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Desperate and Daring #2020

Desperate and Daring An alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here Miss Heather Everly desperately needs to get married but not just any suitor will do Her family is on the brink of ruin and only the Duke of

  • Title: Desperate and Daring
  • Author: Ella J. Quince
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Desperate and Daring By Ella J. Quince, An alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here.Miss Heather Everly desperately needs to get married, but not just any suitor will do Her family is on the brink of ruin, and only the Duke of Ablehill can save her When he agrees to meet her, it s the duke s steward who arrives in his place Heather must convince him that she would be the perfect duchess, but herAn alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here.Miss Heather Everly desperately needs to get married, but not just any suitor will do Her family is on the brink of ruin, and only the Duke of Ablehill can save her When he agrees to meet her, it s the duke s steward who arrives in his place Heather must convince him that she would be the perfect duchess, but her attraction to him is clouding her mind Her heart is pulling her away from what she must do, and toward the man she truly wants Fallon Calder cannot believe that the beautiful and vibrant Miss Everly wishes to marry a malicious old man like the Duke of Ablehill He is determined to find out all he can about her, but what he doesn t anticipate is his own heart getting involved The he learns about her, the certain he becomes that the only man Heather should belong to, is him.

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      160 Ella J. Quince
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    1 thought on “Desperate and Daring

    1. I m rounding up to a 3 from a 2.5 This was my first EJQ I ve read a few since and I was pleasantly surprised It was free on Kindle and since my experience with free books have generally been disappointing, this was a nice change.The story is about Heather, a penniless woman whose family needs her to marry a duke in order to save them all from poverty She sets her sights on the Duke of Ablehill, thinking he s an old man However, when she meets his steward, she starts falling for him instead Of c [...]

    2. Not buying the instant love and lust Their relationship emotional and physical developed within mere hours of meeting While I don t deny the existence of love at first sight I devour romances by the truck loads after all , it was not written as such, but as a fully evolved relationship after mere 2 3 days of meeting, such that she, upon discovering his true identity, was broken because he turned out to not be the man, she thought, she knew WTH There was a distinct lack in detail especially regar [...]

    3. A desperate situation needs desperate measuresHeather s family is close to ruin and needs therefore some funds, funds only a duke can provide Therefore she is willing to sacrifice herself to the duke of ablehill, a man with a certain, not flattering, reputation.The duke answers her offer letter and agrees to meet her But he has an accident on his way and in his stead his steward is set on finding out if Heather would be a suitable duchess.Fallon and Heather are attracted to each other The plot i [...]

    4. A Regency Romance Novel is a normal format young girl meets a member of the Ton, and they end up married.However, each love Story is unique, each with their own problems and dramas Yes, one could argue, once you read one regency romance, you have read them all.Not so, I say, for each writer will blend the elements of a Regency Romance and make it there own.This is what I believe Ms Quince has done with this story The beginning episodes are intriguing and displays all the mannerisms of the period [...]

    5. Take away the slightly corny title and you have a really fun and engaging book Heather and Fallon are a true love match in a time when that doesn t happen for the noble class very often Add in a destitute family, a case of mistaken identity, and a dose of intrigue and you have the makings for a good story I definitely enjoyed both characters and the supporting cast This was a quick read and a little on the spicier side for a historical, but not over the top There was a slight bit of set up for b [...]

    6. I really wanted to like this, but there were some problems, the main one being the premise a young, gently reared girl writing to an old, evil man to offer to marry him I realize that the family was in dire straights, but I can t see that happening I liked Fallon Calder, but wish that his character could have been fleshed out a bit I did like Viscount Draven and almost want to read his story, but I ve read the reviews and it seems that it might have the same issues that this one does Oh, the ty [...]

    7. Not sure how historically accurate this was and there were some issues which I think an editor could ve helped with, but I noticed these were self published, so I would say very good quality for that And sort of just what I needed

    8. At first, I wondered how Fallon could be the Duke, but of course, it made sense later They had numerous upheavals to overcome, and while any whisper of scandal made things dicey a few times, they managed to get married in spite of it all Fallon s dark feelings about his father bled into his life, until he could finally rest knowing he could be happy with Heather and her family, instead of worrying about his absent, neglectful father For her part, initially Heather makes a sacrifice in her marria [...]

    9. Not what I expected, the story dragged, to the point where I found myself skipping pages just so I could get to the end.

    10. Enjoyable reading Enjoyed the storylineI thought the story ended abruptly I would definitely recommend reading to relax and let the imagination go back in time.

