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Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga #2020

Heavenly Hirani s School of Laughing Yoga Annie Jordan never wanted to go to India there were too many poor people and the wrong sorts of smells But when she ends up there anyway to her great surprise it s not the beggars who cling to her i

  • Title: Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga
  • Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
  • ISBN: 9781775537052
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga By Sarah-Kate Lynch, Annie Jordan never wanted to go to India there were too many poor people and the wrong sorts of smells But when she ends up there anyway, to her great surprise it s not the beggars who cling to her, it s the lessons in life courtesy of Heavenly Hirani and her beachside laughing yoga.

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    1 thought on “Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga

    1. I couldn t stop reading this book I may have been found beside the bath, shading the book from baby s splashes It is bright, funny, inspiring and addictive What will this repressed housewife do in India, alone, while her husband works Why, go to laughing yoga, explore a slum, find the Taj Mahal and make peace with her life, of course Lynch was obviously taken with India and the feeling is infectious Beautifully written I never know how to categorise Sarah Kate Lynch s books, but I explained this [...]

    2. Be truthful, gentle and fearless , she told herself That was the best anyone could be A great read for those who love to travel and explore news cultures Don t let the title sway you away from this read it did not have much to do with yoga at all This story is about self discovery and how sometimes we all just need to step out side of our selves to discover or even rediscover who we are and what hopes, dreams and desires one wants for themselves and others.

    3. Extremely predictable, Heavenly Hirani s School of laughing yoga, is that now cliched story of the clueless westerner who finds her self in India While the author certainly has captured the daily sights and sounds of India is some sections, on others she totters on the brink of stereotyping and perhaps even blatant racism However, the latter can be forgiven for it appears that offensive comments are made just to intensify her transformation There is nothing new here We ve seen many movies and bo [...]

    4. I loved this book Was great to read from a woman s perspective and how in giving so much to her children, husband and mother she had lost herself.I was charmed by her journey of self discovery, and now want to go to India

    5. Let me start that I have enjoyed many other of Ms.Lynch s novels In this book I enjoyed the descriptions of India and of the locals Unfortunately, I almost quit reading multiple times due to the annoying, self pitying whining of the protagonist Never has anyone annoyed me She was a middle aged, empty nester who recently lost her mother, I really tried to empathize especially since our lives could be considered similar in several ways but all she does is whine and need Paxil Depression is a true [...]

    6. I hadn t heard of Sarah Kate Lynch s work before, being a New Zealander I really need to start reading work by my adopted countrymen often But this book isn t about New Zealand, it s about India, which the author freely admits was a place she d never had wanted to visit if it wasn t for tagging along with her husband for work It s not somewhere that I d ever thought about visiting either, until I read this book.Heavenly Hirani s School of Laughing Yoga was not the chewing gum for the eyes, girl [...]

    7. Another fun and enlightening book by this author Annie the main character after a couple of tragedies decides reluctantly to take a trip to India with her husband on his business trip Bored with her life and how she is treated by her family, she has become very unsure of herself and has become reluctant to explore outside her comfort zone But once in India and with some gentle prodding from some of the locals, she starts to emerge as a new person.The descriptions of the places and people she mee [...]

    8. A light read for a holiday It does create vivid images of Mumbai and the various characters Annie meets are charming and colourful Some are based on real characters Her personal journey was predictable, but again her experiences of ungrateful children, being taken for granted as a housewife and mother had a realistic tinge They were a necessary foil for her journey away from them.

    9. A great book about how not wanting to go somewhere,but going there anyway, turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

    10. 3.5 stars I read the Kindle version of this book Annie has experienced several major losses in her life with her mother s death and her beloved dog going missing Her two children are grown her son rarely communicates with her and her daughter seems to view her as a cash machine than anything else She seems to be stuck in a rut when her husband suggests that she accompanies him on a business trip to India She surprises both him and herself by agreeing to the trip Initially intimidated by her sur [...]

    11. I love Gandhi s saying Be truthful, gentle and fearless and you would be the best you can be This book was exactly what I needed at this time in my life The story is an excellent one about a middle aged woman trying to figure out who she is after spending the last 25 years raising kids This is a fantastic read for those who love to explore new cultures It is a story about how sometimes you need to step outside of your normal life to rediscover who you are and remember your hopes, dreams, and des [...]

