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Voyeur Extraordinaire #2020

Voyeur Extraordinaire Living in a dank one room apartment and working as a waitress in a shabby bar Nora didn t think her life could get any worse But that s before sexy as hell Adrian Black moves into the apartment acros

  • Title: Voyeur Extraordinaire
  • Author: Cora Reilly
  • ISBN: 9781502394880
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Voyeur Extraordinaire By Cora Reilly, Living in a dank one room apartment and working as a waitress in a shabby bar, Nora didn t think her life could get any worse But that s before sexy as hell Adrian Black moves into the apartment across from her bedroom window and she s caught spying on him having sex Now he has set his eyes on her Not falling prey to his panty dropping smiles proves to be a challenge NoLiving in a dank one room apartment and working as a waitress in a shabby bar, Nora didn t think her life could get any worse But that s before sexy as hell Adrian Black moves into the apartment across from her bedroom window and she s caught spying on him having sex Now he has set his eyes on her Not falling prey to his panty dropping smiles proves to be a challenge Nora isn t sure she s ready for especially since the most action she ever had are the butt slaps from leery customers at work An encounter with Adrian involving a healthy dose of pent up tension and too much alcohol leads to an awkward night that none of them will likely forget But it s only the beginning Every night I take out my binoculars, point them at the window of my neighbor Adrian Black and watch him banging a new girl, and every night I wish the girl was me Where the hell is a shooting star when you need one

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      179 Cora Reilly
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    1. Cora Reilly I love you, and adore your Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles series, but this bookThe main female character annoyed me to death with her childish behavior and na ve thinking After seeing Adrian banging a different woman every night spying his bedroom window for a few weeks and after hearing what a manwhore he is I had no problem with the fact that she went on a date with him or even with the fact that she wanted to sleep with him on their first dateWhat made me really want to pull out m [...]

    2. 2.75 starsNora Clark s life is downright depressing She s an aspiring writer, but her waitressing job at a trashy bar pays the bills One evening, a captivating scene next door holds her interest long enough for her to whip out her binoculars and pleasure herself to what she sees in the building next door From that day on, it s a struggle for Nora not to spy on her neighbor and his rotating bed mates It s not long before she s dreaming about being one of those women in his bed, and what s worse i [...]

    3. 3.5 STARS Cora Reilly isn t that well known of an author compared to many romance authors I know, but I do believe that she has what it takes to be there one day I seldom read romance novels any because the I read, the I realize how recycled a lot of these romance stories are I used to LIVE for romance novels but now I can t even pick one up and finish it because right off the bat, I can already tell how the story is going to go But Cora s storylines always seem to hook me in right from the st [...]

    4. Actual Rating 1.5 StarsI wanted to give this book a 1 Star rating, it was an infuriating read Damn it, talk about an annoying, delusional, self indulgent protagonist Nora has some serious issues, I m not saying what Adrian did was right but girl what do you expect from him He s only known you by the fact that he knows that you like watching him have sex and that you know he s with a different and experienced women every night and you expect that after your first date and not a stellar one at tha [...]

    5. Come check out the reviews on my blog Under The Cover3.5 stars ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review I was in a good mood when I started this book I had read another one in the same theme by one of my favorite authors, and so I was looking forward to read something along the same lines And, to be honest, the beginning was what I expected A curious heroine who stumble upon her neighbor having sex, ends up sort of obsessed about watching him and develops a crush on said neighbor [...]

    6. I had fun being a voyeur through Nora s eyes She is struggling to make ends meet as a waitress while living in a tiny one bedroom apartment The best thing going for her is her best friend Amy and her husband Jared then one night she spies a man having sex in the next apartment building Nora starts to plan her evenings around watching her sexy neighbor and his nightly conquests then one night he catches her watching Then she bumps into him in front of their apartment buildings as Adrian begins to [...]

    7. 4 StarsThe story begins Nora, a girl with a dream on the way, facing many difficulties stumbles upon her new neighbor having sex She can t help but watch and after a brief denial she does it almost every day as a form of entertainment in her otherwise boring life full of rejection and drunken, disgusting men I liked this book very much except from Nora, our heroine, at times Because of her sheltered life and naivety she thinks that a womanizer and someone that clearly doesn t want to change his [...]

