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Survived by Her Longtime Companion #2020

Survived by Her Longtime Companion Hired to work on a biography of the late film star Daphne DeMonet Bailey Hampton arrives to conduct an interview with Eleanor Burnett Daphne s longtime companion To Bailey s dismay she learns Elea

  • Title: Survived by Her Longtime Companion
  • Author: Chris Paynter
  • ISBN: 9781942204084
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook
  • Survived by Her Longtime Companion By Chris Paynter, Hired to work on a biography of the late film star, Daphne DeMonet, Bailey Hampton arrives to conduct an interview with Eleanor Burnett, Daphne s longtime companion To Bailey s dismay, she learns Eleanor has set up a co interview with Bailey s ex partner, Chelsea Parker.Estranged for eleven months, the two women hide their painful memories and strain to be civil to oneHired to work on a biography of the late film star, Daphne DeMonet, Bailey Hampton arrives to conduct an interview with Eleanor Burnett, Daphne s longtime companion To Bailey s dismay, she learns Eleanor has set up a co interview with Bailey s ex partner, Chelsea Parker.Estranged for eleven months, the two women hide their painful memories and strain to be civil to one another Eleanor startles them by insisting that they take turns reading aloud from Eleanor s diaries of her life with Daphne DeMonet Only after the diaries are read in her presence will Eleanor proceed with a full interview.Once Eleanor discovers that Bailey and Chelsea are ex partners, the diary readings take on a new meaning for her Can they learn from the mistakes she and Daphne made as young lovers Will that knowledge bring Bailey and Chelsea together again Or is it too late to mend their broken relationship

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      432 Chris Paynter
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    1 thought on “Survived by Her Longtime Companion

    1. I loved this book A wonderful and amazing story about two women that spans over 60 years This is one of those books that if done right and with the true essence of the story would make an amazing movie.

    2. To be honest, I struggled a bit with this book I wanted to love it, I was excited to read it, but it never really clicked for me I was waiting to feel just totally immersed in the two love stories, but it never really happened I think part of the problem was the fact it had two love stories going at once While I have enjoyed stories with groups of women and different relationships going on For whatever reason, maybe because one relationship was in the past and one present I felt like I never rea [...]

    3. 2nd TIME and It wont be my Last time coz I m sure Im going to read this every year 5star again lots of cry not for sadness but for full of LooooooovveeeeJust Read the Book and ready your tons of tissue If I m a godamn Billionier I will produce this book to Film Adaption I don t know what to say This is the first time I cried many times just reading a book I fell in love, got hurt then fell in love again, I got hurt again and feel the pain It comsumed my emotion Chirs Paynter what did you do to m [...]

    4. If there was a 6th star I would give it to this book By far my favorite book and I m too scared that nothing will come close to it It s a parallel love story with 2 couples involved however Daphne Ellie story is much stronger and the connection is just so REAL The story takes you through a journey of 65 years and it does it brilliantly and touches upon the struggle of gay society in the old days where everyone needed to lie cover their sexuality Unfortunately this hit me personally because where [...]

    5. What a journey This is a really well written and touching novel To some people, this story may be a story of hope, with a positive message And it is, somewhat But personally, I found it incredibly sad Beautiful, but so, so sad I cried, a lot If you re not in a good place emotionnally, you probably shouldn t read this one I don t know why I finished the book with a heavy heart, but I believe the reason is the lack of balance between both love stories I got a lot attached to Daphne and Ellie than [...]

    6. This great book would make a great movie Two parallel love stories, captivating and very believable characters, interesting and well constructed plot I like all of Chris Paynter s novels but this one is definitely best so far One of my five top books of 2012 Updated after multiple rereads One of my top books ever.

    7. This is an interesting and entertaining read that speaks to relationships How easy it is to neglect the one you love and how precious and wonderful life can be with the right person in your life The reader gets to travel back in time through a series of diary entries to the golden years of Hollywood when same sex couples had to disguise their true feelings for each other or risk being black listed by the big studios Well edited and well paced and well deserving of its Goldie award, Ms Paynter ha [...]

    8. This book has popped up in my recommended list for a long time and I ve always thought that I wouldn t be interested after reading the synopsis I am so glad that I ve given this a try as this book is going to make it to my all time favourite list.The pacing and the parallel story line went surprisingly well, and I thought it was very well balanced Ellie s and Daphne s story was in the past while Chelsea and Bailey s story is forward moving Ellie has already lost Daphne, contrasting with Chelsea [...]

    9. I remember reading the description of Survived by her Longtime Companion by Chris Paynter when it came out and thinking it sounded too sombre for the kind of story I was in the mood for, but ever since I ve kept hearing how much people have loved this novel So when it came up as the book of the month on the Facebook lesficReader group, I thought I would take a look at it, and I m extremely glad that I did The rekindling of the relationship between the younger protagonists, although harrowing at [...]

    10. Just my luck that right I had just recently finished a very sad romance story right before this just to encounter another one that made me cry again My heart is not ready to go through these emotional roller coaster twice in a row, it is fragile, really fragile Normally, I would be the first one to yell out epilogue However, the ending of this story is right where it supposed to be I don t think any other unnecessary wrap it up scene is needed PS I really enjoy Eleanor and Daphne s story, perhap [...]

