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Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil #2020

Kabul Beauty School An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil Soon after the fall of the Taliban in Deborah Rodriguez went to Afghanistan as part of a group offering humanitarian aid to this war torn nation Surrounded by men and women whose skills as doct

  • Title: Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil
  • Author: Deborah Rodriguez Kristin Ohlson
  • ISBN: 9780812976731
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil By Deborah Rodriguez Kristin Ohlson, Soon after the fall of the Taliban, in 2001, Deborah Rodriguez went to Afghanistan as part of a group offering humanitarian aid to this war torn nation Surrounded by men and women whose skills as doctors, nurses, and therapists seemed eminently practical than her own, Rodriguez, a hairdresser and mother of two from Michigan, despaired of being of any real use Yet shSoon after the fall of the Taliban, in 2001, Deborah Rodriguez went to Afghanistan as part of a group offering humanitarian aid to this war torn nation Surrounded by men and women whose skills as doctors, nurses, and therapists seemed eminently practical than her own, Rodriguez, a hairdresser and mother of two from Michigan, despaired of being of any real use Yet she soon found she had a gift for befriending Afghans, and once her profession became known she was eagerly sought out by Westerners desperate for a good haircut and by Afghan women, who have a long and proud tradition of running their own beauty salons Thus an idea was born With the help of corporate and international sponsors, the Kabul Beauty School welcomed its first class in 2003 Well meaning but sometimes brazen, Rodriguez stumbled through language barriers, overstepped cultural customs, and constantly juggled the challenges of a postwar nation even as she learned how to empower her students to become their families breadwinners by learning the fundamentals of coloring techniques, haircutting, and makeup.Yet within the small haven of the beauty school, the line between teacher and student quickly blurred as these vibrant women shared with Rodriguez their stories and their hearts the newlywed who faked her virginity on her wedding night, the twelve year old bride sold into marriage to pay her family s debts, the Taliban member s wife who pursued her training despite her husband s constant beatings Through these and other stories, Rodriguez found the strength to leave her own unhealthy marriage and allow herself to love again, Afghan style.With warmth and humor, Rodriguez details the lushness of a seemingly desolate region and reveals the magnificence behind the burqa Kabul Beauty School is a remarkable tale of an extraordinary community of women who come together and learn the arts of perms, friendship, and freedom.From the Hardcover edition.

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      190 Deborah Rodriguez Kristin Ohlson
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    1. I saw this book and thought immediately of Reading Lolita in Tehran, which I wanted to buy but didn t see during this trip to the bookstore It s about a hairdresser who opens a beauty school in Afghanistan, which is hugely important for the local women because it gives them independence from their husbands and fathers, as well as a source of income.It was a ridiculously easy read I felt like I was browsing through a woman s blog about her stay in Afghanistan Which is fine she had tons of interes [...]

    2. I was kind of sad to see other reviews about this book It seemed to me like there was a lot of judgment towards the author and negativity about the book Some of the points had validity, but I guess as an American living in a foreign country I have sympathy for the author than a lot of people who wrote reviews seem to have The one thing I will agree with is that it is not extremely eloquent English I am sure that this book frequently gets compared to Reading Lolita in Tehran , which is written i [...]

    3. .I was working second shift and weekends, never seeing my children, and I felt like I was selling my soul to the devil for health insurance and paid vacations.

    4. Has Life for Afghani Women Improved Because of Rodriguez I have mixed feelings about this book It s easy to read and provides an interesting and informative portrayal of life for the women of Afghanistan I m not sorry I read it, but it did drag on in the end and I started counting pages wondering when it would be over There is one heartbreaking and shocking story after the next, and too many characters to wrap one s mind around This m lange of stories boils down to Terrorizing Men and Terrorized [...]

    5. I had a hard time giving this book a rating I give the women of Afghanistan whose lives and personal stories are the meat of this book 5 Their bravery and determination to survive hardship and abuse in one of the cruelest of cultures is inspiring.I give the actual writing in this book 2 , as well as the American woman who penned it The language is very simplistic it reads like a blog actually I started to lose interest somewhere around the middle of the book, and especially after the author star [...]

    6. I listened to this book on CD and was loving it up to a point then became worried about her informants I d read PRINCES A TRUE STORY OF LIFE BEHIND THE VEIL IN SAUDI ARABIA years back and its author was extremely discret, so I compared this book to Rodriguez and wondered immediately about her telling so much detail that could be harmful to the women of the book NPR has a great recap of Rodriguez essentially selling out her informants and the alleged betrayal npr templates story stThis makes me c [...]

