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One Rainy Day in May #2020

One Rainy Day in May NATIONAL BEST SELLER From the author of the international best seller House of Leaves and National Book Award nominated Only Revolutions comes a monumental new novel as dazzling as it is riveting The

  • Title: One Rainy Day in May
  • Author: Mark Z. Danielewski
  • ISBN: 9780375714948
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Rainy Day in May By Mark Z. Danielewski, NATIONAL BEST SELLER From the author of the international best seller House of Leaves and National Book Award nominated Only Revolutions comes a monumental new novel as dazzling as it is riveting The Familiar Volume 1 ranges from Mexico to Southeast Asia, from Venice, Italy, to Venice, California, with nine lives hanging in the balance, each called upon to make a terriNATIONAL BEST SELLER From the author of the international best seller House of Leaves and National Book Award nominated Only Revolutions comes a monumental new novel as dazzling as it is riveting The Familiar Volume 1 ranges from Mexico to Southeast Asia, from Venice, Italy, to Venice, California, with nine lives hanging in the balance, each called upon to make a terrifying choice They include a therapist in training grappling with daughters as demanding as her patients an ambitious East L.A gang member contracted for violence two scientists in Marfa, Texas, on the run from an organization powerful beyond imagining plus a recovering addict in Singapore summoned at midnight by a desperate billionaire and a programmer near Silicon Beach whose game engine might unleash consequences far exceeding the entertainment he intends At the very heart, though, is a twelve year old girl named Xanther who one rainy day in May sets out with her father to get a dog, only to end up trying to save a creature as fragile as it is dangerous which will change not only her life and the lives of those she has yet to encounter, but this world, too or at least the world we think we know and the future we take for granted With full color illustrations throughout.

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      190 Mark Z. Danielewski
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    1 thought on “One Rainy Day in May

    1. Not a Kindle read Unique layout design dazzling riveting emotional It took me a few months to finish.A twelve year old girl sets out with her dad to get a dog You ask why it takes 800 plus pages to tell this story They have a creature to saveavel the world and save it Awesome journey Unbelievably ambitious

    2. The story concerns a 12 year old girl who finds a kitten.okay, danielewski you get one chance to wow me make it count

    3. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhI can t believe it ll be 13 years before this is done I can t even imagine how it will go, what it will be, how any of this connects or works.but if Danielewski s stated goal was to make the novel compete with modern day serialized television, he s doing it He s also doing about eight hundred other things and kind of blowing my mind with each of them I m all in on this series, already and dare I say excited to know that I ll have an installment to look forward to every six or [...]

    4. What Does It Mean to be a Rum Writer Danielewski is a rum novelist He has affinities to experimental, conceptual, hypertextual, metafictional, and other avant garde writing, but his versions of those practices are awkward He has the same relation to contemporary experimental fiction as Larry Rivers or David Reed had to abstraction and figuration in the 1980s, or George Rochberg or Alfred Schnittke had to postmodern music in the same decade that is, he produces unmodulated juxtapositions of style [...]

    5. Got 200 pages in before I finally gave up Sorry, Danielewski Never in my entire life have I seen an author force their fans to wade through so much bullshit just to read a mediocre Young Adult science fiction story Love the ambition, but despise the results.

    6. In other words I am not original I am merely a blend of current texts neither influenced nor influential because all that I reveal can at any point be reconfigured via any of the above mentioned subset voicings.The above quote arrives two thirds of the way through the first and likely my last volume of the planned 27 volume series The Familiar The highlighted section reveals the nature of the Narrative Constructs, the explanation behind these mysterious statements and explanations which litter t [...]

    7. I guess it s funny that I ve reviewed Volumes 3 and 4 of The Familiar but not 1 and 2 Hell, my write up for Vol 3 wound up blurb ed on the back of Vol 4, so I guess that s something, right So why review Vol 1 now Out of completionism Out of some self serving need Out of deep admiration and appreciation for the affect these books have Out of boredom Commitment to the cause Procrastination at work can I say I get paid to write reviews if I do them on company time The answer is probably yes to all [...]

