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#Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients (Management 3.0) #2020

Workout Games Tools Practices to Engage People Improve Work and Delight Clients Management FIVE STAR RATING AVERAGE ON AND NEARLY PAGES IN HIGH QUALITY AND FULL COLOR This is definitively the most colourful book on management I have ever seen Karl Leu Switzerland I m in love with it Th

  • Title: #Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients (Management 3.0)
  • Author: Jurgen Appelo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • #Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients (Management 3.0) By Jurgen Appelo, FIVE STAR RATING AVERAGE ON AND NEARLY 500 PAGES IN HIGH QUALITY AND FULL COLOR This is definitively the most colourful book on management I have ever seen Karl Leu, Switzerland I m in love with it The most beautiful and engaging business book ever Vasco Duarte, Finland I felt like changing my life after each chapter Sergiu Damian, Romania About the bFIVE STAR RATING AVERAGE ON AND NEARLY 500 PAGES IN HIGH QUALITY AND FULL COLOR This is definitively the most colourful book on management I have ever seen Karl Leu, Switzerland I m in love with it The most beautiful and engaging business book ever Vasco Duarte, Finland I felt like changing my life after each chapter Sergiu Damian, Romania About the book Can our organization be a little bit like Pixar, Spotify, Netflix, Zappos, Virgin, Valve or IDEO Is there something I can do to get a better company culture Better collaboration Better management The book Workout offers concrete games, tools, and practices for all workers so they can introduce better management, with fewer managers It addresses many common questions, such as How can we measure team performance How can we decide on salaries and bonuses How can we define job titles and career paths How can we replace performance appraisals How can we motivate our workers How can we change the organization s culture In modern organizations, people are expected to be servant leaders and systems thinkers , but nobody explains exactly how to do this on a Monday morning Empowering workers and delighting customers is crucial, but it s not concrete Managers, and everyone else, need to know how because most organizational problems are management problems Management is too important to leave to the managers This book offers you Serious games to help improve organizational culture Simple practices that increase employee engagement Creative stories that inspire teamwork and collaboration New ways to achieve team accountability and responsibility Easy workout exercises to make the business agile Modern tools that enable people to enjoy a happy Monday When you implement the games, tools, and practices in this book, you can move the organization toward better management with fewer managers GuaranteeIf, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with this book, then please send a private message to Jurgen s email address, Facebook or Twitter account, within one year of purchasing the book Jurgen will immediately refund your purchase No questions asked Think of it as a one year warranty What readers sayThis book by Jurgen Appelo is both beautiful and valuable I call it art Stefan Wunder, Germany Workout by Jurgen Appelo is one of the most practical management books I ve ever read Highly recommended Lee Winder, United Kingdom A must read not only for managers, but also for everyone in the organization Lemi Orhan Ergin, Turkey Reading Management 3.0 Workout makes me feel like I have finally arrived in the 21st century Ivo Peksens, Latvia

    • [å #Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients (Management 3.0) || ☆ PDF Download by ↠ Jurgen Appelo]
      313 Jurgen Appelo
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    1 thought on “#Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients (Management 3.0)

    1. OK, so I learned that GoodReads allows authors to review their own book Well, after reading it 20 times I must admit I was rather sick of it But that has passed Now, I m merely proud.

    2. Being a proof reader for the book was one of my best experiences of reading a book Not only I got the content first but I got to express my comments and see them processed by Jurgen It also gives me the honour of being among the first to give a review here.As a person who has spent than 15 years in the IT industry with roles spanning from development to management, I have found so many A HA moments in Jurgen s pages All of the practices and ideas to improve work are applicable to the businesses [...]

    3. Once again Jurgen delivers.I leave this book filled of a great feeling and injected with plenty of ideas Building a company that trusts on the people that are part of it is not easy But the examples here exposed are great points to experiment Both for those already doing it and those that wants to start.For me the highlights are the merit money idea and the reward effort concept Both are answers for some issues that I ve struggled for some years with career plans.

    4. Reading this book was a lot of fun Jurgen s writing style is awesome.The book has lots of good stories and ideias for to you apply in your company and teams right away No bullshit, direct to the point.I really recommend you to read if you want your organization to be a place where people are engaged and have fun while doing a great job.I learned that it is about making all stakeholders happy customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, community etc.

    5. Great survey of modern practices of organizational management I liked how the author emphasized management being everyone s responsibility and too important to leave out to managers.

