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The Waking #2020

The Waking To judge and execute That is Ruin s power and desire But Ruin s memory is empty of how he came to be here on Earth and why After saving Isadore a neuroscientist living in the swamps of Louisiana from

  • Title: The Waking
  • Author: Lucian Bane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Waking By Lucian Bane, To judge and execute That is Ruin s power and desire But Ruin s memory is empty of how he came to be here on Earth and why After saving Isadore a neuroscientist living in the swamps of Louisiana from a sexual predator, she volunteers to help him Ruin soon discovers that judging and executing wicked humans while linked to such a difficult and beautiful woman who canTo judge and execute That is Ruin s power and desire But Ruin s memory is empty of how he came to be here on Earth and why After saving Isadore a neuroscientist living in the swamps of Louisiana from a sexual predator, she volunteers to help him Ruin soon discovers that judging and executing wicked humans while linked to such a difficult and beautiful woman who can t help but involve herself in every aspect of his business, is proving to be difficult than judging the world

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      247 Lucian Bane
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    1 thought on “The Waking

    1. I have no clue wtf I just read I don t know what is going on.why the fuck anything is happening Who or what these non human things are But I m just curious enough to move on to book 2

    2. I would have given this 4.5 stars if I had the choice For this being my first paranormal read besides Twilight , I must say that it kept me very entertained I love Ruin I think he is a very interesting character and I cannot wait for the second installment to see his character really shine The reason for my minus.5 star is because I think Lucian needs to develop Isadore a little She was really scatter brained for being a neuroscientist And to me she s not the strongest female lead that I would [...]

    3. I won this through a contest on Booklikes It looked interesting, but I didn t enjoy it all that much.Ruin is the hero He seems to just come to exist in the swamp one day He knows things, but not really It turns out he s a carnificem A type of angel and it seems like he s reborn periodically, although that is not specifically stated He s also referred to as woe He has a bunch of tattoos that are like a keyboard for navigating to the people he is supposed to judge and execute.Isadora is the heroin [...]

    4. Wasn t sure what to think about you writing something paranormal Lucian.but I LUV Ruin,and damn Lucian ,you can write some amazingly hot scenes I cannot wait to read about Ruin and Isadore.

    5. Intense, Fascinating, Real, Gripping, Intriguing, Unique Addicting A Fantastic Read I Loved It

    6. WOW This story starts off and I m thinking to myself hmmm this chick might just a little nutso, but alas so not true The depth of her character, along with how selfless she really is had me changing my mind pretty fast Ruin is a powerful force I definitely would not want to anger, but would take as friend any day of the week His brutal honesty and inability to lie, i have to say is one of my favorite things about him The way he reacts and responds to Isadora, Lord I wanted to beat his arse or or [...]

    7. Paranormal is one of my preferred genres but I have to say that I stopped reading it after a certain series came out because they were all so similar I was so impressed with the uniqueness of this story and its characters The beginning was a bit slow to me with the authors introduction of both Ruin and Isadore but I think I hit that problem with every paranormal book I read It is the newness of the story and trying to put the pieces together that seem to have that effect Ruin is a very different [...]

    8. Wow What can I say about this awesome story This is excellent I have read many paranormal stories, but this one is different in a really great way Isadore is living in the swamp Yes the swamp it was her father s place he left to her She has a visitor today and it s her two timing jerk ex boyfriend whom she wants nothing to do with He says he is stopping by to apologize but the truth is he isn t there to apologize He wants her and he wants her now Isadore wants nothing to do with this two timing [...]

    9. I have previously read only two paranormal books, and I was not thrilled with the genre because I found it hard to relate to characters with unearthly abilities So why did I choose to read this book There is one simple answer, Lucian Bane wrote it Although I was not on board initially when Lucian stated he wanted his next series after Dom Wars to contain paranormal elements, I was willing to give this book a chance I believe that Lucian is a master writer who incorporates sophisticated use of la [...]

    10. Well I really didn t know what to expect going into this, I haven t read a Lucian Bane book before and to be honest I haven t read a paranormal book in a while and this reminded me to make sure I get to read them often.This was such a scenic book, it was so easy to place the swamp, the canoe I know why the canoe But it is what it is lo and it s in my head Isadore s kitchen, literally everything was very visual and really played out in my head Lucian has a delightful way with words and yeah some [...]

    11. Amazing After reading and loving Dom Wars by Lucian Bane, I was expecting the same type of book Not at all This just shows what an amazing writer her is This book had everything in it to keep you addicted to it Hot characters, mystery and hot scenes that leave you wanting Isadore moved out to the swamps three years ago after life turned on her After an unfortunate run in with her ex, a man appears out of nowhere to save her from him Not just any man either This amazing bare chested man with tat [...]

    12. This is my 5 star review for Ruin The Waking by Lucian Bane for Eskimo Princess Book Reviews I have to admit that I am not a big paranormal fan, but I am a BIG fan of romance so I was on the fence about this one going in I am familiar with Lucian s other books so I didn t know what to expect I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with Ruin and Isadore s story Isadore brought forth a sass that was unexpected She fought so hard to control her emotions when she found herself in a situat [...]

    13. Wow Firstly let me say that I LOVE paranormal books, they re one of my main niches, and it s not always easy for an author who does so well in a particular genre to switch gears and have it come out so well I don t write reviews for everything I read, but every so often I read a book and I feel compelled to do so, so here goes Ruin is a complex character and with a name like that it doesn t seem like anything is going to go right around him and that s somewhat true he has waring emotions that fu [...]

