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Hexed Hearts #2020

Hexed Hearts Colette had known all her life that she was half human and half werewolf She had no expectations of a life filled with love and adventure Everything changed on her st birthday A curse casted by witc

  • Title: Hexed Hearts
  • Author: Becca Vincenza
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • Hexed Hearts By Becca Vincenza, Colette had known all her life that she was half human and half werewolf She had no expectations of a life filled with love and adventure.Everything changed on her 21st birthday A curse casted by witches centuries ago set things in motion, things she could have never imagined A past that Colette has no clue about has come back to steal her away.When Hunter, her destinedColette had known all her life that she was half human and half werewolf She had no expectations of a life filled with love and adventure.Everything changed on her 21st birthday A curse casted by witches centuries ago set things in motion, things she could have never imagined A past that Colette has no clue about has come back to steal her away.When Hunter, her destined but very unexpected mate, arrives, she is at a complete loss She must learn to forget an old love and how to make room for a new love.The curse is being recast and Colette must stop it in order to save the wolves, all the while finding who she really is This is a New Adult, there is some subject matter not suitable for those under the age of 18 Author Note This is currently a standalone with a companion novella in Hunters POV following sometime later

    • [AZW] ☆ Hexed Hearts | BY ¸ Becca Vincenza
      219 Becca Vincenza
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    1 thought on “Hexed Hearts

    1. My first read of 2018, I have read it once a year and I am still in love with Hunter, Collette, and Griff this book gets me right in the feels It s a NA, but really Becca did such an amazing job on this book I can t turn it down full on recommend from meHappy reading I am looking for a used copy of this book on paperback No one seems to carry it I wish I can get books I love on paper for my library Help.

    2. This book blew me away I m not a huge fan of the whole Romeo and Juliet concept, but this story was stellar The plot was complex than many of the shifter books The characters are complex and have their own personalities The romance is a fresh change of pace The evolution of feelings in this book were natural and less you Jane, me Tarzan, we mate now Anyway, five glittery stars

    3. Werewolf, Witches and Warlocks oh my Wow another epic read from Becca Vincenza Her words create a movie in your head and you can t wait to see what happens how it ends.Rescued from hunters at a young and pack bonded to Griffin, Collette didn t know what to expect the night of her 21st birthday Find out her mate wasn t part of her pack was just the beginning, learning she was part witch would change everything.Can Collette find love with Hunter the person she is dated or will her magic tear them [...]

    4. Full review and available at oneguysguidetosp My ThoughtsAs many of you know, paranormal is my favorite genre As you can imagine, when it comes to my favorite genre, it takes a whole lot to impress me In a genre where absolutely anything is possible, it takes a lot for me to get that wow factor when it comes to a paranormal read Tie that in with my passion for the New Adult genre and you ve got to have one fantastic read to impress this kid I have to say that every time I think of New Adult Par [...]

    5. 3 stars for the story, but the author definitely could have used a spell checker Missing commas, incomplete sentences I those un likable And what was up with the plot after halfway through What are you doing No It s been 24 hours and I already forgot the main character s name I liked her making her own choices, but at the same time I think she did not use what she had and like a cliche character, was suddenly given super ber powers that she defeated the enemy with not with skill, really, or brai [...]

    6. Originally posted at I both loved and disliked various aspects of this novel Over all it was an awesome story, but it didn t feel like a polished diamond I d describe this novel as a diamond in the rough I m not usually a grammar freak, but this novel pushed me to the cliffs edge When I look back on my notes on my iPad it feels like I was editing the book instead of just reading it In my personal opinion, I think this would have gone over better as a duology instead of a full length book At one [...]

    7. YAWN The premise for this one was a good one I started out in the edge of seat and fully intrigued It comes down to a very loosely built world, full of holes and desperately lacking in details The emotions conveyed were great in the first few chapters but after that everything fell flat Frankly I m surprised I finished it.

    8. We meet Colette in one of the hardest times of her life Beaten and caged, she was certain she would die But even in the darkest moments, she was able to make a friend She met Griffin in those cages and they created a bond that was almost as strong as any mate bond Time passes and they grow up and it is time for her 21st birthday She hoped that she would find her friend as her mate, not just her best friend But fate had something else in store for Colette and it is in the name of Hunter A were wh [...]

    9. If I didn t already love Becca Vincenza s writing, Hexed Hearts would make me fall head over heels Becca has a way of bringing her characters to life, making you feel every tear, every kiss, every irrational moment of jealousy and anger The beginning is heartbreaking Remove yourself from breakables and have extra tissues Out of something horrible, Lettie and Griff form a bond that can t be broken Lettie is half wolf, unable to shift Griff is the son of the Alpha, the next in line to rule the pac [...]

    10. Swooned 3Loved this story Hunter is quite the alpha Very sexy and demanding and I loved how his story was built up and not just told at once and let s face it he should ve had a man bun the whole story We got to see some of the horrors that Colette had to face as a child and out of that the wonderful pack that took her in I really enjoyed Griffin and the things he did for her and I m glad that their strong bond didn t turn into a love triangle I really hope he gets a story of his own because I w [...]

