15. The four stars that I am giving this book are being given grudgingly Let me explainI know that in the blurb it says that the MCs enter into an intense physical relationship I just did not realize how much the author took that phrase to heart At the beginning, that was all these boys had it was just about the sex and blowing off some steam There was nothing warm about, nothing heartfelt or passionate or fuzzy, or sexy was purely mechanical And it was a big fucking turn off I have read many storie [...]

    16. 3.5This had an interesting set up The men, Aiden and Matt, are pushed into being training partners for an upcoming obstacle race Aiden was persuaded through a friend at work to sign up on the office team and Matt, who works at a gym, is that same friend s cousin This got off to a rough start for me I found Matt cold and Aiden a bit douchey It takes a while for the guys to warm up to each other and as they did I found myself enjoying the story but with reservations There was a tenseness to their [...]

    17. It was interesting to watch Aiden and Matt train for the Mad Mucker, a 12 mile muddy course with brutal obstacles.I fell for Aiden easily, Matt was another story, it took me forever to warm up to him, I m still not his greatest fan His long drawn out hesitation to finally come out and the main reason behind it didn t really convince me.I have to admit the story of the training itself dragged on After finishing I felt exhausted I guess I lost a few pounds while reading about all the running A bit [...]

    18. 4.5 stars, rounding upFor my honest and true view of this book, please readMORE TOS compliant review I think, let me know when they tell us what the rules are The book I just read is about two or three lovely people, written in beautiful language, by a very good and prolific author I liked it very, very much.It is for sale on DISCLAIMER My reviews now all have this pretty face, so that all and everyone on can stay happy and beatific I ll let you know if I change my mind See the real review above [...]

    19. 2.5 stars By the time these two EQ impaired MCs got their sh t together and pulled their heads out of their asses, I was almost past caring Not enough insight into what made them so emotionally stunted until later in the book, and even then it s only hinted at So basically it s a f ck buddy situation for almost the entire book, with a HFN ending Too little, too late.

    20. Here you go Eight Seven Six.My second read by Jay Northcote I chose this one at the moment that my needs required some light read As a sports fitness person, I like when something of this is included The story is pretty much trivial Out met Closeted bi trough his friend Girl and her cousin, in order to participate in a ongoing race, as a team Out is out of shape and will be trained by Closeted bi , who is a fitness freak The existential questions are Is he gay Top or bottom Where and how do you [...]

    21. That was a surprise in so many levels This book collected dust on my kindle for ages It was the cover that turned me off every time i considered reading it I despise sport and physical action of any kind except the one you have in bed so the theme kinda pushed me away Little did i know that Aiden one of the MCs share my feelings So eventually i decided to give it a try arguing to myself that being a lazy ass with actual sport, i can at least read about it Imagine my surprise to realize the sport [...]

    22. 3.5 starsI liked this one but, as stated in my update, some things bothered me Still, it s a Jay Northcote book and I always enjoy them.

    23. I so loved this book It s adorable and British and kind of made me want to find a hot personal trainer so maybe I wouldn t mind taking up running I don t really see that happening, but I can see the appeal.Aiden and Matt were hot together and they both knew the score Neither wanted a relationship and were perfectly happy being mates with benefits But, sometimes life doesn t go like we plan and sometimes even when we have no intention of falling for someone, it happens anyway.This is yet another [...]

    24. I sat through a hundred or so pages about two guys training If I wanted to read a fitness book I would have bought one.

    25. Yeah No I want to read about the romance between the two main characters Not read a hero fuck an old fuck buddy 20% in, and well after meeting the other hero Fuck off.

    26. I liked the idea of the book and I liked how the connection built up as they didn t jump right into the sex from the start I liked the whole story actually because the flow was nice but there are a few things that bothered me I didn t know what the MC looked like, at least the main one, whose voice we heard I mean, I got to know that he was bald like one third into the book I m not sure if that s something I missed earlier or if it really came rather late in the book I need my hero descriptions [...]

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