    14. A must readWow, those are my first words for this book I know this is new writing for the author but you wouldn t know that by reading this book I totally loved this book.Isadore lives out in the swamp by herself and does her best She does things for others and always fixes what she thinks she can One night changes everything for her when Ruin appears.Ruin needs help and he doesn t remember anything He needs someone to help him and he found her He watched her for two days and then appears to sav [...]

    15. Another awesome book written by Mr Bane You have once again drawn me into your wonderful world of writing I look forward to the next installment of this series Another book to add to my re reads done by an awesome author Ruin and Isadore s story is just beginning This is a book that is well worth reading and re reading again What would you do if you weren t sure of whata your place was in this world or plain of existence How would you handle not understanding, feeling lost and confused by the wo [...]

    16. Enjoyed this book as much as I d hoped I would Have to admit, Ruin doesn t seem to be what I thought he was, but that s okay What I m thinking he is now because it hasn t been revealed completely yet is just as cool in its own right I LOVED how Lucian Bane portrayed him, from his inner thoughts to his slightly off not quite human mannerisms, to his very real and intense struggle with his human tendencies So engrossing And the plot is very unique and intriguing, too The female lead is strong, whi [...]

    17. Ruin The Waking is Lucian Bane s first paranormal romance and I have to say it s a total winner A must read Isadore is a smart and sassy neuroscientist with a gun who returns to the swamps of Louisiana from Boston after inheriting her father s shack on a swamp When her two timing ex shows up and tries to attack Isadore, Ruin comes to her rescue Unable to remember who he is or what he is, he asks for Isadore s help and the mystery of who Ruin is starts to unravel But for some reason we have yet t [...]

    18. I was wowed from the beginning Author Lucian Bane had me at the first word and I didn t want to put it down He draws you in with his writing as if you are right there experiencing the story along with the characters I love Ruin and Isadore and how they meet In my eyes he saves her in many ways If you like a book that you can visualize while you are reading, then this is a book for you It is not what you would think as the normal paranormal Get this book today, you won t be disappointed.

    19. I was cracking up at Isadore mopping, then freaked out at what was happening then Ruin appeared sighs hot, brooding and too honest for his own good The underlying implications of who he is, why he is there, and Izzy s connection has drawn me in completely Did you seriously END it THERE Wowtease and torture much, Lucian How long do we have to wait for the next one Thinking Caliber needs to be slapped, too

    20. To be very honest I was reluctant to read this book it just seemed so different to the dom wars series but holy cow It blew my reservations out of the water what a fantastically unique book the writing was as usual faultless all I can say I ve never been so happy to be proven wrong another hit mr bane

    21. I don t normally read paranormal romance It s just not my thing But this book It s SO my thing Love Isadore and Ruin, love the sprinkling of Cajun color, the writing style it s fabulous I stayed up late reading and got up early to finish the loss of sleep is SO worth it Can t wait for the next book

    22. Isadore and Ruin meet in an odd way He is unsure how he became near her other than he woke up in water Isadore is trying to help Ruin out by learning what he needs to know and what his job is but a craving to have him and not have him is wrecking havoc on both emotionally and physically Great book Can t wait for the next one.

    23. WOW I don t usually read this genre of book, but after seeing the teasers and reading and loving Dom War series I thought I d give it ago and I m so glad I did I was hooked straight away, can t wait for the next book I NEED to know what happens next Lucian you are an amazing author and I can t wait to read of your work Thank you xx

    24. Lucian has done it again again This is a wonderful thought provoking read Heroes come in surprising places and lessons seem to be there in spite of ourselves I can t wait to see what happens with Ruin and Isadore.

    25. That was one heck of a mind warp I m still sitting here frustrated that I still don t understand the whole story here So, let me give you a quick overview Ruin is a story of an awakening, the thing is, the awakening only starts to take place and hasn t fully happened yet Ruin s character is well created and developed in his naiveness about the world He is some sort of guardian or angel from the third heaven and he is judgment Twisty Seriously, this story is twisted but not in a bad way I found m [...]

    26. Isadore just wants to live a simple peaceful life out in the swamp, but when her discusting ex comes a calling things don t look good for her, until HE comes in and saves her.Ruin doesn t know who or what he is, he doesn t remember his life or words and their meanings But some part of him realizes SHE can help him.The mans not stupid, just ignorant of life and what is and isn t appropriate and Isadore can only do so much to help him understand She wants something he doesn t know how to give He w [...]

    27. OMG I feel as if I ve been swampatized by a perfectly phenomenal fallen angel in camp never never land Can someone please tell me where to find my own tattoo xylophone I can feel Ruin s unease very keenly as he struggles with the most basic of words and their definitions This author has a way of making you feel every pain and joy that conflicts this powerful alpha male carnificem and afflicts his dark psyche.I connected to Isadore immediately and can relate to the past that seems to bind her to [...]

    28. This book was introduced to me by Paranormal Book Club on Facebook The bookcover was intriguing and the synopsis on was enticing The story started good As my reading progressed, confusion gnawed on me I felt like I missed reading several chapters The book didn t mention what kind of scientist Isadore was but the synopsis did The author didn t elaborate why she abandoned her profession as scientist She kind of annoyed me with her sanctimonious babbling about fornication Also, she acted bipolar t [...]

    29. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest reviewGee What a fantastic book We start off meeting Isadore in her home and she gets a nasty visitor which Ruin saves her from She doesn t know what to think of him, and he seems to not be able to communicate with her Isadore shows Ruin what it is to love, and he shows her well the best time ever They are so funny together This book has everything you need, a hot story, steamy scenes, laughter, witty banter, intrigue you have to read it [...]

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