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The Gold Bug Variations #2020

The Gold Bug Variations A national bestseller voted by Time as the novel of selected as one of the Best Books of by Publishers Weekly and nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award a magnificent story

  • Title: The Gold Bug Variations
  • Author: Richard Powers
  • ISBN: 9780060975005
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gold Bug Variations By Richard Powers, A national bestseller, voted by Time as the 1 novel of 1991, selected as one of the Best Books of 1991 by Publishers Weekly, and nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award a magnificent story that probes the meaning of love, science, music, and art, by the brilliant author of Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance.

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      363 Richard Powers
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    1. A Source of Meditative AweAs soon as I finished reading this novel, I wanted to respond the only way I could that would do justice to my feelings for the book and that was to admit that I was in a state of wonder and to say that, in Richard Powers own words, the novel was a source of meditative awe.Although, at 639 pages, the novel was long, it was enough, neither too little nor too much Still I didn t want it to end, not so much when it did, but at all.Recognition of the VariationsTo the extent [...]

    2. In my review of 2666, I wrote about the effectiveness of ambiguity the power of allowing the reader to infer connections and actively build a personal theory of meaning about a novel The Gold Bug Variations takes a different approach Compare it to Gravity s Rainbow to which it is on the back cover Gravity s Rainbow never spells out its central metaphor it remains elusive and unbounded, allowed to permeate the novel in unexpected ways By contrast, Powers never misses an opportunity to break down [...]

    3. Dear Richard Powers, I m sorry I gave up on your book about a third of the way into it I don t normally do that Even if I m trapped in an airport newsstand without a book, and end up buying The Hunt for Red October , or some Neil Gaiman jerk off dorkfest, I ll usually see it through to the end out of what I can only guess to be some misplaced romantic loyalty to the printed word, or possibly a mild to medium case of obsessive compulsive disorder The Gold Bug Variations however, proved painful an [...]

    4. Music of the Genetic CodeEach time I have finished reading a book by the author The Echo Maker, The Time of Our Singing, and Orfeo , true Powers fans have chimed in with, Ah, but you must try The Gold Bug Variations For them, apparently, it stands as a gold standard of the author s work It is certainly the richest, most knowledge packed, monster marvel of a book by Powers or just about anyone else that you could hope to read Totally amazing, but also immensely challenging I can t help thinking t [...]

    5. It s been about five years since I read this book It was so good, so smart and so well constructed that I haven t read another Richard Powers book since I feel like his books need to be saved for just the right time, I don t know when that time is, but I d always like to have another of his books to read for the first time waiting for me, sort of like Raymond Chandler or the last DFW stories I haven t read yet.

    6. The Gold Bug Variations wrecked the world of one jon faith a long time ago My ecstatic reply generated ripples of both interest and disquiet I loved the three characters, loved the Midwestern backdrop, the nerdy affinity that adults could maintain with straight faces No, there wasn t much beer drinking, but the rich foam of ideas was a fair compensation What followed was pure reverence Then I had a girlfriend who found the novel to be shit It should be noted that she was an actual scientist I ar [...]

    7. function bookReview motifCount, wordPlayStyle1, wordPlayStyle2, KeyMessage arg1 motifCount arg2 wordPlayStyle1 arg3 wordPlayStyle2 arg3 KeyMessage var KeyMessage writeReview motifCount wordPlayStyle1 wordPlayStyle2 KeyMessage return KeyMessage writeReview var GoldbergReview bookReview 3, pun , metaphor , The overriding importance of the infinite arising from the simple print GoldbergReview Published in 1991 and scooping up several much deserved awards, Richard Powers third novel is a rich musica [...]

    8. I have been reading this book forever, and now I am finally done And in that sentence lies the explanation for the missing fifth star This book is filled with things to gush about I love the lovers private idiolects I love the library reference desk, where everything and anything is fair game Question board, card file, today in history Most of all, I love the way that this book made me wonder at DNA, something I assumed I understood, but of course do not I mean, you know how it works, but you do [...]

    9. In Myers Briggs terminology, I am a strong N type We Ns like ideas and we love patterns, especially hidden patterns that we can uncover Facts matter but are somewhat secondary This book is great for such a person The plot of this book is almost a by product of its structure and subject matter It uses the science of genetics to explore the significance and meaning of life If it were not about four people, two couples, and an intertwined love story, then something would have gone wrong This is a b [...]