    8. I liked but i wish I do a research before stared reading, it s a series and the second book it s not even published, not even a date to be released So disappointed because the story really caught me.

    9. ARC kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review This one has been on my watch list for a while, so was thrilled to see its imminent release and pleasantly surprised to be given an ARC Premise young 21 YO Nora recently new to NYC is working as a waitress as she tries to get published as an author In what becomes somewhat of a nightly ritual, she begins covertly watching a man in an adjacent apartment building have sex with a different woman each night and soon becomes addicted to [...]

    10. Amazing book This is not a book about voyeurism it is a book, with a fabulous plot line, about discovering your sexuality while struggling to make sense out of life.Nora is our main character She is 21 years old, living alone in New York City, working as a waitress at a dumpy bar, while she pursues a career as a writer Oh, and she is a virgin She has kissed three guys in her entire life, allowed one of them a little 2 second groping on prom night, and that is it for experience Looking out her du [...]

    11. I went into this one kinda blind, not remembering the blurb when I snagged it on I was pleasantly surprised by this one I really liked the heroine, even if she did act a little slow in the relationship department We don t know exactly whys she s so closed off She got pawned off on a guy back in high school after the guy she likes hooks up with her bestie instead of her She makes out with 2nd choice and gets badly groped and then isn t interested in men for the next 3 4 years Huh Even though I ha [...]

    12. Nora is a young, broke, aspiring author living in New York with minimal friends and social life She finds herself spying on man whore Adrian Black having sex They meet andwell now you have to read the book.I will say that this book starts out and you sort of feel like it is going to be full on erotica but that kind of fizzles out and you get sexual tension.The story is good the heroine does make you have moments of wanting to slap some sense into her but I still thoroughly enjoyed it It is a q [...]

    13. Finally, setelah menelan kopi pahit dan menyiksa mata ini dengan huruf berjajar akhirnya aku bisa selesai membaca ini Butuh waktu yang lumayan lama juga Karena aku tidak menyangka kalau buku ini sukses bikin aku bored to dead Aku suka Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles seriesnya Cora Reilly, jadinya aku menutuskan untuk membaca Voyeur Extraordinaire 30 halaman pertama masih oke, tapi setelah itu ceritanya stuck, monoton, dan bikin ngantuk Aku sempat hampir menyerah gak mau melanjutkan ini lagi Tapi [...]

    14. Genre Romance Author Cora ReillyBook Voyeur Extraordinaire My Star Rating 3.5 out 5Will I read I read it again YesI was given this book to read and give an honest review This review is my honest opinion and I have fully read this book Have you ever looked out your window and saw your neighbor getting down and dirty Did you watch Well see Nora works in a bar and when she comes home she happens to look out her crappy apartment window and see her hot neighbor who is getting it on with the drapes op [...]

    15. I LOVED THIS BOOK I have to say it was full of emotion, humor, and pure honesty I understand what the heroine was going through when she became obsessed with Adrian She let her fantasy of thinking that he might change for her get to her I thought it was emotional and real Also, I got to read about the first date in an actual book How sweet is that Overall, this book was adorable and realistic

    16. It has everything one wants to read in a book The gorgeous guy, the shy virgin, lots of hot scenes and conflict that will make you sayouch And all the time I was reading, there was only one person I pictured as Adriane scrumptious and smoking Jamie Dornan Omg my heart just can t take all the hotness I can t wait to read the next book excited

    17. Everyone always wonders what the neighbor is doing Some people just use binoculars I loved it when she got caught The ending is wonderful, makes you want to see what happens with the rest of the story.

    18. Ok bookThis was an ok read for me I just couldn t fine that Spark in this book to hold my interest But held on and kept reading it.

