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The Temp - Part 1 (Temp Series) #2020

The Temp Part Temp Series Part of of a serial series needs to be read in order Be warned This books ends with a cliffhanger Hardened by her damaged past Alice Bennett has no desire for any type of relationship and easily

  • Title: The Temp - Part 1 (Temp Series)
  • Author: Lacey Wolfe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • The Temp - Part 1 (Temp Series) By Lacey Wolfe, Part 1 of 3 of a serial series needs to be read in order Be warned This books ends with a cliffhanger Hardened by her damaged past, Alice Bennett has no desire for any type of relationship and easily dismisses the warnings about her handsome, but extremely difficult, temporary boss She is determined to do her job, and do it well She needs this job, and the referencesPart 1 of 3 of a serial series needs to be read in order Be warned This books ends with a cliffhanger Hardened by her damaged past, Alice Bennett has no desire for any type of relationship and easily dismisses the warnings about her handsome, but extremely difficult, temporary boss She is determined to do her job, and do it well She needs this job, and the references that come from working at a prestigious law firm But the moment she lays eyes on him, Alice s determination waivers as unexpected desires stir inside her even as he barks orders about her choice of lunch Dylan Marshall is the best lawyer in the city and knows exactly what he wants, and how he wants it done As the senior partner at his prominent law firm, he expects the people working for him to do what they re told Discouraged by the string of incompetent temps, he has low expectations for anyone new the agency sends his way But the latest temporary assistant is anything but incompetent, and Dylan discovers he wants to know about her, and intimately Especially when she stands her ground and questions his orders Suddenly, this domineering boss learns he prefers a woman to be his equal Content warning Adult language and situations, plus some very hot explicit love scenes.

    • [E-Book] ↠ Unlimited ☆ The Temp - Part 1 (Temp Series) : by Lacey Wolfe ✓
      Lacey Wolfe

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    1. Lacey Wolfe is a favorite of mine I can always count on her to deliver an amazing love story Before I get into what I loved about this book, I just want to say how much I adore this cover The Temp has one of the sexiest covers I ve seen in a while, and that alone should draw readers in The cover isn t the best part of the book though, nope, that s the actual story Lacey Wolfe does a fantastic job with creating characters that we can relate to and characters who we wish we trade places with This [...]

    2. Sexy, short, great read Loved it Alice Bennett has just graduated college with an accounting degree and is starting temporary position as Dylan Marshall s secretary Dylan has gone through 3 secretaries already that week and is hoping Alice will stick so he doesn t have to train another The attraction is immediate Alice was warned going to the position that she shouldn t flirt with Dylan because he d fired one of the past secretaries for doing so Dylan knows as soon as he sees Alice that he has t [...]

    3. If you do not like cliffhangers wait to buy this until all parts are out.This was a very intriguing read we get some insight into Alice s life and some hints about Dylan that will hopefully get answered about and a shock for the end I look forward to reading the next oneThe scenes were well written and the characters and there story pull you in.

    4. I received an ARC of The Temp Part 1 written by Lacey Wolfe in exchange for an honest review She is a favorite author of mine and always delivers a great love story As other readers have indicated the cover is amazing The author does an unbelievable job inventing characters which readers can relate to and make us want to switch places with This book was a fast and wonderful read that when you started it you didn t want to put it down I finished it in one sitting.The Temp is the story of Alice Be [...]

    5. ADRI S REVIEW I would like to thank Lacey Wolfe for providing me with a copy of the book so we can bring you this review.This is a short quick read since it is part of a serial series, and as Lacey points out it does end in a cliffhanger Which of course I knew about before I read it, but still didn t listen and dove into it like it were the last piece of cake NOW I have that inevitable belly ache from eating too fast Ok can you tell its almost lunch time for me as I write this review, since Im u [...]

    6. There are some books that once you begin there is NO WAy you are going to set them down until you finish.This is one of those fast reads that it is impossible to tear yourself away from.Alice is a recent college graduate with a rough family history and some dire financial needs.Dylan is a reknowned attorney with a famous bad attitude He has gone through several secretaries in the brief time since the only woman who could put up with him retired Alice is the next secretary in line from the Temp a [...]