    11. I liked this book a lot I thought it was interesting that it had two different story lines with two different time framescause of the fact that the book evolves around two different couples, I was afraid that it would be hard to stay with the feeling of each story This was no problem at all, there was a nice balance between the different story s I m looking forward to reading books by Chris Paynter Very well done with this one What a blessing it must be to experience a love like Daphne and Elea [...]

    12. Woah I am hopelessly in love with Eleanor and Daphne in the end This book moves me to tears of happiness It gives me hope knowing that love can last a lifetime, and even longer than we could imagine Wouldn t we all wish for a love like this

    13. I enjoyed the dual nature of this book, two stories entwined but there were times when it felt a little quick and I wanted than surface details and a quick glimpse at the emotions experienced.Overall a lovely story 3.5 for me.

    14. I really love this story I can t remember the last time that I cried just by reading a story I almost believed that Daphne and Eleanor was real What they had was beautiful Now I sound like their real D

    15. A sad but beautiful book Beautifully written and my heart break along with Eleanor along the journey Love it but might not have the heart to read it again Totally recommend to people who haven t read it though Simply beautiful.

    16. This book is one of my favorites The older story line just cut me in two and then put me back together again Loved it so much

    17. I love this novel, am sure I ll read it many times.There are two love stories, separated by time, in the novel and the way Chris Paynter weaves the two stories together is amazing.The main story is about a Hollywood star and her female lover I grew up with Hollywood stars, in films and my dreams, so it was fascinating to read about one, she felt so real The characters are so lovable, and the novel is beautifully written Lately, I ve lost my faith in lesbian romance but Survived by her Longtime C [...]

    18. I was so captivated by the story that I was thinking about it in terms of a movie, at work I would be like, man can t wait to get to the next episode instead of chapter LOVED IT

    19. I apparently didn t get the memo Edited to clarify I don t mean to imply any subterfuge, I was just joking Readers are unique, as these reviews show What floats one person s boat sinks another s It s just the way it it An interesting premise A young couple interviews the survivor of an elderly couple while overcoming their own problems, which are so minor it s ridiculous that they broke up in the first place Much of the plot is just an excuse to get from one sex scene to the next Oh wow, even ol [...]

    20. What can I say about this book that other reviewers haven t already said Often times I find myself reading one book after another without a lot of afterthought simply because I love getting lost in the world the author has created And then I read this book My heart broke for Eleanor and Daphne It made me pause and consider the time that we currently live in and the fact that I can marry whoever I want, be it a man or a woman and that I don t have to hide who I love like they had to It made me co [...]

    21. I absolutely LOVED this book I sacrificed a night s sleep read it from start to finish in about 8 hours Time well spent Eleanor was an absolute delight Daphne was blessed to have her although it took her too long to fully realize it, I m happy she did I found myself wishing Eleanor was real so I could have afternoon tea with her soak up some of her strength wisdom.Bailey Chelsea was on the verge of throwing away somthing precious although it was frustrating to read, I m glad they didn t take a l [...]

    22. Great story I found it very compelling I also liked the paralleling of the two love stories The fact that there were two sets of long term partners avoided all the tropes that I dislike in lesbian romance Even the speed at which reconciliations happen is not annoying, as in the case of the modern couple, they have a history, and in the case of the flashback couple, each scene is a snapshot not set in real time, and sometimes those separations are years apart in real time, though immediately foll [...]

    23. A remarkable treasure This was breathtaking, heart wrenching The diaries are a roller coaster of emotions, describing a relationship full of turmoil These diaries will pull you into their life story and let you experience their life together from the beginning It was fascinating following the journey of Daphne and Ellie Interviewing Ellie changes their lives forever making them understand what is the most important in their life and that it is worth fighting for The writing style is than excell [...]

    24. What I loved about this book was the way that Chris has bound together two love stories, separated by a generation but brought together and overlaid by Ellie, the central character.Ellie is both raconteur, through her diaries, and agony aunt to Bailey and Chelsea She uses her diaries to show them how she and Daphne managed to survive adversity to build a loving long term relationship.In how many ways can we say fine when we mean anything but When we look back on our lives is it what we did that [...]

    25. Could someone please hand the tissue box to me I cannoteven handle the pain of reading through the death of both Daphne and Eleanor Their deaths terribly left a void in my heart, especially Eleanor s At least, they are now together in Heaven, always, for eternity, forever Definitely.

    26. Stayed up late to finish this one, nothing unusual about that Ended up crying into my pillow That was a first.I really enjoyed Daphne and Eleanor s story and found myself wishing I could have spent time with Eleanor s diaries and even Eleanor herself Something about this reminded me of Thea Edie.

    27. I liked this book and, yes, I cried twice If offered 1 2 stars, I would have gone 3.5 I enjoyed the dual stories but wish there would have been of both of them I know, that s probably too much to ask for but I felt like we only got to skim the surface of both couples I still recommend the book to romance readers It s a good one

    28. Loved it Excellent and fascinating, I couldn t put it down and finished it within 8 hours of beginning it Definitely not a book for everyone, but I think it shows amazing talent, essentially telling two stories at the same time I look forward to reading from Ms Paynter.

    29. I canot begin to find the words to say how much I enjoyed this book Excellant, does not seem to be enough I am a big fan of Chris paynter s work This just might be her best book of all two stories in one book is remarkable I know I will be rereading this book many times.

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