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Avelynn #2020

Avelynn One extraordinary Saxon noblewoman and one fearless Viking warrior find passion and danger in this dazzling and sensuous debutMarissa Campbell s debut novel is a winning combination of romance histor

  • Title: Avelynn
  • Author: Marissa Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781250063939
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Avelynn By Marissa Campbell, One extraordinary Saxon noblewoman and one fearless Viking warrior find passion and danger in this dazzling and sensuous debutMarissa Campbell s debut novel is a winning combination of romance, history, and adventure sure to appeal to fans of Diana Gabaldon.It is 869 For eighteen years, Avelynn, the beautiful and secretly pagan daughter of the Eadlorman of Somerset has liOne extraordinary Saxon noblewoman and one fearless Viking warrior find passion and danger in this dazzling and sensuous debutMarissa Campbell s debut novel is a winning combination of romance, history, and adventure sure to appeal to fans of Diana Gabaldon.It is 869 For eighteen years, Avelynn, the beautiful and secretly pagan daughter of the Eadlorman of Somerset has lived in an environment of love and acceptance She hasn t yet found a man to make her heart race, but her father has not pressured her to get married Until now With whispers of war threatening their land, her father forces Avelynn into a betrothal with Demas, a man who only covets her wealth and status The dreaded marriage looming, she turns to her faith, searching for answers in an ancient ritual along the coast, only to find Alrik the Blood Axe and sixty Viking berserkers have landed.Alrik is unlike any man she has ever known, strong and intriguing Likewise, he instantly falls for her beauty and courage The two stumble into a passionate love affair, but it s than just a greedy suitor who will try to keep them apart.As the Saxons and Vikings go to war, Avelynn and Alrik find themselves caught in the throes of fate Can they be true to their people as well as to each other

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      110 Marissa Campbell
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    1. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.As of July 29th, Marissa Campbell Avelynn has logged thirteen ratings on Of those thirteen, twelve are five star reviews The thirteenth is my own and I honestly find that fact rather amusing I m not in the business of following the crowd and I m not afraid to stand alone I call it like I see it and while I enjoyed the book well enough, I can t say it blew me away To be fair, Avelynn started strong The historic and cultural details Campbell inco [...]

    2. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I had the very misguided thought that this book, despite the premise, would be a light and sexy read that I could snuggle up to and quickly pass the hours with.There s certainly a good bit of heat to the tale where it s due, but there is nothing light about this novel If anything, it s harsh and rough and absolutely mesmerizing.Avelynn is one of the best female leads that I ve read this year a spirited and strong woman, a warrio [...]

    3. I received this Arc from St Martin s press via NG in return for an honest review It s dangerous for a woman to tread into men s waters Well, well, well New Historical fiction Author is on my horizon Rating 3.5 starsLet s go straight into what the plot is about Avelynn is the daughter of the Earl of Somerset,She has been raised as the lady of the house, she s full of stubborn indignation, she s a powerful woman in her own rightUntil her father shackles her in a betrothal,a loathsome betrothal to [...]

    4. When I see the printed words debut novel , I unfairly but naturally expect the book to be written in an almost underdeveloped fashion I can happily say this did not meet any unfair expectations What I experienced was an enchanting adventure, written by someone with both writing experience and natural talent I appreciated most that it had the right amount of everything romance, suspense, action, heart break, and these aspects were strewn out so evenly throughout the story The plot never played on [...]

    5. The Dark Ages come alive in this historical adventure romance debut A strong female lead must choose between the man her father says she is to wed and the Viking enemy who has stolen her heart In a war torn land, can Avelynn save her people and earn the right to choose her own destiny Her father s lenience allows Avelynn to overstep the set boundaries for women and he hasn t felt the need to curtail her until now He has spoiled her, especially after his beloved wife s death After four years of w [...]

    6. This book is than a simple historical romance It s so much than that It s truly a journey, with accurate historical facts that will make you feel like you re right there It s realistic Our heroine, Avelynn has to be one of the strongest female characters I ve read about She s not a spoiled teen she s not a weak girl that has no voice or is afraid to say it how it is She s the exact opposite She s a young lady that will, one day, rule instead of her father and is being groomed for that She does [...]

    7. The first half was pretty slow for me And for a book marketed as a romance, we had instalove, separation, sex, separation, sex and then separation again Literally, that s what happened Luckily the second half picked up and things actually started happening Still Avelynn and Alrik spent very little time together throughout any of the book which is disappointing because I don t believe in instalove so there was nothing to back up their relationship But I appreciated the historical details and the [...]

