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In the Land of Tea and Ravens #2020

In the Land of Tea and Ravens With an original song from the book view the book trailer at youtu mtV FfY AxISitting on the porch of a decaying house an old brown mug sat the top chipped a warm breeze brushing against sun heate

  • Title: In the Land of Tea and Ravens
  • Author: R.K. Ryals
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the Land of Tea and Ravens By R.K. Ryals, With an original song from the book, view the book trailer at youtu mtV7FfY9AxISitting on the porch of a decaying house, an old brown mug sat, the top chipped, a warm breeze brushing against sun heated ceramic There is nothing potent than a cup of tea, Old Ma am once told her Twenty year old Lyric Mason lifted the mug, her sad eyes drawn to its flaw ShWith an original song from the book, view the book trailer at youtu mtV7FfY9AxISitting on the porch of a decaying house, an old brown mug sat, the top chipped, a warm breeze brushing against sun heated ceramic There is nothing potent than a cup of tea, Old Ma am once told her Twenty year old Lyric Mason lifted the mug, her sad eyes drawn to its flaw She d come home to say goodbye to her grandmother and to take over an eerie family legacy that would forever burden her She hadn t count on twenty five year old Grayson Kramer The women in that family will drive you insane, the town said They ll steal your heart and destroy your soul, they promised Despite himself, troubled Grayson was fascinated by Lyric, by the rumors and accusations that surrounded her Prison had changed him and guilt had nearly destroyed him It was the guilt that would draw them together For in Hiccup, Mississippi, a decrepit house sat, the home feared by the locals, a group of ravens perching on the roof In this house, there was a tea cup full of secrets held by a woman Grayson couldn t ignore.

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      492 R.K. Ryals
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    1 thought on “In the Land of Tea and Ravens

    1. Estoy indecisa La historia me parece interesante, me gust bastante la historia de La chica del t tambi n los personajes, pero creo que hacia la mitad la trama fue en declive O al menos yo esperaba algo diferente.Aunque no esta mal, es entretenido, f cil de leer y el misterio que rodea la casa Miller es lo suficientemente llamativo como para mantenernos interesados Hubiera preferido algo m s de desarrollo en eso o un final diferente pero nada en este mundo es perfecto.Aun as me gust.

    2. In the Land of Tea and Ravens is an exquisite story written by R.K Ryals that stole my breath away It s hauntingly beautiful and has a dark poetic feel that touches your soul Sometimes being broken can be beautiful If we can t see the beauty in the pain, then we truly do go insane Many Folklores are based on true events, but somewhere down the line a part of it becomes forgotten or skewed For Lyric Mason her life takes on a whole new role as she must secure her families heritage and keep watch o [...]

    3. Wow, man the feels I am speechlessExtraordinary doesn t even cover this superb book This is one of those books that takes you into the land of deep feeling, leaves you there, open hearted and then fills you with beautiful and powerful emotions I m not saying that this is a sad book, no, it s just emotionally raw and when you re reading it, you realise your humanity, you feel everything, you learn how beautiful living is and how the right person can help you heal You also learn that love, in all [...]

    4. In The Land Of Tea And Ravens by R.K Ryals is a unique blend of storytelling from the past and contemporary life Lyric is a tea girl whose family has an unusual past Their family history is steeped in storytelling and tea Grayson has his own issues in the past, including spending time in prison But the two of them find each other and these two broken souls are able help each other heal.This is a wonderful story of life and love It shows how people can overcome their family and their past in orde [...]

    5. A solid 3.5 Stars I wasn t entirely sure what to expect from this book It s kind of a paranormal modern day historical new adult romance I don t entirely know how to categorize it It kind of reminded me of Practical Magic, actually.It was a really great story It was intriguing and very gripping What knocked stars off for me was that I didn t feel like there was enough character development and romantic build up Everything seemed to happen pretty quickly I would have liked interaction and backg [...]