    11. This was okay I did get bored at times and the characters and their names occasionally made me think I was in an 80s drama.

    12. GoodHeather needs to marry a duke because her father had died and left their family without any money She met Fallon the steward to the Duke, she fell for him, but she must marry the scandalous old man to save the family from ruin Then it turns out that he is really the Duke, she is angry for betraying her and lying to her She thinks nothing they had was real So I don t know how I feel about this one Mixed feelings

    13. It s a nice book I like the happy ending between Fallon and Heather, they married but it has an incomplete story with Fallon his cousin I want to know who win in the court, if his cousin got want he wanted or not.

    14. Historical English romance with a poor family desperately searching for a rich husband to fix their future.Miss Heather Everly was born rich and powerful, until the day her father dies and she finds out that they are so deep in debt that they are going to lose everything and go to debtors prison if she doesn t marry rich and quick She writes to the scandalous Duke of Ablehill to offer her her hand in marriage, which begins the series of events that are so totally impossible to imagine that we en [...]

    15. Typical historicalThis book follows the standard rags to riches, a disavowed son of a Duke, a weak attempt to take said riches away, and steamy sex scenes which are not so hot There is no specific time period stated, only referral to the British duke, dutchesses, and lord hierarchy Scanty descriptive phrases, poorly constructed sentences, and a few misspelled words make this book a fairly predictable sub par read I would say this book is on the level of stories from those old magazines having se [...]

    16. Occasionally I read a book that engages me totally This was one such book In fact, when the words The End appeared, I was extremely astonished.Why You may ask Very simply, the story held my attention so well that those words were the last thing I expected to see.It was beautifully written with just the right amount of mystery, intrigue, romancing and life in it to keep me interested And totally engrossed I loved that the Duke came over as a real hunk of a man and that our heroine was a level hea [...]

    17. Parts of this book was bittersweet When Heather meets Fallon while waiting for the Duke to show up, she is drawn to him The she is with him, the she wishes she could be free to marry to him instead of having to marry the Duke Fallon is also upset because he hates how his station in life if beneath Heather and keeps trying to show her that she doesn t have to marry the Duke His turmoil on what to do broke my heart When Heather finally meets the Duke, he is certainly not what she was expecting T [...]

    18. Aside from a few editing flaws like modiste not modesty for French version of seamstress dressmaker and role not roll referring to the Duke masquerading as his own steward It was funny and witty specially with the repartee between Lord Draven and Annabelle Darling and enough drama to give it meat and go beyond light reading Also the main characters are credible enough given their character arcs Not bad either when it comes to giving Heather s sisters participation in the story The kite inciden [...]

    19. Desperate For A Duke by Ella J Quince is a well written book with fabulous characters Ms Quince has loaded Heather and Fallon s story with humor, drama and sexy bits This is a fast paced, fun read I enjoyed Desperate For A Duke and look forward to reading by Ella J Quince in the future Desperate For A Duke is book 1 of the Desperate and Daring Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    20. Really enjoyable readingThis is the first book I ve read by this authorI m totally sold Great writingry good character developmentot was wonderful me readingzzling and interesting and heartfelt at times Minor meditating errors that I easily overlooked due to quality of writing Can t wait to read the next book in this series.

    21. Highly recommendedAn unusual opening storyline develops very satisfactorily and contains all the required moments of romance, intrigue, humour and historical everyday upper class life.

    22. Mistaken Identity 3.5 out of 5 stars Is a mistaken identity enough to form a plot of a novel By the time this reader reached the second round of identity justification, I was pretty tired.

    23. While I did like this book, it missed it s mark for me Heather and Fallon are great characters, and I loved the supporting cast it just seemed a bit dull and drawn out to me I will be reading the second book, though, to see how they do with those characters.

    24. A little bit predictable but still a sweet love story a little hiccup here and there to keep things going The characters were fun The story could be a great friend to read during the rain or killing time in the hot sun.

    25. Honest, romantic romance Sweet main characters, but they don t make you fall for them.Maybe the following installments of the Desperate and Daring series offer surprises and emotions.

    26. GoodThis book was written very well I enjoyed the suspense and romance It was well balanced I look forward to the next book.

    27. Desperate and DaringI enjoyed this story and look forward to reading of the series It s about a young woman who needs to marry well to save her family.

    28. Wonderful I really enjoyed reading this story by EJQ I love her writing So easy to read and fall into This is going to be a thrilling series

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