    8. This book was hard for me to review On one hand I finished it and wanted to know what happened to the characters but on the other hand I had a hard time buying into the romance aspect of the novel I felt like it was trying to be both a romance novel and a novel about a woman fighting for her destiny and while books can successfully be both, this one fell short in the romance aspect for me.Sure there were some heated scenes which were promising and even the romance line seemed promising in the be [...]

    9. I first approached this book with a bit of trepidation A romance set during the Saxon Viking era of old, old England Hmmm Well, my worries were unfounded I really enjoyed Marissa Campbell s story of love, war, romance and battles Campbell s characters are strong and remarkable especially the lead character Avelynn she is feisty, headstrong, but is also very smart and has a big heart for her people , the story is intriguing, and the setting is actually quite magnificent.If you like your novels wi [...]

    10. 4.5 BirdiesReview Posted on Reading Lark 9 29 15 readinglark 2015 Avelynn is a beautiful young girl living in England in the year 869 Her father is a powerful noble and she will inherit a portion of his estate upon his death, but as a woman her power is severely limited outside of her father s lands Avelynn represents a young woman who wishes to make her own path she is intelligent and tenacious Like so many young women in this time period, Avelynn is forced into a betrothal with a man she does [...]

    11. Where do I even start with the book It doesn t happen often, but occasionally I read a book that has so many less than redeeming qualities contained within its pages that I scarcely know where to begin That, in a nutshell, describes Avelynn, quite possibly the worst Viking romance I ve ever read.So, who is Avelynn Well, despite her improbable name, she is the daughter of a Saxon noble Remember now that she s Saxon because pretty much nothing else in the plot signals her as such Despite being the [...]

    12. Avelynn was what I expected, let me add I am looking forward to what I assume will be the next book, as Campbell continues to blossom in both writing and content as demonstrated in this book No denying my affinity towards extremely strong independent female protagonists, contributing to my partiality for Avelynn.Avelynn is strong willed, refusing to bend to the will of men or the times She s fierce, courageous and fearless Determined to carve out a future on her terms despite the risks of shunni [...]

    13. 5 At last, a female protagonist who rolls on her own AVELYNN by Marissa Campbell is already an auspicious debut thanks to kudos from New York Times best seller Susannah Kearsley Not only does it feature high stakes heroics set against insurmountable odds in 9th Century Saxon England, but it takes the uncommon approach of setting the female protagonist down amidst a wild band of Viking marauders that she conquers, not just through sex, but through visceral, physical chutzpah with a broad sword Tr [...]

    14. FIVE STAR review from Crossroads Reviews crossroadreviews 2015 This one OMG I just died over Ive been pagan for over 20 years and this was just soaked with the correct terms etc I loved it The story could be very closely related to others like Romeo and Juliet etc Where two people from waring people fall in love It was a breathtaking read I loved how the author did the intimate scenes without them being cheap or disgusting You could tell that they had a love and draw to each other Each character [...]

    15. Beautiful writing that flows, no purple prose here wonderful historical detail of the Medieval Saxon Viking period, a strong and lovable protagonist, with a romance aspect that does not take over.If you love books full of medieval forests, filled with wolves, wild boar and bears and adventures that involve traveling horse back with satchels packed, only to pitch a tent and feed from the forest along with details of ancient Norse religions, this book is for you Note Although the protagonist in th [...]

    16. This book has such beautiful writing, I had to slow down my speed reading to enjoy every single word Marissa makes everything seem effortless, and the rhythm of her sentences is gorgeous I m a huge, huge fan The story here is heartfelt I loved, Avelynn s journey LOVED IT I love that she s strong woman in a man s world, and I loved watching her fall in love d here I thought I wasn t in to historical fiction 5 Stars I ll be reading this one again and again.

    17. Yet another stunning debut I ve read this summer Marissa Campbell is making me love historical romance and I really never thought I would be into it, yet here I am, eagerly waiting for her next book I finished Avelynn in one day, friends ONE DAY It s been in my to read pile for a couple of weeks and I had a break in review action and I thought I d just give this one a whirl when my kids were gone for the week and man alive, I devoured it.In the story we have Avelynn, a Saxon by birth and she s p [...]

    18. Find my full review at aliteraryvacation.Avelynn is one of my favorite characters I have come across in a while When the novel first opens she is almost too smart and willful for her own good, especially given the time she lives in But being raised and educated to believe she was meant for than the traditional roles of a well born girl, not only expected to run her father s estate when he is gone but to become a pagan high priestess this, of course, hidden from most everyone since the move to C [...]

    19. I recently read a book called Avelynn, by Marissa Campbell The scene setting in 869, it features a protagonist named Avelynn, who is a young, noble, strong willed Saxon woman attempting to forge her future during a volatile time in England that is the Viking invasion.Upon hearing about this book, I immediately wanted to read it Those that know my reading style know I m not much for romance, unless it s historically tastefully done and makes me swoon right along with them And generally, the woman [...]