    6. My blog bookterflies What a strange, strange book.I picked up this story on a whim because I was initially intrigued by the absolutely beautiful cover And let s be honest, this one really is a stunner Unfortunately I have to say I was very disappointed and I m actually even a little sorry I got the book Let s see whyIt began and ended with a cup.The opening of the book was great compelling, instantly drawing me in I loved the Southern setting, but I have to say, that was about it This book held [...]

    7. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of In the Land of Tea and Ravens by R.K Ryals Come and join me for a cup of tea as I tell you about it Sometimes we have things in our life that are monumental, sometimes we choose these things, and sometimes they are passed down to us For Lyric Mason, It began and ended with a cup It was simply a cup A cup that was the single most important thing in her life, a cup that connected her to her family A cup that being tied to made her, in the eyes of the simple [...]

    8. A beautiful story about love, family, relationships and the mysterious art of tea making and drinking A rather short story with respect to being called a full fleshed novel, but containing depth and substance than many other, longer novels I have read recently.The characters were superbly constructed from the protagonist to the secondary characters, each one serving their role without giving the reader the feeling they are present only for the purpose of moving the plot along The relationship b [...]

    9. A really intriguing read.I ve read quite a lot of R K Ryals books and this one is definitely unique It s a love story about two broken people set in the middle of an unconventional fairy tale about a girl who makes tea It sounds really weird but is actually really insightful and thought provoking I found the writing compelling and very emotionally gripping Hearing Grayson s story and the seeing the way he found understanding and acceptance with Lyric was very moving I also liked how it worked bo [...]

    10. I m not used to seeing R.K write like this, this book is very different from her other books, there were some parts I had to force myself to read and others I enjoyed very much Lyric an Grayson do have attraction but with their pasts it s hard for them to act on it and all the judging the other townsfolk did was just awkward, Lyric s gaze found his For a long moment, they simply stood with the yard between them, their eyes locked, and a shared guilt tying them together Grayson I thought he was f [...]

    11. R.K Ryals has done it again She has written a truly breathtaking piece of art Her soulful, southern charm caresses you and pulls you into her stories The woman made drinking hot tea an intimate, sensual act between two people Hot tea This story encompasses Southern folklore, mystery and intrigue with loss, heartache and love as only Mrs Ryals can Her writing speaks to me It takes me to small country towns, farms and decaying buildings It engulfs me in loss, pain and love She paints the entire pi [...]

    12. I found myself pleasantly addicted to this one Grayson and Lyric have one heck of an attraction Lyric has a family that is full of storytelling, heartbreak and tea A simple cup of tea Grayson is from a family that is very well known in old money Grayson made some wrong choices in life and is still battling those wounds Lyric and Grayson come together and build quite the bond Between the family history and the bonds the townfolk are not to happy and take some extreme measures unique read for sure [...]

    13. Such an amazing story, it was very different to what I usually read but I loved it anyways Grayson and Lyric are two broken souls who find each other and bond over a cup of tea.Quote She laughed Tea is never simple Lyric is a very strange but intriguing girl and Grayson just can t stay away despite the rumours he s determined to keep coming back and I loved that about him, he never once failed on his promises, he listens to her.It s a must read, one that will leave you wanting of their story,In [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars final rating I feel so bad, as on paper, this book like is my soul penned down tea moonlight eerie house speaking with the dead etc but I can t quite give it the 4 stars that I d like to It was still a good read, though The writing is stunning, I like Lyric and Grayson together such great names and give me any kind of spooky mysterious story and I ll lap it up Maybe I need to give this another read at some point and I m totally going to, the words were pretty af , but I felt the plot i [...]

    15. Beautifully haunting story A beautifully sweet and yet very mysterious haunting story about two people dealing with the guilt in their past, and how learning to trust each other is as important as a good cup of tea Loved the story of the Tea Girl that started each chapter, so glad to have found this author

    16. Estaba mas que preparada para una muerte o dos, me sorprendi ese final.Ese crujido crujido fue lo m ximo.

    17. Amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing story Very original Loved the characters and the story itself Wish i had this in paperback because the cover is as beautiful as the story Older characters No love triangle.

