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Embattled Christmas #2020

Embattled Christmas Christmas at the Lost and Found Investigative Service is anything but merry this season John Palmer dreads the holiday For the past year he and Shannon have been getting along like gangbusters but as

  • Title: Embattled Christmas
  • Author: J.M. Madden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • Embattled Christmas By J.M. Madden, Christmas at the Lost and Found Investigative Service is anything but merry this season John Palmer dreads the holiday For the past year he and Shannon have been getting along like gangbusters, but as the holiday creeps closer tension invades their relationship He s at a loss as to how to fix it Until he makes a risky gamble Chad doesn t know why Mercy is having problChristmas at the Lost and Found Investigative Service is anything but merry this season John Palmer dreads the holiday For the past year he and Shannon have been getting along like gangbusters, but as the holiday creeps closer tension invades their relationship He s at a loss as to how to fix it Until he makes a risky gamble Chad doesn t know why Mercy is having problems at school Maybe with a little intervention from Santa they can get to the bottom of her situation Duncan Wilde runs herd on his group, putting out fires as they come along But maybe a special Christmas present from the group will make him look at life with fresh eyes.

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    1. 5 Happy Holidays Stars Once again J.M Madden manages to capture my heart with her wounded hero s I love this series and it was fun to catch up with the guy s at LF and see their HEA s progressing view spoiler J.M Madden I can t believe you ended it right there I still love you but you are a tease Can t wait for the next book, thank you J.M for this Christmas treat even if you are a tease hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br

    2. 5 Stars It warmed my heart to see all the characters I ve come to love from this series have a wonderful holiday celebration.I wish that J.M Madden could take her magic pen and write happily ever afters for all our veterans Of course we know that s not possible, but what she does give us is hope, and clues us in to the struggles these brave men and women face every day The things we take for granted, like enjoying holiday festivities, can be difficult and maybe not so enjoyable for those sufferi [...]

    3. I have such a soft spot for these guys I ve got no shame in my gameI ll admit that proudly It was a great little catch up with the guys, mostly focusing on our favorite grouch, John and his lady Shannonbut all of the guys make an appearance And that ending OH MY GODn we please get a book for Duncan already He needs his HEAd I m so intrigued by the doc now She seems sassyd I LOVE sassy I need this book NOW

    4. I love the Lost and Found guys This is such a sweet holiday novella I can t wait for Duncan s story That was such a good teaser at the end.

    5. Fun Such a good addition to the series Catching up with the couples Seeing John surprise Shannon A puppy Please But she got him good Please, please, please dear author send me Duncan s book

    6. OhI forgot how much I absolutely adore these guys Duncan, Chad, John, and Zeke sigh This is another of my favorite series by one of my favorite authors I haven t read the books in a while and now all I want is to go back and reread the series Embattled Christmas also makes me even anxious for Duncan s book I have been waiting for him to meet his woman and get the HEA he so deserves I really like him with Alex and I am so looking forward to their book that s going to be soo good Chad and Lora an [...]

    7. 4.0 RATING A short and sweet Christmas novella Loved catching up with the Lost and Found crew Cute ending that left me smiling Hoping to get a full story for Duncan and Alex More of a short story than novella but enjoyed.Definitely advise reading the Lost and Found series before reading this novella I don t consider this a stand alone.

    8. You know how you read a book in a series and you feel like you are visiting old friends This is exactly how I felt reading Embattled Christmas I have loved each and every book in the series and it is definitely in my Top 5 series I could never pick a favorite.I hung on every word in this book It was such a joy to read, a few little surprises thrown in and the perfect awwwwwwwwwwwwww factor How could you not love the gorgeous, hunky men, and the women that support them Each and every book brings [...]

    9. This was a perfect Christmas read It gives us an update on all the couples from the previous stories to this point, while being short and engaging I liked seeing all the couples caught up, and liked the teases we got of Duncan s upcoming relationship This one definitely tugged at the heartstrings

    10. Cute story and nice to catch up with the gang even if I had a bit of a hard time remembering the particulars of the stories and characters.

    11. While this one was short it packed a lot into it I loved that we got to see all the couples we ve gotten to know before I did want to slap John for how dunce he was with the hints that Shannon kept dropping Then when he got the puppy, I really wanted to slap him Good thing he redeemed himself in the end I loved how Shannon shared her secret, even though it threw John.I felt for little Mercy and wanted to cry with her when she talked to Duncan and Santa I loved the solution that Chad came up with [...]

    12. Oh these tough military men make me cry every time Even in a short Christmas novella the author still manages to tug those hearts string with her Lost and Found cast of characters and couples From the blurb I thought we were just going to get the POV of just the original three men from the first book but the author had all her previous couples show up and what a treat that was I know this is a work of fiction but how she writes the characters I always feel a sense of honor for these men who serv [...]