    8. I can t put into words how much I loved this book for what it did to my mind while reading I believe one should go into this book not knowing anything and remember this is just the beginning.I will try to put my thoughts into a video if you want to know about the book, if you can t go into it blindly or have read it and want to compare ideas.youtube watch v BbOxv

    9. This book is big This book is ambitious It s challenging and experimental and impressionistic I have nothing against big, ambitious, challenging books But I really disliked this.Mark Z Danielewski is apparently going to publish 27 volumes of this story, and once I found that out, it really helped to make sense of this book It has the feel of a television pilot, struggling to introduce the themes and diverse cast of characters it features, while never really getting into the meat of the story In [...]

    10. When I finished this book, I m pretty certain I finished Danielewski along with it I understand there is a lot of hype and that he has a solid following, and I don t want to be one of those people who insist on comparing everything he produces from this point forward to House of Leaves, butI guess the frustration with this is that House of Leaves felt incredibly intentional Every word, every format, every color served a purpose And I appreciated that, because it felt substantial and worth thinki [...]

    11. This is a beautiful book that you really need in print, to hold in your hands, to explore, to flip back when you realize something.The theme of rain comes back and there is actually art made of raindrops or the letters of rain within the text I m sure I missed half the hidden stuff but this is the first of 27 volumes this one is almost 900 pages, so imagine the shelving I will need just for this series alone This is immersive, multi faceted, yet not as terrifying as House of Leaves.I found mysel [...]

    12. It s like a strange dream, a confirmation and an explosion of my intuitions that the visions half articulated by the earlier stories are all occurring now in real time, horrifyingly, and so much clearly than I had been able to hope Mark knows his symbolic language, this universe of his, which is our universe, inside and out It s in every paragraph What bothers me which means, what I love about it is how much I understand, and how much it makes me sure I don t understand it all, at all.His most [...]

    13. There are some great, insightful reviews of The Familiar Book 1 , here on.My enjoyment of One Rainy Day In May, and better understanding has also been vastly assisted by the excellent FANDOM Wikia, and by Ian Scuffling and his Familiar Group.I ve completed volume 1, the characters have been introduced, the scene is set, and with four follow up volumes published I m ready for full on immersion in time for Christmas 2017.Danielewski fans need little or no encouragement from me, but I wonder how ma [...]

    14. Wonderful It s tough to put a specific rating on this book, as it s like reading what could be your favorite book, but being asked to rate it when you re yet only a tenth of the way through or, here, 1 27th But, much like a pilot to a television show as the book intentionally echoes , there s a lot to talk about, a lot to love, a lot to keep hoping for Others far smarter than me have written brilliant analyses of this already googling for some of these after reading should be required the ShortF [...]

    15. Math warning Then a slight review It s really 3.7564536 stars, an irrational number that I ve rounded for your benefit Remember an irrational number is a number with a decimal that never ends and never repeats Or, a simpler way, perhaps, of remembering it, is that the number cannot be written as a fraction like rational numbers 2 3 is rational, so is 4 because that can be expressed at 4 1 e, pi, square root of 2 are examples of irrational numbers The real numbers are made up of both rational and [...]

    16. Since I ve recently done a reread of the first four volumes in anticipation of volume 5 coming out at the end of October, I wanted to go back and leave a review for the series I ll start simple This is one of the greatest literary feats of the 21st Century For those of you who feel daunted by the nearly 900 page tome, please know that it s probably the quickest read you ll have all year MZD writes in a style which sometimes has him putting no than a sentence or a few words on a page, sometimes [...]

    17. I loved this I can t believe there are going to be 27 vols and I can t imagine where it will go by the end but I for one am along for the ride.