    11. Hexed Hearts by Becca Vincenza is a NA paranormal romance with witches and werewolves.The story focuses on Colette, a half werewolf who discovers on her 21st birthday that she isn t half human, instead she is half witch This is a big issue since the witches and werewolves are enemies She also discovers that she has a werewolf soul mate, one who hunts witches Colette and Hunter have to learn to trust each other and let their love grow.The story was amazing It was unique and it drew me right in Ms [...]

    12. So the MH is supposed to be 21 The other main characters in her life are the same age or older However they acted like High Schoolers as far as maturity goes I had to keep reminding myself that they were older Poor communication skills, immature decisions, and insta love It was ok if you like that stuff.

    13. Can I get a round of applause please I finished this long ass winded book Weehoo, I feel so accomplished Basically, all the important action happens in the last 30%, and the first 70 Colette is deliberating over her fucking exhausting feelings Get Your Shit Together Woman You are a grown ass woman, aren t you, and not some angsty thirteen year old Fucking Shit.

    14. Becca has this way of creating characters that you connect with in this gravitational pull kind of intensity, this book is no exception I adored the characters and the story draws you in from the very beginning Then the story morphs from what you thought it was going to be into so much

    15. I love paranormal romance And to see the mating stuff through first person POV was a awesome sight To see how she caught his scent when he rode past was awesome To see the trials and errors she had to endure just to be with the man she loved, was like watching a action romance movie I loved it

    16. Decent read This book was decent The plot was interesting but was missing substance to me Collete got on my nerves and was quite immature Hunter was just too unemotional for me I m unsure if I would recommend this one.

    17. The first 30 % was great as well as the last 30 % unfortunately the middle dragged alot I would still read it though and actually 3.5 Stars.

    18. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Collette s life up until 10 has not been good Her mother isn t in her life, her father was abusive towards her, and she gets kidnapped by these scary men that put her in a cage, and want to try to use her abilities The problem is, she has no idea the abilities they are talking about They keep telling her to transform but she doesn t understand what they mean In the next cage is a boy a little bit older than her, named Griff [...]

    19. ErraticIf you have ever read Blood Destiny series by Helen Harper, this book is like that, but not as well thought through Honestly, save yourself the trouble and find Bloodfire If you have already read it, you ll be disappointed here Too many inconsistencies and too many afterthought make me want to just stop reading and never pick it up again I only gave an extra star because I wanted to trudge through to see what the conclusion is Colette is a horrible character Immature, stupid, weak, and wa [...]

    20. While it was able to hold my interest it also ended a bit disappointing in my opinion I was thrown from one situation to the next without even knowing where to end where to start It seemed like all of it should have been a bit detailed and maybe would have been better as then one book.

    21. New and goodDidn t know what to expect from this book but I liked it Collette made a few silly decisions I must do this to save From me but definitely worth four stars and near the fifth easily Good book and like to read Highly recommend this book and series to you.

    22. Bored myself to tears barely managed to read it all Good idea, but done badly No depth of characters, shallow plot, no suspense, emotionless romance

    23. New twists and turnsNew twists and turns Adorable love story that evolves and isn t instant Some action, some drama some magic.

    24. An okay readThe plot was decent Colette, a half werewolf and newly discovered half witch, finds her mate days after her 21st birthday Her mate Hunter patiently waits for her to accept the mate bind because of another bond she feels is important After a trauma in her past, she forms a close bond with her Alphas son and thinks she is in love with him After finally agreeing to return with her mate, she learns about her history and does the required fleeing from the relationship, all in the name o [...]

    25. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsHexed Hearts begins with Colette s birthday coming up She s about to be of the age to sense her mate The problem is she s never been sure she would even get a mate, and there s also the problem of her pack bonded best friend who she s loved for years However, when Hunter, her mate, comes along things get a lot complicated for this young girl who has no idea which way to go This book was really interesting It was cool to see how Colette dealt with everyt [...]

    26. O M G I could have read this book in one sitting Seriously But life happened and it took me 2 nights instead.First off, Becca Vincenza where have you been all my life This book These characters My heart.So, we know fro the blurb that Collette Griffin are NOT going to be together This fact did not prevent me from turning into a blubbering, hot mess when Collette does find her true mate, Hunter Box of kleenx later, I moved on Thankfully Hunter is all sorts of hot and wild so it did lighten the blo [...]

    27. This tale of Collette and Hunter is one full of mistrust, insecurity, and a lot of love mixed with the agendas of a lot evil, but we ll meaning people so they think Collette is a wolf shifter who can t shift, who s been abused and whose in love with her best friend With her 21st birthday approaching she knows it quite possibly may not be him and she s not prepared for that She also isn t prepared to hear she s part witch As she s trying to process this , Hunter rides into her life With her confu [...]

    28. Great story, needs a ton of editingI loved this book Loved it It has all the best things A likeable MC, love, lust, edge of your seat action, and heart I ll be checking out other books from this author for sure.But please, for the love of all that is good in this world, please do something about the editing I often had to reread sentences and paragraphs in order to make sense of the words It got worse farther into the story Improper grammar, repeat words, words in the wrong places At least the s [...]

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