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The Time of Our Singing #2020

The Time of Our Singing Jonah Joseph and Ruth are the children of mixed race parents determined to protect them from the grinding effects of race Hothouse children they are all musically talented but they cannot be protec

  • Title: The Time of Our Singing
  • Author: Richard Powers
  • ISBN: 9780099453833
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Time of Our Singing By Richard Powers, Jonah, Joseph and Ruth are the children of mixed race parents determined to protect them from the grinding effects of race Hothouse children, they are all musically talented, but they cannot be protected from the world for long Jonah becomes a successful young tenor, but the world of opera can only accept him as a brilliant Negro singer Joseph, our narrator, becomes aJonah, Joseph and Ruth are the children of mixed race parents determined to protect them from the grinding effects of race Hothouse children, they are all musically talented, but they cannot be protected from the world for long Jonah becomes a successful young tenor, but the world of opera can only accept him as a brilliant Negro singer Joseph, our narrator, becomes a pianist and devotes his talents to the service of his brother s Ruth turns her back on classical music white music and disappears, on the run with her black husband under suspicion of being a Black Panther.Powers brilliantly and devastatingly delineates the tragedy of race in America, as it unfolds from the Civil Rights movement to Rodney King and Louis Farrakhan, through the lives and choices of one family, caught on the cusp of identities.

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      368 Richard Powers
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    1. This is the second Powers book I have read, and it left me wanting to read Like Orfeo, this is a book which shines with a deep love and knowledge of music of all kinds This one centres on a mixed race American family of musical geniuses The central figures are Delia Daley, a singer from an upwardly mobile black family, her husband, the Jewish physicist David Strom who has fled Nazi Germany, and their children Jonah, a talented classical singer who struggles to avoid being typecast and diminishe [...]

    2. Every once in a while you ll get into one of those conversations with an acquaintance who thinks he or she is smarter than you in which you list a string of books you ve read recently and authors you particularly enjoy Invariably Michael Chabon s last name shay bawn is mispronounced in these conversations.If you want to win the next conversation like this you have, I highly recommend delving quickly and deeply into the urvruh of Richard Powers, who, despite never fully penetrating the upper eche [...]

    3. ufficiale veramente il superlativo che dicevano e con questo potremmo prendere baracca e burattini e andare a casa prima per , qualche considerazione consapevolmente inadeguata su un romanzo che mi faceva nicchiare per via del titolo, pi adatto a un programma da reti mediaset che alla bellezza di questa complessa architettura talmente complessa che, leggendo, pi d una volta vien da chiedersi come stia su quel che powers costruisce livello dopo livello, indossando il cappello di carta di giornale [...]

    4. I had a hard time finishing this book, because the ending was so good that I couldn t stop crying Not because it was sad, but because it was so unbelievably good, and because I d never before read a long book with an ending that lived up to its heft.Seriously, it took me like half an hour to read the last few pages, because I kept flinging down the book and pacing around my apartment, sobbing hysterically.Don t get me wrong, this book is not perfect, and it definitely falters in places However, [...]

    5. Il tempo resta, noi scorriamoPowers geniale.La molteplicit dei temi trattati, la raffinatezza della scrittura, la cultura e la ricchezza intellettuale di Powers, le invenzioni narrative rendono questo libro una scoperta ad ogni pagina E direi anche un capolavoro, uno dei migliori libri che ho letto in assoluto.Le discriminazioni razziali tra bianchi e neri si mescolano alla musica, alla fisica quantistica, alla teoria della relativit , alle persecuzioni contro gli ebrei per arrivare alla constat [...]

    6. I feel a bit guilty giving this book only three stars Yes, it s a highly acclaimed novel, it s relevant and praiseworthy and it tackles huge universal and specifically American themes through the individual stories of the Strom family members, music lovers all It s almost perfectly constructed, the main narrator Joseph is full of solemn sensitivity and insight, and the author s reflection on and use of time and space is mind grabbing.The problem is the novel s relentlessnes not just the overbear [...]

    7. Dit boek is een absoluut meesterwerk Het is n van de beste boeken die ik ooit heb gelezen Het is eigenlijk onmogelijk om een reactie te geven die recht doet aan dit boek Ik wil wel proberen een indicatie te geven waar dit boek o.a over gaat gezin, familiebanden, trouw, liefde, moederliefde, broederliefde, hoop, segregatie, discriminatie, interpretatie Amerikaanse geschiedenis twintigste eeuw vanuit gezichtspunt van zowel zwarte en blanke mensen, idealen nastreven, onvermogen en onwil tot toenade [...]