    12. I liked imagining the India that was described here and I enjoyed the ending Annie could be annoying to read about though.

    13. A really engaging book of self discovery Trying to figure out who you are after the kids leave Home and you are no longer required Fab book

    14. One of the best books I ve read in a long time I am now in love with Mumbai Engaging, funny, poignant, well written, a fast read with heart Did not want it to end Can hardly wait to read others by this author.

    15. Call me crass but Never dreamed I would take an author seriously with a name like Sarah Kate Lynch Hyphenated Seriously just smacked of chick lit, not to mention a somewhat cloying book title.Egg on my face This is among my fave reads so far in 2015 Mainly for doing such a deft job of a hackneyed premise mid life crisis of a vivacious woman turned matronly facing empty nest neglected by hubby all topped off with the death of her mum and disappearance of beloved dog Heavy sighBut the smiles just [...]

    16. Annie Jordan is feeling rather blah She has had a number of losses in her life, her children have left home and she looks at her husband and feels like they are strangers Then he invites her to go to India with him, he has work there, but he thinks Annie will enjoy the experience.At first she isn t very able to dip her toes into the culture around her But then she is invited to Heavenly Hirani s School of Laughing Yoga I know, a mouth full right Hirani isn t a believer in the painful poses of so [...]

    17. Heavenly Hirani is the name of the lovely elderly Indian lady who teaches the laughing yoga early in the mornings on Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai She s the real star of this book, in my opinion Her wisdom and smarts are why I enjoyed this book The few pages dedicated to her laughing yoga sessions were infinitely delightful As were the conversations Annie Jordan, the main character, had with her taxi driver, Pinto Unbeknownst to him, he was actually hilarious, and a sweet man.I couldn t relate to An [...]

    18. India comes alive Feelings and purpose are explored Important questions are asked I loved the beginning and the end The middle dragged a bit, but overall a very enjoyable book which will be particularly appreciated by mothers of older children who are wondering who they are when their mother duties are stripped away A taste of the delightful writing Annie knew that her mother s marbles were loose, but had never suspected that one day they would all fly out of the bag at the same time, bouncing i [...]

    19. Great book full of simple wisdomI read this book while traveling through SE Asia and it helped me to look beyond the craziness and dirt to the incredible beauty surrounding me Being an empty nester and in a long marriage myself I could relate to the questions Annie is asking and the concerns she raises I cried with Annie esp at the climax of the story and appreciated that not everything gets sewn up at the end Concerns about our children are non ending and as the author so beautifully illustrate [...]

    20. You know the drill, a slightly depressed housewife agrees to travel with her businessman husband to India to escape her life With kids that ignore her, a mother who recently died and a missing dog Annie Jordan finds herself experiencing it all, new tastes and smells and experiences.Sarah Kate Lynch makes this slightly formulaic book turn into something magical, as she gives Annie a real heart and makes you want to keep turning the pages Or maybe buy a ticket to India Not me though, as I don t ha [...]

    21. I loved this book right from the opening paragraph when Annie says she knew that her mother s marbles were loose, but had never suspected that one day they would fly out of the bag at the same time, bouncing into far flung corners never to be gathered together again Annie s children have left for university, her mother has just died and her beloved dog has disappeared so her husband asks her to accompany him to India, where she eventually finds herself The descriptions of India are wonderful and [...]

    22. Ohhh, I loved this book Feeling as bereft and lost as the protagonist, for different reasons, I related to the entire telling of the tale Aside from that, I thot the author did a marvelous job of describing India She drew wonderfully vivid pictures of its environment as well as her characters It gives me hope when hope is lacking.

    23. A nice quick easy read by one of New Zealand s well known writers of fiction.The plot line is simple, empty nest syndrome housewife goes on business trip with husband, re discovers herself and goes home happy Nice Along the way there are some interesting observations of Mumbai, and a delightful laughing yoga school run by, of course, Heavenly Hirani

    24. Where can I get this book libraries don t have it printed in Australia not in the States I am reading the book but I wanted to laugh which I am not able to do as yet sitting on a beach in the early AM in India making laughing gestures isn all appealing not yet finished will see what happens

    25. More appropriate reading for an older woman but i really enjoyed it anyway Nice story line about refinding yourself and reconnecting to your loved ones Nice message aboit not taking yourself for granted and making sure you remind your loved ones that you are still the person younused to be even if parenthood and general life has changed your day to day self.

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