    10. A mid 50 s scientist was on the verge of real discovery in the realms of DNA research, and nothing happened Decades later a librarian wants to know why Where d he go What happened If you liked Gravity s Rainbow you might want to give The Gold Bug Variations a look It has perhaps not quite a Pynchonian level of technical discussion and detail, but a lot nonetheless Power s voice is hard work, but after awhile I found it growing on me Rich characterization, imagery, and arcane references abound Ma [...]

    11. The title is a warning to the casual reader If you don t get the title, or if you don t want to get the title,beware In The Gold Bug Variations, author Richard Powers perspicaciously composes a novel with themes of puzzles Edgar Allen Poe s The Gold Bug , music structure Bach s Goldberg Variations , romance two love stories that intertwine across twenty five years , computer technology, art history, and DNA genetic codes I remember reading this book when it was first published, maybe twenty year [...]

    12. More people who love fiction need to discover Richard Powers His work isn t the most poetic or character driven, but they offer so much else Gold Bug and Three Farmers on their Way to a Dance are among my favorite books but avoid Operation Wandering Soul.A story of two temporally separated yet linked couples why do I love that gimmick so , this novel is essentially about variations on themes, codes in music, painting, computers, and the discovery of DNA Cerebral and curious and charming Yes, the [...]

    13. This book, is it really a book or something like a book, story, epic epigraph, symphony, et al I took my time reading because, well, it s an overgrown path and weedy Like the other five or so RP s novels I ve read this one is by default pedagogic in multiple vector and or theme discoursing in technical ways to the core of its subject, here DNA and coding for the evolving concatenation of life Bach s magisterial variations in the Goldberg s information everything processing obscure landscape art [...]

    14. I actually didn t finish this book I got 1 3 of the way through it, when I suddenly realized that I didn t like any of the characters This is a book about socially awkward and introverted people for whom mundane occurrences are wrought with brooding revelation and significance It is well written, with prose that at times can be as disjointed and cryptic yet feelingly flowing as its subject matter But this is a problem I have had with some other of the author s books which I finished it s like he [...]

    15. Ads are our supreme art, polar exploration, and depth psychology rolled into one And it seems Richard Powers is this sort of litterateur his language is stilted and necrotic and his narration is a hotchpotch of the far fetched words the world was awash in messages, every living thing a unique signal There are no personages but soulless blueprints of those There is no history but a file of dead historical data There is no thinking but a suite of irrelevant quotes Pitch writing obeys amorphous, am [...]

    16. Awash with science and music, love and longing, the GBV is a breathtaking work of fiction I was immensely surprised to see how few people have read this fascinating book Mr Powers is clearly incredibly smart, and his prose is very clever if sometimes dry He did bore me a bit with too much detail on Bach s Goldberg Variations, but overall I enjoyed this book Recommended for those who enjoy a bit of a love story with your postmodernism.

    17. It s about the underlying similarities between, and conflicts inherent in, music and the genetic code and programming and language and beauty and meaning and relationships and patterns the twin quests of discovery that are science and love and it just blows me away I don t know how he can write so beautifully about such dense subject matter, and relate it so well back to the basic things that make us all human, but he can.

    18. I had not heard of Richard Power before I picked up a copy of The Goldbug Variations, so I didn t have much of a preconceived idea of what to expect First thing I did was open up the book randomly to a few pages and read some sentences to get the authors general style First I noticed the density of the style I m ok with that I tend to like dense and even write that way some times But then I noticed that as far as I could tell the sentences didn t really mean anything Well they would probably mea [...]

    19. Two moving and mobile plotlines, a clever high level structure, and affectionate science nerdery than you could reasonably hope for The novel s title works in Edgar Allan Poe s The Gold Bug and Johann Sebastian Bach s The Goldberg Variations, in a clever nod to the main thematic material, but in addition to those motifs of codebreaking and music, Powers also works strains of genetics, knowledge, and information into the mix, in addition to human subjects like love, fidelity, and responsibility [...]