    7. LOVED it Great chemistry Alice is spunky and determined which gives Dylan a run for his money He needs someone to push back against his alpha tendencies Told with dual POV which is fun getting all angles to this relationship Alice needs this temp job but has been warned that Dylan is a tyrant She hasn t been able to find a job after graduation so she will work hard to keep this job to pay the bills What she didn t expect was to be attracted to Dylan Dylan is surprised by his reaction to the new [...]

    8. This book just proves that you can t fight your feelings no matter how hard you try Alice starts her Temp position as secretary for Dylan Marshall Dylan has gone through several secretaries prior to Alice and decides that maybe he should go easier on Alice than the others so he didn t have to train somebody else However, they both become attracted to each other and fight their feelings, until they can t any.I loved this book and can t wait to start Part 2 which I have queued up to start in the m [...]

    9. This book is just amazing Lacey sure knows how to get you hooked from the beginning with characters you fall in love with right from the beginning Alice was looking for a job right after graduation but was having difficulty, so she ended up temping until she could find something in her field of work Dylan is a lawyer, incredibly HOT and is apparently going thru temps faster than the agency can keep them employed for him There is chemistry between the two right from the beginning but neither wan [...]

    10. Now that is a cliffhanger Wow This book is amazingly HOT, HOT, HOT I couldn t put The Temp Part 1 down Such a fantastic read This is the story of Alice and Dylan Alice has had a dark past and is trying to move on from it She needs a job to cover her expenses So she is working for Mr Marshall only temporary until another job comes along Follow Alice and Dylan through this amazing book I can not wait to read of Dylan and Alice Lacey Wolfe has done a fantastic job with the flow of the story and th [...]

    11. I first came into contact with Lacey at a Facebook party for another author She was there talking about her books and I was intrigued by some of the concepts that I had to check them out for myself Thusly, I have come to appreciate Lacey s work as I devour her latest releases and continue working my way through her backlist She is amazingly talented and one of the nicest people I know.A few months back, Lacey asked for recommendations for serials because she was on a serial kick this was somethi [...]

    12. Alice is a decent protagonist, but I do not know why she is so against Dylan in the beginning Yeah, he has some mood swings from work, but she goes so far as to call him bipolar Then later she gets upset he s telling her what to do to include answering the phone and she gets bitchy about it Sorry Alice, a secretary handles paperwork Don t act like he s putting you out by asking you to do your damn job.Though he s not all that great himself, being that he has fired secretaries for flirting before [...]

    13. I won this in a Booklikes Giveaway last month, and so panning it feels like looking a gift horse in the mouth, but oh, boy, did this book not work for me It s a boss secretary trope, which is usually bad news I have real issues with the skewed power dynamic not to mention the sheer unoriginality of the notion of a male boss screwing his secretary Here, the trope is even cliched because the boss is some kind of billionaire and the secretary is a much younger, penniless, just out of school and to [...]

    14. This story has me dying to read the next part Ms Wolfe knows how to create amazing characters Alice must keep her job, even though her boss is well, bossy She puts up with his demands and his yelling which drives her crazy Having grown up in a house with yellers, I know how she feels Yelling makes me so upset I give her credit for seeing it through, and although she knows not to mix business with pleasure Alice and her boss fall for each other.It is natural when you spend time together, and espe [...]

    15. This book has adult content and a cliff hanger ending Dylan has not been successful with the temporary secretaries that the agency has sent him He is a demanding boss with a short fuse Alice needs this job and is determined to get past his mood swings.I enjoyed the book and the characters The flow is good I enjoyed the storyline although it was very predictable.

    16. Wow this is a quick steamy read that leaves you wanting It does end in a cliffhanger but the whole series is available in a box set so that definitely makes up for it I really have enjoyed what I ve read so far I m starting the second one now Can t wait to see what happens

    17. Why didn t I find this sooner Fabulous quick read This was exactly what I ve come to expect from Lacey Wolfe, a seductive and surprising read I can t wait to download the next book.

    18. Temptation running wild and a game of cat and mouse that leads to a cliffhanger out this world Run Alice because things just got complicated.

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