    6. I have just finished reading Management 3.0 Workout I felt that Jurgen has done a mind meld and presented what I had been thinking for much too long Thank you for presenting and extending management thoughts with grace, elegance and humour Though we may not agree on the Apple iPhone or Barbara Streisand my hearing may not be the most crisp your thoughts and ideas on management, complex adaptive systems, systems thinking, et al, supported by your many pragmatic suggestions, are excellent Your boo [...]

    7. Visually the most beautiful business related book I ve ever held in my hands Contains many handy tools for improving the workplace I ve already successfully experimented with some of them.Jurgen continues to be one of my heros in modern management principles Every time I pick up one of his books, it always inspires and challenges me to do better.Highly recommend

    8. I m a bit ashamed of myself I ve owned Workout Games, Tools Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients by Jurgen Appelo for already half a year and now I finally was able to finish the book Book is a real gem and I will definitely be using it regularly for my work.I actually had met Jurgen Appelo years ago in Finnish agile event before he had written any books From those days onward I ve been reading his interesting thoughts from his blog and his books This book I bought direc [...]

    9. After Management 3.0 and How to Change the World, Jurgen Appelo is back with a series of principles, tools practices, and inspirational thoughts to replace bad management by better management Management 3.0 Workout, available in a free text edition, design edition, ebook, and paper There is no shortage of ideas There is a shortage of commitment to making them happen Appelo s transparent about his sources, and the intention to steal tweak ideas You may view this book as a reflection of current ma [...]

    10. I ll write the review as a Feedback Wrap.Context I write this a week or so out from a Dare conference and Workout event in Melbourne I m really looking forward to that.For me this is a milestone book I read a lot of Management books but few have the impact that this book had The ones where you think Wow, this is gold My first experience of that was with Peopleware in the early nineties and not too many in between So Workout goes to the top shelf.Feedback Practical, innovative practices you can s [...]

    11. Call it intimate or egocentric, Jurgen s writing style is ultimately personal Being renowned as one of the top influencers in the Agile community, he uses himself as an example or reference all over the book.Personal marketing aside, as the book is sold as a compilation of management best practices, the amount of learning and enjoyment you can take out if this book will really depend on what you have already experienced Some chapters may read as old news, shallow cognitive psychology, or blunt s [...]

    12. In order to excel in my consultancy work I continuously learn about new methods and techniques to support my customers So I expected to find some new practices and some argumentation to improve my work Usually I read the book travelling by train or plain and created a huge Mindmap to learn about the interfaces of the several chapters.In total I learned some useful practices which I can include in my daily work, e.g the delegation boards, feedback wraps or the kudo box What really freaked me out [...]

    13. When I started my first and still the only one job 10 years ago I had no idea what an organization is Jurgen s book showed me not only how complex organization as system is but also how lucky I had been for all these years When new employees were joining our company they often claimed that we are completely different than others, that we do care about people and healthy culture and that they haven t ever seen this before Now I see that there are many organizations focused on better management a [...]

    14. I read many books with many concepts and definitions about management, but little about what really can be done And all doable only by managers.Of course it would be wrong to prescript formulas or good practices in such a broad and complex context, but this book brings them explaining that they re just ideas or suggestions to begin to change or improve your environment and team, taking complexity into consideration And it s not just for managers As it repeatedly says management is too important [...]

    15. I have also had the honor to be a reviewer of the book as it was being written I soon went from being a reviewer to a huge fan of the book awaiting in my inbox for the next chapter to arrive it gets you hooked I would get back from work and keep the light on till i finished the chapter that arrivedBeing a agile coach for organizations, I only wish each and every manager or leader gets to read this book There are great discussions on day to day issues like how to manage salaries, The kudos box, d [...]

    16. Great set of tools and techniques for everyoneI am writing this review whilst lying on the coach having finished this book during a full day of heavy rain and no real ability to exercise I am a little tired as it is 11 30pm, but feel motivated having finished this great book.This is a great book to read for everyone who works in any organisation The chapter on performance appraisals was one I immediately shared with my team What was most amazing was as soon as I shared it a member of the team se [...]

    17. We work harder when we are happy University of Warwick I see this classic image of the boss as a total anachronism It may work in certain connotations like organised crime boss , union boss or pit boss , but being bossy per se is not an attribute that I have ever seen as desirable in a manager or anyone else for that matter Richard Branson, Like a Virgin No matter whether there are managers or not, everyone should feel responsible for management The practice of Gemba states that a person ought t [...]