    13. Save a Humvee Ride a Marine Oorah This was an unexpected holiday treat from JM Madden The LF crew gathers to celebrate Christmas and find that perfect gift for their loved ones I m looking forward to Duncan s book I m guessing the good doctor has the healing touch he needs.

    14. Excellent but disappointing Very disappointing as I had already read most of this within the 6 box set hopefully the others that follow will be as excellent as the box set which I thoroughly enjoyed

    15. A very cute holiday novella I really just adored John and Shannon s scenes exactly what I wanted It was nice to catch up with everyone Looking forward to the next story

    16. The infamous Christmas party at Frog Dog bar told from several viewpoints, all with relationship issues Very enjoyable exceptNote Downside to me As with all the books in this series, there are explicit scenes I skip them.

    17. This was well written but clearly a bridging story It moves the story of some of the characters from the previous books along a bit, and sets up a future book It is short and interesting and still gets a fair bit of emotion and engagement from the reader, but is really like a catch up with old friends and a bit of gossip Fun and heartwarming.

    18. Come and spend Christmas with Duncan, Chad, John and the rest of the Lost and Found crew.Something is up with Shannon and John can t figure out what Something feels off with their relationship He s a Marine, he ll figure it outeventually Then again he is a man, and as we know men can be rather clueless at times to things that are staring them right in the face Mmmm I love John and Shannon and how their love has slowly changed him in little ways.We get to see Zeke and Ember and how their relation [...]

    19. Merry EFFIN Christmas as John Palmer would probably say Wow What a great novella in the Lost and Found Series by Jm Madden This little slice of heaven gives us the readers, a very Merry Christmas with a bunch of love and surprises These ex military men and their devotion to helping other wounded vets and the devotion to their loved ones shines so brightly in this read John and Shannon are probably my favorites with Chad and Lora being a close second Zeke and Ember are still going strong Duncan, [...]

    20. Originally published in booksandspoons.weebly book blogI love the Lost and Found Series, and when you mix a suspense series with a Christmas novella, you just about have it all.And what a sweet novella this is If you are a fan of the series, it is a must read No, there s no action in this one, the violent kind, but many of the characters of this delightful series take a huge step forward in their lives in this story.It brought smiles, a sigh, and a couple tears It is adorable and lovely, and cer [...]

    21. This is a wonderful Christmas novella Wheelchair bound John needs to get the right thing for Shannon, but she s acting funny Chad learns that Mercy needs him to be an official Daddy Duncan is seriously considering a relationship with the sexy doctor, and then he gets his present, and it isn t the t shirt Zeke proposes to Ember so sweetly, and there are cheers all around Deeply emotional, sweet dreams hope to be fulfilled, awesome characters, fierce bonding, everything you can want for the holida [...]

    22. I love these CharactersWell I fell in love with all the characters from the Embattled Heart series and I used to be a Military spouse.It s was romantic The first books had suspense, romance I could not pay them down, this just tied them through the Christmas with a very happy ending And absolutely I would recommend to everyone I can t wait for books about them please JM write with all these characters together in them.Thank you for great stories.Mary Phemister

    23. The gang is ALL here with a couple of surprises and tension In true LNF fashion the heroes overcome the hurdles and bring smiles and holiday cheer to the ones they love I literally smiled from ear to ear like I was part of the celebration and happy tears.In true John fashion we got the F bomb and I wanted to pop him upside the head My honey Chad delivered on all ends and made me fall in love a little .Thank You J.M Madden for brightening up my holiday.

    24. Love J.M Madden.A short holiday novella briefly updating us on the antics of the men of Lost Found Not having read a LNF book in a while I did struggle to remember who was who which made things a little confusing in such a short book but that didn t distract from the sweetness of the story view spoiler But I wanted the boss to have his own full length story, not get together with the hot doctor in a novella hide spoiler We need a full length novel NOW.

    25. Absolutely the best Christmas story by farI love this book and how it ties up loose ends into a neatly wrapped bow Also, very glad to see that Duncan may finally have his own story which has been a long time coming The men of Lost and Found are very precious souls who deserve all the happiness in the world.

    26. Another winner I cannot say enough about this author s work, she never disappoints.This novella catches us up on our favorite characters from the List and Founds series It was wonderful to see where they are now Hopefully this will tide fans over until the next book in the series.

    27. Great StoryEven though the story is short, it s complete There are several stories that are going on and they blend together perfectly I m glad that Duncan gets his girl He was always on the outside looking in He s always there for his men and their kids too, especially little Mercy This story shows that everyone deserves their happy ending.

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