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Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume One #2020

Elfquest The Final Quest Volume One For generations the elves sought a safe haven against all who would do them harm But the dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for the Palace of the High Ones may be the very t

  • Title: Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume One
  • Author: Wendy Pini Richard Pini
  • ISBN: 9781616554095
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume One By Wendy Pini Richard Pini, For generations, the elves sought a safe haven against all who would do them harm But the dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for, the Palace of the High Ones, may be the very thing destroying them The skills that helped them survive the harsh world are fading, and there is a growing threat from a tyrant obsessed with exterminating all elves creatFor generations, the elves sought a safe haven against all who would do them harm But the dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for, the Palace of the High Ones, may be the very thing destroying them The skills that helped them survive the harsh world are fading, and there is a growing threat from a tyrant obsessed with exterminating all elves creating a disastrous brew that must surely boil over Volume 1 collects Wendy and Richard Pini s sixty page special and the first six issues of The Final Quest, the newest adventures of the Wolfriders Even with a bit of a slowdown in pace, Wendy and Richard Pini s Elfquest The Final Quest is a pleasant read And with the setup for what s to come next time, I m looking forward to seeing them in 60, as the old issues letter column liked to state things I suspect readers who made it this far will agree Comic Book Resources Elfquest is just one of those stories that you never want to end It s so visually pleasing, I would be totally down for a virtual game or even just a tour of the palace So yet again, Elfquest scores a five out of five Comic Bastards Wendy Pini s art is as strong as it ever was, and we feel for the characters as they move forward in time and in their individual lives The scripting augments the beautiful art so very well If you re looking for some engaging fantasy, don t miss Elfquest The Final Quest It s something special and will pull you in from the first time you read it Major Spoilers

    • [EPUB] Ì Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume One | BY ✓ Wendy Pini Richard Pini
      Wendy Pini Richard Pini

    1 thought on “Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume One

    1. It feels like I came in the middle of something Reading reviews, it appears this has been a comic for decades, who knew Well, as someone new to this novel, I had a hard time keeping the elves separate and straight They blended together.I did enjoy the art, it is something stylish and different I did begin to get into the story toward the end, but it kept jumping around and it was tough to follow I also think there is something before this I will check out The humans are hunting the wolves This f [...]

    2. This was good Great art, a return of characters you deeply love, so you know they re going to suffer which is AGONY because I love all of them and want to wrap them in wrap stuff so they don t have to suffer loss and misery because these little people have been through ENOUGH They are at the crossroads Choices have to be made They have to deal with humans, some who have become family and not just enemies They have to decide between a soft safe life, and a wide life full of doom and danger that [...]

    3. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Like so many fans, I was along for the ride from the beginning back in the 1980s haunting my local comic shop every 3 months, hoping the newest issue was coming out And then the Starblaze Donner editions came out in glorious color and I considered myself one of the biggest Elfquest fans Of course, eventually the troubles began at WaRP Wendy worn out from her intricate drawing work, Richard constantly embattled with lawsuits and issues [...]

    4. As a teenager Elf Quest was my favourite comics I collected them all, in all the different versions, and re read them over and over I stopped reading in the early 90s when the series divided and they brought on lots of new writers, and new titles, and being a poor university student I couldn t afford to keep up with them all But when I heard they were doing a final quest I decided to start back in on them I must say I was quite disappointed I m sure a lot of readers went back to this as I did an [...]

    5. Anything they do is worth getting for the artwork alone, and the fact that it s also in color I used to read Elfquest over a decade ago and lost track at some point I think there were just too many titles and too many that didn t have the Pini s unique artwork that I found so mesmerizing I loved catching up on what happened to certain characters and which are still around though I did have to research the names on line to know who they were elfquest characters This graphic novel is an excellent [...]

    6. Hmmm, I think I jumped too far ahead in the series without meaning too because I am confused I think there are a few books between this one and the last collection I read, despite what the ad indicates.

    7. These Aren t the Elves I was Looking For30 December 2015 Here I go again I read an awesome graphic novel so I go and grab another one and it turns out to be rubbish Actually, I didn t read it because I had just had a great experience with a graphic novel, rather I read it because I had bought it while visiting one of the three comic book stores in Adelaide and wanted to finish it before New Years Eve so I can dump it on a friend rather than have it cluttering up my house and what he does with it [...]

    8. Though I ve been following the Elquest saga since it s origins, and the art and storyline like it s readers have matured over the years, anytime I pick up a new Elfquest book, it s immediately like being transported back to my childhood, when I first picked up the WARP Graphics issues of the Original Quest very few comics currently evoke that true, deep, ingrained sense of nostalgia for me, but Elfquest is one of them.While this new series does require some knowledge of the previous parts of the [...]

    9. It s not the slow, beautiful, detailed Elf Quest I met in my youth the colors are not the best digital coloring and don t do justice to the rich washes of the analog days, and the first half of the book feels like a recap of untold stories possibly leaving openings for stories down the line , and the art is less detailed than it once was But, the Pinis are getting older The comics world has changed much I understand that the person you marry will look very different when you die, but you will l [...]

    10. Rushed That s all I can think of when I read this I grew up reading Elfquest and it remains one of my very favourite comics series The depth and imagination of the early volumes, combined with the careful, beautiful artwork have been hugely inspiring And so I will, of course, finish reading this series How could I not But it s been a largely dispiriting experience, I m afraid Wendy Pini is a talented artist But something went wrong here Perhaps it s the Cintiq technology, a lot of artists used t [...]