    7. This book was conceptually interesting, but poorly written Edited 08.08.08 I can t believe this was all I had to say about this book First, just after I read it, I was only mildly annoyed The author is an incompetent, brash, selfish, idiotic woman who made no effort to even pretend to respect or assimilate into the culture she encountered She bashed her way into Kabul, first perhaps with good intentions, and then she just proceeded to ignore every cultural that she could Her decisions were impe [...]

    8. This book was so much better than I thought it would be When I first picked it up, I thought, huh a beauty school in Afghanistan Don t those poor people need water and electricity than a mani pedi I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author had a fabulous and unique story to tell in an interesting and well written way Like so many people who end up in the development world, she simply saw a need and set out to contribute what she could to improve people s lives Throughout the book, she w [...]

    9. As a recommendation from a good friend, I wanted to whole heartedly like this book, but I just couldn t The writing as noted by nearly all reviewers is atrocious The author is at best obnoxious When my mother in law noticed this book at my house and asked me about it, I had a hard time putting my finger on exactly what was wrong with it But, the introduction to Julia Child s My Life in France cleared things up for me As she professes her love of France and Paris, she says I devoted myself to lea [...]

    10. This book was much than I thought it would be I learned so much about daily life for women in Afghanistan I was horrifed to read of the way they are treated and disvalued I think every woman in the world should read this book Wow What a wake up call Warning there is some sexual content in the first chapter as the author describes the traditional marriage consummation ceremony, but I felt and I m rather picky that it was absolutely necessary for the book There is also one f word, which was absol [...]

    11. Again, I d be a kitten murdering sadist if I gave this one star, so I m going with two I would have loved to read a short article about the Kabul Beauty School and I m abstractly interested in the project, but the writing made me want to rip out my own fingernails with hedge clippers Really, it s my own fault this book is supposed to be accessible because the writing style is conversational and feels like you re just chatting with your hairdresser, and I should have remembered before taking this [...]

    12. Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadTooDeborah Rodriguez is a beautician from Michigan who went over to Afghanistan after September 11th to help in any way she could She quickly fell in love with the country and wanted to reestablish the Afghan beauticians who went out of existence when the Taliban took over Along with help from others, she opened a beauty school where she trained Afghan women to become beauticians who could then open up their own beauty salons This amazing true story is heartwarming [...]

    13. This is the third book I ve read in three days and all three were on different views of humanity and improving lives and none were even slightly alike but all were 5 star books Proper review coming up sometime.

    14. The stories of the women in this book are heartbreaking My problem is that the author even tells them What happens if you talk about helping a woman fake her virginity on her wedding night, and the woman s husband finds out Apparently, word of the book has leaked out in Afghanistan, a place where women can be imprisoned for leaving their husbands See this link, here npr templates story st.I am not going to question the author s motives because I think she is a sincere person But I don t like the [...]

    15. While the quality of the writing isn t exceptional, this memoir offered an excellent look into the lives of Afghan women, Kabul culture, the ex pat community and Afghan beauty concepts What I loved most was reading about how the author, a fairly average but passionate individual helped so many abused Afghan women Rodriguez used the craft she knew best, hairdressing and beauty, and through much trial and tribulation, created a means to liberate many Afghan women from the ties that bound them Lest [...]

    16. This was an interesting read It was a reading group pick and sparked controversy in the group discussion as it did in the world.Debbie Rodriguez is the daughter of a hairdresser from Holland, MI I have spent some time in that town My Top 40 cover band used to play at the Holiday Inn there in the early 1980s The first wet burrito I ever ate was at a Mexican Restaurant in Holland It is a small, mostly blue collar central Michigan town Debbie is one of those women who do before they think and there [...]

    17. I LOVED this book It was an easy read with short pieces of her story as a hairdresser trying to empower women in Kabul by training them in her beauty salon with grants from various charitable sources It was a fascinating read from the American perspective There were no altruistic answers It was nice to have a book like this written by a bright blue collar person instead of the educated graduate degree person She is down to earth and real It seemed to be delightfully honest I admire her bravery I [...]

    18. A friend asked me if I wanted to read this book We have a book swap going among a few friends, and I haven t borrowed any books from this particular friend before I thought I d be polite and say Yes but not really knowing what it s about I initially thought it might be about Kabul beauty tips techniques, and yes part of it was at very start, but it is so much than that.Debbie tells her story of when she left her family at Michigan to move permanently to Afghanistan, to give hope and independenc [...]