    18. 3.4 Es un libro diferente o lo que usualmente leo, se me hizo un poco complicado entender la clase de amor que se ten an las protagonistas aunque con los cap tulos finales me quedo mas claro todo, me gusto que nunca se dieran por vencidos, siempre lucharon por lo que quer an y que a pesar de las dificultades est n juntos buscando una vida mejor Me gust esta historia, todo el misterio y fantas a Maneja un ambiente que te hace adentrarte de verdad en el libro Es f cil y r pida de leer y eso le da [...]

    19. Si bien en algunos puntos se me ha hecho pesado, creo que ha sido por m misma y no por la novela, ya que lo he le do en mitad de la poca de ex menes, donde estoy totalmente saturada A n as he podido disfrutar de la historia en gran medida, sobretodo como en el inicio, al principio de cada cap tulo te contaban un peque o fragmento de otra historia, viendo como poco a poco se entrelazaba con la historia real, la actual Ambos protagonistas Lyrics y Grayson me han parecido personajes reales , mostra [...]

    20. My review for In the Land of Tea and Ravens by R.K Ryals My rating 5 out of 5 starsShanna Harris Wow is usually the first thought I have after finishing one of R.K s books Just wow In the Land of Tea and Ravens was powerful and hauntingly beautiful I haven t grown this attached to a book couple since Haven and River from Singing River The pull between the main characters, Lyric and Grayson, stole my heart in such a way that I found it hard to let the characters go It s one of those stories that [...]

    21. Wow Couldn t put it down This book was poetic and musical It was emotional and tormenting and tragic and uplifting all at once These two people who are so tortured by their pasts who are able to find than simple understanding in each otheA town that thinks it knows it all Families that think they know best It makes for a relationship that should be impossible but it isn t If you re someone who has ever felt like you didn t belong This is for you If you have felt misunderstood, like love could n [...]

    22. In the Land of Tea and Ravens was beautiful Lyric and Grayson were sad, broken characters Neither of them were bad people but had tragic pasts that would haunt them for the rest of their lives The story wasn t depressing it was about hope and acceptance although there was a pervasive feeling of melancholy throughout.Grayson and Lyric were both outcasts Many people did not like Grayson for what happened in his past, but it was his family that had the strongest resentment towards him Lyric was acc [...]

    23. I did it I finished it This book was a two star book for the majority of my time reading it but it has its redeeming qualities This book is so beautifully written and has so many philosophical quips you literally can turn to any single page and read something beautiful and inspiring However the story seems to get lost in the writing The story itself could probably take up less than ten chaptersere are 30 freaking chapters in this book That s a lot of filler writing Also because of the beautiful [...]

    24. Perfection I am a huge fan of tea I hate coffee I cannot live without tea When I saw the cover of this book I just had to see what it was about The cover and title had me make an instant purchase Okay, maybe not instant but it was immediately after I finished the sample.I am absolutely in love with this story Tea, a magical intense romance, fear, hope, and so many emotions I m for historical Gothic, mainly romances but I fell in love with Lyric and Grayson s love for each other Everything about [...]

    25. I will not lie and say that each reader will love this story In fact, I spent a good bit of the book questioning everything, but the I read and the I discovered, the I loved it In the end, after learning everything the characters wanted and needed the reader to learn, I will read this book again It s like standing on the edge of a cliff, the wind whipping at your body You look down, and you have two choices Stand there and enjoy the beauty or take the plunge and jump There s no fear in the fa [...]

    26. Lovely and unexpectedI was really expecting the ending to be something completely different than what it was I was preparing myself for several terrible tragedies and was pleasantly surprised when, while still tragic, it ended with hope The writing itself is lyrical and moving The images it creates are strong, alive but also strangely dreamily I would recommend this to any lovers of southern gothic and Alice in wonderland.

    27. I will confess that the title made me think it might be an Alice in Wonderland spin off and that s actually why I picked it up, but I did end up enjoying the read, anyway The characters are interesting, but after a while their hangups become taxing to read about You definitely have to suspend your sense of reality a little for this, but it s a generally pleasant little story I ll give it 3 5.

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