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All for Love #2020

All for Love Cousins who might be twins Juliet and Josephine are separated by the Battle of Waterloo only to meet again four years later on a desolate bluff by the Savannah River Both are orphans now but Jul

  • Title: All for Love
  • Author: Jane Aiken Hodge
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All for Love By Jane Aiken Hodge, Cousins who might be twins, Juliet and Josephine, are separated by the Battle of Waterloo, only to meet again, four years later, on a desolate bluff by the Savannah River Both are orphans now, but Juliet is penniless, while Josephine has made a marriage of convenience with a rich Savannah planter Each in her own way is desperate, and when Josephine proposes that Juliet pCousins who might be twins, Juliet and Josephine, are separated by the Battle of Waterloo, only to meet again, four years later, on a desolate bluff by the Savannah River Both are orphans now, but Juliet is penniless, while Josephine has made a marriage of convenience with a rich Savannah planter Each in her own way is desperate, and when Josephine proposes that Juliet play, once , their childhood game of impersonation, she is driven to agree She takes her cousin s place, deceiving even her estranged husband, while Josephine tries a mad gamble to rescue Napoleon from St Helena Plunged into the social whirl of Savannah, and on the great plantation of Winchelsea, Juliet finds the stakes higher than she had realised, and learns all too soon just how little Josephine has told her Beset by strangers who may be friends, enemies, or even lovers, she is compelled to play out the dangerous masquerade Honour and life itself are at stake, and not just her own Entertaining her guests in the great house in Oglethorpe Square, or dancing with the President of the United States, she is aware, always, of disaster looming for them all Madly readable Sunday Telegraph Cracking suspense Daily Mirror Great fun Financial Times All the lightness of Georgette Heyer and with added substance besides New Statesman Jane Aiken Hodge December 4, 1917 June 17, 2009 was an American born British writer Her novels include Runaway Bride , Escapade and One Way to Venice Endeavour Press is the UK s leading independent publisher of digital books.

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    1 thought on “All for Love

    1. If you re a fan of stories like Georgette Heyer s and Mary Stewart s romances, Jane Aiken Hodge s All For Love should be right up your alley Featuring a historical setting and context, it follows two cousins, alike enough to be twins, who switch places while one executes a madcap scheme to rescue Napoleon, while preserving her reputation and giving herself an alibi in the form of her cousin s presence Of course, it stretches credulity a bit, as all such plots would but it doesn t stretch it too [...]

    2. Two cousins, alike enough to be twins, switch places From the plantation Winchelsea to the grand house on Oglethorpe Square in Savannah, these two hatch quite a scheme Josephine, the older of the two, is the brains behind this plot Or is she Can they pull it off and at what cost I really liked this book, the descriptions were wonderful I think, by the description, the pride of India trees must be what we know as crape myrtles Love those live oaks with spanish moss.

    3. This might be my favorite of all Jane Aiken Hodge s work I have always loved impersonation stories, and this one is the story of cousins Josephine and Juliet, brought up in Napoleon s France, but now living in America Josephine is married to Hyde Purchase, a Savannah landowner, but is determined to finance a mission to rescue Napoleon from imprisonment She asks cousin and practically twin Juliet to take her place so her husband won t know of the rescue mission Penniless, Juliet accepts, only to [...]

    4. Me while reading this book Oh book, how I hate thee, let me count the waysSo I m on a train, it s quiet, dull, and I ve an hour and a half ahead of me to while away I have with me one book You d think I could read basically anything at this point, but the book happens to be this little gem, and even though I am somewhere about half way in, I pick it up and then I put it back down I can t I can t do this to myself This is getting to the point where I feel like I m doing homework I stare out of th [...]

    5. 3.5 stars This is a solid book Well written with no major flaws Well other than the ludicrous notion that one cousin could replace another and not have anyone notice simply because they look identical But if that set up is too ridiculous for anyone then they should not be reading this book.I quite liked the husband and how he dealt with all the circumstances he found himself in Juliet was likable and I enjoyed her troubles as she tried to pull off the charade Josephine is less well drawn but for [...]

    6. A good read I ve read other books by JAH but they were all follow ons for Austen novels This is my first of her own stories if you like.Josephine and Juliette are two cousins who could be twins they are so alike In looks that is, in temperament and character they are poles apart When Josephine wants to execute a hair brained scheme she ropes Juliette into changing places with her Juliette is in great need at the time so agrees to it reluctantly Josephine tells her she and her husband live separa [...]

    7. Jane Aiken Hodge does write some very good books Savannah Purchase was not one of her best though I did enjoy it The plot hinges on the resemblance of two cousins alike enough to be twins in looks Juliet is penniless and recovering from the death of her father Josephine rich, flighty and selfish both of French origin now in New Orleans Josephine decides she is going to rescue Bonaparte from St Helena but needs to be away from home and her husband to do so, she persuades Juliet to take her place, [...]