    20. If you don t get the title s allusive pun to Robbins s Goldberg Variations , you won t get far into this long, densely textured, multi referential, and brilliant novel It demands that a reader make connections between such diversities as the genetic code and musical notation, Flemish art and biological nomenclature, the logic of computer systems and the Dewey decimal classification, cartography and chemistry Making such connections deciphering the encrypted messages of our world is the great sin [...]

    21. Oh, how I loved this book when I first read it I remember savoring every page and wanting to start over again as soon as I finished It s on my desert island most favorite influential list because it meant so much to me at a time in my life when everything was changing I was a young adult who for the first time had figured out some of what I wanted to do with myself, and I was stretching myself in every way I could It was a time of great growth, an exciting time, and this book will always remind [...]

    22. If you loved Powers Galatea 2.2 but wished it was twice as long and 10X as wonderful, here you go.Suggested prerequisites read Edgar Allan Poe s The Gold Bug acquire Glenn Gould s 1955 recording of Bach s Goldberg Variations

    23. It took me a long time to finish this book, mostly due to never being able to give it all of my attention, instead having to catch a chapter here and there when I could amongst all the moving plans, preparations, and actual occurrence While reading it, I could not help myself from remarking to several people how it was the best science fiction book I had read in 10 years.The book is two stories the first is that of Jan O Deigh, a reference librarian at a branch in New York City who finds herself [...]

    24. This is the second Richard Powers book I ve read and once again I m left feeling that he looked up from his manuscript in the last 100 pages, realized he had to add a climax to the tale, and that this realization nearly spoiled everything I would not recommend reading this book during summer, while on the subway, or during a particular frenetic period in one s life, because this tome commands strict attention to detail and extracurricular reading listening I think I failed on all accounts First [...]

    25. The idea behind this book, that a love story could be woven around dissertations on genetic mapping and music, turns out to be less appealing than you d think That is, you might think it appealing if you had a than average intellectual bent But the result is neither fish nor fowl I can see why those who praise it like it It s ambitious as hell, and sometimes the metaphors and wordplay are very apt and clever But the book assumes that you either are a novice when it comes to the technical mater [...]

    26. I didn t like this book I m surprised I didn t like it because I loved the only other book I ve read by Powers, The Echo Maker Both deal with similar kinds of people Powers is adept at getting inside the mind of the academic, which is probably because they, professors and other intellectual types, are the people Powers hangs out with But this book lacked something that the Echo Maker didn t mystery.Yes, there is a literal mystery in the novel Why did Stuart Ressler, one of the greatest minds in [...]

    27. I have been struggling with what I want to say about this book and how I would rate it from very early on It is certainly a proverbial tour de force, with all the good and bad that this entails It is incredibly, perhaps at times needlessly, long, A prolific writer, the man is to trees what Bill Cody was to buffalo There are pages and pages and pages of complex discussions of genetics and music theory that are clearly metaphorical, if one can fully decipher them In many cases, I could not, so the [...]

    28. this book really struck some cords with me, mostly due to the overlap between several technical scientific subject areas that are used throughout the book as metaphors and also as mind opening lessons in how the lived world has been changing as we have access to information than ever these subject areas are a the growth of genetics after the discovery of DNA in the 1950s, b the early history of on line information sharing in large financial institutions using mainframe computers and fortran, an [...]

    29. RLS CMW DJP RFP J O CEP JJN PRG ZTS MCJ JEH BLM CRR PLC JCM MEP JNH JDM RBS J H BJP PJP SCB TLC KES REP RCP DTH I H CRB JSB SDG As a preface to Richard Powers The Gold Bug Variations, this codon like string of letters not only mirrors the genetic sequencing found throughout the narrative it also troubles the unsuspecting reader who engages Powers s novel for the first time Is there a hidden, encoded message If so, can it be deciphered using the coding techniques found throughout Gold Bug Or is t [...]

    30. Despite that it took me nearly a month to read, I did enjoy this book a lot It was a great combination of the studies science genetics specifically , music, and human nature obsession specifically The way Powers relates the construction of Bach s Goldberg Variations to the construction of the genetic material making up each one of us is inspired The relationships of the characters and the introspect of why each is the way they are is incredibly engaging Power s brings together another group of m [...]

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