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Face/Mask #2020

Face Mask Montreal in the year Like most major cities the air is poisonous On the other side of the planet the war on terror rages with no end in sight A devastating attack on Canadian soil leads to the

  • Title: Face/Mask
  • Author: Gabriel Boutros
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Face/Mask By Gabriel Boutros, Montreal in the year 2039 Like most major cities, the air is poisonous On the other side of the planet, the war on terror rages with no end in sight A devastating attack on Canadian soil leads to the installation of a militaristic administration Civil rights are curtailed and the justice system is rife with corruption In the middle of this decaying world lives Allen JMontreal in the year 2039 Like most major cities, the air is poisonous On the other side of the planet, the war on terror rages with no end in sight A devastating attack on Canadian soil leads to the installation of a militaristic administration Civil rights are curtailed and the justice system is rife with corruption In the middle of this decaying world lives Allen Janus husband, father, bureaucrat and backstabber In a moment of petty vindictiveness he will betray the people who love him, setting the lives of everyone in his family on a tragic course.Gabriel Boutros, author of The Guilty, brings you a story about how lies can entrap both the deceiver and the deceived.

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    1. Author Gabriel Boutros paints a plausible, grim picture of the future in this dystopian tale The air noxious due to terrorist bombings, whereas, face masks must be worn on most days And the origin of pulmonary ailments that end in early deaths Mr Boutros must ve researched extensively or is quite knowledgable about the judicial system, and politics Face Mask is littered with deception, bribery, injustice, and corruption Many characters are depicted and come together in this thought provoking boo [...]

    2. 2.5 starsI tried really hard to like this book, but I felt like I was wading through a thick sludge for so much of it It was impossible to connect with any of the characters, which I believe was by design, but I found the plot too slow moving without an intense character connection The world building in this book is excellent though, I particularly found the legal notes at the start of each chapter to be quite chilling Allen Janus, the main protagonist, is an example of what people can become wh [...]

    3. Title Face MaskAuthor Gabriel BoutrosGenre Science FictionLength 120,000 wordsRating 4 starsWho Speaks for Decency In Face Mask Gabriel Boutros has created a disturbing, thought provoking dystopian extrapolation of present day political, cultural, and sociological reality No one is pure, no one seeks the Common Good, but neither does anyone act out of pure malice Decency is served in the frail form of a tortured man, barely alive, delivered to his family on Christmas Day, 2039 The man is a metap [...]

    4. I hovered between giving this novel two or three star, and so decided to let a few hours pass by before writing this review I m glad that I did this, since it allowed me to evaluate the work objectively.Here are my final thoughts Despite being high on narrative and low on dialogue, and also excessively descriptive in the way it lays out a very smoggy future, Face Mask nevertheless has a very elaborate back story, one solid enough to act as a stable anchor for all the events taking place there H [...]

    5. In Face Mask, Gabriel Boutros has created a believable futuristic world that feels as real and lived in as any of the best of dystopian fiction I m a sucker for excellent world building, and it s a delight to discover an author who takes an interest in filling in the little details that make the world come alive.The perfectly conceived world in question is Montreal in the year 2039, where Beijing like levels of pollution have left the air unbreathable to the point that air masks are required in [...]

    6. Face Mask is a distopian future book in the tradition of 1984 A never ending war has slowly eroded freedoms and shadowy figures in the background manipulate events to maintain power In the middle of all this one man finds himself lost in a land that demands people maintain the proprietaries.Face Mask makes some wonderful commentary on population control and current events What is truly troubling is the fact that as I was reading I could see the events portrayed to be not that far off from a poss [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book It is a dark ride, set against the backdrop of a near future world, a world with an out of control political heirarchy, unbreathable air, and bigotry as the norm The author, Gabriel Boutrous, did an excellent job in detailing what it would be like to live in such a society Really, he gave much detail than you typically find in this type of story This is the kind of world building that is commonly found in seriously good high fantasy , so if these kind of details matter to y [...]

    8. This book may have been fiction, but it reads like non fiction.FAce Mask paints a painfully realistic future of our society Even today, with the forced installations of pipelines and nuclear plants and others, it is clear that certain sectors of government and individuals are mostly interested in lining their pockets at the risk of our environment and the health of all people.Such a future where we will be forced to wear face mask in order to breath clean air is very possible if we continue on t [...]

    9. In Face Mask, Gabriel Boutros presents an uncomfortable alternative view of the near future The war against terror has ground on for decades, and the associated need for greater industrial output has led to a revocation of laws and regulations to protect the environment, with the result that the air is so poisonous people must wear gas masks outdoors Canada is no longer an independent country it is run as a department of the US, which itself has become a police state Chillingly, Muslims have bee [...]

    10. What is great about this book isn t just that its extrapolation of current political and military trends is so chilling, and plausible, but the complex web that it weaves of unintended consequences It s a character study of a man who deals with his boredom and powerlessness first by experimenting with risky vices, and then in an effort to cover up the results of that, or to deal with his guilt, he does something even despicable but still fairly harmless, he believes which sets off consequences [...]

    11. I found this book bizarrely readable Why bizarrely I did not like a single thing about it Not the adulterous, wizened spirited protagonist who goes so far as to shop a family member to the authorities not his boring family not his mistress, who is the closest thing we have here to a good character not even the saintly Uncle Joe he was too saintly to feel like a real character at all I certainly did not like the dystopian future setting, where the air in Canada is so filthy that all must wear mas [...]

    12. The book is a somewhat superficial account of a man who is overly submissive without personal awareness to the impact it has on himself or those around him working for a government who is tightly controlling its citizens due to a destroyed environment I felt that the book had some moments of interest however over all I felt as if the main character lacked a sense of likability and the book was in general cynical about the human race I felt its order in the justification of the continuation of a [...]

    13. Dystopia 1un dis top pee uh , a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.I m interested when I see such divergent views about the very qualities of a book This book has varied reviews sometimes 2 stars and as high as 5 stars Whenever I see such disparity, I m curious.When I see some of the lower reviews on this, I ve noticed people saying things like I couldn t identify with the characters or I couldn t like the character Is liking the character wh [...]

    14. Free book for honest review juliesbookreviewFace Mask takes place in Montreal Canada, the year is 2039 People are forced to wear air filter mask, due the air not being safe to breathe The world as we know it as changed to a time where there is really no day or night The toxins beyond the atmosphere barely let any sunshine in through the day and reflects light from the sun at night This is a dark time where fresh grown veggies are thing of the past and only read about in history books How and why [...]

    15. A SCARY LOOK AT A POSSIBLE FUTURE I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This book made me really stop and think about consequences and degrees of separation An amazing plot with one mans life in a world gone mad Author, Gabriel Boutros does a wonderful job of developing the characters with an eerie insight into the imperfections of humanity This is not a simple book of good versus evil but rather a treatise of how anyone is subject to dark influence no m [...]

    16. Check out my blog to see Reviews of Book and Movies, and check out some Recipes I enjoyed the concept of this book and it was written very well However, the only character that I even really liked was Joe, the rest of the characters made it easy to dislike them, which made it hard to really connect with the book for me Some of the timeline jumps had me flipping back and forth on my kindle to figure out the time difference and if the story was still continuing from where it left off or not I did [...]

    17. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Rating 3 starsGeek rating 4 5Can you say bleak I can, and that is exactly the picture of a futuristic Canada Mr Boutros depicts in his novel, Face Mask It s the near future The air fluctuates from poisonous to poisonous People are advised or required to wear gas masks when outside A powerful government rules with an iron fist, regulating everything from air to food to where people can live Muslims are forced to live in communities where they [...]

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