    8. Chapters 15 Pages 205I happen to be a fan of Jane Aiken Hodge I ve, thus far, read six of her books if memory serves and have liked each one She s a truly good 20th century authoress, who weaves great, entertaining stories with well researched eras in history, and has a way with creating a brand of romance between hero and heroine that sometimes leaves you wondering if they ll get together in the end.This book is set in 1800s Savannah, Georgia Two cousins, who pass for twins, get themselves embr [...]

    9. Identical Cousins Switch PlacesLovely Regency Romance set in Savannah, where the rich Mr Hyde Purchis has married the very french Josephine Josephine married for wealth and is immensely bored and quite shallow, but she does have one plan She s planning to use her husband s money to buy a ship and free Napoleon from St Helena To do this she talks her cousin who is her twin in looks, to temporarily take her place at home The rest of the story takes off from there Absolutely great, as poor Juliet t [...]

    10. So far, this is my favorite by this author The story was really good I loved the whole switch places idea The characters were great Loved them There was plenty of excitement to keep me interested view spoiler I also liked that Hodge made it real They didn t fool Hyde for a second That was too good It kind of cracked me up Oh, that and the fact that Josephine was a bigamist And that s how they ended up being together Well done hide spoiler

    11. It was an okay escapist read Sometimes I wasn t quite sure why I was still reading it because the conversations between characters were so awkward, and the heroine was a little too good, and the heroine s cousin was a little too bad, but something about it was readable enough that made me keep going The plot was pretty unbelievable and contrived Gosh Why did I keep reading this Well, the hero was pretty likeable, and the story being set in old Savanny was an interesting change from what I usuall [...]

    12. Billed as a modern day Georgette Heyer I would have to disagree simply for the lack of wit and complex plots But this was a cute little story about what happens when identical cousins switch places and one falls in love with the other s husband It had the same sweetness as The Scarlet Pimpernel.

    13. FunI read this as a teenager, it is a fun easy read, with mistaken identity, problems to solve, and the usual conflicts is a simple romance Great read for a simple relaxing moment

    14. Juliet and Josephine are cousins, daughters of exiled French nobility AS children they were inseparable, and fond of switching places to confuse the nuns at their convent school So when Josephine appears after a long separation and begs Juliet to help out with a far dangerous deception, Juliet lets herself be convinced to take her cousin s place in society, and in an unhappy marriage just for a few days Then Josephine disappears, leaving Juliet to deal with Savannah s upper class, a house full [...]

    15. 3.5 stars I actually read the American Kindle edition of this book, titled All for Love It was enjoyable escapist fiction, with an interesting post Civil War Southern American setting It has a good twin bad twin plot The heroine is somehow an exact physical duplicate of her selfish, amoral married cousin Of course, she is inexplicably loyal to this cousin, and of course she falls in love with the cousin s estranged husband, which results in much angst But things work out, as they always do.

    16. My second Jane Aiken Hodge book in a row This one moved a bit quicker than Maulever Hall, and was not as complex The book is suspense, less Gothic than Maulever Enjoyable in the content and dialogue I like the way Ms Hodge writes, reminds me of Jane Austen I actually laugh outloud at some things This is a CLEAN book, no swearing, etc Good for tween teen and adult that will appreciate good dialogue.

    17. Humorous book about french cousins Juliet and Josephine who trade places so Josephine can go off and rescue Napoleon from Elba Complicated by the fact that Josephine is married to a wealthy plantation owner, who she no longer has relations with, but Juliet falls for It is funny to see the confused reactions people have when the cousins switch back and forth

    18. I read this book before as Savannah Purchase and gave it two stars I don t know why I read it again Jan 2015 under the title All for Love and really liked it and gave it four stars Charming, clever and the history and locale were well done and interesting.

    19. Fun, light read about two cousins who look identical enough to switch places Juliet helps her cousin out and ends up falling for her husband, or course Very convenient resolution, but I found it entertaining and fun.

    20. The exciting tory of Juliet, who takes her cousin s place as wife to Hyde Purchiss, when Josephine tries to rescue Napoleon Great story, well written with lots of excitement, and a most satisfying conclusion I enjoyed it even on re reading.

    21. Classic but there is only one copy in Cleveland I think my mom and I are the only ones who read it Who wouldn t love identical cousins switching places

    22. I like stories about switching places, this one was great Lots of twists and a great Hero Love the ending

    23. Very Georgette Heyer esqe, but set her in the States pre Civil War I really liked the plot and characterizations

    24. It was an interesting plot idea, and of course well written I think it was a little over the top though And a little conveniently ended although in this case that s a good thing aded a B B

    25. So much fun masquerading as her cousin, the main character falls in love with her cousin s husband Set in early 19th century Savannah.

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