    20. Avelynn has been the jewel of the Earl of Somerset Suitors come to seek her aid, but she was given the choice to refuse them However, when rumors about war from the Vikings seem to come true, her father decides to protect her into an arranged marriage to Demas She finds out that Demas is not the gentle suitor he seems to be, but rather a dark man filled with ambition and with a desire to control her Because she is doomed to marry this man, she turns to her faith as a pagan During one of her paga [...]

    21. Avelynn by Marissa Campbell is an intriguing novel about a passionate woman from the 800 s She was not raised like a normal girl was during that time period She had been allowed by her father to speak her mind, and to have some say in her future to a point Eventually he becomes tired of waiting for her to choose a husband, and decides to choose one for her Avelynn is set on marrying for love and passion, and the man her father has chosen for her is her worst nightmare However, she has met a man [...]

    22. Set in 869 Dark Ages with paranormal elements A Saxon Lady,Avelynn, turned Warrior and a Viking, Alrik, a tale that transcends worlds, kingdoms and the ages Fast paced, action packed Written in first person, through Avelynn s perception or voice Well written with depth, and vivid descriptions Not for the of faint heart There is much tragedy, challenges, romance, sadness, passion, betrayal, deceit, druids,secrets,death, myths and the power of love There are so many deceptions and lies in Avelynn [...]

    23. Set in the Dark Ages, Avelynn is a debut novel by Marissa Campbell The main character is Avelynn, a young Saxon noblewoman who helps her father rule the kingdom in Somerset She is secretly a Pagan high priestess who every so often goes to an island by the name of Avalon to perform her rituals until the Vikings invade Against her wishes she is betrothed to Demas, a man who she fears and despises.While on one of her visits to Avalon, she meets a much hated Viking, Alrik who she comes to love but k [...]

    24. I am a sucker for debut novels, especially HF and when they take place in a time period I am unfamiliar with, all the better Puts a little bit of pressure on the author right there, with Avelynn I was not disappointed at all.I like Avelynn, a strong and determined woman, smart and brave as well The late 800 s was a brutal time in England, not just because of the Vikings, but also for the fact that women were at the mercy of man, with no choice as to the direction their life went The author creat [...]

    25. With comparisons to Outlander, I was immediately intrigued but would have never imagined I d end up so lost in Avelynn s pages Marissa Campbell has crafted a beautifully researched world full of intrigue and power and I was SO there While the romance was a bit too quick, I nonetheless stood in their corner cheering them on and I should point out that the romance is extremely detailed Definitely for older readers I m absolutely impressed with Campbell s debut and am thrilled to see what she tackl [...]

    26. The intricate layers of Marissa Campbells book Avelynn were impressive for any work but so as this was her historical romance debut In an engaging writing style Ms Campbell quickly captures her audience and relates a fast paced and detailed story full of angst, bravery and passion Set in the Dark Ages this author did a fine job of incorporating multiple facets of the period, from the social constraints of women to the political currents dictating the era, yet still maintained the tale s feel of [...]

    27. I spent the last few days immersed in Avelynn, which was such a treat From the very first pages until the last I couldn t put it down, literally, just ask my hubby Historical fiction is my favorite read so you had me there, but then to draw in the ancient religion of the Goddess the Isle of Avalon, mix it with the steamy love scenes, and the suspense of the dark characters of Demus Osric, then the savageness of the Viking battles Kudos to you Marissa Campbell Wishing you continued success and jo [...]

    28. This book was really good and also not quite what I was expecting I think I was looking for the fiction in historical fiction, but this gave of an emphasis on the historical that make sense I liked the characters Campbell created because they felt like real people to me And I really enjoyed the aspects of Paganism throughout the novel Now I m really interested in learning about it The one thing I didn t like was how dark and sadly realistic some parts were That being said, it was a good book [...]

    29. I love a good historical romance, but I rarely find one that really sticks with me like AVELYNN The story is beautifully written, weaving a tapestry of myth and ancient beliefs into the dark days of medieval England If you are a fan of Diana Gabaldon s OUTLANDER and Philippa Gregory s LADY OF THE RIVERS and THE WHITE QUEEN, just roll them all together and take it back several hundred years, and there you will find AVELYNN A must read for historical romance lovers.

    30. Thanks St Martin s Press and netgalley for arc.This is a awesome and flawlessly together book, perfect for those who love a strong heroine and authentic historical romance I loved the setting and descriptions of the time and place Hope Marissa Campbell is writing a sequel and it comes out soon

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