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Blood on Snow #2020

Blood on Snow From the internationally acclaimed author of the Harry Hole novels a fast tight darkly lyrical stand alone novel that has at its center the perfectly sympathetic antihero an Oslo contract killer who

  • Title: Blood on Snow
  • Author: Tom Johansen Jo Nesbø Patti Smith
  • ISBN: 9780553545951
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Blood on Snow By Tom Johansen Jo Nesbø Patti Smith, From the internationally acclaimed author of the Harry Hole novels a fast, tight, darkly lyrical stand alone novel that has at its center the perfectly sympathetic antihero an Oslo contract killer who draws us into an unexpected meditation on death and love This is the story of Olav an extremely talented fixer for one of Oslo s most powerful crime bosses But Olav isFrom the internationally acclaimed author of the Harry Hole novels a fast, tight, darkly lyrical stand alone novel that has at its center the perfectly sympathetic antihero an Oslo contract killer who draws us into an unexpected meditation on death and love This is the story of Olav an extremely talented fixer for one of Oslo s most powerful crime bosses But Olav is also an unusually complicated fixer He has a capacity for love that is as far reaching as is his gift for murder He is our straightforward, calm in the face of crisis narrator with a storyteller s hypnotic knack for fantasy He has an innate talent for subordination but running through his veins is a virus born of the power over life and death And while his latest job puts him at the pinnacle of his trade, it may be mutating into his greatest mistake From the Hardcover edition.

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      Tom Johansen Jo Nesbø Patti Smith

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    1. This was my first Nesb book, so I didn t know what to expect It s a fast read, but it felt like a first draft of a novella, rather than a completed work Blood on Snow is the story of a fixer named Olav, which means he s a contract killer Olav has a dry sense of humor and says killing is the only thing he s good at To sum up, let s put it like this I m no good at driving slowly, I m way too soft, I fall in love far too easily, I lose my head when I get angry, and I m bad at math I ve read a bit, [...]

    2. A hit man with a heart.A Norwegian hit man to be exact From the best selling author of the fabulously well to do Harry Hole series, Jo I can write like Mickey Spillane when I want to Nesbo, his 2014 fast paced novella translated into Murican by Neil Smith is a fun departure from his Hole mystery writing.Not a Scandinavian murder mystery, but most definitely still Nordic Noir This is a dark and gritty journey into underworld Oslo Set in the late 70s, Nesbo leads us into the shadowy world of Nors [...]

    3. Blood on Snow is a novella by Norwegian crime author Jo Nesbo.Olav is a hitman, that s all he can be A life of crime and some pimping have left his options limited Why a hitman Well, he s no good at driving a getaway car, no good at maths, is dyslexic so reading and writing are major issues but he is a practical man, knows the game well and he s a survivor.His boss is the runner of half of the empire of heroin in Norway The other half is run by the fisherman , as with most crime parties, they do [...]

    4. This relatively slim novel is a stand alone from Jo Nesbo, the creator of the great series featuring Norwegian homicide detective Harry Hole The protagonist is a contract killer named Olav who works for a crime boss in Oslo Olav is one of the best fixers in the business and approaches his work with a cold blooded efficiency until he is given the job of killing a woman who has taken a lover, thus infuriating her husband.In preparation for the hit, Olav watches the woman for several days from an a [...]

    5. A surprisingly satisfying tale of a hitman with a human heart and the capacity to take risks out of love and an emerging sense of justice This stand alone novella from the author of the popular series about Norwegian detective Harry Hole gives you the interior view of the minimalist life of Olav, who has the job as fixer for a powerful gangster in Oslo He acquired the position by default after inadequacies in other positions such as pimp or getaway driver The few people he had to kill were not w [...]

    6. My first experience with Jo Nesbo came about two years ago when I received his first Harry Hole novel, The Bat, as a gift Honestly, I didn t see what all the fuss was about I found that the story was all over the map like a dysfunctional GPS However, when I heard he had recently released a stand alone thriller , I thought I would give him another shot I m glad I did.Blood on Snow tells the story of Olav, a fixer for a heroin dealer in Olso When a job goes awry, Olav becomes his boss target Reach [...]

    7. This is the 1st book in the Blood on Snow series by Jo Nesbo.The lead character Olav Johansen is a seasoned criminal with a sordid past and whose one success in life is as a fixer He is employed by the drug baron Daniel Hoffmann to kill his wife Corina Hoffman who he suspects of adultery While casing the proposed crime Olav becomes infatuated by Corina and his plan changes when he witnesses the abusive lover and decides he is a deserving victim This decision has life threatening consequences th [...]

    8. I never went and looked through Jo Nesbo s page of books he had written on , and I only know him because of his Harry Hole novels, but he writes other books, too.Some of those are a series of books for kids that revolve around farting And he also has this stand alone novel that was written under a pseudonym and is being released this spring I ve only read one of Nesbo s books before, so I m not all that familiar with how his novels go But the one that I read was a fairly dense and involved one, [...]

    9. Never having been introduced to the legendary Harry Hole or having read Jo Nesbo before I had few preconceptions ahead of reading Blood on Snow and hence for me, meeting fixer Olav in this clever noir thriller was an unexpected delight A contract killer with a soft centre might sound mutually exclusive but that is until readers meet Olav who narrates this short offering set in the brutal chill of a pre Christmas Olso in 1976 Protagonist and anti hero, Olav, has worked for Daniel Hoffmann for fou [...]

