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Searing Ecstasy #2020

Searing Ecstasy Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE Drake the powerful dragon and leader of the Guardians has spent his long life protecting all inhabitants of the four Realms but fails to save the one

  • Title: Searing Ecstasy
  • Author: Setta Jay
  • ISBN: 9781517746926
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Searing Ecstasy By Setta Jay, Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE.Drake, the powerful dragon and leader of the Guardians, has spent his long life protecting all inhabitants of the four Realms, but fails to save the one who matters most His mate In the month since finding her feral, he s been slowly losing control of his beast and soon he fears the dragon will reign free unleashing it s fLibrarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE.Drake, the powerful dragon and leader of the Guardians, has spent his long life protecting all inhabitants of the four Realms, but fails to save the one who matters most His mate In the month since finding her feral, he s been slowly losing control of his beast and soon he fears the dragon will reign free unleashing it s fury upon the Realms.Delia has changed No longer a carefree young woman, she is now a nightmare in the making After her abduction and torture she unwillingly houses two beasts and power than she can ever contain on her own She can never be released Nor can she have the male who gives her any semblance of sanity in her new world, the one she craves than her own freedom.With unknown enemies on the horizon and yet another God awakened will they lose themselves in the madness of an impossible mating Or will they come together in searing ecstasy, bonding them in a way that sets them both free Warning Sexually explicit content beds actually get burned down and alpha males and females with bad language.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Searing Ecstasy | BY ✓ Setta Jay
      Setta Jay

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    1. 5 Can t Get Enough Stars It s just an illusion to hide the nightmare beneath I m not for you, dragon No matter how much I wish I could be The longing and regret in her tone was destroying him DeliaSearing Ecstasy is the seventh book in The Guardians of the Realms Series This series is by far my favorite Paranormal Romance Series The Guardians are powerful beings that are trying to protect the four realms, keep a solid balance between evil and good , and somehow manage to find their mate Searing [...]

    2. 4.5 FINALLY stars You own me, temptress And you own me Drake is the leader of Guardians, god like in power and strength, charged with protecting of the realms, keeping their Gods in their place and to keep those that matter most safe Only he has failed, not only is a God loose, but the one female who belongs to him, and him alone, is broken beyond repair.Delia has been kept a prisoner and experimented on again and again, she houses two broken beasts inside her and it takes everything she has to [...]

    3. A thing of nightmares became His Goddess of Light.I ve decided after reading Searing Ecstasy I m a fickle pickle Actually, I always knew I was fickle when it comes to heroes, but this just reinforces it When I started this series I did the unthinkable and read the second book, Ecstasy Claimed, first For awhile there Gregoire and Alyssa were my favourite couple He was so bossy, protective and devoted I couldn t help but love him She was sweet but didn t mind going head to head with him when they [...]

    4. 4 StarsShe was obsessed with a dream, because having Drake was a beautiful illusion.Seven books Seven erotically charged and deliciously addicting books All of it leading up to this glorious moment Drake I ve been anxiously anticipating for the leader of the Guardians and constantly growling and smoke billowing dragon shifter to get his book, even before his heroine was introduced And when the author did reveal who the heroine would be in one of the biggest twists ever Let s just say on a scale [...]

    5. What an amazing read Truly, the Guardians of the Realms series has hit its stride I was absolutely glued to the pages Its intense, creative, and magnetic coupling of Delia and Drake is one of the best duos thus far in the series Author Setta Jay is developing a family of characters in her Guardians world that has the potential to become one of the best PNR series around The I get into the series the I want to know Adding in the secondary characters paralleling the main couple is a fantastic wa [...]

    6. ARC received for reviewI absolutely love this series OMW I need the next book now Yes, there s HEA not only from Drake and Delia Era, but also Sander and Nastia But then there s the bad guys and Hades How long do I have to wait A day is too long.

    7. OMG This book was so freaking amazing Setta Jay has done it yet again I swear, she can do no wrong I have loved every book in this series and they just keep getting better and better Drake has been one Guardian that I have anticipated reading about from the beginning And once we knew who his mate would be, it s been a struggle with patience for me Ok, so this is the part where I m supposed to tell you all about things that happen in the book that I loved, buuuuutt I can t do that Here s why I LO [...]

    8. I m a huge fan of the Guardians of the Realms series, and have been dying for Drake s story even since smoke swirled from the dragon s mouth in book 1 The author than delivered Drake and Delia Era s story is full of action, a god on the loose, love, sex so hot it will melt your ereader, and sexy guardians The scenes between Drake and Delia are full of emotion and the link that binds them runs deep Both are powerful, both are possessive, and both will do anything to protect the other.We also get [...]

    9. 4.5 Searing Stars Woven amongst the continued search for Apollo and and after lengthy emotional and physical struggles Drake Delia finally get their due Plus the ongoing sexcapades and I mean smokin hot Sander and Nastia It just keeps getting intenseHades has also made a discovery.Love this series Setta does not disappoint Eagerly awaiting the next book

    10. Drake and Delia s story, at last Delia is ready to give up on life after everything that happened to her at the hands of the evil Cyril, she s had her revenge on those who hurt and is just about ready to give up when she and Drake realise they are mates They spend much of the book apart because mating would almost certainly kill Delia and watching them suffer while apart is excruciating I don t want to give any spoilers so I won t say how the situation was resolved, just be assured that it was a [...]

    11. Solid 4 Stars Still loving this series We kind of got a two for one special with this one Drake and Delia as well as Nastia and Sander The storyline is still intriguing and still getting better I can t believe I m saying this but I think all the sex is getting in the way of the story I may feel that way because I ve read so many back to back Now don t get me wrong, the sex is still super hot and the frenzy is a big part of the whole series so I don t think it will be going away and that s cool w [...]