    18. The book Management 3.0 workout by Jurgen Appelo provides many practices, games and tools that enable organizations to improve the way they manage themselves and how they treat and support their employees Where Management 3.0 already provides the backgrounds and insights on better management, this new book gives concrete examples on how to implement it.Here s a set of 15 quotes summarizing the first eleven chapters of the book, which I also have tweeted using mgnt30.

    19. Fantastic book full of both practical tips and ideas to reflect on the the type of manager you want to be Not having had the luxury of having a good manager as an example to learn from in the past, I found this book amazing for helping me understand what a good manager would look like.The book is written in a very easy to understand style It s simple and fun to read I only have one small complaint by the time I finished reading it the cover of the book had completely detached glue not strong eno [...]

    20. I can t find the words to describe how this book alongside with Management 3.0 leading agile developers, developing agile leaders changed my mind From complexity theory to modern management workout exercises this material completely blew my mind.Jurgen Appelo is a fantastic writer and I had a lot of fun reading this one The content is perfectly organized, full of concrete practices and filled with lots of useful stories I had already implemented many M3.0 practices in my company, but now I have [...]

    21. One of the best book I ever read I tried already a lot of ideas and each worked and was highly applauded by my teams.I used the Kudo Box to give and receive feedback, merit money to show my team mates who is helpful and who s not and the board from the Yah Questions for the retrospective which lead to better insights and discussion without clustering and dot voting.Even if some ideas are already good practice I love to take this book out of my shelf and browse through it and be inspired by the p [...]

    22. Workout is a very untypical management book since it is rather a collection of best practices with guidelines to start right away This hands on mentality helps a lot to put recommendations into practice right away A good example are the moving motivators which give you a good understanding of your coworkers team members and their motivation towards work In addition, they help a lot to reflect on your own motivation with respect to work or any other community you are in In conclusion, workout is [...]

    23. Another JA s book, another quality stuff The overall idea for the book appeared a bit messy for me , but the truth is that I ve enjoyed the ride a lot Best chapters the about career progression, metrics merit money Obviously there were also some ideas I wasn t that enthusiastic about, but it s a subjective matter, I guess So, why should you read this book 1 Because of author s unconventional approach to management even if you re not going to use it, make your own opinion at least2 Because the ar [...]

    24. One of the most memorable book that I ve ever read before I truly believe that is worth its price I ve being reading a variety of books regarding leadership however none of them gave me such practical advices, tools and games to lead engineering teams I used almost half of the practices presented in the book and I got great outcomes Teams started to ask me for and building team activities, they became committed and happy to work in our projects Moreover, it s an easy reading and very enthusias [...]

    25. A very inspiring book with some good ideas and thoughts What I really like is the practicability and the common sense of what is written and proposed What I miss are concepts and thoughts if you have to deal with big companies Introducing agility in a company with a few hundred employees is a completely different story from introducing it in a company with a few thousand or even a hundred thousand employees Overall the practicability and inspiration predominates and read with care, the book is a [...]

    26. I really love this book It s a really super book that is worth its price I have tested most of the tools sharp at customer workshops but also internally, and these simple tools work fully Extra bonus for simplicity I have fw the book to my collegues that work as Agile coaches, these tools can be used for all types of workshop and eg even for personal development I have avsked all my staff to use the moving motivators prior to their personal development dialog Thanks for providing this great tool [...]

    27. Since about 2 years I ve been trying to encourage people in my company to start little change initiatives to see how we can bottom up help to increase motivation throughout the company It s needed after years of reorganization When I first got my hands on this book I immediately knew I was offered the tools to give yet another impulse to my efforts The first, which I can recommend to anyone trying to invoke change from the lower layers starting tomorrow, was the Kudo Box and Cards So simple, so [...]

    28. I started to read this book because I d read many blog posts by Jurgen and the book is as good as them.I m not a big fan of managers and management I m a programmer but this book helped me to understand that what I don t like is bad management.The way to distinguish good and bad management is their practices And a good practice should engage employees improve the system delight clients

    29. Good books with a lot of advices to try and experiment However, the book seems like a collection of ideas taken from other books and we can sense the aggregation effects on the style Compared to other similar books, this is standing out.I guess one of the major interest is on the author s capacity to provide personal stories that creates a connection with the reader which is quite nice to read.

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