    10. The storytelling, characters, descriptions, dialogues and whole action somehow reminded me of Quentin Tarantino movies Also, quite broken, disturbed, psychotic characters seems to be Nesbo forte I liked Olav, the main character, the fixer who falls in love too easily, which also seems to be his biggest weakness I would not say the book is among my favorites but I definitely enjoyed all aspects of it I can move on to part 2 now.

    11. Quite different from other work by Nesbo that I ve read, this short novel is a psychological thriller about an Oslo hitman fixer , Olav.Olav guesses that his life is going to go all to hell when his crime kingpin boss, Hoffmann, tells him his new commission is to fix Hoffmann s trophy second wife, Corina, who s been having an affair As soon as Olav sees Corina, though, he s consumed by love lust for her, and on impulse he fixes the boyfriend instead What he doesn t realize at the time is that th [...]

    12. This is a really short book and before you know it you are looking at the last page and are wondering where time went But honestly the story does not really stretches too long and neither does it outstay it welcome.The book is about a fixer killer who is rather decent at his job but has too much of a good heart It is this that makes him make a fatal mistake during one of his contacts that changes the game for him.The leading character is a limited one and not really that interesting, the story i [...]

    13. Jedan od kra ih Joovih uradaka.Jako lijepo napisano no za to samo dvojka Ako gledamo kako je napisano, onda je za etvorku no imam osobni problem s prihva anjem visokih ocjena prema djelu koje bi nam kao glavnog lika s kojim bi se trebali sroditi daje patolo kog ubojicu.Ima on 202 problema i vabi poneku su ut na kratko dok se ne sjetim kako je mra ni ubojica koji za sitne pare rje ava ljude ivota zbog bezveznih stvariJebi ga J.No 40 C na pla i sva ta mo e izgurati u okr aju s mravima koji odsvaku [...]

    14. Well, I have to be honest here This book isn t like the Harry Hole series and I thought that I wasn t going to like it BUT It was a very good book for different reasons I liked the main hero because he is not usual at all He is smart in his own way and I love the way he thinks of everything I can t believe that I am saying this for an assassin but he s an amazing character With many faults, a hard life and some questionable decisions I gave it 4 stars because I wanted to be longer and sometimes [...]

    15. I ve read and enjoyed every adult book Jo Nesbo has written His Harry Hole novels are a favourite But I ve also enjoyed the stand alones including his newest book Blood on Snow.1976 Oslo, Norway Olav has worked for crime syndicate boss Daniel Hoffmann for a number of years But, it took him a bit to find the right job within the organization He turned out to be no good as a pimp, a getaway driver, a robber or a drug dealer But.he found his niche as a fixer Olav doesn t fix things he to fixes peop [...]

    16. This was my second Jo Nesb read, and I am so enad with his writing I loved, and raved about, The Son, and Blood on Snow packs a similar emotional punch Nesb writes characters you fall in love with, regardless of their criminal acts.Olav is a fixer , or hitman, for a notorious drug distributor He doesn t like what he does but circumstances have led him to this path, and he knows he s good at his job When a job goes wrong after Olav strays from his directions, he becomes the target and ends up tak [...]

    17. Olav is a fixer He doesn t mind killing.Olav is a perfectly sympathetic anti hero As ruthless as he is in killing, he has a large capacity for love As he goes about his job of killing for one of Oslo s most powerful crime bosses, he tells the story of the deaf, mute girl that he loves She doesn t know but he visits the grocery store where she works and then rides the train that takes her home just so he can see and be near her.His boss hires him to kill his new young wife, Corina, which puts Ola [...]

    18. Really a novella Olav, the main character is a talented fixer for one of Oslo s most powerful crime bosses He has fallen into this job, but failing at most others for various reasons, such as dyslexia and a tender heart His boss orders Olav to kill his wife, and things get very strange as Olav disobeys orders and finds himself caught in the cross hairs of Oslo s underworld I did not care for the ending My advise is to stick with Nesbo s Harry Hole series.

    19. Moving away from the Harry Hole series, Nesb offers up this novella whose protagonist sits on the other side of the law Meet Olav Johansen, a criminal with a sordid past, who has come to learn that he is good at only one thing, being a fixer He s employed by Oslo s drug kingpin, Daniel Hoffmann When Olav is sent to dispose of Hoffmann s wife, Corina, a purported adulteress, he thinks it will be as easy as his other jobs , but things turn problematic Olav does his own reconnaissance, which leads [...]

    20. Dear Mr Nesb ,First of all, can I call you Jo You wouldn t mind, would you Let me start by saying I m a huge fan of your books, I ve read them all and I loved every single one of them The Harry Hole series holds a special place in my heart, which is why I was very reluctant to read your standalone novel The Son I mean, if there s crime in Oslo, who s gonna make things right if not Harry Hole, right Nothing else makes sense Luckily, I decided to give it a try anyway and it turned out to be a trul [...]

    21. This has a different feel to other Nesbo books, but every bit as clever and engaging.Adding a favorite passage And there wasn t a single logical reason in the world why that shouldn t happen right then But it still felt as if there was a right moment, one particular second squeezed in between all the other seconds Like in a book, when an author decides precisely when something will happen, something you know is going to happen, because the author has already said it s going to happen, but it has [...]

    22. The Shadow of the Wind is currently occupied I won t have The Wild Sheep Chase in my hands until tomorrow and I came across Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo So I thought I should give it a try This is actually my first Nesbo and everyone seems to agree that it s not as good as his Harry Hole novels I generally don t trust series and I never thought Nesbo s books have something special to give to me.That said, I think Blood on Snow was ok Nothing great, not bad either As a matter of fact I found the sto [...]

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