    18. Let s run some numbers view spoiler But see below Friend Ian s corrections in comment 1 below to my bad data This is how science scholarship works bad data replaced with good data I was working with a pretty old set of data which had been knocking around my brainspace from years back when I was eagerly anticipating this thing and then gave up on waiting for it and am now all begeistert about it again Ian runs a gr Group for this Z project group show hide spoiler We have here volume 1 of 26 subse [...]

    19. This is a tough book to reviewAs someone who routinely reads epic fantasies, the size of an individual book or series usually isn t a concern for me I ve read the Malazan series 10 books , the Wheel of Time 14 books , the Dresden Files 15 and counting , the Cerebus comic series, etc That said, I m not sure how I feel about this book, or this series, even after reading this behemoth of a novel I m not even sure I can accurately summarize the book, if asked I feel like it verged on potential great [...]

    20. weird but quite interesting so far a novel that has the 7 indeterminate limits 0 0, 0 infinity, 1 infinity, etc on one page and the fallacious proof that 1 2 dividing by zero on another page is definitely one I want to read also excellent artwork and while sometimes the scattered words pages typical of the author are annoying, the novel is worth the time and effort so farread about 200 pages bought the ebook which in the BN epub form is quite decently looking on the 9 HD but this one needs the p [...]

    21. My overall impression of this book is that I loved it I loved the style, the visual layout, the puzzles and all the theorizing it created To try and write a complete review is difficult because there is so much to say and also I don t want to spoil any of the mystery for someone This is the first volume in the 27 volume series The first volume poses as an introduction to the 9 characters that it focuses on by way of chapters dedicated to each one The story unfolds nicely and in a way that kept m [...]

    22. Dad always says reading is a risky business It s hard to know where to start when writing something about this book Essentially, it is 839 pages in which almost nothing happens Well, that s not true, a lot happens, but very little moves forward There s a clue in the title One Rainy Day In May All the action takes place on a single day 10 May 2014 and, you ve guessed it, it rains a lot The heart of the book belongs to Xanther, a young girl battling epilepsy, and her mother Astair and step father [...]

    23. I read 100 pages of this, and I actually like were it s going and want to continue, but I think I d rather wait until books in the series are out The book is written in a complex style and there is no way I will remember the events of the first book when the final book comes out I m going to give the series a few years to develop.

    24. 3.5 stars I can t review this is a stand alone as it is part of a much larger series I will warn those looking for a plot heavy story should look elsewhere An interesting experiment in literary art am not Eager to read the rest but am intrigued enough to check out the next couple volumes.

    25. Alright I ll bite All the savory updates on this sequence of books and the MZD Bookworm episode have me wanting to give MZD another go.

    26. I loved this I cannot wait to get into volume 2 I loved the little bit of teaser with the owl MZD works magic creating actual images with words.

    27. Quite possibly best novel of the year I thought at first the visuals were a gimmick but I was wrong The author is very much in command of all aspects of the book and his use of fonts color and illustrations created a unique reading experience Unfortunately I feel a bit like I do when I finish the first book in a series now I have to wait 26 volumes go

    28. It may be 40 degrees outside, sun bright and high in the sky, and I am sweating buckets while getting a horrible tan which is looking and like a burn but I can still imagine the light touches of rain, the pitter patter on the roof above me, and the smell of sweet moister in the air This book is an experience An experience that is unidentifiable since it is so versitile in nature and subjected to the reader s interpretation I say experience in the most ambiguous way for two reasons 1 I don t wa [...]

    29. Well, I wanted to give it a try, to have a little faith in the author, which I felt was a bit risky given the nature of the project I visited a bookstore to actually see the book and decide whether to buy it or not, and the thing is over 3 lbs Kind of nice looking, but mostly only due to the slick pages, otherwise, not especially appealing The story itself, well, sure, he could pull it together, plenty of pages to do that, yuck yuck, but it s off to a very slow, bordering on boring, or at least [...]

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