    8. EnsembleE quando leggendo l ultima parola e chiudendo il libro, ti accorgerai che le lacrime scendono da sole e che starai piangendo, quasi a dirotto, non solo per la storia, o per la conclusione della storia perch leggendola capirai anche che questa storia non ha una fine perch il tempo in cui si svolge quello di una canzone e per sempre , ma per la bellezza dell opera, ti verr voglia di restare ancora fra le pagine di questo libro, incastrato dal fluire della prosa di Powers e della musica che [...]

    9. The Time of our Singing is a magnificent book and I am grateful for one of my most rewarding reading experiences ever The story starts with a flourish and one marvels at the author s supreme skill, throughout the book s 630 pages, in keeping up the pace, widening the emotional resonances and deepening the narrative s cogency, eventually to let it flower into a profoundly moving and intellectually satisfying finale It is heartwarming to see that our age so worn down at times by the pressure of co [...]

    10. Il primo impatto non stato affatto semplice lo stile di Powers ricco, ripetitivo, tende all autocompiacimento Powers sa scrivere bene ed lui il primo a saperlo quello che non sa quando fermarsi con le sue frasi ad effetto e quando dare invece pi spazio ai suoi personaggi Per solo l impatto iniziale 2 300 pagine dopo la prima, quando lo stile iniziale andato diluendosi o, pi probabilmente, la storia oramai entrata nel vivo e diventa difficile riuscire a mettere gi questo tomo da 800 pagine , allo [...]

    11. Volevano un luogo dove tutti potessero avere la propriasfumatura personale Delia e David Nera e cantante lirica lei Fisico bianco ebreo lui.Basta il tempo di una canzone a farli incontrare in un tempo in un luogo che ancora non esiste.Un tempo e un luogo in cui il pesce e l uccello non solo si possono innamorare, ma possono creare un nido in cui uccesce o pescello possono vivere e decidere di essere qualunque cosa desiderino essere.Un tempo e un luogo con tante categorie quanti sono i casi esist [...]

    12. Dopo il vero entusiasmo per i Tre contadini il suo romanzo d esordio 1985 91 in Italia e forse la mia miglior lettura di questo 2017 e la tiepida delusione per Orfeo l ultimo pubblicato , mi sono avvicinato a questo 2003 2006 in Italia , che molti considerano ancora il suo vero capolavoro, con qualche ti anche per le oltre 800 pagine di cui composto E infatti dopo le prime 2 o 300 pagine continuavano a chiedermi il perch gli americani si ostinino a pretendere di scrivere o di riconoscere Il Gran [...]

    13. Written music is like nothing in the world an index of time The idea is so bizarre, it s almost miraculous fixed instructions on how to recreate the simultaneous How to be a flow, both motion and instant, both stream and cross section.I find it interesting that this tome remains so topical but then I recognize my naivety race will always already be at hand Sorry for the metaphysical sleight of hand, but I suppose it is the human lot to go tribal, biology is likely to blame or bemused deity which [...]

    14. Zo n sterk uiteenlopende leeservaring als ik had met dit boek, heb ik nog maar zelden gehad van moeilijk in het verhaal geraken, het te makkelijk opzij leggen naar er zodanig in opgaan dat ik vijf tramhaltes na de mijne pas doorhad dat ik al lang had moeten afstappen Om een uur later te denken dat ik nu toch wel wat meer ga opletten en vervolgens mijn trein die nochtans vlak voor neus stond te missen

    15. Phew I finally completed it The Time of Our Singing tells the story of the two sons of Delia and David Strom Delia and David might have been your everyday 1950s couple, had Delia not been an aspiring African American singer from Philadelphia s middle class, and David a white Jewish engineer who had just lost his family in the Holocaust.The author has juxtaposed many of the Stroms milestones with the broader American milestones of the 20th century especially with regards to Black White relations. [...]

    16. Richard Powers is a genius Here he tackles a four part theme the beauty and power of music, the intransigence and tragedy of racism, the strength and faultlines of family, and the mystery of time and causation It all fits together in beautiful harmony.

    17. OK, this is undoubtedly a great work of art, a book that deserves the superlatives that have been scattered here abundantly on this site, because this is a novel with a lot of meat on the bone First of all it is a beautiful, at times even quite touching family saga after 600 pages the Strom family members have become rather good acquaintances This saga is handsomely fit into a specific time frame the US between 1939 and 1993 and so it is also a Great American Novel a little reminiscent of Americ [...]

    18. Muziek ontmoet tijd ontmoet rassenstrijd Powers verweeft op ingenieuze wijze deze drie thema s in een boek dat ambitieus mag genoemd worden Af en toe doet het wel eens deugd om een boek tegen te komen dat m r wil zijn, dat echt literatuur wil zijn, dat de lezer uitdaagt en waarvan je tijdens het lezen beseft amai, wat een schrijver moet je zijn om dit neer te pennen Wie de uitdaging graag aangaat deze familiesaga biedt het helemaal.Ondanks dit alles, ontbrak er toch iets Misschien komt het wel d [...]