    11. My jury s out on this one I loved the original Elfquest I even loved Siege at Blue Mountain Broken Wheel I tried to keep up through the whole Shards Wild Hunt Dreamtime stories and I did not like the text heavy end of Shards , and absolutely hated Jink the Rebels a lot of the third party stories that came about after Shards ended But this Things seem to happen too fast Points are introduced, then are resolved quickly, and there s some of this that I could swear I ve read before I get that the Pi [...]

    12. Looooove ElfquestLove love love Fantastic as alwaysWendy and Richard have been doing it forever A fitting start to the finalquest

    13. Unlike the two previous Elfquest stories I ve re read and reviewed, this is the first completely new work I ve read in a while, and also feels the most like a return to the Wendy Pini of old.The art is on the whole, lovely, although there are minor quibbles I ll get to later.Because this is labelled as The Final Quest , there s definitely a feeling that the Pini s are winding everything down, answering a number of questions that have been raised and unanswered across time Who are Teir s parents [...]

    14. Earlier this year I visited a colleague s home in Texas This guy is about my age and also a naturalist, but otherwise pretty much my exact opposite big, talkative, persistent, Texas accent, Texas cowboy boots, raises chickens, hunts deer, serious birder I am a birder, but a lackadaisical one, who could not pick a Pectoral Sandpiper out of a flock of Least Sandpipers, which, to some birders, is like not being a birder at all So, I was flabbergasted when, seconds after inviting me in, he said, I w [...]

    15. Objectively, this volume was not very good Pini needs a new colorist or needs to go back to the fantastic black and white linework she used to do, the linework that drew me into the series initially as a wee smol who was honestly too young to be reading about polyamorous elves I fully understand cutting down some of the detail how many years has she been drawing this series Hands do wear out , but the color is just Awful It s bad I d rather not have it at all.Subjectively, though, do you know ho [...]

    16. I love that there is a new long running series for Elfquest even if it turns out to be the well plotted ending to this series I have loved since I was five I read the last 12 issues in one swoop again this week, so I ll be using the same review for both of these volumes as I put them up today I love that the love triangle between Ember Mender Teir has finally been resolved on all three parts, in a good way I love seeing the children of everyone, both human and elven I love seeing the many differ [...]

    17. Not quite a return to form for both Pini and Elfquest There is way too much exposition passing as plot in this first volume, although I hope that was a necessary evil in order to tidy up and streamline disparate storylines in order to set the real plot in motion whatever that might actually be I am still on the fence about Ember s tribe, and especially about her uber sensitive new lovemate, and I miss both Cutter who, yeah, was there, but so far in the background he might as well have been Bearc [...]

    18. I must admit this feels a bit rushed, cliff notes with pictures as some of my friends and I have described it I m not saying it s bad, it s certainly interesting, but I suspect I think it s interesting because I m a long time fan, who wants to see how it all ends So yeah, recommending it for fans, not sure about people who re new to ElfQuest but all the old comics are free on the offical website, so go read those

    19. I m glad Wendy Fletcher wrote in to the Silver Surfer letters page and met her lifemate and gave us this wonderful series to get caught up in when things on this world of one moon get to be too much I hope this series gets people to start at the beginning and take this wonderful journey It s well worth your time I m saving all my old issues to give to my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son when they re older.

    20. It s nice to see Elfquest again Specially drawn by Wendy Pini This is one of those comics that suffer when other artists pen them However, I don t really care for Ember and her tribe I was always in it for Cutter and his people Cutter barely makes an appearance in this volume I hope that changes in Volume 2.

    21. It s weird This is the first major EQ I ve read since probably the early 90 s And it s just like jumping back in It s a new quest, there are some new characters It takes a minute to sort out the new family arrangements and the which currently grownup elves were kids back when they first met Timmain But it s all very familiar If you ve enjoyed EQ in the past, you will probably like it.

    22. A continuation of the original series.The story of Cutter and his wolfiders continues and is as engrossing and as entertaining as the first volume of stories.Also you are told of the next generation of wolfriders and their interactions with the race of humans.No Elfquest fan will want to miss this collection.Real good stuff here.

    23. Loved it I am realizing I ve definitely missed out on some storylines, specifically involving the Wavedancers, and it s too bad these are coming out simultaneously with the release of the Complete Elfquest because I feel like I ve gotten some spoilers while I patiently await the arrival of Complete Elfquest Volume 3.

    24. Re read the graphic novel of the Final Quest It s awesome fun for people who have read Elf Quest for a while, but might not be the easiest entry into the world of Two Moons for anyone not familiar with the story.I ve been reading Elf Quest since I was 8 So this was awesome Impatient for the next one

    25. The artwork was awesome as always However, the storyline was disjointed and often hard to follow I love the original Elfquest series I still own all the original graphic novel books They just flowed better than this It s hard to explain.

    26. Wendy is clearly in catch up mode as she has to deal with all kinds of loose ends from her stable of new blood creators in the 90s, but it s exciting to see her setting the stage to kick up the quest into high gear.

    27. I ve been reading Elfquest since 1983 or there about , this latest story is as wonderful as ever There is something joyous about this series and I always realize how much I miss the series when it isn t in production once it comes back.

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