    19. This was such an enjoyable memoir Deborah Rodriguez left a horrid marriage to help women halfway across the globe in Afghanistan She didn t understand the culture or speak the language But her heart was deeply committed to the Kabul Beauty School project and the women she trained Becoming a beautician offered these Afghan women an opportunity to support their families, often including a large extended family Many of them spent years away from Kabul while the Taliban was in control They re immigr [...]

    20. I would have never picked up this book if it hadn t been for a woman in my book club who insisted that it be our September read The author of this quick to read but a complete waste of time book is arrogant, naive and full of herself Yes, every culture has its assholes and yes, at that time, Afghanistan seemed to have than its fair share but by no means, does that make annoying Americans with their own issues superior For all the bitching that the author does about Afghani men and the Afghan c [...]

    21. Deborah Rodriguez travels from her home in Holland, Michigan as part of a group offering humanitarian aid in Afghanistan Not being a medical professional, she was at first a little lost on how she could be of assistance to the people of Afghanistan Once she realized that her skills as a beautician could be utilized in Afghanistan her idea for Kabul Beauty School was born I have to give a lot of credit to the author for her courage and tenacity to actually bring the dream of the beauty school to [...]

    22. This book is about a hairdresser, Deborah Rodriguez, who travels to Kabul, Afghanistan to do volunteer work shortly after 9 11 At first, she feels she doesn t have much to offer as she s grouped together with mostly medical personnel But she then decides to single handedly open a beauty school and to fund it entirely on donations from beauty product companies and other charitable organizations.She runs into several obstacles on the way, but not without training and empowering hundreds of Afghani [...]

    23. I read this book in my continuing read nonfiction quest I have to say that it didn t really feel like nonfiction, and I still can t decide whether I liked it or not I definitely have some different perspectives and values from the author, and at times I would think Wow, she seems like quite a character but I was so impressed by how hard she was working to ensure a future for the Afghan women.In case you re not familiar with this, it s the story of an American hairdresser who went to Afghanistan [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book Similar to Reading Lolita in Theran, it gives you insight into the complexity of a small country within the Middle East, particularyly in the town of Kabul, Afghanastan What the women there go through is amazing Afghan women are subjected to so much oppression and submission it is mind boggling there isn t some kind of uprising against the culture I am only speaking as an American woman, where my rights and freedoms are truly protected yet somewhat undervalued I apprec [...]

    25. I enjoyed parts of this book very much It was interesting to see and understand the lives of women in Afganistan It was also interesting to see what a difference a beauty school made in their lives as they developed a skill to support themselves.What I did not like was the author I do admire what she did and the strength it must have taken However, she was whiny and annoying and spent way to much time talking about herself and her over dramatized life Overall it was not that well written and I w [...]

    26. Well, this probably should go on the Life Is Too Short shelf, because I didn t really finish it but then, the book didn t really end, either It just kind of trailed off And so did my interest So, we re even.It was a very lite read I agree with reviewers who said it was like a blog on paper than a book and there were things about it that I liked I liked how the author brought out certain resonances between her own past experience as the emotionally and physically abused wife of a Christian preac [...]

    27. It is what it is Glimpse into the lives of women in Kabul post 2001, so for that, worth the read The book states that being a hairdresser is the only profession for women in Kabul acceptable to nearly all husbands, because men aren t allowed in salons, so it s one place where women can be free to earn a decent living, despite being frequently accused of being prostitutes at a brothel So sad All of the women affiliated with the school were abused at home and in public in some way because they lac [...]

    28. I m in the middle of this book, too far in to drop it, but praying it ll be over soon This woman, the writer.ere are no words I ve just finished reading the description of her marriage ceremony to an Afghan Uzbek guy who doesn t speak English Ok, well, that s just stupid and asking for trouble Who does that And she herself, well, she has good intentions I guess But she seems so shallow and frivilous She probably spent most of her time in Kabul reinforcing all the negative stereotypes of American [...]

    29. Zadovoljna sam ovom knjigom, fin prikaz Afganistana ,sa ne pretjeranom dozom negativizma ili tuge Da ima ocjena tri plus ili etiri minus ja bih je tako ocijenila.Posebno mi se dopala to je ovo knjiga koja je pisana od strane ene koja je sve to do ivjela.Knjiga vrijedna itanja.

    30. why can t we give half points in this grading system i d rate this book of a 3.5 anyway, it s an easy quick read i was torn in my opinions of how she wrote the book and what she wanted readers to get out of her experience e.g in terms of her writing style, her transitions between scenes memories were sometimes jarring several times, i had to try to figure out what was the main point of the chapter or how the different sequences were related in terms of the content, i was torn with how honest sh [...]

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