    19. Reasons you might not want to read this book 1 It s very long 636 dense pages 2 It skips back and forth through time I didn t find it at all hard to follow, but some readers object to the technique By purest chance, I read this right after finishing _The Butler_ Both books look at the second half or a bit of the 20th century from the POV of an American black family All I knew about _Singing_ was that a friend who shares my taste in books liked it very much _Singing is vastly deeper, subtle and [...]

    20. Important Service Announcement I read the first 100 or something pags of this yesterday and decided not to continue does not panic breathes Yes, I can start a book and not finish it It hasn t happened very often, in fact, I can t remember that it ever happened, but I m convinced I can do it It also helps that this is my mothers book, so I can give it back to her and not be tempted.Why don t I finish it Well, it s a very very long book And in the first 100 pages, the important ones where all the [...]

    21. America anni 40, una coppia mista il padre fisico ebreo, la madre cantante di colore, la loro scelta di educare la prole al riparo dai contrasti razziali, al di l della razza, affinch siano in grado di essere quello che vogliono , di realizzare appieno le loro potenzialit senza i condizionamenti dovuti ai pregiudizi ma il compito arduo nell america uscita dalla schiavit e questo romanzo ci racconta le scelte dei tre figli, a volte dolorose e non prive di conseguenze.Su tutto la musica, grande pa [...]

    22. Musical ImmersionI have participated in classical music as an amateur my entire life, and worked professionally in the field for four decades they are different experiences Up to now, the novel that most completely captured both the love affair of the amateur and the exacting discipline of the performer has been An Equal Music by Vikram Seth, set in the world of chamber music But this 2003 novel by Richard Powers eclipses even that beacon Beginning with the astounding competition win by a young [...]

    23. Bird and fish can fall in love But where will they build their nest Where to start when reviewing this book You can read the book description to get an idea of what it is about 3 children of mixed race parents in America during the racial tensions of the 1950s and onwards.But it wouldn t be Richard Powers if that was all there was to it Powers tells us the stories of these children growing up, but one parent is a singer and one is physicist This gives Powers opportunity to play to his strengths, [...]

    24. 800 pagine ben suonate, armonia fantastica, ogni nota si fa ascoltare con piacere, il vibrato non cessa mai di stupire, e il colore, beh, il colore non viene mai meno Quella goccia di colore che fa la differenza Soprattutto per i protagonisti, neri in un mondo di bianchi, bianchi in un mondo di neri Ma il canto di cosa la metafora E la teoria del tempo e come si intrecciano tra di loro la fine l inizio il tempo E sempre Ho capito pochissimo di questo libro, pur avendone capito tutte le sue parti [...]

    25. More to say on this later after some thought, hopefully For now it s totally consumed me I read the last 100 pages or so until 3 in the morning despite being dead tired Having just read Powers s The Echo Maker, I d say this one seems to me whole and absorbed me fully, or the other way around Like a vast timeless poem, it has me not knowing where to begin putting to words what it has done so well in its themes of race, music, and time I do feel like it achieved the timelessness that its conten [...]

    26. Richard Powers Nobel Prize.Attention chief work A powerful novel which speaks about exile after the Nazism, racism, the walk of Martin Luther King, authentic interpretation of baroque music It is moving, powerful, a Master book splendid, extraordinary, brilliantEncore

    27. Prachtig boek Geweldig interessant en informatief ook Wat een mooie analyses en subtiele beschrijvingen 4 sterren en geen 5 omdat het soms te veel is van alles, te wijdlopig en meer van hetzelfde Maar ik ben sprakeloos van het vertelde verhaal.

    28. Was f r ein geschriebenes Epos Mir f llt kaum vergleichbares ein, in dem Worte wie Musik komponiert werden und in ihrer Einmaligkeit und Komplexit t eine Sprache entfalten, die seinesgleichen sucht Es gelingt Richard Powers in seinem Werk den Bogen von 1939 bis in die 80er Jahre zu spannen und in dessen Mittelpunkt eine Familie zu stellen, deren Lebensgrundlage immer wieder die Frage zu beantworten sucht Der Fisch und der Vogel k nnen sich verlieben Doch wo bauen sie ihr Nest Die Geschichte begi [...]

    29. This book was just so good Moving, fascinating, complex.ges to weave a compelling family story together with an eerily accurate picture of 20th century U.S history and race relations I found myself wishing that this book had been written just after Obama s election, so that Inauguration Day could factored into the framing device of huge, defining moments in Washington would have preferred that to the Million Man March, which closes the novel The characters felt real enough that I wanted to know [...]

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