    12. Finally, Drake can find some peace and turn his energy to his new mate, Delia, instead of fighting his brothers and blowing smoke out of his nose After waiting what seems for forever, the Guardians finally find a way to help Delia with the torture she was enduring, in the ways of God and one of my personal favorites, Hades Hades is able to release her beasts, freeing her to mate with Drake Meanwhile, my favorite female in this series, finally gives into her own needs and mates with Sanders The f [...]

    13. I ve been lucky enough to receive all previous books in this series from the publishers eARC this book however I purchased the kindle edition myself Best one yet love Sanders Nastia fave couple yet The plot thickens mwahahaha I for one am finally invested lolAnother cliffhanger ending 4.5 stars

    14. 5 Searing Ecstasy Stars Searing Ecstasy has been the most anticipated novel in the Guardians of the Realms series It s full of new and exciting realms, mind blowing action paced adventure, sensationally hot and sexy Immortals, and passion that will melt you in its wake.A blazing inferno of combustable passion and searing lust Each book is phenomenal and unimaginable then the last I am in awe with how incredible Searing Ecstasy is A women on the verge of madness, a dragon who failed the only one [...]

    15. Reviewed at Lost In A BookDeep breath Deep Breath Deep Breath.So, this is Drake s book Do you hear me DRAKE S FUCKING BOOK YA LL I was so scared to read this I wanted it, but at the same time, I didn t want it I was nervous, I was excited, I was sad, I was happy I mean, cause really, I laid claim to that Dragon a long, long time ago It was a weird mix of emotions eh, anyway, enough about that.Please, please, please, for the love of all things paranormal and sexy, go read the other books in this [...]

    16. Drake and Delia Nastia and Sander Well that was thoroughly enjoyable that was Definitely my favourite in the series Hades and Sacha next

    17. I ve really enjoyed following this series so was very excited to get this book as you can well imagine It s been a series that admittedly has had to grow on me as although I love these guardians and the world created around them at first I felt a little nonplussed However with each book comes of the story arc and it s grown in strength to the point were I was absolutely desperate to know what happens next The delicious Drake who has always been my favourite has found his mate but boy is that me [...]

    18. I received a copy of these books for free through NetGalleySanders and Nastia are so hot there is literally fire when they are together, fire I m talking burnt clothes, burnt beds, burnt wallsI liked this one a lot because there were 2 couples that were the focus of this story rather than 1 made for a compelling read Of course as with all the others, there is a nice wee cliffhanger to keep you wanting .

    19. I really like this world, its really hot and steamy I wasn t a fan of Drake s mate because I thought he would be someone else but the overall book was great I really want Sirena to get her book, she s the healer they all over work and abuse but yet she doesn t have a mate I want her to get a strong mate that will stand up for her and make others appreciate what she does for them all.

    20. I absolutely adore this series and they just keep getting better and better I loved that Drake got his HEA in the end with DeliaBeen waiting since the beginning for his book.worth the wait too I also am looking forward to Hades story now, as it could be interesting And Sirena needs her HEA tooLots wonderful and exciting stories to still come

    21. Oh I loved it D Review to Come An ARC was provided by Setta Jay via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    22. Disclaimer I received a free ARC from the author, for which she did not request a review in exchange, but since I am in love with this series, I can t help but to write a glowing review of yet another Guardians of the Realms book.Drake now rivals Conn as my favorite guardian My top 3 are Conn, Drake, and Jax Vane and Erik aren t guardian s, but they get honorable mentions for the thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and commitment with which they courted and cared for their mates, for their unwavering l [...]

    23. Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I ve been reading this series since Book 1 and I freaking love these books This is Book 7 and my only real complaint is that at this point, the formula for these stories hasn t changed Everything happens in the same orderbut man, I still love them Delia has been through some shit Like, for real Tortured and tortured and tortured some She s been dead and she s gone crazy She s powerful than anyone has seen She s powerful than the leader of th [...]

    24. Oh my gosh, I just finished Searing Ecstasy and it was amazing Setta has done it again This book picks up where the last ended where Drake has located his mate, Delia, but she had been held captive and experimented on by Cyril and so she is locked up for her safety and the safety of everyone in the manor Drake is torn between the pull to his mate and focusing on finding Apollo He and Pothos have no option, but to release Hades in hopes that he is able to track Apollo and allow the Guardians to c [...]

    25. So satisfying, I loved it I m a super fan of Setta s I admit that, but this book was one we d been waiting for, and delivered on every level.Drake, the leader of the guardians, the one who has smoke around him when he gets irritated or angry, yes that hot guy it s his book Delia, scrub that Tracey is his fated mate Sod it, oh well Delia is his fated mate, she s been through a lot and it s not even confirmed if they will be able to mate Angst frustration, searing passion un fulfilled , feelings d [...]

    26. Title Searing EcstasyAuthor Setta JayGenre Paranormal Romance EroticaFormat EbookPages 294Rating 5Setting Tetartos RealmMain Characters Drake, Era, Nastia, SandersSupporting Characters Sirena, Alex, Vane, Alyssa, Gregoire, P, Hades, and the rest of the Guardians getting to be way to many to list lol Summary Drake, the leader of the Guardians, finds his mate but because of horrible circumstances he can t claim her Apollo is missing and Hades is hiding something With all the stress and worry Drake [...]

    27. Searing Ecstasy is the seventh book in The Guardians of the Realms Series This series is by far my favorite Paranormal Romance Series Amazing I really love this book series, Setta Jay s books are addicting and HOT There was also a secondary love story in guardian from Sander and Natia Can t wait to read Book 8 Where are you

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