    19. Beware this is only part one.Nora s life is boring, she s a waitress in a shabby bar and lives in a tacky one room apartment she s been in New York for three years now and instead of getting inspiration for her writing she s stuck working nine hour shifts getting her butt slapped so when a hot new guy moves into the apartment opposite her and her first glimpse of him is him having sex with a hot redhead then she s intrigued, ok she s than intrigued she s turned on Then it happens again the next [...]

    20. 3 Stars.The protagonist in this book really, REALLY pissed me off I feel as though she walked herself into a situation anyone could have seen coming from a mile away possible spoilers The book started off good and i could understand Nora and the way she thought I could see why she would be curious in her neibour having sex and watching, i could also see why her crush develops What i struggle with is the way she goes from level 1 crushing to level 8 falling for him within one converstaion The boo [...]

    21. I RECEIVED THIS BOOK THROUGH FIRST READS GIVEAWAY I enjoyed the book It was hot and interesting enough to hold my focus from the beginning I also thought it was quite funny and loved how Nora s dog, Bruno, seemed to have a mind of his own and was constantly mentioned in the book like a whole other significant character I also loved the relationship between Nora and her friend Amy and her boyfriend Jared I liked how she has someone to fall back on when she needs help and Amy seems like someone wh [...]

    22. So this was a good book A 3.5 book The story of Nora and Adrian The story starts out with Nita being a voyeur, but the book isn t really about that at all The characters definitely grew on me as did the story The writing was just a bit off for me There were a few expressions and mistakes that made me shake my head On numerous occasions and that impedes the flow That aside, there were also one or two unexpected twists and turns that I liked I didn t realize that the second in the series was not p [...]

    23. Gaaah, I just expected from the story, okay Half of the book was about how she kept on watching Adrian Black having sex then the rest was about how angry she got after they had sex because he view spoiler didn t do virgins hide spoiler Not that the former was hot, I felt like I was doing second degree voyeurism But seriously, I needed sex from the characters as a couple.I was super annoyed with Adrian I m just hoping that Nora will develop a firmer backbone when it comes to resisting Adrian s [...]

    24. Voyeur ini artinya pengintip kali yah Hidup di New York selama 3thn setelah lulus SMA utk mengejar impian sbg penulis ttp selalu ditolak karyanya akhirnya menjadi waiter bar ece2 utk menopang hidup, tinggal di apartemen kecil Gara2 ketahuan mengintip aktifitas seksual tetangga sebelah apartemen yg doyan gonta ganti cewek, bikin Nora makin stress Si tetangga yg diintip itu bernama Adrian malah ngajak kencan Nora yg berakhir bencana krn Nora masih virgin Adrian itu tipikal cowok playboy yg maunya [...]

    25. A little confusedI ve really enjoyed the Bound series by this author This book was really different The setting is in New York city, but the characters talk if they are British It was really odd Nora wasn t that exciting of a character until 70% into the book That s when it got really interesting with her and Adrian Up until that point, the book was basically about a women working as a waitress trying to become a published author Nothing too exciting there Then, the book ends abruptly There was [...]

    26. I really do see potential in this book It s just that the boring parts seem to lag for it to have the 2nd book which I m excited for Adrian, yes, he s an asshole It s the first time I really got pissed at a guy because he finds sex as a means of healing But I don t really blame him Nora s there to save the day.But I find her character quite annoying too because she acts childish and I feel like she s a 12 year old.And that is what I m most excited about view spoiler The last sentence of the firs [...]

    27. 3.5 Essentially, this was a research book for me I ve been working on a similar plot for quite some time and went looking to see what else was out there This is one of the few books I found with a female voyeur But the book isn t really about voyeurism, it s an exploration of the MC s sexuality Well written, but I had a hard time relating to the MC and that discouraged me at times However, it s definitely something I would recommend for any of my own readers looking for a change.

    28. I started this book on a whim and it was what I expected a good little distraction for a Sunday afternoon.Like all erotic fiction I ve read so far, the characters weren t as flashed out as they could have been, also the plot was utterly predictable But I enjoyed it for what it was.Also, I liked the fact that the main character Nora wasn t totally adverse to self pleasure, even if she was a virgin and even though of course it all boils down to finding the One in the end.

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